conf/177845: WITH_BMAKE does not work on CURRENT

Glen Barber gjb at
Mon Apr 15 04:30:42 UTC 2013

On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 09:23:45PM -0700, Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
> >This looks exactly like the same problem I reported to you in private
> Yes it does.  As noted; the error is the result of bmake passing its
> -J flag onto an invokation of the old make.
> The prevelance of makefiles which have bare invocations of 'make' mean
> that's a reasonable possibility when /usr/bin/make is FreeBSD make.
> I thought I'd spotted a flaw in src/Makefile that might explain it (at
> least if /usr/bin/make is FreeBSD make), but I just finished two
> buildworld's in a tree updated yesterday, one with /usr/bin/make being
> FreeBSD make, and one with it being bmake - both succeeded.
> So perhaps there is an option I don't have set which is relevant.
> I only have  WITH_CTF and WITH_BMAKE, perhaps I'm not hitting any of the
> offending makefiles.

Possible.  For what it is worth, the only WITH_* entries in my src.conf

 WITH_BIND_UTILS=        yes
 WITH_BSD_GREP=          yes
 WITH_BSD_PATCH=         yes
 WITH_IDEA=              yes
 WITH_MAIL=              yes


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