Advanced Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine in Miami

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     Advanced Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine in Miami


          * Provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for the
            integral practice of Aesthetic Medicine.
          * Promote development of attendants´ social skills to improve their
            professional practice.
          * Convey the importance of considering the patient as a
            bio-psycho-social being in aesthetic clinical practice.
          * Encourage the development of clinical treatment criteria by
            offering different case-solving proposals.
          * Transmit the importance of interdisciplinary team work with health
          * Provide the necessary guidance during practical case-solving in
          * Provide the necessary guidance in person or via e-mail during the
            completion of the final practical paper.


        Students are expected to have achieved the following upon completion of
        the course
          * The ability to receive, guide and interpret patients seeking an
            aesthetic solution.
          * Know the regulatory framework that governs the activity in order to
            ensure safe practice in this field of expertise.
          * Understand the necessary structural and morphological concepts for
            carrying out aesthetic treatment.
          * Identify basic skin lesions.
          * Differentiate between different types of non-invasive facial and
            body treatments.
          * Understand the proper use of each of the tools in the consulting
            room, differentiating between the need for more or less invasive
            modalities to treat each type of pathology, with the aim of
            obtaining the best benefit for the patient, favoring the least
            invasive method.
          * Learn about the need for aesthetic as well as unaesthetic
          * Learn to identify dysmorphophobia and provide proper treatment for
          * When and how to refer a patient to another medicinal specialty.
          * Judicious multidisciplinary treatment.
          * Understand, listen to and assume a commitment toward the patient
            under the care of the medical specialist throughout the process of
            proper diagnosis, treatment and discharge.

     Duration of Coursework

        Four segments distributed throughout one year

        Each segment will have a duration of:
          * Four (4) days
          * Each day will include the following distribution:
               + Theory: 3 hs.
               + Practical work: 4 hs.

        Total duration per segment:
          * Theory: 12 hs.
          * Practical work: 16 hs.
          * Total: 28 hs.

        Total Segments
          * Theory: 48 hs.
          * Practical work: 64 hs.
          * Total Hours: 112 hs.


     More Information

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          * [5]jgrijalbaestetica at
          * Tel. 5491164579988
          * Tel. EEUU: 7863988575

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