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Mon Jun 25 11:06:08 UTC 2012

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/169390 ruby       New port: devel/rubygem-ripper Parses Ruby source and 
o ports/169388 hrs        [maintainer update] add CONFLICTS_INSTALL for textproc
o ports/169387 ume        [PATCH] japanese/tiarra: Fix SUB_LIST
r ports/169386 olgeni     [REPOCOPY] lang/erlang -> lang/erlang14
f ports/169385            print/ghostscript9: Files for ghostscript9 cannot be f
o ports/169383            New Port: graphics/puf Photographer productivity tool 
o docs/169382  issyl0     — HTML entity not displaying correctly in render
o ports/169381 gnome      databases/libgda fix build with CLANG
f ports/169380            security/sshguard: no startup script for sshguard
o kern/169379  gnn        [dtrace] [patch] dtrace's timestamp variable is unreli
o docs/169377  doc        [patch] ipmon(8) man page refers to a different facili
f ports/169376            Update port games/megaglest to
f ports/169375            [PATCH] www/py27-gunicorn: update to 0.14.4, take main
o conf/169373  rc         mountd starts too early when exporting fs marked as la
o ports/169371            port graphics/sane-backends segfaults
o ports/169370 acm        fix graphics/php5-ffmpeg compilation against php 5.4
o ports/169369 ashish     multimedia/libvpx fails to build on systems with non U
o docs/169367  doc        ipfilter section of handbook has an error in the ipnat
o ports/169366            www/xpi-* ports need re-install after each Firefox upd
o kern/169365             [build] Buildworld breaks at libncp
o ports/169364 daichi     [PATCH] japanese/mozc-server: Fix the BROKEN flag
o kern/169362  wireless   [ath] AR5416: radar pulse PHY errors sometimes include
f ports/169358 gahr       [PATCH] devel/swig20: update to 2.0.7
o bin/169356              pw(8): "pw groupmod GROUP -h FD" ignores "passwd_forma
o ports/169355 olgeni     [PATCH] lang/erlang: OPTIONSng'ify, fix CLANG build, u
o docs/169354  bjk        passwd(5) manual incorrectly documents password-change
o kern/169350  gnn        [dtrace] Extraneous output when tracing writes with ou
f ports/169349 eadler     [PATCH] update archivers/zlib to latest version to fix
o ports/169348 kde        Unable to build:  "devel/kdebindings4-ruby-korundum"
f ports/169345 swills     [PATCH] mail/quickml: broken with RUBY_VER=1.9
o ports/169343 gnome      [patch] graphics/cairo: add qt4 surface
o ports/169341 clsung     [PATCH] net/py-kombu: update to 2.2.2
f ports/169340 sunpoet    [PATCH] devel/py-anyjson: update to 0.3.3
o kern/169339  fs         panic while " : > /etc/123"
o ports/169338 sunpoet    [REPOCOPY] request for repocopy from graphics/p5-chart
o ports/169337 sunpoet    [REPOCOPY] request for repocopy from devel/perltidy to
o kern/169336  wireless   [ath] ANI isn't triggering in a busy/noisy environment
o ports/169335 nivit      [PATCH] devel/py-virtualenv: update to 1.7.2
f ports/169334 sunpoet    [patch] Update www/py-graphite-web to 0.9.10
f ports/169333            [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng2: move sample config to EXA
o ports/169332            editors/xemacs-packages: wide-edit.el wrong mode
o ports/169331 beech      [patch update] devel/lfc 1.3.0 -> 1.3.1, serious perfo
o conf/169330             [syscons] [patch] New Syscons Font for Persian Languag
o ports/169328 gnome      net/avahi-app unconditionally overwrites modified conf
o ports/169326 jgh        New port: dns/py-publicsuffix This module allows you t
o ports/169323 perl       [PATCH] lang/rakudo update to 2012.05 release of "Raku
o ports/169322            New port: net/armsd: SMFv2/ARMS Service Adapter daemon
o kern/169320             [libc] [patch] Enhancement to allow fopen() to set O_C
o kern/169319  fs         [zfs] zfs resilver can't complete
o docs/169317  doc        zfs umount refers to umount(1M) but should to umount(8
o ports/169316 dteske     sysutils/bsdconfig test results and fixes
o ports/169314            graphics/ImageMagick fails to build: test failure
o ports/169312 skreuzer   [patch] Update databases/py-whisper to 0.9.10
o ports/169309 bf         [patch] graphics/imlib2 fix WWW
o ports/169307 brd        [patch] [new port] sysutils/rsyslog6
o ports/169305 brix       [patch] Upgrade www/ikiwiki to version 3.20120516
o ports/169304 flz        net-p2p/{rtorrent,libtorrent} update
o kern/169302             [libc] [patch] Applied MidnightBSD regex memory consum
o ports/169300 bapt       [PATCH] Allow deinstall as user and make 
f ports/169299            Upgrade mail/libsieve from 2.2.6 to 2.3.1
o ports/169296            New port: textproc/libcrm114 CRM114 C-callable Library
o ports/169295 marcus     net/netatalk 2.2.3 builds fails afpd
f ports/169294 scheidell  audio/aureal-kmod become unfetchable
o ports/169292 flo        lang/php53 incorrect pkg-plist
f ports/169290            [PATCH] security/ocaml-cryptokit: update to 1.6
o ports/169289 sunpoet    [maintainer update] update graphics/py-openimageio
f ports/169288 madpilot   [maintainer update] update graphics/openimageio
o ports/169287 flo        [patch] sysutils/munin-node hdd_smartctl can't read AT
f docs/169285  doc        [handbook] Handbook some troubles
o ports/169283 flz        [PATCH] net-p2p/ctorrent bugfix initial meta info fail
o kern/169282             [libc] utimes(2) does not update st_mtim.tv_nsec when 
f ports/169281 swills     [PATCH] devel/rubygem-rspec: update to 2.10.0
f ports/169272            [update] lang/php52 to 5.2.17_9 (20120526)
o ports/169271 arved      [PATCH] devel/pcsc-lite: Don't mention removed package
o ports/169269 python     New port www/py-django-reversion
f ports/169266 python     [PATCH] science/py-mdp: update to 3.2 + lots more
o ports/169264 lwhsu      [PATCH] textproc/py27-sphinx: update to 1.1.3
f ports/169261 scheidell  [MAINTAINER UPDATE] devel/php5-msgpack
o kern/169260             [libkvm] [patch] libkvm to use O_CLOEXEC to avoid file
o kern/169259             [libfetch] [patch] libfetch to use O_CLOEXEC to avoid 
p bin/169256   jilles     sh(1) provides crummy diagnositic when cd fails
f ports/169254 miwi       databases/pecl-memcached: broken with PHP 5.4.4
o ports/169253 ale        lang/php5: PHP 5.4.4 xcache broken
o ports/169252            [patch] textproc/gmetadom cannot disable building agai
f ports/169251 swills     [PATCH] net-mgmt/smokeping: fix broken stop/restart rc
o ports/169250 miwi       [patch] switch graphics/ImageMagick to build with clan
o ports/169249 python     New port www/py-django-filer
f ports/169248 python     www/py-django-cms doesn't check for (required) databas
f ports/169243            lang/swi-pl: does not compile with OpenJDK installed
o ports/169241 gecko      www/firefox Right mouse buttom click freeze screen
f ports/169240            [patch] japanese/emacs-emcws: Fix the BROKEN flag
o ports/169235 kde        x11/kde4-runtime: kioslave sftp login error with keybo
o ports/169234 acm        print/foomatic-db-engine: /usr/bin/install -c -o root 
o ports/169231 gecko      [patch] Fix build for www/firefox using CLANG
o ports/169224 vbox       [PATCH] emulators/virtualbox-ose-legacy: fix usage of 
o ports/169223 vbox       [PATCH] emulators/virtualbox-ose: fix usage of ${SRC_B
f ports/169222 jgh        [PATCH] sysutils/mono-kmod: fix usage of ${SRC_BASE} b
f ports/169221 jgh        [PATCH] sysutils/fusefs-kmod: fix usage of ${SRC_BASE}
o ports/169220 mm         [PATCH] sysutils/cciss_vol_status: fix usage of ${SRC_
f ports/169217 jgh        [PATCH] net/ttbudget:  fix usage of ${SRC_BASE} before
f ports/169216 jgh        [PATCH] net/skystar2: fix usage of ${SRC_BASE} before 
f ports/169215 jgh        [PATCH] net/skyfish: fix usage of ${SRC_BASE} before i
o ports/169213 kuriyama   [PATCH] emulators/virtio-kmod: fix usage of ${SRC_BASE
o ports/169212 jkim       [PATCH] audio/oss: fix usage of ${SRC_BASE} before it 
o ports/169211            new port: emulators/vboxtool, provides effective contr
o ports/169207 miwi       [exp-run] libglut to freeglut move
o kern/169206  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw does not flush entries in table
f ports/169203 swills     [PATCH] sysutils/facter: update to 1.6.10
o bin/169201   ae         bsnmpd(8) host-resources - return hrFSTypes on hrStora
o kern/169199  wireless   [ath] Cannot set up static ip addresses for wireless w
o ports/169198 x11        graphics/libGL misses runtime dependency to x11/glprot
o ports/169196 araujo     graphics/xpdf build fail
f ports/169195 tabthorpe  www/habari: Update to version 0.8
o docs/169191  brd        Upgrade the mirrors list
f ports/169190 sunpoet    [PATCH] devel/p5-common-sense: update to 3.6
o kern/169187             Bad sizeof(uint64_t) with -m32 compiler flag
o ports/169186 danfe      [patch] upgrade x11/nvidia-driver to 295.59
o ports/169181            New port: databases/spatialite_gui spatialite-gui is a
o ports/169180            New port: graphics/libgaiagraphics libgaiagraphics is 
o ports/169179 miwi       [maintainer-update] Patch to fix games/netrek-client-c
f ports/169178 crees      [PATCH] irc/gseen.mod: Fix build failure after eggdrop
f ports/169174            [patch] sysutils/htop: fix swap size calculation on i3
o www/169169   gjb        [patch] rewrite text of Releases web page
o ports/169168 python     New port: math/py-pandas Flexible, high-performance da
o ports/169166 makc       [REPOCOPY] math/eigen2 -> math/eigen3
f ports/169165            sysutils/fusefs-kmod: calling fchown(2) on sshfs files
o ports/169164 rm         net-p2p/deluge 1.3.x problem with boost-1.48
o docs/169158  doc        [patch] iasl(8) man page is out of date
o ports/169156 portmgr    [exp-run] devel/bison: update to 2.5.1
o ports/169153            [REPOCOPY]  net-mgmt/zabbix -> zabbiz2 (server/agent/f
f ports/169151 scheidell  chinese/fcitx will not build on i386 before osversion 
o kern/169150             opendir() does not use O_CLOEXEC ; fdopendir() closed 
o ports/169149 wen        [PATCH] devel/py-decorator: update to 3.3.3
f ports/169146 jgh        [PATCH] security/py-pycrypto: update to 2.6
o ports/169144 philip     games/wesnoth: NLS is broken
f ports/169142 dinoex     [patch] graphics/gnash: fix configure (agg not found)
o ports/169138 rpaulo     net/dhcp6 rc.d script should run BEFORE: NETWORKING
f ports/169137 perl       [PATCH] net-mgmt/p5-Nagios-Plugin: dependency cleanups
f ports/169136 perl       [PATCH] net-mgmt/p5-GRNOC-TL1: Dependency cleanup
f ports/169132 swills     [PATCH] devel/rubygem-ruby_parser: remove unnecessary 
o ports/169130 gabor      [PATCH] security/amavisd-new: update to 2.7.1,1
f ports/169128 delphij    [patch] mail/mairix: Enable support of gzip- and bzip2
o advoc/169127 advocacy   Resurrect a traditional and fun function name
o kern/169124  mav        [sound] Sound broken on RELENG_9 with ATI SB730 after 
f ports/169119 zi         net-mgmt/net-snmp 5.7.1_7 won't build with dmalloc(5.5
o ports/169116 miwi       [PATCH] german/wordpress: update to 3.4
o ports/169112 miwi       [patch] Fix build of devel/valgrind on clang.
o ports/169110 marcus     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portlint: fix typo
f ports/169109 sunpoet    patch as net/mDNSResponder fails to install
o ports/169105 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/py-restclient: update to 0.10.2
o ports/169102 lwhsu      [PATCH] ftp/py-pyftpdlib: update to 0.7.0
f ports/169100 gahr       [PATCH] www/libmicrohttpd: update to 0.9.20
o ports/169099 lwhsu      [PATCH] devel/py27-pp: update to 1.6.2
o ports/169096 lwhsu      [PATCH] ftp/bsdftpd-ssl: utmpx fix
o ports/169095            New port: audio/mous "A simpe yet powerful audio playe
o ports/169090            New Port: comms/ge-x2212-2 An EEPROM programmer for GE
o docs/169089  doc        [geli] [PATCH] geli(8) needs clarity concerning key sc
o ports/169088 tobez      [PATCH] net/p5-Geo-IPfree: update to 1.121660
f ports/169087 sunpoet    [PATCH] net/rubygem-whois: update to 2.6.2
o kern/169084  wireless   [ath] suspend/resume doesn't cause a rescan; the assoc
o ports/169083 secteam    [patch] fix distinfo for security/vuxml
o kern/169080             [dtrace] DTrace broken for simple user land program
o ports/169079 xfce       print/xfce4-print does not build on i386
f ports/169078            Fix for ports-mgmt/psearch to compile with lang/gcc46
a bin/169077   geom       bsdinstall(8) does not use partition labels in /etc/fs
o ports/169076 swills     emulators/open-vm-tools update
o bin/169075              ether-addr output fixup in ndp
o ports/169074            [NEW PORT] net/jicmp6: ICMPv6 JNI
o bin/169072              [patch] A little change to ifconfig(8) to display CIDR
f ports/169067 scheidell  [MAINTAINER] www/pivotx: PivotX is broken on PHP 5.4
o kern/169065             [ipsec] [regression] "netstat -p ipsec -s" is broken
o kern/169064             [alc] does not properly reinitialize when resuming
f ports/169063 ak         [PATCH] graphics/optipng: update to 0.7.1
o ports/169062 sylvio     [PATCH] net/throttled: update to 0.5.2
o docs/169056  doc        [patch] sysctl*(3) cannot fail with EFAULT if name con
o bin/169053              [PATCH] argument of pkg_create --prefix option always 
o ports/169052 lwhsu      [MAINTAINER] lang/ats: use empty() to check if an opti
o ports/169051 lwhsu      [MAINTAINER] lang/rust: use empty() to check if an opt
o conf/169047  rc         [rc.subr] [patch] /etc/rc.subr not checking some scrip
f ports/169043            Add CONFLICTS_INSTALL=fusefs-ntfs to sysutils/ntfsprog
o ports/169042 mva        Joystick support in devel/sdl12 is broken
f ports/169038 flo        [PATCH] net/appkonference: update to 2.1
o ports/169035 sylvio     [PATCH] textproc/ripole: update to 0.2.2
o ports/169033 ruby       [maintainer-update] science/ruby-dcl: update to 1.7.0
f ports/169032            Update net-im/qutim port to 0.3.0
o bin/169028              /usr/sbin/jail fails with "jail: unknown parameter: ip
o ports/169027 sylvio     [PATCH] net-mgmt/bsnmp-regex: update to 0.6
f ports/169026 dougb      print/gutenprint-cups build prompts unprivileged user
o ports/169024 perl       [PATCH] security/p5-GD-SecurityImage: fix dependency o
o power/169021 ppc        FreeBSD-9.0-powerpc-all.iso crashes host when mounted
o ports/169011 kuriyama   [PATCH] devel/p5-local-lib: fix *_DEPENDS
o www/168988   www        We would like to be added to the list of Commercial IS
o ports/168987 ruby       [PATCH] databases/rubygem-activerecord: update to 3.2.
