kern/183032: uep driver not working with eGalax touchcontroller

Brock Williams brock at
Fri Oct 25 16:10:02 UTC 2013

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Subject: Re: kern/183032: uep driver not working with eGalax touchcontroller
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 10:06:23 -0600

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 I have the same issue and have been trying to figure out a solution
 for a while.
 =46rom what I can gather, the uep driver is for older non HID compliant
 eGalax devices.  Apparently eGalax changed the devices but kept the
 same device IDs.
 2 approaches have shown promise, but so far neither actually works:
 1- the latest version of xf86-input-mouse contains a patch from mav@
 which includes support for USB HID devices directly.  I am able to get
 my touchscreen somewhat working using this.  You have to compile a
 kernel without ums in order for uhid to bind to the device  and add
 something like this to Xorg
 Section "InputDevice"
     Identifier     "Panel1"
     Driver         "mouse"
     Option         "Protocol" "usb"
     Option         "Device" "/dev/uhid0"
 	Option	"Collection"	"2"
 	Option "FlipXY" "true"
 #	Option "InvX" "True"
 #	Option "InvY" "True"
 	Option "AngleOffset" "90"
 On my device, the axes are inverted, and the driver doesn't seem to
 respect the FlipXY option, so it isn't of much use.
 2- the multimedia/webcamd includes a port of the linux eGalax input
 driver.  Once installed and bound to the ugen device ( my device is
 ugen4.3 so I run "webcamd -d 4.3"), there is a linux style
 /dev/input/event0 device which produces data when the screen is
 touched.  But so far I have found nothing to use this to get events
 into Xorg.
 Brock Williams  brock at
 Cottonwood Computer Solutions, Inc.      406-896-4910
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