[Bug 191348] [mps] LSI2308 with WD3000FYYZ drives disappears after hotswapping

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Mon Aug 18 11:36:21 UTC 2014


--- Comment #8 from Michał Margula <alchemyx at uznam.net.pl> ---

First of all - thank you for your help and time spent on that issue. Also I am
sorry that it took so long for me to respond, but I had upgrade that box to
FreeBSD 10.0 (it was 9.2 because of that issue) and then recompiled kernel.

It seems that issue is fixed by that delay of 3 seconds. I see that "sleeping"
message everytime I disconnect and reconnect drive. But now drive is detected
properly after replacing. 

Currently I have some issues with "zpool status" showing those drives as
faulted but it may be some kind of my fault when trying to online them. I will
get back to you as soon drives get resilvered and I can do some more testing.

BTW - is it possible that such delay could be introduced in drivers by default
(or maybe as module option) or will I have to recompile kernel everytime?

Thank you once more!

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