o ports/168986 ruby       [PATCH] databases/rubygem-activemodel: update to 3.2.5
o ports/168985 ruby       [PATCH] devel/rubygem-activesupport: update to 3.2.5
o ports/168982 ruby       [PATCH] devel/rubygem-eventmachine: Update to
o ports/168981 clsung     [PATCH] net/rubygem-simple_oauth: update to 0.1.8
o ports/168980 python     devel/py-distribute fails to install some files
o kern/168979             kernel build fail with -Os
o ports/168978 gecko      mail/thunderbird: /base/nsStackWalk.cpp:1196:29: error
o ports/168977 rm         [PATCH] devel/mercurial: Fix WITHOUT_NLS option handli
f ports/168975            databases/couchdb stops on start and did not return to
f ports/168974            [patch] update lang/pypy from 1.8 to 1.9
o docs/168973  blackend   fr_FR.ISO8859-1/htdocs/community/mailinglists.sgml upd
o ports/168972            [PATCH] for net/rdist6 to handle files > 2GB
o bin/168970   mm         Missing zpool list -v documentation as well as improve
o kern/168967             ixgbe driver compile failure for DEBUGOUT6 not defined
o conf/168966             geli swap flag for encryption algo is redundant
f ports/168965 cy         sysutils/syslog-ng installs 2 full blown scripting lan
o docs/168962  doc        cp(1) & mv(1) pages don't mention ACLs or extended att
o bin/168961              cp should provide an option to copy file ACLs and attr
o ports/168957 amdmi3     Update port games/vegastrike to 0.5.1.r1 and fix png
f ports/168955 wxs        mail/dovecot Makefile patches to include <gssapi.h> wh
o ports/168953 bapt       ports-mgmt/pkg beta 15 doesn't see package existence w
o kern/168952  pf         [pf] direction scrub rules don't work
f ports/168951 kde        error building  devel/kdebindings4-perl-perlqt
s ports/168950 avilla     cannot update graphics/opengtl -0,9.17
o ports/168949 miwi       [NEW PORT] security/py-passlib: Python password hashin
o ports/168948 miwi       [maintainer] [patch] Update net/py-msrplib to version 
o kern/168947  fs         [nfs] [zfs] .zfs/snapshot directory is messed up when 
o ports/168944 dryice     deskutils/org-mode.el: update to 7.8.11
o kern/168942  fs         [nfs] [hang] nfsd hangs after being restarted (not -HU
o ports/168940 vd         cannot upgrade misc/ossp-uuid to version 1.6.2_2
o docs/168939  bcr        Port upgrade documentation missing from Application Ja
o ports/168938 x11        x11/xorg: moused(8) enabled causes xorg startx to fail
f ports/168935            www/firefox-remote shares PORTNAME with www/firefox
o docs/168930  doc        map_mincore(9) not up-to-date
o docs/168929  gavin      bad links in commercial section
o ports/168927 mm         graphics/ImageMagick fails with new compiler error
o ports/168926            Second '' out of range 0..59 at security/snort-r
o ports/168925 swills     Request update of www/rubygem-rails to 3.2.5
f ports/168923 crees      Upgraded databases/couchdb (1.2.0)
o ports/168922 sunpoet    [PATCH] ftp/pure-ftpd: Convert to new options framewor
o ports/168921 brooks     devel/llvm, lang/clang: update to 3.1 release
s ports/168919 avilla     graphics/opengtl fails
o ports/168917 nivit      [patch] www/py-urlgrabber: fails with traceback
f ports/168916 sunpoet    [PATCH] net/shaperprobe: update to latest release (Jan
o docs/168915  doc        size of integers used by test(1) and sh(1) is not docu
o kern/168913             TCPDUMP causing interface to drop
o ports/168911 horde      mail/horde4-imp: etc/horde/httpd.conf.horde missing op
p kern/168910  eadler     [hptrr] hptrr is incompatible with Marvel SATA control
o ports/168908 miwi       Fix quoted IGNORE/BROKEN
o ports/168904 swills     [patch] fix emulators/open-vm-tools compile post-r2346
o ports/168901 x11        New port: textproc/xorg-sgml-doctools
o kern/168900             [boot] BTX halted on boot when using Promise TX2650 co
o ports/168898 gecko      mail/thunderbird: nsDirPrefs.cpp:378:9: error: case va
o ports/168897 vbox       /usr/local/etc/rc.d/vboxguest stop from emulators/virt
o ports/168896 multimedia [patch] audio/wavpack doesn't build with clang 3.1
f ports/168894 miwi       [PATCH] mail/py-milter: update to 0.9.5
o ports/168893 miwi       graphics/tinyows switch to new OPTIONS framework
o conf/168889             Clarify enabling console.log in /etc/syslog.conf
o ports/168870 garga      [PATCH] mail/qmail: MAILDIRQUOTA Maildir++ support mis
o ports/168868 x11        [PATCH] add missing dependency to audio/fmit
f ports/168864 miwi       [PATCH] www/py27-django-haystack: update to 1.2.7
o ports/168863 miwi       [PATCH] devel/py27-construct: update to 2.06
o bin/168862              [patch] tzname set incorrectly
o ports/168861            devel/tkcvs: tkdiff no longer runs correctly
o kern/168860             [CHANGE REQUEST] Port the OpenBSD urtwn wireless drive
f ports/168855 miwi       [PATCH] net-p2p/uhub: update to 0.4.0 + lots more
o docs/168853  doc        Obsolete docs in web
o docs/168852  doc        Obsolete docs should be detached from Makefile at leas
o ports/168850 acm        [PATCH] mail/mbox2mdir: update to 1.4
o bin/168848              mptutil not functional
o bin/168844              [patch] last(1) doesn't show reboot times with struct 
o kern/168842  andre      [tcp] FreeBSD hosts are sending TCP packets with FIN f
o ports/168841            x11/slim fails to authorize (through kereros) if built
o ports/168840 lx         [PATCH] textproc/scim: remove trailing spaces in plist
o bin/168839              zless cant show 0 Byte compressed files
o ports/168838 sbz        sysutils/ldapvi: error: non-void function 'copy_sasl_o
o ports/168835 gnome      graphics/inkscape 0.48.2 will crash throwing exception
o ports/168834 fjoe       [repocopy] Please repocopy: ports/misc/dahdi-kmod -> p
f ports/168831 zi         mail/dovecot2 needs ftp/curl when WITH_SOLR enabled
o ports/168829 flo        Unnecessary definitions in lang/php5-extensions lang/p
f ports/168824            [PATCH] astro/gpstk: fix conflict & lib links
o docs/168823  issyl0     404s in docs
o kern/168822             [ata] IDE/ATA 40 wire cable causes read errors after i
o kern/168816             [puc] [patch] serial card device update for pucdata.c
o docs/168814  doc        [patch] remove `d` negative pointer EINVAL requirement
o ports/168813 gabor      security/amavisd-new 2.7.1 update
f ports/168809 scheidell  [new port] net-im/spectrum: Jabber/XMPP transport/gate
f ports/168808 sunpoet    [PATCH] net/mtr: Convert to new options framework
o ports/168807 olgeni     sysutils/webmin output wrong information
o docs/168803  doc        Remove outdated smp info
o ports/168801 makc       New port: net-im/libjreen Jreen is Free and Opensource
o ports/168800 acm        print/foomatic-db-engine:  install: *.1: No such file 
f ports/168799 kde        math/cantor 4.8.3_1 package creation fails
f ports/168795 sunpoet    cannot build net/mtr without x11 support
o ports/168793 gecko      www/firefox: /usr/ports/www/firefox/work/mozilla-relea
f ports/168789 olivierd   [UPDATE] sysutils/xfce4-systemload-plugin to 1.1.0
o ports/168788 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/reviewboard: update to
o ports/168787 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/py27-djblets: update to 0.6.18
o bin/168785              /usr/bin/calendar does not match "Thu+1" or "Mon+1" in
o ports/168780 kde        [PATCH] textproc/redland: allow BDB to be optional
o ports/168778 nivit      x11/wbar update to 2.3.0
o ports/168773 skv        New port: lang/perl5.16
o ports/168769 apache     [PATCH] www/apache22: Add SuexecUserdir support
o ports/168767 python     [PATCH]: lang/python26+ must not set OPT
o ports/168766 avilla     [PATCH] multimedia/mlt: Fix build on 9.0-STABLE
o ports/168758 sunpoet    [PATCH] www/p5-Mason: update to 2.19
o kern/168754             if_ath dont have internal name
o ports/168750 miwi       [NEW PORT] graphics/py27-pillow: Fork of the Python Im
o ports/168746 xfce       [PATCH] Can not install theme via sysutils/xfce4-setti
f ports/168744 clsung     textproc/refdb: Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-referen
o usb/168743   usb        panic: double fault caused by umass
o kern/168742             detaching of ethernet adapter with configured vlans le
o ports/168738 ashish     Update Port: devel/common-sense
f ports/168733 sylvio     net-im/iserverd port fix for 64-bit systems
o ports/168728 haskell    lang/ghc: Core dumped when building 7.4.1 from port
o ports/168727 swills     [PATCH] www/redmine: update and UNBREAK
f ports/168720 sunpoet    shells/ksh93 fails to build
o stand/168719 jasone     [PATCH] It seems consensus is to track unpublished sta
o ports/168718 gecko      www/firefox: core dumping or refuse to compile
o ports/168717 office     editors/libreoffice: does not compile
o ports/168710 apache     [PATCH] www/mod_auth_cas: update to
o ports/168709 sunpoet    security/py-pylibacl duplicates security/py-posix1e
o ports/168708 xfce       x11-fm/thunar-vfs: wrong dependencies?
o ports/168705 bapt       [PATCH] devel/libgit2: update to 0.17.0
o ports/168704 tobez      [PATCH] devel/p5-Memoize: fix *_DEPENDS
o ports/168695 n_hibma    sysutils/p5-Sys-Gamin installs monitor (generic name f
a ports/168691 dinoex     graphics/graphviz compile error at gv_php.cpp:935
o ports/168688 xfce       missing icons interface with x11-wm/xfce4
o ports/168683 python     [PATCH] update port graphics/py-stl to 3.1
o ports/168682 sylvio     [PATCH] comms/anyremote: update to 5.5
o bin/168681              gmirror(8) needs option to limit mirror capacity
o ports/168679 sylvio     [PATCH] deskutils/fet: update to 5.18.0
o kern/168678  bz         [jail] raw sockets incorrectly choose source address w
o ports/168676 marcus     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portlint: relax PORTVERSION check w
o ports/168671 miwi       [exp-run] Make devel/cmake and devel/cmake-gui not use
f kern/168670  melifaro   [vlan] [panic] BPF kernel crash
o ports/168667 yzlin      [PATCH] net/py27-netaddr: update to 0.7.7
f ports/168664 miwi       [PATCH] www/py27-tornado: update to 2.3
f ports/168661 scheidell  devel/boost-libs fails on make package because of miss
o amd64/168659 amd64      [boot] FreeBSD 9 - Crash upon booting off install CD (
o ports/168658 itetcu     sysutils/nut V2.6.1 fails to build on 9.0, 2.6.4 avail
f ports/168656 swills     patches for sysutils/rubygem-chef
o kern/168649             [ath] TX frames sometimes occur out of order
o ports/168647 miwi       Remove trailing spaces from all ports-related files
o ports/168645 x11        [UPDATE] x11/luit to 1.1.1
o ports/168643 araujo     Port update: sysutils/py-danzfs Provides a standard Py
f ports/168641 miwi       [PATCH] net-mgmt/fetchconfig: update to 0.22
o ports/168640 python     [PATCH]: prevent checksum mismatches for compiled pyth
o ports/168637 gecko      www/libxul: nsStackWalk.cpp: In function 'nsresult NS_
o bin/168631              libsupc++ new operators size argument wron
o ports/168629 danfe      games/quakeforge: update to 0.6.2
a ports/168628 kde        error: cannot  build editors/calligra
o ports/168626 kuriyama   [PATCH] remove SITE_PERL from *_DEPENDS ftp/p5-Net-FTP
o ports/168620 perl       security/p5-GSSAPI build fails with heimdal port in ja
o ports/168619 dhn        bad plist for audio/snd port if configured without Gui
f ports/168617 gerald     emulators/wine: build failing if libinotify installed
o ports/168616 garga      conflict: mail/maildrop: Port shares files with other 
f ports/168611            conflict: cad/brlcad: Port shares files with other por
o ports/168608 tdb        [PATCH] sysutils/freedt: conflicts with daemontools
f ports/168583 sylvio     devel/php-xdebug update to 2.2.0
o bin/168582   sysinstall [request] bsdinstall(8): Select 'server' or 'desktop' 
o ports/168575 clsung     [PATCH] net/py27-oauth2: update to 1.5.211
o ports/168571 brooks     [PATCH] sysutils/py27-nagiosplugin: update to 0.4.4
o ports/168569 tj         [PATCH] www/py27-requests: update to 0.13.0 - de-eggif
o ports/168568 gnome      x11-toolkits/gtk20 fails to build (minor bug in port)
f ports/168566 miwi       [PATCH] devel/py27-simpletal: update to 4.3
o ports/168564 anders     [PATCH] www/pound: Fix typo in CONFIGURE_ARGS, Add LIC
o www/168556   www        add us to hardware vendors
o usb/168551   usb        Issues with embedded card reader (Laptop ASUS K43SJ)
a ports/168547 swills     [exp-run] make Ruby 1.9 the deafult, requesting exp-ru
o kern/168546             [bwn] Dell D820 wireless card not disabled by switch
o kern/168545             [sound/hda] Dell D/Port headphone jack output does not
o bin/168544   rc         [patch] [rc]: addswap-mounted swapfiles cause panic on
o kern/168530  wireless   [ath] Broken WEP probably
o ports/168524 ruby       port www/redmine is incorrectly marked as broken
o kern/168520             [ng_ubt] [patch] "option VIMAGE" kernel with ng_ubt.ko
o ports/168515 jgh        New port: devel/elasticsearch A search engine in Java
o ports/168514 apache     www/mod_perl2: allow build with clang/gcc47+
o ports/168512 kuriyama   emulators/virtio-kmod:  port Makefile: post-extract ta
o misc/168508             [build] [patch] turn off clang extras if WITHOUT_TOOLC
f ports/168504 ale        mysqlcheck (databases/mysql51-client) does not obscure
o bin/168499              The -nt predicate works inconsistently with zfs, cp -p
o ports/168498 clsung     [PATCH] net/py-kombu: update to 2.1.8
o kern/168497             Netmap code mixed up tx and rx in iterate counter
o ports/168491 miwi       [NEW PORT] www/py27-django-mezzanine: An open source C
o ports/168490 miwi       [NEW PORT] www/py27-django-mezzanine-grappelli: Fork o
o ports/168486            [PATCH] www/sams, warnings "strftime() [function.strft
o kern/168485             hwpmc(4) sampling stops working on P4
o ports/168479 portmgr    Mk/ [patch] portaudit reports vulnerabilit
o misc/168477             ambigious kernel is loaded when install system from ke
o kern/168473             [libc] nsswitch (nss_method_lookup) fails after upgrad
o ports/168470 chromium   [PATCH] www/chromium version 19.0.1084.52 fails to com
f ports/168469 smkelly    Update net-mgmt/zabbix-server port to 2.0
o ports/168466            [PATCH] www/sams, web-interface, needs GetHostnameSam.
o ports/168465 gecko      www/firefox: HTML5 audio and video doesn't work in FF1
o ports/168464 gnome      [patch] graphics/gegl: prevent automake-1.11 rerun
f ports/168452 scheidell  New Port: comms/qtel EchoLink Client and SvrLink audio
o bin/168447              fsck_msdosfs(8) missing newline in output
f ports/168446 edwin      [PATCH] net/dhcprelay: Fix for broken init script
o kern/168440             ixgbe flow control tunable regression
f ports/168427 gnome      needs path prefix in RUN_DEPENDS in ports-mgmt/package
o ports/168418 bapt       net/samba-libsmbclient: false conflicts with pkgng
o threa/168417 threads    pthread_getcpuclockid() does not work to specification
o kern/168416             [hang] OS hangs when guest on VMWare ESX
o bin/168415              [PATCH] stdbuf(1) does not allow cmd with no parameter
o kern/168414             ixgbe commit r232874 introduces code/comment mismatch
o kern/168411             [vm] [panic] uma_find_refcnt(): zone possibly not UMA_
o ports/168408 rea        [PATCH] net-mgmt/pnp update to 0.6.17 and unbreak with
f ports/168407            [patch] lang/gauche: update to, unbreak
o ports/168404            [NEW PORT] databases/dev-sqlite3: This is a developmen
o ports/168400 jsa        multimedia/vlc fails compiling, error in src/theme_loa
o bin/168397              cpio(1): cpio --quiet fails to suppress "unnscessary" 
o misc/168396             [build] [patch] src.conf tunables to enable zlib compr
o kern/168393  wireless   AR9285: suspend/resume sometimes fails
o bin/168388              rcmd(3) recursion when RSH points to rsh
o ports/168385            every port has vulnerabilities in case of locale probl
f ports/168383 miwi       port databases/pecl-memcache - Undefined symbol "mmc_q
o ports/168379 portmgr    [exp-run] [PATCH] stop clobbering USE_PERL
o ports/168374 lwhsu      [PATCH] net/py-amqplib uses easy_install
r ports/168372 cvs        [PATCH] www/py-beautifulsoup: update to a new major ve
o ports/168371 rakuco     archivers/p7zip: Fix warnings when build port ([-Wlogi
o ports/168369 gecko      [PATCH] cannot build www/libxul
o ports/168365 glebius    astro/gpsd fails to compile
o ports/168364 marcus     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portlint Remove references to PATCH
o ports/168343 office     libreoffice package 3.5.2 missing dependency (graphics
o kern/168342             [mbuf] mbuf exhaustion hangs all daemons in keglimit s
o misc/168341             [patch] improve completeness
o kern/168335             nfsv4 server with krb5 sec limits group number per uid
o ports/168334 jgh        New port: security/kpcli - Command line interface to K
o ports/168333 sunpoet    graphics/gdal: fails with specific OPTIONS configurati
f ports/168332 swills     emulators/open-vm-tools: Problems with DHCP on startup
o ports/168328            [REPOCOPY] devel/codeblocks --> devel/codeblocks-devel
o misc/168327             Extraneous directories left over after installworld wh
f ports/168326 jadawin    net-p2p/rtgui doesn't appear to work with php5-5.4.3
o ports/168322 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit: Error reading signature file
f ports/168321 cs         fix japanese/kon2-16dot
o kern/168320             [hptiop] [patch] make the hptiop driver support the RR
f ports/168319            graphics/qiviewer: Not displaying image jpeg
o kern/168315             [libc] [patch] add dirname_r(3); document ENOMEM condi
o misc/168314             9.0 install "live CD" option can't create resolv.conf
f ports/168313 miwi       [PATCH] devel/kdbg: update to 2.2.2
f ports/168301 miwi       [PATCH] devel/libvanessa_socket: update to 0.0.12
f ports/168300 miwi       [PATCH] devel/libvanessa_logger: update to 0.0.10
o misc/168299             'make buildworld' fails at ' ... crtend.So'
o kern/168298             VirtualBox using AIO on a zvol crashes
f ports/168297 miwi       [PATCH] devel/libvanessa_adt: update to 0.0.9
p kern/168294  net        [ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver compiled in kernel has no
o ports/168292 portmgr    [exp-run] test a change to system opensslv.h header
o ports/168290 bf         New port: math/ipopt
o bin/168289              [patch] pkg_install(8): fix memory leaks and potential
f ports/168287 obrien     Can't compile editors/vim; missing -lintl
f ports/168286 miwi       [PATCH] devel/dev86 enw version does not compile with 
o ports/168285 timur      [PATCH] textproc/p5-Net-IDN-Encode: update to 2.003
o ports/168284 anders     [PATCH] www/varnish2 remove obsolete OSVERSION conditi
o ports/168271 timur      [PATCH] devel/p5-DateTime-Format-Natural: update to 0.
