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I am called Ian  and I specialise in Social network engagement marketing which helps to increase business and can give your Facebook page a wow factor. I've emailed you just to let you know I have some very special deals on currently which just might interest you as a business.
I help generate Facebook likes and Twitter followersfor businesses as a way to start increasing profits and 'reach' through social engagement. If a new customer logs on to your Facebook page and can see that you have 7000 likes compared to your competition with just 350 likes, they tend to side with you even without considering price differences. A 'like' is a person who is vouching for your business and is happy with your services, just like a review. When you have plenty of likes you should notice alot more interest shown towards you which can really help to kick start a wave of profits and new customers. It fills the customer with complete and total confidence as they can see you're a trusted authority. 

Many of the likes will be people from your local area who may do business directly with you, the rest nationwide. I have customers from all around the globe and can provide reviews and testimonials with first hand Facebook accounts for you to look at. If you think this is something that interests you, just get in touch and I will go into further details and answer some of the questions I'm sure you have including pricing. I can generate 2000, 10000, 20000 likes and above, If you required anything different let me know and I will see what I can do

I also send targeted likes to your page due to how they are generated. Likes are applied through very large email lists and newsletters. For instance, Someone who enjoys and is intereted in art will visit many art relevant websites. Many of these websites will have a newsletter which the reader can sign up to. A newsletter email is sent out and the reader is encouraged to check out various Facebook pages (yours) and hand out a 'like'. I match your Facebook page up to relevant newsletters so even those people will have an interest in you. For full details goto
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