misc/182339: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] devl/aegis

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 03:00:00 UTC 2013

>Number:         182339
>Category:       misc
>Synopsis:       [MAINTAINER UPDATE] devl/aegis
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Tue Sep 24 03:00:00 UTC 2013
>Originator:     Aryeh M. Friedman
Friedman-Nixon-Wong Enterprises, LLC
Whats news:

        -- Upgrade to 4.25 (fixes many FreeBSD related bugs including ones reported by the maintainer)
        -- Clean up Makefile and other port files
        -- Set minimum GCC to be 4.8 (less is likely ok but this works)
        -- Dropped Tk/Tcl as a run time dependency

        Notes to committer:

        -- Install location of manpages is known to be an issue see note in current port Makefile


Index: Makefile
--- Makefile	(revision 328073)
+++ Makefile	(working copy)
@@ -1,79 +1,17 @@
-# Created by: alepulver
-# $FreeBSD$
+COMMENT=Transacation based version control system
+MAINTAINER=aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
-PORTNAME=	aegis
+USE_GNOME= libxml2
-MAINTAINER=	aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
-COMMENT=	Transaction-based software configuration management system
+BUILD_DEPENDS=  ${LOCALBASE}/bin/curl:${PORTSDIR}/ftp/curl \
+#		${LOCALBASE}/bin/gcc:${PORTSDIR}/lang/gcc48 \
+		${LOCALBASE}/bin/pdf2ps:${PORTSDIR}/print/ghostscript9-nox11
-LIB_DEPENDS=	curl:${PORTSDIR}/ftp/curl
-RUN_DEPENDS=	tkdiff:${PORTSDIR}/textproc/tkdiff
-USES=		gettext perl5
-USE_GNOME=	libxml2
-USE_TK=		yes
-CPPFLAGS+=	"-I${LOCALBASE}/include"
-CONFIGURE_ARGS=	--with-nlsdir="${PREFIX}/share/locale"
-# XXX Manpages are installed into ${DATADIR} too -- there's no easy way to
-#     stop this because we don't have Makefile.am provided.  Maintainer will
-#     sort this with upstream.
-MAN1=	ae-cvs-ci.1 ae-repo-ci.1 ae-sccs-put.1 ae_c.1 ae_diff2htm.1 ae_p.1 \
-	aeannotate.1 aeb.1 aebisect.1 aebuffy.1 aeca.1 aecd.1 aechown.1 \
-	aeclean.1 aeclone.1 aecomp.1 aecomplete.1 aecp.1 aecpu.1 aecvsserver.1 \
-	aed.1 aedb.1 aedbu.1 aede.1 aede-policy.1 aedeu.1 aediff.1 \
-	aedist.1 aedn.1 aeedit.1 aefa.1 aefind.1 aefinish.1 aefp.1 \
-	aeget.1 aegis.1 aegis.cgi.1 aeib.1 aeibu.1 aeifail.1 aeimport.1 \
-	aeintegratq.1 aeipass.1 ael.1 aelcf.1 aelic.1 aelock.1 aelpf.1 \
-	aels.1 aemakegen.1 aemeasure.1 aemt.1 aemtu.1 aemv.1 aemvu.1 aena.1 \
-	aenbr.1 aenbru.1 aenc.1 aencu.1 aend.1 aenf.1 aenfu.1 aeni.1 aenpa.1 \
-	aenpr.1 aenrls.1 aenrv.1 aent.1 aentu.1 aepa.1 aepatch.1 \
-	aepromptcmd.1 aer.1 aera.1 aerb.1 aerbu.1 aerd.1 aerect.1 \
-	aerevml.1 aerfail.1 aeri.1 aerm.1 aermpr.1 aermu.1 aerpa.1 \
-	aerpass.1 aerpu.1 aerrv.1 aesub.1 aesubunit.1 aesvt.1 aet.1 \
-	aetar.1 aev.1 aexml.1 aexver.1 tkaeca.1 tkaegis.1 tkaenc.1 \
-	tkaepa.1 tkaer.1
-MAN5=	aecattr.5 aecstate.5 aedir.5 aefattr.5 aefstate.5 aegis.5 \
-	aegstate.5 aelock.5 aemetrics.5 aepattr.5 aepconf.5 aepstate.5 \
-	aer.5 aerptidx.5 aesub.5 aetest.5 aeuconf.5 aeustate.5
-NO_STAGE=	yes
-.include <bsd.port.pre.mk>
-# Avoid "2>/dev/null" redirect in csh (ends up with empty manpath).
-	@${REINPLACE_CMD} -Ee 's|(MANPATH_PROG) 2>/dev/null|\1|' \
-		${WRKSRC}/configure
-# Fix path to Tk interpreter.
-	@cd ${WRKSRC}/script && ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|wish |${WISH} |' \
-		aebuffy.in aecomp.in aexver.in tkaeca.in tkaegis.in tkaenc.in \
-		tkaepa.in tkaer.in xaegis.in
-# Import global variable "datadir" inside function (not found otherwise).
-	@${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|global lib|& datadir|' \
-		${WRKSRC}/script/xaegis.in
-.if !defined(NOPORTDOCS)
-. for dir in de en
-	${MKDIR} ${DOCSDIR}/${dir}
-	cd ${WRKSRC}/lib/${dir} && ${INSTALL_DATA} *.ps *.txt ${DOCSDIR}/${dir}
-. endfor
-# Fails to reinstall because keeps track of created directories, so make it
-# forget that, by recreating them on each install.
-	@${FIND} ${WRKSRC} -type f -name ".*dir" -delete
-# Information.
-.include <bsd.port.post.mk>
+.include <bsd.port.mk>
Index: distinfo
--- distinfo	(revision 328073)
+++ distinfo	(working copy)
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
-SHA256 (aegis-4.24.3.tar.gz) = 0ecedfbb7dbd89107c927d00ab44b9291f31257a23f9ed4dcca29c58bb8b5767
-SIZE (aegis-4.24.3.tar.gz) = 4180073
+SIZE (aegis-4.25.D510.tar.gz) = 5194355
+SHA256 (aegis-4.25.D510.tar.gz) = 53484003cf47709f2366aaecfdfa594dddd5f8ae0bd794be7d24e9ad86bf458e


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