o ports/168270 timur      [PATCH] devel/p5-boolean: update to 0.28
o bin/168269   sysinstall comments on bsdinstall(8)
f kern/168268  yongari    [re] if_re doesn't work if you set MAC address
f ports/168266 madpilot   New port: sysutils/logstash (log monitoring and collec
o ports/168264 timur      [PATCH] databases/tdb: update to 1.2.10,1
o ports/168263 flz        update net-p2p/libtorrent to 0.13.2
o ports/168262 flz        update net-p2p/rtorrent to 0.9.2
o ports/168261 timur      [PATCH] converters/p5-WAP-wbxml: update to 1.13
o ports/168260 timur      [PATCH] converters/p5-Net-IDN-Nameprep: update to 1.10
o ports/168259 timur      [PATCH] converters/p5-Encode-Punycode: update to 1.001
f ports/168258 sunpoet    [PATCH] www/wordpress: russian/wordpress: fileowner ch
o bin/168253              clang crashes on Geode
o misc/168247             FreeBSD 7.2 kernel panic after update MPD from 5.5 to 
o kern/168246  net        [em] Multiple em(4) not working with qemu
o kern/168245  net        [arp] [regression] Permanent ARP entry not deleted on 
o kern/168244  net        [arp] [regression] Unable to manually remove permanent
o ports/168239 office     editors/libreoffice does not honor MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE
o ports/168234 office     [patch] editors/openoffice-3 fails to build on FreeBSD
f ports/168225 yar        net-mgmt/nrpe2 : wrong owner of spool dir
o ports/168222 portmgr    [] [patch] Allowing to specify per-file PAT
o bin/168221              clang coredumps on Geode
o ports/168220 gnome      [patch] misc/shared-mime-info: do not register auto-ge
o www/168218   jkois      Please add to Commercial Vendors
f kern/168217  yongari    [bce] Watchdog timeouts with bce(4) on BCM5716
o ports/168215 beech      [PATCH] print/scribus-devel: update to 1.5.0 svn
o kern/168213             [kernel] why is the type of ub_cnt signed in uma_int.h
o kern/168212             [kernel] [patch] some suggested additions for uma_core
o kern/168211  eadler     [kernel] [patch] uma_core.c is missing at least one (p
o kern/168210             [kernel] [patch] fix output format of flags in uma_cor
o ports/168207 hselasky   [patch] multimedia/libv4l: do not link against librt f
o ports/168203 timur      ports: net/samba36 fails to compile with ADS enabled
o kern/168200  pf         [pf] pf crashes when receiving packets from an address
o www/168199   jkois      inquiry to be listed as FreeBSD Consulting Services
o ports/168196 tj         [MAINTAINER] net/freevrrpd version 1.1
o ports/168194 tobez      [PATCH] x11/p5-Clipboard: update to 0.13
f ports/168191 scheidell  sysutils/ezjail + freebsd9 -stable --> dont work
o kern/168190  pf         [pf] panic when using pf and route-to (maybe: bad frag
o bin/168188   sysinstall bsdinstall(8) partitioner segmentation fault
o kern/168187             NanoBSD for Elan SC520 will not compile
o kern/168183  net        [bce] bce driver hang system
o ports/168177            [NEW PORT] games/asteroids3d: First-person shooter blo
o kern/168170  wireless   [net80211] ieee80211_send_bar() doesn't complete corre
o ports/168167 nivit      [PATCH] x11/wbar: update to 2.3.0
o gnu/168166              nm -l faild
s ports/168161            [PATCH] sysutils/conky: update to 1.9.0
f ports/168160            ports-mgmt/jailaudit doesn't return a non-0 exit code 
o kern/168158  fs         [zfs] incorrect parsing of sharenfs options in zfs (fs
o kern/168152  net        [xl] Periodically, the network card xl0 stops working 
o ports/168150 kuriyama   [PATCH] update lang/phantomjs to 1.5.0
o ports/168141            faild to install lang/ezm3
o ports/168134 tobez      [PATCH] www/p5-HTML-Lint: update to 2.20
o usb/168132   usb        [umass] MATSHITA memory card size reported wrong, moun
o ports/168130 tobez      [PATCH] textproc/p5-YAML-Syck: update to 1.20
f ports/168124 cs         [NEW PORT] games/retrovaders: Our take on the old clas
f ports/168123 cs         [NEW PORT] games/retroroids: Another retro arcade clas
f ports/168122 cs         [NEW PORT] games/arcadia: An 80s style Shoot 'em up
o ports/168116 tobez      [PATCH] textproc/p5-XML-DT: update to 0.58
o ports/168114 cs         [NEW PORT] games/duckmaze: A game about a duck that is
o ports/168113 cs         [NEW PORT] games/pycadia: Home to vector gaming, Pytho
o ports/168112 tobez      [PATCH] textproc/p5-Text-Xslate: update to 1.5010
o ports/168110 yzlin      Update port www/py-cssutils to 0.9.9
o ports/168104 sumikawa   security/racoon2: racoon daemon exited on signal 11 (S
o ports/168091 gecko      Mk/ error: USE_FIREFOX doesn't work correc
o kern/168077             [netsmb] [patch] SMBFS option causes panic-on-boot wit
o misc/168017             LiveCD fails to boot fully  in certain Virtualbox conf
f docs/168016  wblock     groff mandoc style, usage mistakes or typos. (man8)
o ports/168010 portmgr    [exp-run] Please test as ld script with an exp
o bin/167986   eadler     location of <com_err.h> install doesn't match man page
o ports/167983 tj         Update of cad/linux-eagle5 to the latest upstream vers
f ports/167982 olivierd   [UPDATE] www/py-gunicorn to 0.14.3
o kern/167979  fs         [ufs] DIOCGDINFO ioctl does not work on 8.2 file syste
o kern/167977  fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs results are differ when utf-8 or U
f ports/167974 cs         [NEW PORT] games/mopesnake: A classic snake game in wh
o ports/167973 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/bombherman: A Bomberman clone written
o ports/167972 sumikawa   benchmarks/netperf: (CLANG) netlib.c:1154:1: error: co
a ports/167966 gabor      [exp-run] please test BSD sort with an exp-run
o ports/167965 apache     if to make port (www/apache22) with an option: WITH_AL
o ports/167964 apache     New port:www/mod_authn_otp
s ports/167955            [update] graphics/tinyows: Fix dependency to postgis
f ports/167953 miwi       devel/pecl-xhprof patch for single core cpu
f ports/167950            databases/memcachedb does not work on 10-CURRENT
o kern/167947  net        [setfib] [patch] arpresolve checks only the default FI
s ports/167927 sylvio     [maintainer-update] database/postgis: Upgrade to 2.0.0
a bin/167921   gabor      bsdgrep(1) segfaults with "\\."
o bin/167911   jail       new jail(8) problem with removal, ifconfg -alias and k
o ports/167903 java       [PATCH] java/openjdk6: Fix build failure in 8.3 jail r
p kern/167902  adrian     [ath] TX block-ack window holes
o ports/167900 sbz        security/py-openssl port 0.12 requires missing LICENSE
o ports/167899 glarkin    build of lang/eperl fails on amd64 (others?)
o ports/167893 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/megamario: Mega Mario is a Super Mari
o kern/167870  wireless   [ath] adhoc wifi client does not join an existing IBSS
o ports/167862 nivit      [PATCH] sysutils/vttest: update to 2012.05.06
o ports/167855 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/smashbattle: Smash Battle is an 8-bit
o ports/167854 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/barbie_seahorse_adventures: You are a
o ports/167849 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/connectagram: Connectagram is a word 
o usb/167847   usb        [ural] dlink dwl-122g e crashes(?) when trying wap2 cr
o kern/167834  wireless   [ath] kickpcu; 'handled 0 packets'
o docs/167832  eadler     [patch] swapon(2) (and elsewhere) refer to non-existen
o gnu/167829              gcc(1): [patch] fix cross-building world with TARGET=i
o kern/167828  wireless   [iwn] iwn(4) doesn't recover automatically after firmw
f kern/167827  yongari    [re] RTL8111/8168B Issues (stalling/only 100Mb)
o ports/167825 linimon    ports: Mk/ inclusion
f ports/167824 wxs        mail/dovecot: double checks for build options
o conf/167822  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] start script doesn't load firewall_type
o ports/167814 danfe      [patch] games/openttd: respect STRIP
o ports/167807 dougb      ports: x11-wm/windowmaker fails if devel/libinotify is
o kern/167806  bschmidt   [iwn] iwn driver panic on 9.0-STABLE-amd64
f ports/167805 ale        databases/mysql51-client:  manager.c:132:10: error: to
o ports/167799 glewis     java/javavmwrapper-2.3.5 does not always choose the ri
o kern/167798  wireless   ifconfig(8): problem with "ifconfig list scan" command
f ports/167797 x11        graphics/gthumb crashes, dumps core
o ports/167794 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ fix .zip in PATCHFILES
o kern/167793             mbuf leak if arp address is multicast
o bin/167779   hrs        makefs does not create sparse file
o ports/167775 office     editors/libreoffice cannot open password protected Ope
f kern/167768  darrenr    [ipfilter] Fatal trap in ipfilter/ipnat
o power/167764 ppc        Burning iso for ppc
o kern/167763  gnn        lockstat provider probes don't always fire
o ports/167759 makc       [New Ports] x11-wm/e17-modules-ecomorph and x11-wm/eco
o bin/167744   eadler     [patch] /usr/sbin/adduser: enclose with double quotes:
o docs/167742  doc        Update documentation for group 5, and newgrp 1
o docs/167741  doc        group(5): Group Passwords do not work and are not docu
o ports/167731 wen        Repocopy from finance/openerp-server to finance/opener
o ports/167720 vbox       emulators/virtualbox-ose: VirtualBox 4.1.14- Guest: Fr
f ports/167700 acm        [PATCH] sysutils/bacula-server: New changes on sysutil
o ports/167699 olgeni     devel/ipython: WITH_PYTHON=3.2, dies on import of pexp
o ports/167698 wen        New port: finance/openerp
f ports/167691            security/heimdal: problem compiling kerberos/heimdal
o ports/167690 nork       www/linuxpluginwrapper: deprecate and remove it
o kern/167688  fs         [fusefs] Incorrect signal handling with direct_io
o kern/167685  fs         [zfs] ZFS on USB drive prevents shutdown / reboot
o ports/167677 portmgr    [] [exp-run] Reaper of the dead: remove dep
o bin/167675              The txmaxpow and txpower values I see from ifconfig(8)
o kern/167671             [libkvm] [patch] libkvm doesn't initialize vnet
o i386/167670  i386       [boot] Laptop won't boot from FreeBSD iso, but will fr
f amd64/167664 gavin      [boot] when i install the amd64 OS, the process will s
o ports/167661 eadler     games/daimonin-music has no distinfo/version
o ports/167654 x11        x11-wm/twm - no mouse cursor
o conf/167648  eadler     Update rc.conf man page to use "new" ipv4_addrs_<inter
a kern/167646  hrs        [ip6] IPv6 TCP connection hangs/drops when time/clock 
o ports/167645 gnome      x11/gnome2: Cannot see KDE software on GNOME applicati
o ports/167644 mm         [PATCH] sysutils/debootstrap: bump to 1.0.39
o ports/167641 office     editors/libreoffice:
o ports/167636 kuriyama   [PATCH] textproc/expat2: update to 2.1.0
o ports/167627 maho       math/octave: Old lapack causes failure in octave svd()
o ports/167626 cs         New port: math/flair
o ia64/167618  ia64       [ia64] Implement revision 232832
o ports/167613 fluffy     graphics/vigra: rf_split.hxx:155:26: error: variable h
o kern/167612  fs         [portalfs] The portal file system gets stuck inside po
o kern/167603  net        [ip] IP fragment reassembly's broken: file transfer ov
o ports/167601 itetcu     [patch] ports-mgmt/tinderbox: Allow masking of PHP use
o ports/167596 x11        [patch] I have rolled back x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmwa
o ports/167591            security/openssh-portable looks for ecdsa key but none
o amd64/167582 amd64      Compile of MySQL NDB Cluster Fails 8.2 AMD64
o ports/167581 mm         update sysutils/debootstrap 1.0.38 -> 1.0.40
o bin/167575              mfiutil(8) claims battery is OK even though it is worn
o kern/167574             /usr/include/clang/3.1/smmintrin.h:461:10: fatal error
o ports/167569 python     [PATCH] database/py-postgresql: new port version
o conf/167566  rc         [rc.d] [patch] ipdivert module loading vs. ipfw rc.d o
f kern/167562  pjd        [geli] geli cannot use gpt labels in loader.conf
o kern/167555  kientzle   [build] libarchive fails to build WITHOUT_OPENSSH due 
o ports/167554            security/openssh-portable has some drawbacks
o kern/167551  virtualization[vimage] Fatal trap 12 jails, vimage, ifconfig destroy
o amd64/167543 amd64      [kernel] Install FreeBSD can show error message with c
o ports/167531 lev        devel/p5-subversion: "git svn fetch" dumps core
f ports/167530 python     [patch] security/py-fail2ban will never ever start wit
o ports/167528 dhn        [PATCH] devel/p5-Data-TreeDumper: Add required depende
o ports/167521 vbox       [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose has errors if $ENV no
o ports/167520 vbox       [patch] devel/kBuild-devel fails if $ENV not ash-compa
o ports/167516 mm         multimedia/ffmpeg WITH_RTMP breaks with openssl 1.0.1
o ports/167514 vbox       emulators/virtualbox-ose: Add SF to master sites
o kern/167500  net        [em] [panic] Kernel panics in em driver
o kern/167491  wireless   [ath] TID != hardware queue TID in ath_tx_aggr_comp_ag
o bin/167481   eadler     [PATCH] make mkesdb(1) and mkcsmapper(1) build with cl
o bin/167480   eadler     [PATCH] language fixes to gmkesdb(1) and gmkcsmapper(1
o docs/167478  hrs        [PATCH] misc. updates to the relase notes in current
o ports/167472 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/reviewboard: Fix dependency
o ports/167471 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/py-django13: Fix CONFLICTS
a ports/167470 swills     [PATCH] devel/rubygem-multi_json: update to 1.3.4
o kern/167468             [drm] drm locking Xorg in loop
o ports/167454 fjoe       misc/mc: 'mc' do not search in files after 2^31 bytes
o misc/167449             slice re-partitioning cause invalid partition for boot
o misc/167442             [install] server does not come up, if kernelinstall pr
o ports/167441 office     editors/libreoffice - Unable to print
a ports/167436 swills     [PATCH] devel/rubygem-json_pure: update to 1.7.0
o docs/167429  eadler     geli(8) needs to mention unencrypted /etc/fstab requir
o ports/167428 dougb      net/samba36 could not be configured to start only nmbd
f ports/167405 makc       x11-wm/enlightenment (etc.): EFL updated to 1.1.0 and 
f ports/167401 danfe      graphics/darktable fails to build
o ports/167400 office     editors/libreoffice 3-5.2.2 version ID  - 350m 1 (Buil
o ports/167397 gecko      mail/thunderbird-i18n Version 12.0 and freebsd 9.0: ca
o amd64/167393 amd64      [boot] MacBook4,1 hangs on SMP boot
o kern/167381             ichwd(4) misuses `bootverbose'
o ports/167374 mva        [NEW PORT] games/castle-combat: It is a clone of the o
o ports/167368 python     [] [patch] Python version propagation bre
o kern/167362  gnn        [fusefs] Reproduceble Page Fault when running rsync ov
o kern/167357             [cc_htcp] cc_htcp(4) module sysctl variables overwritt
f ports/167352 linimon    New port: devel/py-repoze.lru
o i386/167340  i386       cdcontrol: play nonexistent audio track causes kernel 
o bin/167336   portmgr    pkg_info can't determine what package a missing file i
o bin/167331              Segmentation fault with iscontrol(8)
o kern/167325  net        [netinet] [patch] sosend sometimes return EINVAL with 
p kern/167321  jhb        [sysctl] [patch] Implement sysctl to control kernel ac
o ports/167309 office     editors/libreoffice: Unable to configure printers on L
p bin/167302   eadler     [patch] mfiutil(8) doesn't allow RO access to RO attri
o ports/167298 gecko      mail/thunderbird-i18n and www/firefox-i18n fail to fet
o ports/167291 mm         ftp/proftpd: proftpd-1.3.4a_2 + mod_clamav error insta
o ports/167289 itetcu     [PATCH] mail/dspam-devel: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/167282 swills     net/nss_ldap performance change causes functionality r
o kern/167272  fs         [zfs] ZFS Disks reordering causes ZFS to pick the wron
o kern/167260  fs         [msdosfs] msdosfs disk was mounted the second time whe
o ports/167251 wen        [PATCH] biology/libsbml: update to 4.3.1
o ports/167240 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/xgalaga++: XGalaga++ is a classic sin
o ports/167235 amdmi3     [NEW PORT] games/gottet: Gottet is a tetris clone I ma
o ports/167229 bland      [patch] x11/nvidia-settings: install sample tools (opt
o ports/167228 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel : Missing dependency  (x1
o ports/167225 fjoe       misc/mc port fails to build on FreeBSD 6.4 because of 
o bin/167222   sysinstall sysinstall(8): FreeBSD 8.3 corrupting MBR partition ta
o ports/167209 mm         [patch] www/lighttpd to allow use of remote-user in co
o kern/167204             [kernel] terrible "netstat -rn" performance due to slo
o kern/167202  net        [igmp]: Sending multiple IGMP packets crashes kernel
o misc/167200             source upgrade from RELENG_7 to RELENG_8 broken for no
o ports/167199 gnome      x11-fm/nautilus Gnome2.32 Doesn't auto mount 
o kern/167197             [sdhci] Use of SD card will increase the load of CPU.
