kern/182139: lock order reversal

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 i don't get that message using linux.  however i had to solve a bad
 IDE drive problem once caused by microsoft software the IDE company
 installed on it.
 what is your question?
 #1) wrong lock order is very serious: it's the whole damn disk hw and
 driver is built for that: if that fails you have dick.  lock order is
 all that is between your data and being trashed by old data before
 getting on disk (if it gets on disk, with wrong locks)
 #2) if mount throws messages it could be a hw error, driver problem,
 fat table mutation, etc.  it really depends you have to find out.  i'm
 saying: do you know where and when the problem is thrown?  because
 most locking is in driver code or memory caching code.
 for example, maybe a wrong fat table entry causes a glitch which
 causes the kernel to panic while sorting lock order - and you don't
 see or haven't read the source code to know that's what's going on.
 i haven't tried bsd yet because it seems so many messages point out
 serious problems recently developing (caused after bsd stable public
 release by hackers making "improvements" to bsd).  i was only going to
 try it becuase it used to be "rock solid" and "fully compiled".  bsd
 channel scares me as to how many problems and why: from any gov agent
 or company all over the world hacks into drivers? ughh.
 is there any management or overview of who is hacking into what parts
 of bsd these days?  or why?  i mean, does the univ. of cal. have
 professors that have keys?  or do foreigners have keys and are calling
 it "bsd" when it isn't?
 i know in my area as soon as gov workers invested in microsoft stock
 all unix classes closed and classes started requiring ms use (the area
 had few compared to CA to begin with).  ms moved into area and got gov
 contracts.  recently i think a few unix classes have arrived back. but
 nothing with funding or bite, ie, for e-commerce and e-gov. though
 apple does (some) of that.  apple makes progress there.  but most
 classes still require ms boxes.  all a damn scam if you ask me.
 well good luck.  hope some release for bsd is called stable and i get
 to try it.
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