Fwd: conf/177845: WITH_BMAKE does not work on CURRENT

Simon J. Gerraty sjg at juniper.net
Sun Apr 14 05:48:39 UTC 2013

On Sat, 13 Apr 2013 21:26:17 -0700, Garrett Cooper writes:
>	The summary could be a bit better. Basically "buildworld with =
>bmake installed as make does not work with WITH_BMAKE specified on =
>CURRENT on next compile".

Hmm, I've been building current with buildworld and bmake as make, and
WITH_BMAKE set for months, including a tree updated this week (r249392).

The error:

--- buildworld ---
make: illegal option -- J
usage: make [-BPSXeiknpqrstv] [-C directory] [-D variable]

is the result of some makefile invoking bare 'make' rather than ${MAKE}
and finding  an instance of FreeBSD make.
If bmake is installed as /usr/bin/make, I'm not sure how that could

Any more details available?

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