o ports/167194 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics 1.5.0 trackpoint(LENO
f ports/167175 miwi       [PATCH] japanese/eb: update to 4.4.3
f ports/167172 nox        x11/kde4 will not compile due to multimedia/libxine tr
o bin/167156              looping process mksnap_ffs when run in a chroot enviro
o ports/167134 perl       [port update] from devel/p5-doxygenfilter to devel/p5-
o conf/167133             stale files in /usr/share/examples
o ports/167124 yzlin      [PATCH] www/py27-textile: update to 2.1.5
o ports/167123 yzlin      [PATCH] www/py27-cssutils: update to 0.9.9,1
o ports/167122 yzlin      [PATCH] devel/bpython: update to 0.11
o kern/167113  wireless   [ath] AR5210: "stuck" TX seems to be occuring, without
o kern/167109  fs         [zfs] [panic] zfs diff kernel panic Fatal trap 9: gene
a ports/167108 danger     www/uwsgi: rc script doesn't work on startup when prof
o kern/167107             [libc] [panic] no kernel malloc size argument check ca
o kern/167106             [eventtimers] eventtimer tsc smp_test unreliable
o kern/167105  fs         [nfs] mount_nfs can not handle source exports wiht mor
o bin/167103              dtrace(1) generates core dump trying to build perl wit
o misc/167101             [boot] [patch] FreeBSD 9.0 i386 boot-only image loader
f ports/167090            sysutils/ezjail: Invalid command line option in ezjail
o kern/167080  wireless   [ath] channel switch on another VAP break channel setu
f ports/167074 miwi       New Port: www/drupal7-ldap
f ports/167073 obrien     shells/bash: rbash as login shell not working as expec
o kern/167068  eadler     [libc] [patch] memory leak in authunix_create_default(
o kern/167067  fs         [zfs] [panic] ZFS panics the server
o kern/167066  fs         [zfs] ZVOLs not appearing in /dev/zvol
o kern/167065  fs         [zfs] boot fails when a spare is the boot disk
o kern/167064             [build] Cross compile build failed - broken toolchain
o kern/167059  net        [tcp] [panic] System does panic in in_pcbbind() and ha
s kern/167057  pf         [pf] PF firewall version 4.5 in FreeBSD 9.0 & 8.2 nolo
o kern/167048  fs         [nfs] [patch] RELEASE-9 crash when using ZFS+NULLFS+NF
o ports/167042            New port: net-p2p/tahoe-lafs
p kern/167039  das        [libc] fputws(3) generates infinite output
o bin/167037              buggy file content output in ee(1) editor in VM enviro
o bin/167036              ambigious output of fdisk(8)
f ports/167031            security/heimdal ignore environment after process call
o ports/167023 olgeni     lang/erlang doesn't compile with unixODBC
o kern/167018             [hwpmc] [patch] hwpstate0: set freq failed with AMD FX
f ports/167017 perl       net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent is outdated and has 
o ports/167013 sem        sysutils/grub: grub-install does not work with latest 
o www/167011   jkois      We would like to be added as a hardware vendor on your
o usb/167001   usb        [USB] [PATCH] add support for Smart G2 64MB memory key
a ports/166999 rm         databases/postgresql-plpython fails to build with post
o bin/166994              m4(1): m4's eval function ignores documented 2nd and 3
f ports/166987            net/nss_ldap: ports/152982 causes nss_ldap to not func
o ports/166976 miwi       [PATCH] graphics/pear-Image_3D: update to 0.4.2
o ports/166965 miwi       [PATCH] archivers/pear-File_Archive: update to 1.5.5
o ports/166955 hrs        print/acroread9 is vulnerable
o ports/166945 jsa        ports-mgmt/portmanager: patch /usr/local/share/portman
o www/166944   jkois      hardware vendor list addition
o kern/166940  net        [ipfilter] [panic] Double fault in kern 8.2
f kern/166938             Double fault in kern 7.3 and 8.2
f bin/166929   gnn        dtrace(1): dtrace -c doesn't seem to like it if the su
f kern/166928  gnn        [dtrace] fbt provider does not destroy probes when mod
o kern/166927  gnn        [dtrace] [modules] Kernel panics if you unload a kld m
o kern/166926  gnn        [dtrace] Individual probes cannot be destroyed, only p
o kern/166925  gnn        [dtrace] lockstat provider only works in files that #i
o kern/166924  gnn        [dtrace] deferred DTrace probes never match if executa
f kern/166923  gnn        [dtrace] kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled (not 
o kern/166922  gnn        [dtrace] Wildcarded dtrace probe names not always work
o bin/166921   gnn        Use after free in dtrace(1) error handling
o kern/166919  gnn        [dtrace] If dtrace(1) crashes while attached to a proc
o kern/166918  gnn        [dtrace] USDT probes not cleaned up when process exits
o kern/166912  fs         [ufs] [panic] Panic after converting Softupdates to jo
f kern/166909  yongari    [alc] NIC alc(4) does not support 1000baseTX
f kern/166894  yongari    [rl] Realtek RTL8100 keeps droping link
o ports/166870 sunpoet    [patch] add GSSAPI support to ftp/curl
o ports/166868 pgsql      databases/postgresql84-client: compile error with Heim
o kern/166866             [build] [cy] cy(4) driver breaks kernel build in 8.3
o bin/166862              grep(1): grep [[:alnum:]]* only matches once
o bin/166861              bsdgrep(1)/sed(1): bsdgrep -E and sed handle invalid {
o kern/166851  fs         [zfs] [hang] Copying directory from the mounted UFS di
o usb/166848   usb        [umass] [patch] Buffalo RUF2 requires quirk
o java/166844  java       openjdk7 can't open library when remote debug enabled
o bin/166842              bsdgrep(1) inconsistently handles ^ in non-anchoring p
o kern/166840             [quota] used block count increases but does not decrea
o ports/166826            New port: misc/libphidget The driver for Phidgets devi
o ports/166812            New port: mail/bounceHammer
o kern/166806             Inability to reboot system
o kern/166805             Winbond W83627DHG-P serial console hang
o kern/166801  sysinstall bsdinstall(8): FreeBSD install is apparently not writi
o ports/166791 clsung     [PATCH] net/py-tweepy: update to 1.9
o ports/166781 romain     [update] graphics/py-poppler 0.12.1
o kern/166780  eadler     [sysctl] [request] add sysctl for swap space used
o ports/166777 crees      some warnings with net-mgmt/mrtg
o bin/166771   jilles     sh(1): "local var=$(cat)" only reads one line
o docs/166755  bjk        snd_envy24(4) should mention limitations
o ports/166728            New port: science/fvcom-mpi
f kern/166727  yongari    [msk] msk driver keeps erroring
o ports/166726            New port: science/fvcom
f kern/166724  yongari    [re] if_re watchdog timeout
o ports/166697 bf         New port: math/armadillo
o ports/166696 bf         New port: math/alberta
o kern/166684  wireless   [ath] [net80211] mgmtrate/mcastrate isn't updated base
o bin/166682              some logfiles not respecting localtime change
o bin/166673              sade(8) will not properly format 2TB disk (maybe other
o ports/166665            [new port] java/jboss-as: JBoss 7.1 new port
o bin/166664   eadler     [patch] patch devd(8) to note /sbin/devd parses backwa
o bin/166656              [patch] dhclient(8) doesn't exit os link down
o ports/166645 kuriyama   emulators/virtio-kmod: rxcsum breaks checksum for loca
p kern/166642  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] in 802.11n mode for FreeBSD AP, ha
o kern/166641  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] mbuf/cluster leak in AP mode in 80
o amd64/166639 amd64      [boot] Syscons issue Intel D2700
o kern/166626             [build] sio.c driver won't compile -- error in include
o ports/166624 flz        [UPDATE] net-p2p/rtorrent
o kern/166621             [cam] "CAM status: Unconditionally Re-queue Request" n
f ports/166608 portmgr    [patch] fix unneccessary dependency on ar
o bin/166589              atacontrol(8) incorrectly treats RAID10 and 0+1 the sa
f ports/166585 ohauer     [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/rancid: update to 2.3.8
o ports/166579 lev        devel/subversion fails to compile
o bin/166570              ctags(1) failed to generate tags properly
o kern/166568             [sched_ule] intr stuck in WAIT state
o kern/166566  fs         [zfs] zfs split renders 2 disk (MBR based) mirror unbo
o ports/166561 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit should be able to use por
p bin/166554   eadler     [patch] find(1): find -delete is silent when failing t
o docs/166553  doc        find(1): find -delete documentation is misleading
o kern/166552             [ipmi] [build] ipmi module doesn't create ipmi device
o kern/166550  net        [netinet] [patch] Some log lines about arp do not incl
o kern/166549             [eventtimers] Clock stops ticking in some cases with n
o kern/166548  eadler     [build] [patch] Mismatch in ifdefs can cause problems 
o ports/166522            lang/f77: Fortran 77 compiler always exits with error 
o ports/166511 wen        [PATCH] graphics/mapserver add cairo support
o ports/166509 brooks     security/pssh: Update to latest version.
o kern/166508             [glxsb] AES 256 encryption does not work with glxsb dr
a kern/166501  andre      [pf] FreeBSD 9.0 generates incorrect SEC/ACK numbers u
o bin/166499              fsck(8) behaviour does not match doc (PARTIALLY TRUNCA
o www/166496   www        HP-UX manual pages are mangled
o ports/166493 timur      net/samba34 rc.d-srcipt not applicable to TMPFS driven
o ports/166488 apache     [PATCH] www/mod_auth_imap2: add dovecot patch
o conf/166484  rc         [rc] [patch] rc.initdiskless patch for different major
p bin/166483   eadler     if_nametoindex sends un-initialized bytes to ioctl
o kern/166477  fs         [nfs] NFS data corruption.
f ports/166471 delphij    [PATCH] Add a rc.d script for security/sshguard
o kern/166469             [fdc] Floppy disk utilities broken on FreeBSD 9.0-STAB
o kern/166462  net        [gre] gre(4) when using a tunnel source address from c
a kern/166458             [libc] bind(2) incorrectly interprets SO_REUSEADDR opt
o bin/166448              [patch] newsyslog(8): newsyslog -t fails to find previ
o kern/166442             [build] nfsd error when not compiled into kernel
o kern/166441             bktr.ko does not exist
o ports/166417 ak         rc script for net/delegate (ports)
o kern/166406  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw does not set ALTQ identifier for ipv6 traf
o ports/166396 rea        mail/exim tcpwrappers twist error
f ports/166388            security/libgcrypt is broken
o ports/166381 portmgr    [patch] COPYTREE_* doesn't respect ${CHMO
s ports/166373 x11        x11/libX11 fails if /usr/bin/cpp is clang
o kern/166372  net        [patch] ipfilter drops UDP packets with zero checksum 
o bin/166364              [patch] make ps(1) display 8-bit characters as such
o docs/166358  doc        No networking in Jail build via: handbook/jail-tuning
p kern/166357  wireless   [ath] 802.11n TX stall when the first frame in the BAW
o stand/166349 standards  Support the assignment-allocation character for fscanf
o kern/166340             [kernel] Process under FreeBSD 9.0 hangs in uninterrup
o kern/166337             messages about process crash are mixed together
o kern/166336  pf         [pf] kern.securelevel 3 +pf reload
f ports/166334 melifaro   build net/bird
o conf/166330  eadler     [rc] [patch] Thin server configuration revision reques
o bin/166321              devd(8) rule is not processed
o bin/166308              [patch] fdisk(8) add an option to list all partitions
o bin/166293              clang(1) regression from 9.0 to 9-STABLE
o kern/166286  wireless   [net80211] [ath] initial switch to HT40 isn't causing 
o kern/166285  net        [arp] FreeBSD v8.1 REL p8 arp: unknown hardware addres
o ports/166278 itetcu     [patch] devel/libexecinfo: backtrace_symbols_fd() outp
o kern/166262             [syscons] syscons issue on DN2800MT
o misc/166259             [build] freebsd 9 release images not bootable in qemu
o arm/166256   arm        build fail in pmap.c
o kern/166255  net        [net] [patch] It should be possible to disable "promis
o bin/166248              base sendmail dies of signal 11 on freebsd in a virtua
s ports/166244            [maintainer update] databases/powerarchitect version u
o ports/166243            New port databases/jdbc-oracle10g: JDBD driver for Ora
o bin/166241   sysinstall [patch] Speedup and some improvements of sysinstall(8)
o ports/166237            New port: devel/arduino-glcd: A Graphical LCD library 
o amd64/166229 amd64      [boot] Unable to install FreeBSD 9 on Acer Extensa 522
s conf/166194             syslogd: hostname nor servname provided, or not known:
p kern/166193  avg        [hang] FB 8.0 freeze during the kernel dump
p kern/166190  wireless   [ath] TX hangs and frames stuck in TX queue
o ports/166188 portmgr    [PATCH] ports/Makefile use documented sort syntax
o bin/166181   eadler     [patch] calendar(1): calendar -a does not work
o kern/166174  xen        [xen] Problems ROOT MOUNT ERROR <freebsd 8.3>
o ports/166163 x11        graphics/dri: gthumb port crashes (SIGSEGV) within the
o bin/166159              [patch] Fix clang-only build for buildworld.
o bin/166130              [patch] man(1): i can not read japanese manual on ja_J
f ports/166117 cs         add knobs in math/grace to make features selectable an
o ports/166103 mm         ftp/proftpd: failure with several options combinations
o ports/166087 swills     [patch] www/redmine: update to 1.3.2
o kern/166086  wireless   [Patch][ath] Reflect state of rfkill switch in a sysct
o kern/166071             High CPU Utilization on HylaFAX processes
o kern/166067             [arcmsr] Areca 1680 Problem When Upgrading from 8.2 to
o ports/166066 tabthorpe  [patch] Adding AGPLv3 in Mk/
o bin/166056              [patch][bin] find(1) fails with .: permission denied, 
o ports/166031 fluffy     [PATCH] news/inn: Perl 5.12 deprecated $[
o ports/166012 hselasky   [patch] multimedia/webcamd: attach to input devices, e
o ports/166006            Problem with mail/postfix and mail/mailman integration
f ports/166004            www/squid31 3.1.19 crashes on first request
o bin/165988   eadler     pathchk -p does not work correctly with some locales [
o kern/165984             [libpmc] pmc(3) causes kernel panic when sampling curr
o kern/165982  scsi       [mpt] mpt instability, drive resets, and losses on Fre
o ports/165981 x11        devel/imake doesn't play nice with current xorg
o kern/165970  eadler     [libc] [patch] strtonum() optimization
o kern/165969  wireless   [ath] Slower performance in adhoc mode vs Client/AP mo
o i386/165968  dim        clang on i386 tinderbox produces inconsistent defines
o kern/165966  wireless   [ath] ath0: device timeout on SMP machines due to race
o ports/165964 lx         net/libfixbuf update
o kern/165963  net        [panic] [ipf] ipfilter/nat NULL pointer deference
o kern/165962  trasz      [ufs] growfs remove ufs label and it's no more possibl
o ports/165957 glewis     Enabling IPv6 in port java/jdk16  disables IPv4
p conf/165956  jhb        periodic/daily/420.status-network should show dropped 
o bin/165954              freebsd-update doesn't run pwd_mkdb after adding user
o kern/165951  mips       [ar913x] [ath] DDR flush isn't being done for the WMAC
o kern/165950  fs         [ffs] SU+J and fsck problem
o ports/165949 sunpoet    lang/expect and astro/weather both install /usr/local/
o kern/165939  secteam    [ipw] security bug: incomplete firewall rules loaded i
o ports/165937 itetcu     [patch] port ports-mgmt/tinderbox fix MD5_FILE -> DIST
o ports/165936 ashish     net-im/ejabberd fails when starting odbc.
