[Bug 192827] `syslogd -s` listens on 514/udp6

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Tue Aug 19 18:17:46 UTC 2014


--- Comment #2 from florian.ermisch at alumni.tu-berlin.de ---
You're right, I just took a quite glance at the part of the manpage I've pasted 
earlier today and just read "Operate in secure mode.  Do not log messages from 
remote machines.  ... no network socket will be opened at all".
Maybe the "If specified twice" should be bold or something so it's harder to

Can someone give me a usecase for `syslogd -s` (opening the upd-socket but 
apparently not logging received log messages)? I can't imagine any common 
usecase for this behaviour (only, like, "implementing a syslog-blackhole on
network"). And '-s' only circumvents a malicious hosts filling the logservers 
disks with garbage but seems to still allow trafic to be directed at syslogd.

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