[Bug 192825] New: Continual Core Dumps vm_page_unwire: wire count is zero

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Tue Aug 19 09:59:35 UTC 2014


            Bug ID: 192825
           Summary: Continual Core Dumps vm_page_unwire: wire count is
           Product: Base System
           Version: 9.2-RELEASE
          Hardware: i386
                OS: Any
            Status: Needs Triage
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: Normal
         Component: bin
          Assignee: freebsd-bugs at FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: michelle at sorbs.net

This is happening continuously.

ParentHost is a VM (VirtualBox) with vbox-ose-4.3.12 on 9.2-amd64 with 9.2-i386
as the guest (producing this core) ... I don't see the same issue on 9.2-amd64

Rest of the dump here:

These are happening every 30-60 minutes or so so can get lots of them, the host
is a poudriere build server with 2 jails (one for pkg_*, the other for pkgng)

92i386 dumped core - see /var/crash/vmcore.0

Tue Aug 19 11:28:06 CEST 2014

FreeBSD 92i386 9.2-RELEASE-p10 FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p10 #0: Tue Jul  8 10:17:36
UTC 2014     root at amd64-builder.daemonology.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC 

panic: vm_page_unwire: page 0xc21c7b80's wire count is zero

GNU gdb 6.1.1 [FreeBSD]
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This GDB was configured as "i386-marcel-freebsd"...

Unread portion of the kernel message buffer:
panic: vm_page_unwire: page 0xc21c7b80's wire count is zero
cpuid = 1
KDB: stack backtrace:
#0 0xc0b1829f at kdb_backtrace+0x4f
#1 0xc0adf51f at panic+0x16f
#2 0xc0d75c6a at vm_page_unwire+0xfa
#3 0xc0d61993 at vm_fault_unwire+0xd3
#4 0xc0d69cc3 at vm_map_delete+0x173
#5 0xc0d69fb1 at vm_map_remove+0x51
#6 0xc0d677a0 at kmem_free+0x30
#7 0xc0d5b5b6 at page_free+0x46
#8 0xc0d5ce99 at uma_large_free+0x79
#9 0xc0ac667b at free+0xab
#10 0xc844b481 at arc_buf_data_free+0xd1
#11 0xc844b610 at arc_buf_destroy+0x180
#12 0xc844f035 at arc_evict+0x2d5
#13 0xc844f81d at arc_get_data_buf+0x22d
#14 0xc844fea7 at arc_buf_alloc+0x97
#15 0xc8458491 at dbuf_read+0x111
#16 0xc8460675 at dmu_buf_hold+0x105
#17 0xc84541e8 at bpobj_enqueue+0xf8
Uptime: 29m17s
Physical memory: 3563 MB
Dumping 494 MB: 479 463 447 431 415 399 383 367 351 335 319 303 287 271 255 239
223 207 191 175 159 143 127 111 95 79 63 47 31 15

Reading symbols from /boot/kernel/zfs.ko...Reading symbols from
Loaded symbols for /boot/kernel/zfs.ko
Reading symbols from /boot/kernel/opensolaris.ko...Reading symbols from
Loaded symbols for /boot/kernel/opensolaris.ko
Reading symbols from /boot/kernel/fdescfs.ko...Reading symbols from
Loaded symbols for /boot/kernel/fdescfs.ko
Reading symbols from /boot/kernel/nullfs.ko...Reading symbols from
Loaded symbols for /boot/kernel/nullfs.ko
Reading symbols from /boot/kernel/tmpfs.ko...Reading symbols from
Loaded symbols for /boot/kernel/tmpfs.ko
#0  doadump (textdump=1) at pcpu.h:249
249    pcpu.h: No such file or directory.
    in pcpu.h
(kgdb) #0  doadump (textdump=1) at pcpu.h:249
#1  0xc0adf265 in kern_reboot (howto=260)
    at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:449
#2  0xc0adf562 in panic (fmt=<value optimized out>)
    at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:637
#3  0xc0d75c6a in vm_page_unwire (m=0xc21c7b80, activate=1)
    at /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_page.c:2018
#4  0xc0d61993 in vm_fault_unwire (map=0xc1bdd08c, start=3368665088, 
    end=3368681472, fictitious=0) at /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_fault.c:1225
#5  0xc0d69cc3 in vm_map_delete (map=0xc1bdd08c, start=3368665088, 
    end=3368681472) at /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_map.c:2676
#6  0xc0d69fb1 in vm_map_remove (map=0xc1bdd08c, start=3368665088, 
    end=3368681472) at /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_map.c:2866
#7  0xc0d677a0 in kmem_free (map=0xc1bdd08c, addr=3368665088, size=16384)
    at /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_kern.c:214
#8  0xc0d5b5b6 in page_free (mem=0xc8c9c000, size=16384, flags=34 '"')
    at /usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:1082
#9  0xc0d5ce99 in uma_large_free (slab=0xc8c826a8)
    at /usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:3086
#10 0xc0ac667b in free (addr=0xc8c9c000, mtp=0xc859711c)
    at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_malloc.c:572
#11 0xc844b481 in arc_buf_data_free (buf=0xc8af39d8, 
    free_func=0xc84de5b0 <zio_buf_free>)
#12 0xc844b610 in arc_buf_destroy (buf=0xc8af39d8, recycle=0, all=0)
#13 0xc844f035 in arc_evict (state=0xc8582580, spa=0, bytes=131072, 
    recycle=1, type=ARC_BUFC_METADATA)
#14 0xc844f81d in arc_get_data_buf (buf=0xdbae8028)
#15 0xc844fea7 in arc_buf_alloc (spa=0xc83a8000, size=131072, tag=0xdca142a8, 
#16 0xc8458491 in dbuf_read (db=0xdca142a8, zio=0xd7f372e8, flags=2)
#17 0xc8460675 in dmu_buf_hold (os=0xc8a9b400, object=455, offset=0, 
    tag=0xca157b98, dbp=0xca157bc8, flags=0)
#18 0xc84541e8 in bpobj_enqueue (bpo=0xca157b98, bp=0xca8dc000, tx=0xca3e8600)
#19 0xc8483b79 in dsl_deadlist_insert (dl=0xc8ae5c20, bp=0xca8dc000, 
#20 0xc8487b9f in deadlist_enqueue_cb (arg=0xc8ae5c20, bp=0xca8dc000, 
#21 0xc8453dc1 in bplist_iterate (bpl=0xc8ae5c98, 
    func=0xc8487b80 <deadlist_enqueue_cb>, arg=0xc8ae5c20, tx=0xca3e8600)
#22 0xc8488cc1 in dsl_pool_sync (dp=0xc8a90000, txg=106644)
#23 0xc84aad7d in spa_sync (spa=0xc83a8000, txg=106644)
#24 0xc84b52d5 in txg_sync_thread (arg=0xc8a90000)
#25 0xc0aaaf4f in fork_exit (callout=0xc84b5190 <txg_sync_thread>, 
    arg=0xc8a90000, frame=0xe7f28d08) at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_fork.c:992
#26 0xc0f36a54 in fork_trampoline () at /usr/src/sys/i386/i386/exception.s:279

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