o kern/165923  fs         [nfs] Writing to NFS-backed mmapped files fails if flu
o ports/165913 ak         [patch] x11-wm/vtwm: update to 5.5.0-rc7
o i386/165906  i386       [panic] cannot install FreeBSD 9.0 on Dell PowerEdge 1
o kern/165903  net        mbuf leak
o kern/165895  wireless   [ath] overly busy cabq can tie up all tx buffers
o kern/165893             [kernel] [request] processor topology should be export
o kern/165879  andre      [tcp] Syncache syncache.count overflow
o misc/165876  re         [build] RFE: provide unique ISO9660 metadata for all r
o kern/165870  wireless   [bwn] bwn driver does not attach on HP Pavilion dv9420
o bin/165868   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): ports tree installs CVS directories
o kern/165866  wireless   [ath] TX hangs, requiring a "scan" to properly reset t
o ports/165865 dhn        New port: devel/pure-stllib: Deprecate pure-stldict & 
o kern/165863  net        [panic] [netinet] [patch] in_lltable_prefix_free() rac
o ports/165862 makc       net-p2p/ktorrent: magnettest.cpp:(.text+0x321): undefi
o amd64/165850 amd64      [build] 8.3-RC1 (amd64): world doesn't build with CPUT
o kern/165849  wireless   [ath] [hang] network ath driver freeze
o amd64/165845 amd64      [build] Unable to build kernel on 8.2-STABLE
o kern/165830             [mouse] In 9.0 RELEASE amd64 PS/2 mouse doesn't appear
o bin/165821              [patch] dumpfs(8): missing "-J" in "dumpfs -m" for gjo
o ports/165818 glewis     java/openjdk7: build failed:/usr/include/sys/stdint.h:
o conf/165817             [periodic] [patch] /etc/periodic reports misconfigurat
o usb/165815   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] add k3772z 3g modem support
o ports/165809 apache     add mod_proxy patch to www/apache22
o bin/165807              setfacl(1): setfacl -b is broken
p kern/165804  remko      [uart] [patch] Add support for MosChip MCS9904 PCIe x1
o ports/165796 sumikawa   [PATCH] update net/miredo to 1.2.5
o bin/165783   hrs        rtadvd(8) eats 100% cpu
o kern/165782  jfv        [igb] igb driver should identify hardware, not softwar
o ports/165781 avilla     [patch] update font ports management
o bin/165780              pw(8) should have a hook for home directory creation
o ports/165771 mm         Fix devel/binutils build with clang, after gold was en
o conf/165769  rc         [rc][jai][ipv6] IPv6 Initialization on external iface 
f kern/165745  geom       [geom] geom_multipath page fault on removed drive
o kern/165740  scsi       [cam] SCSI code must drain callbacks before free
o ports/165720 yzlin      [PATCH] www/suphp: [Add support for lighttpd]
o ports/165713 pgollucci  New port: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-NetDi
o ports/165711 pgollucci  New port: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-SNMPQ
o kern/165710             [libc] [patch] RPC: getnetconfig() and other netconfig
f ports/165707 edwin      8}|ports/dns/rbllookup-ng use accessor method for Net:
o ports/165706 doceng     print/ghostscript9 forces dependency of dns/libidn whi
o kern/165700             [libstand] [patch] pxeboot discards network mask assig
o kern/165695  eadler     Make geli errors on first attachment clearer when usin
o kern/165692  bz         nd6_nud_hint() a NOP due to removal of route caching
o ports/165685 xfce       x11-wm/xfce4 - excessive replication of menu items
o ports/165684 bf         [NEW PORT] math/openblas: An optimized BLAS library ba
o ports/165673 rodrigc    [patch] sysutils/xfsprogs undefined ref to posix_fadvi
f ports/165672            sysutils/bacula-server doesn't install all symlinks ne
o docs/165657  doc        Web site Features page aging
o bin/165654              [patch] make pmcannotate(8) work on amd64
o kern/165643  net        [net] [patch] Missing vnet restores in net/if_ethersub
f ports/165642 kde        x11/kde4: keeps locking the screen.
o ports/165637 chromium   www/chromium: 17.0.963.56 fails to find some ns plugin
o ports/165635 chromium   www/chromium: 17.0.963.56: proxy isn't read by chrome 
f ports/165634 chromium   www/chromium : 17.0.963.56 doesn't show physical print
p kern/165630  brucec     [ndis][panic][patch] IRQL_NOT_GREATER_THAN
o ports/165623 portmgr    Mk/ et al -- conflicting uses of ${FILE}
o kern/165622  net        [ndis][panic][patch] Unregistered use of FPU in kernel
a ports/165609 linimon    DISTNAME= PORTNAME-PORTVERSION is not needed
o ports/165605 pgollucci  [exp-run]: remove ports broken with < perl 5.12, clean
o bin/165602              [request] pkg_add(1) - extend PACKAGESITE lookup to in
o bin/165600   sysinstall sysinstall(8): 8.3 installation DVD asking for non exi
o ports/165599 x11        [x11/xkeyboard-config] x11/xkbcomp as a RUN_DEPENDS
o kern/165595  wireless   [ipw] ipw(4): Can't load firmare for ipw2200bg
f ports/165594 pgollucci  [exp-run], then [repo-copy], then [NEW PORT] lang/perl
p bin/165589   fjoe       [patch] make make(1) errors more apparent
o ports/165587 wen        Fix deskutils/egroupware dependency and configuration 
o ports/165586            New port german/lx-office-erp, sql-ledger fork with ex
o power/165585 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: Both Xorg and Xorg-server por
o ports/165577 mm         graphics/ImageMagick:
f kern/165569  yongari    [nfe] nfe0 freezs/hangs FreeBSD 9 system after lan cab
o ports/165565 pgollucci  New port: www/mod_auth_token Token-based authenticatio
s kern/165562  net        [request] add support for Intel i350 in FreeBSD 7.4
o i386/165561  i386       [hang] K8N890M-M Boot Hang
o kern/165559             [ufs] [patch] ufsmount.h uses the 'export' keyword as 
o docs/165551  doc        ipfw(8): no info in "ipfw pipe show" about ipv6
o ports/165549 tabthorpe  www/hastymail2: Dependency changes request
f ports/165548 pgollucci  www/openx: Suggested Apache config disables .htaccess.
o kern/165547             [ata] NVIDIA MCP67 AHCI SATA controller timeout
f ports/165545 python     [patch]: net-mgmt/collectd5 doesn't compile against la
o ports/165544 mav        net/mpd5 fails to listen on tcp port
o kern/165543  wireless   [ath] ath0 endless scanning of channels without connec
o kern/165536             [netisr] netisr bad distribution between CPUs
o kern/165527             [libc] [patch] setgroupent() does not make file descrp
o kern/165526  net        [bxe] UDP packets checksum calculation whithin if_bxe 
o kern/165521  fs         [zfs] [hang] livelock on 1 Gig of RAM with zfs when 31
o kern/165517  wireless   [net80211] bgscan isn't triggered when invalid beacons
o bin/165516              Calendar for Austria for Ash Wednesday wrong by a week
o ports/165506 vbox       devel/kBuild-devel fails to build
o ports/165502 portmgr    [] Proposal patch for fixing TARGET_ARCH us
o ports/165495 rene       over-agressive patchfile in port www/chromium
f ports/165494 makc       [UPDATE] devel/geany-plugins: update to 0.21
o kern/165488  net        [ppp] [panic] Fatal trap 12 jails and ppp , kernel wit
o ports/165487 pgollucci  [maintainer-update] science/ruby-gphys: update to 1.2.
o ports/165481 itetcu     [PATCH] audio/cpige broken on amd64 , patch attached
o kern/165479  rstone     [dtrace] [lor] LOR in Userland Dtrace(fasttrap_provs.f
o bin/165477   rc         [rc] dhclient is run twice
o kern/165475  wireless   [ath] operational mode change doesn't poke the underly
f ports/165473 kde        devel/qt4-assistant
o bin/165471              bsdgrep(1) hang/very slow with mmap
f ports/165470 danfe      x11/nvidia-driver: NVIDIA video driver crash compile a
o kern/165463             FreeBSD doesn't work with NIC based on RLT8111E
o ports/165457 pgollucci  [exp-run]: remove lang/perl5.8 and lang/perl5.10, move
o i386/165452  i386       [boot] FreeBSD's system installer stops when setting u
o ports/165450 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ COPYTREE_* macro enhancements
o kern/165444             [netisr] [patch] incorrect processing of net.isr.bindt
o i386/165434  i386       [boot] Install fail Error 19
o kern/165428  geom       [glabel][patch] Add xfs support to glabel
o ports/165422 ume        security/cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd: saslauthd 2.1.25 cored
o ports/165419 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ "make showconfig" to tell whet
o kern/165418  xen        [xen] Problems mounting root filesystem from XENHVM
o ports/165416 johans     [PATCH]lang/ocaml-doc: update to 3.12.1
o ports/165406 mm         [PATCH] devel/binutils: enable gold and sysroot suppor
p stand/165400 maxim      ncal: Sweden listed by wrong country code
f kern/165399  jfv        [igb] turn off port on SWITCH do not change status of 
o kern/165392  fs         Multiple mkdir/rmdir fails with errno 31
o bin/165384              [PATCH] rtadvd(8): Add option to suppress RA prefix in
o kern/165382  wireless   [kernel] taskqueue_unblock doesn't unblock currently q
o kern/165381             [cpufreq] powerd(8) eats CPUs for breakfast
o ports/165367 sumikawa   misc/lv segfaults in grep-mode if last argument was a 
f ports/165366 kuriyama   misc/amanda-server: amrecover showing duplicate direct
o misc/165363             [build] 9-stable buildworld broken with NO_DYNAMICROOT
f ports/165361            x11-wm/e17-module-mem counts memory incorrectly
o ports/165360 ashish     net-im/ejabberd: ejabberdctl fails to communicate with
o ports/165359 python     lang/python27 fails to create package on world WITHOUT
o amd64/165351 amd64      [boot] Error while installing or booting the freeBSD O
f kern/165318             CAM/USB: Western Digital Passport no longer "removable
o kern/165315  pf         [pf] States never cleared in PF with DEVICE_POLLING
o ports/165312 matthew    [patch] security/apg typo
o kern/165306  wireless   [ath] race conditions between scanning and beacon time
o kern/165305  net        [ip6] [request] Feature parity between IP_TOS and IPV6
o ports/165304 dougb      x11-fm/FSViewer doesn't compile
o kern/165303             [est] CPU freq changing not supported on VIA VE-900 (N
o kern/165296  net        [vlan] [patch] Fix EVL_APPLY_VLID, update EVL_APPLY_PR
f ports/165294 scheidell  accessibility/redshift on freebsd 9 - intel icore I5 i
o kern/165284             shutdown failing since upgrade to 9
o ports/165270 tabthorpe  Ports keeps displaying useless 'License check disabled
f ports/165263 gecko      mail/thunderbird: core dumping most time when users ar
o kern/165252  virtualization[vimage] [pf] [panic] kernel panics with VIMAGE and PF
o docs/165249  doc        Multibyte characters in manpages still not displaying 
o kern/165240             [lor] lock order reversal in vfs layer
o ports/165238 portmgr    [] [patch] Resize port config dialog box in
o stand/165236 standards  The NONE Wi-Fi regulatory restricts use of channels 12
s ports/165227 gnome      [UPDATE] libgsf-1.14.22, goffice-0.9.1, gnumeric-1.11.
o kern/165220  wireless   [ath] "ath_rx_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; skipping" m
o kern/165214  wireless   [ieee80211] Kernel panic in ieee80211_output.c:2505
o ports/165213 kde        devel/cmake: Reinplacement of paths in Modules is bad
o kern/165212  wireless   [ath] No WiFi on Acer Aspire One 751h (Atheros AR5BHB6
p bin/165207              rctl(8) cannot identify jails via modified name
o kern/165190  ipfw       [ipfw] [lo] [patch] loopback interface is not marking 
o kern/165181  net        [igb] igb freezes after about 2 weeks of uptime
o misc/165175             [build] installworld built WITHOUT_LIB32 still install
o kern/165174  net        [patch] [tap] allow tap(4) to keep its address on clos
o threa/165173 threads    [build] clang buildworld breaks libthr
o kern/165170             [panic] server reboot while pinging
o usb/165163   usb        [keyboard] The USB RF keyboard and mouse become non-re
p stand/165155 jilles     [PATCH][bin][standards] xargs does not print diagnosti
o kern/165152  net        [ip6] Does not work through the issue of ipv6 addresse
o kern/165149  wireless   [ath] [net80211] Ping with data length more than iv_fr
o kern/165146  wireless   [net80211] Net802.11 Fragment number is assigned 1 (sh
o ports/165143 portmgr    [exp-run] [patch] devel/apr: CVE / Update / exp-run / 
a ports/165125 linimon    [patch] ports/Mk/ misspelling correction
o bin/165120   eadler     ed and sed - tmp file handling - security and location
o ports/165090 multimedia audio/faad missing head files
o ports/165089 clsung     The patch of devel/glog is a little wrong
o kern/165087  fs         [unionfs] lock violation in unionfs
o kern/165060  wireless   [ath] vap->iv_bss race conditions causing crashes insi
o ports/165059 kuriyama   emulators/virtio-kmod: networking breaks with a router
o ports/165023 gordon     [patch] devel/p4v port is marked broken and also stale
o kern/165021  wireless   [ath] ath device timeout during scan/attach, if wlan_c
f bin/164982   gavin      sysinstall(8) core dump
o bin/164976   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Fix VERBOSE reporting on results w
o ports/164965 office     editors/ fails to build in moz, nss, a
o docs/164958  brd        mirror: anonymous SSH based access to anoncvs1.freebsd
o kern/164957             Linux emulation freezes machine after heavy usage of c
p kern/164951  adrian     [ath] [patch] Problem build of if_ath driver with cert
a bin/164950   nwhitehorn bsdinstall(8): pc-style partitions: no way to set 'boo
o bin/164947              tee looses data when writing to non-blocking file desc
f ports/164941            [UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] jamvm/classpath w/o jdk
o docs/164938  eadler     [PATCH] consistently use file system in config and tun
o bin/164933              [nfs] [patch] mountd(8) drops mixed security flavors f
o ports/164919 gecko      www/seamonkey fails to build on pre-SSE2 processor
o kern/164909             [cam] devfs does not create entries when removable med
o ports/164905 gecko      www/seamonkey fails to build with clang [patch]
s ports/164898 zi         net-mgmt/net-snmp: tonns of "error on subcontainer 'sw
a ports/164896 portmgr    [exp-run] add support for testing perl modules
o ports/164870 tabthorpe  [PATCH] Set IGNORE if BATCH is set and
o kern/164861             Cannot boot from zfs built in degraded mode
o ports/164855 olgeni     [PATCH] textproc/py-chardet
a ports/164847 linimon    [] [patch] java/diablo-jdk16 does not build
o kern/164844             [zfs] [mpt] Kernel Panic with ZFS and LSI Logic SAS/SA
o ports/164843 avl        [NEW PORT] net/freerdp: new version 1.0.0 (and suggest
o bin/164834   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) does not operate on mounted system
o docs/164826  eadler     handbook ports page does not suggest config-recursive 
o ports/164819 novel      x11-wm/openbox package broken?
