[Bug 192324] [uefi] 2014-07-14 11.0-CURRENT snapshot doesn't boot

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Tue Aug 12 01:31:38 UTC 2014


--- Comment #1 from Hiren Panchasara <hiren at FreeBSD.org> ---
For fun, I tried to netboot this board. I setup tftpd and nfsd on my laptop and
connected the board to it acting as client. It grabs things fine over tftp and
nfs but hangs at 

status = BS->ExitBootServices(IH, x86_efi_mapkey); 

in elf64_exec() inside $src/sys/boot/amd64/efi/elf64_freebsd.c

which looks like the same place as booting from sd card. (though I haven't
checked/confirmed that)

(just fyi)

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