[Bug 192599] zero window and persist timer not set

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I was asked to share my test programs, so I will.  However, I'm not sure that
it will help reproduce it in another environment.  It was very dependent on
network timing as well as the features of the network drivers on both side (do
they support tso/lro, etc.).  I tweaked it endlessly until I got something that
reproduced it somewhat consistently in our environment.

The names of the files are probably a bit of a misnomer, too (backwards from
what you would expect).  Run recv.py on the box you want to reproduce the
problem on and send.py on another freebsd box.  It does not work running on
same box, since MTU gets set to 16K in that case.  You can only tell if the
problem is reproduced by running a packet trace during the run and seeing if
there are zero window probes sent or not.  You'll have to SIGINT both programs
after checking the packet trace, they just wait in the zero window condition
forever whether the probes are sent or not.

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