o ports/164818            sysutils/tty-clock may be fixed on 9.0
o bin/164808              crontab(1) doesn't support usernames with spaces in th
o docs/164803  doc        Unclear manual page for mount_unionfs(8)
a www/164799   gjb        Outdated ports tree growth graph
o stand/164793            'write' system call violates POSIX standard
o stand/164787 standards  dirfd() function not available when _POSIX_C_SOURCE is
o amd64/164773 amd64      [boot] 9.0 amd64 fails to boot on HP DL145 G3 [regress
o docs/164772  doc        incorrect ipfw sched parameters in manual
o kern/164763             Memory leak in VNET
a ports/164761 dougb      New port: dns/bind10-devel Development version of ISC 
s bin/164752   sysinstall [request] bsdinstall(8): No option of ZFS in FreeBSD 9
o kern/164741             zvol always present as 512 bytes/sector regardless of 
o kern/164734             [quota] 9.0 quota not working [regression]
o ports/164725 mm         graphics/opencv fails in Tinderbox
p kern/164724  gnn        [dtrace] [patch] Signal bug in Dtrace
o kern/164721  wireless   [ath] ath device timeouts
o docs/164715  hselasky   webcamd(): manpage lists option "-H      Register devi
o amd64/164707 amd64      FreeBSD 9 installer does not work with IBM uefi
o ports/164700 leeym      net-mgmt/nettop: suddenly core dump
o ports/164695 kwm        www/swfdec-plugin for firefox does not display the Fla
o kern/164694             [ata] Regression in 3726 port multiplier support in 9.
o ports/164691 mm         databases/proftpd-mod_sql_postgres: compiling do not a
p kern/164690  melifaro   [ipfw] Request for ipv6 support in ipfw tables
o kern/164674  standards  [patch] [libc] vfprintf/vfwprintf return error (EOF) o
o bin/164672              [patch] mptutil(8): fix build error with DEBUG
o kern/164656             [headers] [patch] Add size_t declaration to ucontext.h
o amd64/164643 amd64      Kernel Panic at 9.0-RELEASE
o ports/164638 portmgr    [] [patch] architecture and OS version depe
o kern/164637             [libc] Problem with vsnprintf in when compiled
o kern/164630  xen        [xen] XEN HVM kernel: run_interrupt_driven_hooks: stil
o docs/164620  doc        Raid 1 issues
o amd64/164619 amd64      when logged in as root the user and group applications
o ports/164618 lx         [patch] textproc/scim: building with clang failed
o ports/164616 mm         Building graphics/ImageMagick and graphics/GraphicsMag
o bin/164604              [patch] tftp(1): TFTP pxeboot: should use root-path pr
f ports/164600 kuriyama   textproc/p5-XML-Parser fails to find expat, does not c
o bin/164585              ping(8) should use clock_gettime instead of gettimeofd
p bin/164570   maxim      [patch] pom(6) wrong usage message
f kern/164569  yongari    [msk] [hang] msk network driver cause freeze in FreeBS
o kern/164565             [padlock] [panic] kernel crash when kldunload'ing padl
o bin/164561   portmgr    [patch] pkg_version(1): update references to INDEX-8 f
o kern/164538  miwi       [acpi_ibm] [patch] add support for newer Lenovo ThinkP
o kern/164536             [modules] [request] disable building kernel modules th
o bin/164535              [patch] ps(1) truncates command to screen size even wh
o kern/164534  csjp       [bpf] net.bpf.zerocopy_enable=1 makes pflogd eat cpu a
o bin/164526              kill(1) can not kill process despite on -KILL
o kern/164499  wireless   [wi] [patch] if_wi needs fix for big endian architectu
o kern/164495  net        [igb] connect double head igb to switch cause system t
o kern/164490  net        [pfil] Incorrect IP checksum on pfil pass from ip_outp
o ports/164488 timur      [patch] devel/talloc,devel/tdb: fix compile with MAKE_
o kern/164475  net        [gre] gre misses RUNNING flag after a reboot
o kern/164474             The system couldn't turn on a monitor connected via Di
o kern/164472  fs         [ufs] fsck -B panics on particular data inconsistency
f kern/164462  rmacklem   [nfs] NFSv4 mounting fails to mount; asks for stronger
o amd64/164457 amd64      [install] Can't install FreeBSD 9.0 (amd64) on HP Blad
o ports/164453 danfe      graphics/luxrender: libpng warning: Application built 
o kern/164450  xen        [xen] Failed to install FreeeBSD 9.0-RELEASE from CD i
o ports/164431 timur      net/samba36 does not enable AIO by default
s kern/164425             [libc] stat(2) doesn't work in 32bit mode on amd64
o ports/164423 portmgr    [] [patch] Pass MAKE_ENV to recursive make 
o kern/164402  pf         [pf] pf crashes with a particular set of rules when fi
o kern/164400  bz         [ipsec] immediate crash after the start of ipsec proce
o bin/164399   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): 9.0 installer failures
o misc/164396  bugmeister [GNATs] add 'enhancement' class
o misc/164395  bugmeister [GNATs] add support for .patch attachments
o misc/164394  bugmeister [GNATS] Change some fields to 'unset' to prevent misca
o conf/164393  rc         [rc.d] restarting netif with static addresses doesn't 
o ports/164390 portmgr    [] make package-recursive fails with noise
f ports/164388 sunpoet    shells/ksh93 fails to build/install
o kern/164382  wireless   [ath] crash when down/deleting a vap - inside ieee8021
o kern/164370  fs         [zfs] zfs destroy for snapshot fails on i386 and sparc
o kern/164369  adrian     [if_bridge] [patch] two STP bridges have the same id
o ports/164367 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit finds problem in a jail but not o
o kern/164365  wireless   [iwi] iwi0: <Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG> UP/DOWN in 
o ports/164364 mono       New port: multimedia/banshee-devel Music management an
o ports/164362 mlaier     sysutils/pftop fails to compile
p bin/164353   maxim      ifmcstat(8) build fail without -DWITH_KVM
f ports/164351 portmgr    [] [patch] fix simple race condition in mak
p ports/164349 x11        [PATCH] x11/libXinerama :1 LeftOf or Above :0 mouse is
o bin/164348              ntpd(1): ntp.conf restrict default ignore option doesn
o ports/164345 tabthorpe  Mk/ framework not suitable for linuxula
o ports/164332 linimon    growisofs/cdrecord error on 9.0R (unable to CAMGETPASS
o kern/164329  acpi       [acpi] hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature shows strange v
p kern/164313  jhb        [pci] [patch] Fix pci_get_vpd_readonly_method
f ports/164309 mono       New port: graphics/pinta Simple drawing/painting progr
o ports/164306            update mail/mailagent to 3.1.77 and utmpx fix
o bin/164302              [patch] mail(1) expands aliases beyond #
o amd64/164301 amd64      [install] 9.0 - Can't install, no DHCP lease
f ports/164298 scheidell  [PATCH] Make print/foomatic-filters not eat PS files
o bin/164294   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE bsdinstall dvd does
o ports/164293 rea        print/cups-pstoraster failed
o bin/164291   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): bsdinstall and filestetyem selection / 
o bin/164284   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): FreeBSD install assign incorrect dev as
o bin/164281   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): please allow sysinstall as installer op
o ports/164277            new port: mail/roundcube-automatic_addressbook
o kern/164271  pf         [pf] not working pf nat on FreeBSD 9.0 [regression]
o bin/164267   sysinstall bsdinstall(8) bugs when RE-installing to GPT partition
o kern/164265  net        [netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx computes wrong checksum i
o kern/164261  fs         [nullfs] [patch] fix panic with NFS served from NULLFS
o kern/164256  fs         [zfs] device entry for volume is not created after zfs
o kern/164254  geom       [geom] gjournal not stopping on GPT partitions
o kern/164252  geom       [geom] gjournal overflow
o ports/164242 bjk        net/openafs port breaks with KERNCONFDIR and include
o ports/164239 gecko      [PATCH] mail/thunderbird: crash with nss_ldap
o ports/164235 fluffy     [patch] graphics/vigra: update to 1.8.0
o sparc/164227 sparc64    [boot] Can't boot 9.0-RELEASE/sparc64 on Blade 1500
o sparc/164226 sparc64    [cd] Data corruption on 9.0-RELEASE when reading from 
o power/164225 ppc        Boot fails on IBM 7028-6E1 (heap memory claim failed)
o ports/164222 gnome      switching users in gnome3 invokes sanity check
o kern/164220             sound preferences does not allow continuous adjustment
o docs/164217  eadler     [patch] correct synchronize flag in setfacl(1) manpage
f bin/164210   dteske     [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at us
f bin/164209   dteske     [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at us
o kern/164208  dteske     [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at li
a ports/164207 linimon    [PATCH] includes top-level fr
o kern/164206  kientzle   [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at li
o kern/164203             [smp] usr/src/sys/sys/smp.h:124: warning: comparison b
o ports/164199            Ports fail to acknowlegde newly created users
o ports/164197 mm         smsd(comms/smstools3) doesn't read some configurations
o ports/164190 mm         [PATCH] devel/liboil: Fix build with clang
o kern/164189             [pccard] FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE on Toshiba Satellite Pro 
o kern/164184  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panic with ufs_makeinode
f ports/164181 eadler     [PATCH] www/xxxterm: Fix ssl_ca_file path and style
o ports/164177            audio/squeezeboxserver should require mysql 5.0 server
o kern/164145             [netisr] when one of netisr threads take 100% system i
o kern/164143  geom       [geom] Partition table not recognized after upgrade R8
o bin/164137              tunefs(8): issues inappropriate error-message
o amd64/164136 amd64      after fresh install 8.1 release or 8.2 release the har
o kern/164132             [xpt] "xptioctl: pass device not in the kernel" noise 
o bin/164131   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) does not check for failed install co
o kern/164130  rwatson    [netisr] broken netisr initialization
a ports/164127 dinoex     www/webalizer WITH_GEODB requires WITH_BDB
o amd64/164116 amd64      [boot] FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE installations mediums fails
o ports/164115            net-mgmt/cacti - cacti.sql does have old fashioned TYP
o bin/164102   wireless   hostapd not configured for 802.11n
o docs/164099  doc        gparm(8): man page for gparm set is incorrect and inco
o bin/164097   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): always installs GPT
f bin/164094   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): installer progress over 100%
p usb/164090   remko      [umodem] [patch] Add sysctl with ucom unit number
o amd64/164089 amd64      FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img does not boot
o kern/164082             recurring problem wirh /dev/console and syslog handlin
p bin/164081   jilles     sockstat(1) not reporting all open sockets
o amd64/164073 amd64      /etc/rc warning after booting
o ports/164072 pgollucci  [NEW PORT] databases/percona-{server,client}: Percona 
o ports/164060            net/ucarp doesn't work on FreeBSD 9.0-PRERELEASE
o usb/164058   usb        [umass] Lexar 8GB USB flash drive doesn't work by defa
o ports/164055            sysutils/zfs-periodic: Test if scrubbing is in process
o stand/164049 eadler     getconf returns bad value for ULLONG_MAX
o conf/164048             /etc/rc.d/hostid is not symlink aware
p bin/164042   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Fix VERBOSE to work with new UTC m
p bin/164041   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Remove unnecessary code duplicatio
p bin/164039   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Don't write /var/db/zoneinfo eithe
p bin/164038   wollman    [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Increase buffer size to hold error
o amd64/164036 amd64      [keyboard] Moused fails on 9_0_RELENG
o docs/164034  doc        acl(9) documentation lacking
o ports/164017 bf         [NEW PORT] math/plasma: Parallel Linear Algebra Softwa
o ports/164013 gecko      www/firefox: Firefox-9 Icons & xpi-addons from ports
o ports/164010 timur      [patch] net/samba36: Split up samba scripts into more 
o bin/163992              dumpfs(8): dumpfs -m is broken
o kern/163986             [modules] [patch] avoid reloading modules in devd for 
o kern/163985             [boot0] Incorrect operand size in boot0
o kern/163978             [hwpmc] [patch] Loading hwpmc with an unknown cpuid ca
o kern/163973             [ichwd] ichwd(4) no longer appears to function
a ports/163963 linimon    Mk/, math/spooles-mpich, science/mpqc-mpich
o ports/163955            input packet for interface are counted twice
o bin/163951   secteam    [security] bundled openssl seems to miss fix for a CVE
o bin/163943   sysinstall bsdinstall(8) fails to detect CD device when booting w
o kern/163926  eadler     [libkvm] exports private symbols
f ports/163924 olivierd   [PATCH] archivers/xarchiver, warning when delete deskt
o ports/163909 bf         [MAINTAINER-UPDATE][PATCH] please update math/lapacke 
o ports/163908 fluffy     [patch] filesystem based race condition in multimedia/
o kern/163905             [panic] FreeBSD 9x kernel panic without acpi && event 
o kern/163903  net        [igb] "igb0:tx(0)","bpf interface lock" v2.2.5 9-STABL
f kern/163890  gavin      ps2 keyboard not detected by kernel? [regression]
o docs/163879  doc        [handbook] handbook does not say about how to force to
f kern/163873  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw fwd does not work with 'via interface' in 
a ports/163872            devel/ioncube and distfiles
p bin/163863              [patch] adduser(8): confusing usr.sbin/adduser output 
o ports/163850            New port: cad/linux-bricscad
o bin/163837   cperciva   freebsd-update(8): i386 lastest.ssl freebsd-update fil
o docs/163830  doc        device smbios: missing documentation, no manpage
o ports/163824 nivit      math/jsmath: AMSmath in jsMath-3.6.e will crash if ena
o bin/163822              kgdb(1): kgdb -w opens symbols file, not just core, wr
o kern/163815             [ahci] [zfs] HDD timeout on ZFS + SB7x0 SATA Controlle
o ports/163806            New port: devel/arduino-lib-irremote: A Multi-Protocol
o kern/163803             vlan does not work
o kern/163801  fs         [md] [request] allow mfsBSD legacy installed in 'swap'
o ports/163799 delphij    net/openldap24-server: slapd not started earlier
o conf/163798             [nsswitch.conf] nsswitch.conf with nss_ldap ignore [su
o conf/163778  imp        [patch] Conditionalize tools in the source tree
o bin/163775              [patch] sfxge(4) explitly sets -g -DDEBUG=1; infects k
o kern/163770  fs         [zfs] [hang] LOR between zfs&syncer + vnlru leading to
o bin/163769              [patch] fix zpool(8) compile time warnings
o misc/163768             [patch] [boot] fix non-ficl compile time warnings
o ports/163762            [PATCH] multimedia/mythtv still thinks it's 0.24.0
o ports/163761            deskutils/vboxgtk: fix install failure
o kern/163759  wireless   [ath] ath(4) "stops working" in hostap mode
a ports/163749 joerg      devel/avrdude fails to reset RTS/DTR properly for Ardu
o docs/163742  eadler     [patch] document failok mount(8) option
o amd64/163736 amd64      Freebsd 8.2 with MPD5 and about 100 PPPoE clients pani
o kern/163724  wireless   [mwl] [patch] NULL check before dereference
f ports/163722 gnome      sysutils/gnome-settings-daemon: crash with abort trap 
o ports/163720 eclipse    java/eclipse doesn't build
o kern/163719  wireless   [ath] ath interface do not receive multicast
f ports/163718 dinoex     [PATCH] graphics/jasper: security updates for CVE-2011
o kern/163713  scsi       [aic7xxx] [patch] Add Adaptec29329LPE to aic79xx_pci.c
a ports/163711 olgeni     lang/erlang update request to R15B
o amd64/163710 amd64      setjump in  causes stack corruption
o kern/163701             ifconfig: group parameter makes impossible to restart 
o bin/163700              logger(1): broken logic when -f option && long lines i
o conf/163690             FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT/amd64: Set WITH_BIND_LIBS=YES doe
o kern/163689  wireless   [ath] TX timeouts when sending probe/mgmt frames durin
f ports/163684 olgeni     [PATCH] lang/clojure-mode.el: update to 1.11.5
o bin/163680              vmstat(8): negative values in vmstat -z
o ports/163674 tj         [PATCH] devel/buildbot-slave: update to 0.8.5
p kern/163670  mips       [mips][arge] arge can't allocate ring buffer on multip
a ports/163665 jgh        [New Port]: devel/gerrit - Web based code review and p
o ports/163647            [patch] sysutils/xosview: does not build on 10-CURRENT
o ports/163643            [patch] astro/wmspaceweather: URL changed + two minor 
s ports/163641 zi         net-mgmt/net-snmp: netsnmp_assert were rised
f ports/163636 mi         net/opal fails to build
o amd64/163625 amd64      Install problems of RC3 amd64 on ASRock N68 GE3 UCC
o kern/163619             OFED failed to build with clang
o kern/163618             panic: vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c278100
o kern/163608             [lor] Two seemingly vfs-related LORs
o bin/163602              pmcstat(8) doesn't search symbols under /boot/modules
o kern/163587             [sched_ule] The ULE scheduler does not load in the fou
o kern/163585             cpuset(1) by twice kill SMP functionality
o ports/163583            [patch] x11/kdelibs3 conflicts with openssl-1
o kern/163574  wireless   [net80211] overly-frequent HT occupancy changes
o kern/163573  wireless   [ath] hostap mode TX buffer hang
o conf/163572             [periodic] not full output in daily run output is ambi
o misc/163571             The system may hang after typing reboot
o amd64/163568 amd64      hard drive naming
o bin/163567              make(1): add option to disable object directory
o kern/163559  wireless   [ath] kernel panic AH_DEBUG
f ports/163555 danfe      [PATCH] irc/bitchx is out of date and BitchX 1.2 does 
