conf/177089: ntpd startup script does not work well

John Marshall john.marshall at
Mon Mar 25 01:43:04 UTC 2013

> Calling /etc/rc.d/ntpd stop issue an error "ntpd not running? (check /var/run/" but ntpd is active!

Please check to see if you have set ntpd_flags in your /etc/rc.conf.
Note the default contents of this variable in /etc/defaults/rc.conf

  ntpd_flags="-p /var/run/ -f /var/db/ntpd.drift"

If you define ntpd_flags in your /etc/rc.conf, you override the default
ntpd_flags.  In order to retain the expected behaviour of the rc script,
you need to include the default ntpd_flags in your modified variable.
So, if you want to pass other flags to ntpd, then you would put this in
your /etc/rc.conf

  ntpd_flags="<other flags> -p /var/run/ -f /var/db/ntpd.drift"

Please let us know if this solves your problem so that the PR can be

John Marshall

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