a ports/163550 dinoex     [patch] ftp/vsftpd{,-ext}: respect CC/CFLAGS/STRIP uni
o bin/163547              vmstat(8): vmstat -i show AVG rate instead of rate
p kern/163545  np         [cxgb] [patch] Return of uninitialized value in Chelsi
f ports/163524 linimon    [exp-run] estimate number of ports utilizing old inter
o bin/163515              [patch] b64encode(1)/uuencode(1) create files with no 
o ports/163514 itetcu     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel: Report the proper 
o threa/163512 threads    libc defaults to single threaded
o ports/163511 portmgr    [PATCH] Allow existing users on system to
o conf/163508  rc         [rc.subr] [patch] Add "enable" and "disable" commands 
o kern/163501  fs         [nfs] NFS exporting a dir and a subdir in that dir to 
o kern/163493             FreeBSD 9x amd64 unstable while work with RAM
o ports/163489 timur      databases/tdb hangs frequently on larger CPU systems
o conf/163488  rc         Confusing explanation in defaults/rc.conf
o bin/163487              syslog.conf filtering syntax broken in 9.0-RC3 (was wo
o kern/163481  net        freebsd do not add itself to ping route packet
o bin/163470              bad cksum in tcpdump(1) output
o conf/163469             FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT/CLANG: WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS=      YE
o ports/163467 python     Ports using python 2.7 and "waf" intermittently hang o
o kern/163464             Invalid compiler flag in /sys/conf/
o kern/163461             [vfs] vfs.zfs.arc_max/vfs.zfs.arc_meta_limit defaults 
o bin/163455              [ath] "bssid" in wlanN create_args does not change wla
o ports/163454 gecko      [patch] www/firefox-beta: unbreak with libc++
f ports/163438 miwi       New port: multimedia/mplayer2
o kern/163410             panic (page fault) when using mfsroot on i386 with 4 G
o kern/163370  csjp       [bpf] [request] enable zero-copy BPF by default
o ports/163339 sunpoet    ftp/pure-ftpd: rc script not supports pure-authd
f usb/163328   usb        [usb] Support for Atheros USB abgn devices
a ports/163323 skv        x11/rxvt-unicode fails to build with perl-5.12.4_3 and
o conf/163321  rc         [rc.conf] [patch] allow _fib syntax in rc.conf
o kern/163318  wireless   [ath] ath(4) stops working
p kern/163312  wireless   [panic] [ath driver] kernel panic: page fault with ath
o kern/163310             Panics, sudden reboots and file system corrupts with s
o misc/163304             complete LLVM toolset in the source tree made availabl
o ports/163291 doceng     [PATCH] print/ghostscript9: Automatically disable X11 
o amd64/163285 amd64      when installing gnome2-lite not all dependent packages
o amd64/163284 amd64      print manager failed to install correctly
o kern/163268  acpi       [acpi_hp] fix driver detach in absence of CMI
o misc/163263             crash on VirtualBox when ACPI is enabled
o kern/163245  marcel     kernel panic if set /boot/loader.conf vfs.root.mountfr
o kern/163240  marius     Power down PHY when "none" media is selected
o kern/163237  wireless   [ath] AR5416 as HostAP. Delays among clients when a cl
o ports/163226 obrien     [patch] vietnamese/libviet: respect CC/CFLAGS
a bin/163219   gordon     [patch] man: fix 'zcat: standard input is a terminal -
o kern/163208  pf         [pf] PF state key linking mismatch
o ports/163195 office     editors/ installation error
o conf/163168             JIS X0208 space should be treated as printable in ja_J
o kern/163164             FreeBSD 9.0-RC3 amd64 freezes on boot
o kern/163154             [iwn] fatal firmware error on 9.0-RC3
o docs/163149  doc        [patch] Red Hat Linux/i386 9 HTML format sudo man page
o ports/163142 vbox       emulators/virtualbox-ose: virtualbox doesn't work on n
o kern/163135             [netsmb] Wrong check in netsmb
o bin/163127   brooks     sshd(1): SSHD_config Bad configuration option: NoneEna
f ports/163126            security/sshguard changed from syslog.conf to daemon b
o bin/163123   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): IPV6 only errors connecting
o kern/163117             sporadic boot-time panics on 9.0-RC2 and 9.0-RC3 w/ ce
o amd64/163114 amd64      no boot on Via Nanao netbook Samsung NC20
o ports/163112 python     Updates to support Zope 2.11, 2.13
o ports/163111 kwm        Error building x11-fonts/cantarell-fonts
o bin/163095   brooks     Add WITH_OPENSSH_NONE_CIPHER src.conf(5) knob
o amd64/163092 amd64      FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 fails to boot from raid-z2 if AHCI is 
o kern/163091  usb        [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o kern/163082  wireless   [ath] ar9285 diversity fixes
s ports/163066 mandree    [patch] Allow db5 to be selected by U
o kern/163065             UDF support for symbolic links with absolute path is b
o kern/163064             [fix][sym]driver tries to nego synch trans with everyo
o bin/163062              csplit(1) includes extra lines in inner context
o ports/163055 mm         [patch] multimedia/ffmpeg: broken without /usr/bin/per
o misc/163051             Small disk sizes with 4k sectors have far too few inod
o amd64/163048 amd64      normal user cant mount ntfs-3g
s kern/163033             [request] 'out of swap space' message should be ammend
o ports/163022 sunpoet    New port: databases/p5-bucardo Asynchronous PostgreSQL
a kern/163020  geom       [geli] [patch] enable the Camellia-XTS on GEOM ELI
o ports/163015 bf         New port: math/it++ (restore port from Attic)
a ports/162995 linimon    [] [patch] Add USE_READLINE knob
o ports/162991 java       java/openjdk6 fails to build
f ports/162990 mi         net/minidlna - requires elevated privileges
o ports/162988 maho       port bug: math/octave fails to link libumfpack
o ports/162977 lev        devel/subversion: svn 1.7 does not know who I am at al
o kern/162976             [libc] cron fails unnecessarily via setlogin(2) with s
o kern/162952             [headers] Problems including netinet/tcp_var.h
a ports/162948 fjoe       [exp-run] 10.0 exp-run without libreadline in base sys
o kern/162944  fs         [coda] Coda file system module looks broken in 9.0
o kern/162943             uClibc explicit runtime loader segfaults under FreeBSD
o ports/162939 gecko      www/firefox crashes with Zotero add-on
o amd64/162936 amd64      fails boot and destabilizes other OSes on FreeBSD 9 RC
o kern/162927  net        [tun] Modem-PPP error ppp[1538]: tun0: Phase: Clearing
o kern/162926  net        [ipfilter] Infinite loop in ipfilter with fragmented I
o ports/162924 portmgr    [] [patch] report more information at port/
o bin/162905              -E flag in newfs(8) has no effect
o conf/162884             FreeBSD's termcap ships monochrome rxvt-unicode entry
o kern/162867             better zfs_cv_init
o misc/162866             [build] [patch] extract revision from hg in
o kern/162860  fs         [zfs] Cannot share ZFS filesystem to hosts with a hyph
o kern/162859  acpi       [acpi] ACPI battery/acline monitoring partialy working
o bin/162798              add p flag to newsyslog.conf
o conf/162794             I experience problem with my network ethernet adapter 
p kern/162789  glebius    [PATCH] if_clone may create multiple interfaces with t
o conf/162787             termcap is missing kB entry for xterm
o ports/162780 office     editors/libreoffice without GUI
o docs/162775  mm         zpool(1): Document some undocumented zpool import opti
o ports/162768            [PATCH] ftp/proftpd port update which fixes mod_sql_my
o docs/162765  eadler     [patch] lseek(2) may return successful although no see
o kern/162751  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panics during file operations
o kern/162736             r214955 (nanobsd) broke build with whitespace in KERNC
o misc/162724             make whereobj doesn't work after make buildenv
o ports/162721 portmgr    [PATCH] config target should complain if 
o bin/162715              pam_krb5(8): pam_krb5 not storing tickets in /tmp
p amd64/162708 jhb        FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 amd64 fails to boot on Dell Optiplex G
o ports/162706 maho       math/suitesparse port does not properly detect or link
o docs/162699  eadler     Handbook/Upgrading instructions: should mention delete
o bin/162693   sysinstall sysinstall(8): release/Makefile.sysinstall on 9.x refe
o kern/162690             gpart label changes only take effect after a reboot
o bin/162681              pkg_add(1): new installer does not add doc packages
o kern/162677  xen        [xen] FreeBSD not compatible with "Current Stable Xen"
p bin/162670   gabor      [patch] libkiconv doesn't work with iconv() in libc
o kern/162648  wireless   [ath] AR9227 ADC DC calibration failure
o kern/162647  wireless   [ath] 11n TX aggregation session / TX hang
o bin/162645              zfs(1): Option parse failure for 'aclmode' when creati
o ports/162644 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit omit fetch output unless verbose
o conf/162642  rc         .sh scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d get executed, not s
o ports/162639 timur      net/samba36:utils/net_rpc_shell.o(.text+0x480): more u
o kern/162620             [ata] SATA device lost when changing brightness on Len
o kern/162609             [ata] Cannot write to Sony DRU-835A DVD drive
o ports/162607 mm         little correction for comms/smstools3
o bin/162605   sysinstall sysinstall(8) doesn't identify CD/DVD drives for the u
o ports/162602 lippe      devel/st [patch] event.c missing from work/st-1.9/Make
o kern/162591  fs         [nullfs] cross-filesystem nullfs does not work as expe
f bin/162588   dim        libz partially broken when compiled with clang [was: n
o docs/162587  gjb        unclear/incomplete description of per-interface statis
o kern/162558  net        [dummynet] [panic] seldom dummynet panics
o kern/162524             No full shutdown in FreeBSD 9.0-RC1
o java/162522  java       OpenJDK 6 is not setting close on exec
o kern/162519  fs         [zfs] "zpool import" relies on buggy realpath() behavi
o sparc/162513 sparc64    mpt(4), mptutil(8) reports variable, erroneous drive i
o ports/162510 nork       [patch] Upgrade graphics/OpenEXR to version 1.7.0
f kern/162509  yongari    [re] [panic] Kernel panic may be related to if_re.c (r
o bin/162503              makefs(8) creates a bad image for UFS2
o kern/162502             [md] mount -t mfs on vnode-based md device destroy him
o ports/162500 maho       math/suitesparse: gmake[2]: *** [run] Segmentation fau
o bin/162495              dc(1): dc -e "5 3 %p 1k 5 3 %p"
o amd64/162489 amd64      After some time X blanks the screen and does not respo
p kern/162475  bschmidt   [ath] functions with return type HAL_BOOL (might) retu
o ports/162463 skv        lang/perl5.12: perldoc shows escape codes
o misc/162455             FreeBSD 9x unstable with file-based swap
o stand/162434 standards  getaddrinfo: addrinfo.ai_family is an address family, 
o docs/162433  gavin      [handbook] QEMU instructions for FreeBSD guests
s www/162430   bugmeister gnats pr-submission mechanism suxx
o bin/162429   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): 9.x installer: selecting ZFS for the ro
o bin/162428   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): should check available disk space from 
o docs/162419  doc        [request] please document (new) zfs and zpool cmdline 
o docs/162404  doc        [handbook] IPv6 link-local address compared with IPv4 
p threa/162403 davidxu    regression in FreeBSD/9 regarding pthread timeouts in 
a ports/162397 linimon    [patch] Mk/ add new target add-plist-build
o kern/162396             [libc] [patch] remove loop in globpexp1()@lib/libc/gen
o kern/162382             [swap] Orphaned swap references not garbage collected;
o ports/162381 sunpoet    [PATCH] audio/icecast2 upgrade to kh development branc
o docs/162380  doc        Documentation lacking for getfacl/setfacl
o kern/162374             posix_openpt wrongly removed O_CLOEXEC
o kern/162373             VESA framebuffer memory mapping fails with EINVAL for 
o kern/162369             kernel problem at shutdown is system has no keydoard
o kern/162367             SATA 3.0Gb/s not enabled on Nvidia nForce 430
o bin/162364   sysinstall sysinstall(8): update sysinstall ftp mirror list for c
o kern/162362  fs         [snapshots] [panic] ufs with snapshot(s) panics when g
o docs/162354  gjb        Improve wording in rc.conf(5) regarding network-interf
o ports/162350 office     ports/editors/ spawns a lawine of gmak
o kern/162347  secteam    [kernel] [patch] remove the extra variable in /sys/lib
o kern/162342             FreeBSD hides gpt labels after mounting ZFS partitions
o misc/162338             POLA: does not support extra-bits-dir p
o ports/162320 mono       lang/mono doesn't build
o amd64/162314 amd64      not able to install FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1 as 
o ports/162313 acm        print/foo2zjs: example devd rules
f usb/162306   usb        usb devices cant get address asignation, no memories, 
o kern/162294             Reading DMI memory parts using mmap freeze the system
o kern/162277             Repeatable system crash when offlining a zpool vdev
o kern/162267  qingli     [mpd] mpd kernel panic
a ports/162264 cy         [patch] unbreak net/tridiavnc for non-i386
o ports/162261 kde        sysutils/k3b-kde4 - fails to compile with ffmpeg-devel
o bin/162258   sysinstall sysinstall(8): long-time bugs
o kern/162256  scsi       [mpt] QUEUE FULL EVENT and 'mpt_cam_event: 0x0'
o kern/162250             problems with the work with hard drives Hitachi HDS721
o kern/162228             Panic in ufsdirhash_build()
p ports/162227 gnome      [patch] devel/glade3: update to 3.8.0
o ports/162221            9.0-RC1 new problem building lang/spidermonkey
o amd64/162219 amd64      [REGRESSION] In KDE 4.7.2 cant enable OpenGL,in 4.6.5 
o bin/162211              Calendar no longer handles first/last day events in 8.
o ports/162207 danfe      audio/cdparanoia: crash while building the port.
o kern/162201  zec        [ip] [patch] multicast forwarding cache hash always al
o kern/162195             panic with soft updates journaling during umount -f
o bin/162189   kientzle   FreeBSD unzip does not restore file permissions proper
o kern/162182             Extreme slowness from HighPoint RocketRaid 622
o kern/162181  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] [patch] The kernel sound driver module s
s ports/162178 portmgr    [] Add with Clang/LLVM support
o bin/162175   sysinstall [patch] bsdinstall(8): add keymap selection loop and t
p kern/162174             [kernel] [patch] rman_manage_region() error return pat
o amd64/162170 amd64      Unable to install due to freeze at "run_interrupt_driv
o kern/162160             9-RC1 over IPMI Virtual CD causes unexpected behaviur
o arm/162159   arm        [panic] USB errors leading to panic on DockStar 9.0-RC
o kern/162153  net        [em] intel em driver 7.2.4 don't compile
o kern/162110  net        [igb] [panic] RELENG_9 panics on boot in IGB driver - 
o ports/162085 mm         duplicate file name in open-motif-2.3.3 and tcl-8.5.10
o ports/162075 gecko      www/firefox >= 7.0.1_2 bug with respect to pentadactyl
o usb/162054   usb        usbdump just hangs on 9.0-RC1
o ports/162045            print/ghostview 1.5_2 coredumps on certain files
f amd64/162043 gavin      dev.cpu.0.freq is missing [regression]
o ports/162042 bapt       [patch] multimedia/libass: add HARFBUZZ option
o kern/162036             [geom] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode 
o kern/162028  net        [ixgbe] [patch] misplaced #endif in ixgbe.c
o kern/162010  geom       [geli] panic: Provider's error should be set (error=0)
o kern/162009             [patch] [kerberos] getpwnam_r buf too small nfs assign
o bin/161986              [patch] netstat(1): Interface auto-width in "netstat -
o ports/161984 autotools  [patch] devel/libtool: don't split INFO doc (install)
o kern/161979  geom       [geom] glabel doesn't update after newfs, and glabel s
s ports/161976 zi         net-mgmt/net-snmp: ifSpeed for lagg interface is not a
o amd64/161974 amd64      FreeBSD 9 new installer installs succesful, renders ma
o kern/161968  fs         [zfs] [hang] renaming snapshot with -r including a zvo
o kern/161949             [kernel] 64-bit structures are used even with 32-bit c
o power/161947 ppc        multimedia/libdvdnav builds broken binaries on big end
o ports/161938 rm         New port www/pyLoad a fast, lightweight and full featu
o kern/161936  csjp       [openbsm][patch] praudit can produce invalid XML outpu
s ports/161932 zi         net-mgmt/net-snmp reports bogus data in UCD-SNMP-MIB::
f bin/161931   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): (add sysinstall partition config as opt
o bin/161929   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): (change partition editor screen default
o bin/161928   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): (add option to enable 2 button mouse co
o bin/161924   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): add msg box telling user to remove inst
o bin/161923   sysinstall bsdinstall(8) games & ports install options
o misc/161917  pjd        pjdfstest doesn't detect setup/teardown failures prope
o misc/161915  pjd        pjdtests don't articulate requirements very well
o kern/161912             [kernel] [patch] kernel sends incorrect notify to devc
o kern/161908  melifaro   [netgraph] [patch] ng_vlan update for QinQ support
o kern/161901             [cam] [patch] cam / ata timeout limited to 2147 due to
p kern/161899  rc         [route] ntpd(8): Repeating RTM_MISS packets causing hi
o kern/161897  fs         [zfs] [patch] zfs partition probing causing long delay
o bin/161893              [patch] sshd(8) DenyUsers user@!*.dom doesn't work
o kern/161888             [kerberos] nfs -sec=krb5x/ldap/krb5-heimdal fix/upgrad
o kern/161887             [vm] [panic] panic at vm_page_wire with FreeBSD 9.0 Be
o kern/161886             [kerberos] [patch] der_xx_oid not declared before use 
o gnu/161869              [binutils] [patch] breaks llvm bootstrap on FreeBSD 8.
o kern/161864  fs         [ufs] removing journaling from UFS partition fails on 
o kern/161854             [kerberos] [patch] _gsskrb5_pname_to_uid lname lookup 
o kern/161837  sysinstall [libdisk] [patch] sysinstall(8) has a 32 disk limit
o kern/161809  scsi       [cam] [patch] set via build option
o bin/161807   fs         [patch] add option for explicitly specifying metadata 
o kern/161805  qingli     [regression] [panic] [arp] Repeatable panic in ARP cod
o docs/161804  blackend   New documentation: French translation for building-pro
f usb/161793   usb        poor EHCI usb2 i/o performance
o ports/161789 office     editors/ compilations fails in module
o ports/161783 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/gpac-libgpac: Fix build with gcc46
o kern/161768             [ahci] [panic] Panics after AHCI timeouts
o ports/161765 mm         net/relayd: relayd fails to initialize on systems with
o ports/161763 sunpoet    [PATCH] audio/icecast2: add favicon.ico
p bin/161756   jilles     [patch] sh(1) /bin/sh: read files in 1024-byte chunks 
o kern/161755             Kernel fails to report negative malloc type statistics
o docs/161754  doc        p4tcc(4), est(4) and qpi(4) are not documented
o kern/161752  geom       [geom] glabel(8) doesn't get gpt label change
o bin/161720   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): partition editor does not put partition
s kern/161719             [request] Support for Realtek 5209 SD card reader
o kern/161715  acpi       [acpi] Dell E6520 doesn't resume after ACPI suspend
o kern/161713  acpi       [acpi] Suspend on Dell E6520
o kern/161702  firewire   [firewire] Firewire messages on DELL E6520 running 8.2
f ports/161690            New port: games/prboom-plus Port of ID Software's Doom
o bin/161677   geom       gpart(8) Probably bug in gptboot
o ports/161676 gnome      databases/libgda4: [UPDATE] to 4.2.9; improvements
o www/161672   gavin      [patch] add support for 10.x to query-pr
o kern/161579  fs         [smbfs] FreeBSD sometimes panics when an smb share is 
o ports/161578            devel/strace is not working
o ports/161574 demon      Can't compile devel/p5-Locale-gettext on 9.0beta
o ports/161568 multimedia [PATCH] audio/libsamplerate: samplerate.h has comma at
o ports/161549 timur      Bugs with aio_suspend configure test in net/samba35
o bin/161548              [patch] getent(1) inconsistent treatment of IPv6 host 
o bin/161547   sysinstall [patch] bsdinstall(8) should identify wireless network
o ports/161546 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/mkvtoolnix: make some dependencies 
o bin/161540   cperciva   gzippped kernel is not updated by freebsd-update(8)
o kern/161533  fs         [zfs] [panic] zfs receive panic: system ioctl returnin
o bin/161528              tftpd(8): tftpd[86572]: Timeout #3 on ACK 2
o bin/161526              script(1) outputs corrupt if input is not from a termi
o bin/161515              systat(8) does not show Disk MB/s for md devices
o gnu/161499              [libstdc++] [patch] Use FreeBSD's atomic.h if no cpu-s
o docs/161496  doc        zfs(1): Please document that sysctl vfs.usermount must
o ports/161494 gnome      devel/anjuta: gmake[3]: Entering directory `/usr/ports
o kern/161481             [libc] mount(2) fails with ENAMETOOLONG with path shor
o ports/161480 x11        [patch] x11/luit: don't depend on pty(4), use openpty(
o bin/161475              [patch] man(1), treat pipe & files w/o slash
s ports/161462 scheidell  net-mgmt/zabbix-agent: Zabbix_agentd opens a lot of fi
o kern/161456             [libpam] on a system bound to an LDAP server, top trie
o kern/161454             [i18n] [patch] because i18n/csmapper/Makefile.part bug
o bin/161439              umount(8): umount -a -t <foo> doesn't work with nested
o kern/161438  fs         [zfs] [panic] recursed on non-recursive spa_namespace_
o kern/161424  fs         [nullfs] __getcwd() calls fail when used on nullfs mou
o ports/161421 gecko      [patch] www/firefox: use libevent2
o kern/161419  vbox       [loader] [vbox] FreeBSD 9.0beta3 under Virtualbox: pag
o amd64/161418 vbox       [panic] [vbox] FreeBSD 9.0beta3 under Virtualbox: lost
o ports/161417 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ USE_ICONV, treat iconv() in li
o bin/161401              [patch] have service(8) run scripts with the same reso
o ports/161390 wen        [maintainer] chinese/cxterm broken because does not co
o kern/161381  net        [re] RTL8169SC - re0: PHY write failed
o ports/161359 maho       math/gotoblas build fails on "Sandy Bridge" CPU
o ports/161356 haskell    lang/ghc: bootstrap assumes `gcc', ignoring CC
o kern/161326             [build] [patch] cannot buildworld FreeBSD-9.0-BETA3 (R
o kern/161318  xen        [xen] sysinstall crashes with floating point exception
o ports/161317 kde        x11/xde4: KDE 4.6.5 does not prompt for authentication
o kern/161293  wireless   [iwn] hang at startup when starting network
o kern/161280  fs         [zfs] Stack overflow in gptzfsboot
o ports/161278            net/dante: getoutaddr(): address [...] selected, but n
o kern/161277  net        [em] [patch] BMC cannot receive IPMI traffic after loa
s kern/161260             [request] need mps on RELENG_7 for dell servers (PERC 
o bin/161257              procstat(1): procstat should grow a -l flag to display
s kern/161251             [request] Port otus driver from OpenBSD.
a ports/161249 shaun      net-p2p/bitcoin fails to build
o kern/161248             [ahci] Time out, extremly slow response while copying 
o kern/161233             [build] update RELENG_8 make buildworld error gcc.
o kern/161212             [radeon] [panic] Radeon 4650 on amd64 crashes kernel o
o kern/161205  fs         [nfs] [pfsync] [regression] [build] Bug report freebsd
o ports/161197 kuriyama   cannot portupgrade ports/textproc/jade with CLANG
o www/161174   www        Make search GNAT
o kern/161169  fs         [zfs] [panic] ZFS causes kernel panic in dbuf_dirty
p ports/161164 gnome      [PATCH] devel/glade3: update to 3.10.0
o ports/161136 sbz        editors/gobby: CLANG:
f bin/161113   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: overwrites Win*-bootcodes wi
o kern/161112  fs         [ufs] [lor] filesystem LOR in FreeBSD 9.0-BETA3
o arm/161110   arm        /usr/src/sys/arm/include/signal.h is bad
o conf/161107  rc         [rc] stop_boot in mountcritlocal usage is incorrect.
o bin/161101   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: partition editor: UFS-option
o bin/161100   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): 9.0-BETA3: Add User but no Add Group
o kern/161097             [sched_ule] Unkillable process hanging waiting for "ex
o kern/161094  virtualization[vimage] [pf] [panic] kernel panic with pf + VIMAGE wh
o kern/161091             [includes] [patch] Max username length is 16 character
f ports/161070            infinite loop for graphics/xfig on 9.0-CURRENT
o ports/161069 mm         multimedia/ffmpeg: CLANG: /usr/bin/ld: libavcodec/x86/
o bin/161058              enc(1): enc0 not capturing outgoing IPSEC encrypted tr
o bin/161056   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): could allow full control over newfs arg
o bin/161055   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): partitioner should auto-populate GPT la
f bin/161054   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): partitioner should list valid "type"s
o bin/161053   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): network setup dialog is hard to navigat
o bin/161052   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): should be consistent about saving confi
o bin/161050   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): should use new syntax for IPv4 in
o bin/161049   sysinstall bsdinstall(8): could try to tell if SSDs support TRIM
o bin/161047   sysinstall [patch] bsdinstall(8): should not run on vt0
o power/161045 ppc        X doesn't detect ADB mouse up event until another even
o arm/161044   arm        devel/icu does not build on arm
a kern/161043  jhb        [psm] PS/2 mouse does not work in 9.0-BETA2/-CURRENT [
o kern/161035  wireless   [ieee80211] Incorrect number describing 11ng MCS rate 
o bin/161028              [PATCH] service(8) -- Minor improvements
f kern/161013  pjd        [geli] geli with HMAC/MD5 authentication fails during 
o kern/160994             buf_ring(9): MD assumption in MI code
s ports/160993            New port: security/sqlcipher
o kern/160992             buf_ring(9) statistics accounting not MPSAFE
o bin/160975              ipfw(8): ipfw's uid matching doesn't function with IPv
o ports/160968 x11        [patch] ports/x11/libXi broken manpages
o bin/160967              newsyslog(8) is not working
o ports/160963 x11        [patch] x11/bigreqsproto: disable specs
o ports/160933 gecko      Bad port interactions between Mozilla projects
o kern/160922  kientzle   [libarchive] libarchive stops buildworld using WITHOUT
o ports/160906 brooks     net/openmpi compile error on FreeBSD 8
o conf/160896  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] use getopts, jobs option, delay -c u
o kern/160893  fs         [zfs] [panic] 9.0-BETA2 kernel panic
o kern/160873  net        [igb] igb(4) from HEAD fails to build on 7-STABLE
o kern/160860  fs         [ufs] Random UFS root filesystem corruption with SU+J 
o ports/160856 mm         graphics/opencv-core: CLANG build fails
o ports/160843 cperciva, Snapshot appears to be more tha
o kern/160838  acpi       [acpi] ACPI Battery Monitor Non-Functional
o bin/160834              [patch] grep(1): fixes for POSIX conformance
o kern/160833  amd64      Keyboard USB doesn't work
o ports/160829 timur      devel/talloc hangs during configure on FreeBSD 9.0-BET
o docs/160827  blackend   New documentation: French translation for linux-users 
o bin/160803              wpa_cli(8): (malloc) /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.c
o kern/160802             [install] USB installation image fails to boot if BIOS
o kern/160801  fs         [zfs] zfsboot on 8.2-RELEASE fails to boot from root-o
o kern/160790  fs         [fusefs] [panic] VPUTX: negative ref count with FUSE
o kern/160786             [ahci] [ata] Drive not detected when using AHCI on Mar
o kern/160777  fs         [zfs] [hang] RAID-Z3 causes fatal hang upon scrub/impo
o www/160774   simon      Irish mirror of freeBSD website is very out of date
o kern/160760             (Kernel) Log messages garbled/interleaved
o kern/160750  net        Intel PRO/1000 connection breaks under load until rebo
o bin/160745              sed(1) appends '\n' at the end of binary data (unlike 
o ports/160717 python     port: lang/python27 causing other ports to hang during
o threa/160708 threads    possible security problem with RLIMIT_VMEM
o kern/160706  fs         [zfs] zfs bootloader fails when a non-root vdev exists
p docs/160698  gjb        Remove outdated FreeBSD Jumpstart guide
o ports/160695 rafan      devel/ncurses libncurses.a doesn't contain libtinfo.a
o kern/160693  net        [gif] [em] Multicast packet are not passed from GIF0 t
f kern/160692             FreeBSD must consider shipping with SC_PIXEL_MODE on (
o kern/160691             Negative ping times (serious time keeping problem?) on
o ports/160688 hrs        print/acroread9 runtime fails with "failed to load mod
p ports/160670 gnome      [patch] devel/pkg-config: upgrade to version 0.26
o kern/160652             siba_bwn in GENERIC
o misc/160646             [build] [patch] rework build of osreldate.h to not dep
a ports/160643 sunpoet    [PATCH] sysutils/createrepo: update to 0.9.9
o ports/160631 mm         graphics/pecl-imagick: Small change to honor WITHOUT_X
o kern/160611             lzjb_uncompress possible access violation?
o bin/160596   eadler     [patch] tzsetup(8): Use libodialog when doing tzsetup 
o kern/160591  fs         [zfs] Fail to boot on zfs root with degraded raidz2 [r
o bin/160586              newsyslog(8) can't properly rotate log files when ther
o kern/160562  geom       [geom][patch] Allow to insert new component to geom_ra
o java/160553  java       Jaikoz java based audio tagger core dumps
o ports/160551 wen        graphics/mapserver: CLANG: ./include/agg_renderer_outl
f ports/160544 rene       sysutils/lsof: build fails with clang
o kern/160541  virtualization[vimage][pf][patch] panic: userret: Returning on td 0x
o misc/160530  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] remove hardcoding of slice names
o misc/160517             X pseudo-terminals are not registered in utmp and wtmp
o kern/160496  virtualization[vimage] [pf] [patch] kernel panic with pf + VIMAGE
o bin/160494              [patch] bsnmpd(1) returns inaccurate data for hrSystem
p ports/160490 gnome      [PATCH] x11-toolkits/gtk20: drag and drop broken in vn
o ports/160475 vbox       emulators/virtualbox-ose: virtualbox causes panic in v
o www/160461   bugmeister Send-pr uses different terminology than docs / executa
o docs/160460  doc        [handbook] Network setup guide suggestion
o docs/160447  issyl0     [handbook] Developer's Handbook contains some outdated
o docs/160446  doc        [handbook] Handbook sound setup seems outdated
o docs/160445  doc        [handbook] Handbook does not mention ACL
o kern/160443  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] make nanobsd builds deterministic an
o usb/160436   usb        ucom wedges machine on parity error ?
o bin/160433              [patch] syslogd(8) receiver buffer sizes set incorrect
p kern/160430  kientzle   [libarchive] [patch] Add __packed to libarchive cpio m
o ports/160422 nox        astro/google-earth: crashes on FreeBSD 9.0
o kern/160419  acpi       [acpi_thermal] acpi_thermal kernel thread high CPU usa
o bin/160412              wrong value in systat(1)
o kern/160410  fs         [smbfs] [hang] smbfs hangs when transferring large fil
o kern/160409  geom       [geli] failed to attach provider
o conf/160403  rc         [rc] [patch] concurrently running rc-scripts during bo
o docs/160399  doc        Man page for re(4) missing jumbo frames info
o ports/160397 gahr       [patch] sysutils/createrepo -- missing dependencies + 
o kern/160392             [panic] double fault on configuring for php5-filter-5.
o kern/160391  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] Panic in mesh mode
o ports/160387 gecko      security/ca_root_nss: Allow user to trust extra local 
o bin/160386              [patch] invert Z axis movement via moused(8)
o conf/160373             [pccard] [patch] pccard_ether does not take settings i
o kern/160370  pf         [pf] Incorrect pfctl check of pf.conf
s docs/160369  gjb        [patch] update sample simple makefile with new convent
o ports/160351 gecko      www/libxul installs incorrect mozilla-nss.pc
o bin/160320              netstat(1): netstat -f inet6 does not output properly 
o kern/160307             [dtrace] dtrace -lv can not identify the args  of the 
o usb/160299   usb        MicroSDHC-to-USB adapters do not work in FreeBSD 8.x
o bin/160298              sysinstall(8) does not allocate enough space in / for 
o kern/160296  wireless   [zyd] [panic] 802.11 usb device reboots system on 'ifc
o bin/160295              [patch] ypserv(8): ypserv -P [bin/109494] breaks tcp
o kern/160294             [headers] [patch] missing cast in "/usr/include/assert
o kern/160293  net        [ieee80211] ppanic] kernel panic during network setup 
s ports/160291 ruby       devel/rubygem-rake 0.9.2 update breaks redmine
o kern/160283  fs         [zfs] [patch] 'zfs list' does abort in make_dataset_ha
a bin/160280              [patch] tcpdump(1): Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
p misc/160276  brueffer   [conf] Spelling Mistake in comments in configure-files
o bin/160275   rstone     [patch] dtrace(1): dtrace -lv causes "unknown function
f ports/160263 obrien     shells/bash bug: testing condition for [ -x file ] is 
o conf/160240  rc         rc.d/mdconfig and mdconfig2 should autoset $_type to v
o conf/160227             [keyboard] Please include new keyboard mapping: French
o conf/160225             [periodic] /etc/periodic/weekly/310.locate doesn't see
o kern/160206  net        [gif] gifX stops working after a while (IPv6 tunnel)
o usb/160192   usb        [install] Installation from USB-Stick doesn't find the
o misc/160176  wireless   [mips] [panic] Kernel panic on AR7161 platform with AR
o ports/160047 timur      devel/talloc 2.0.5 fails to configure with MAKE_JOBS_U
o ports/160022 eclipse    release port: java/eclipse-cdt
o misc/160011             [boot] Installer Disk will not boot
o ports/160010 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ cleanup orig files in post-pat
a ports/160003 olgeni     drop lang/erlang-lite and update lang/erlang
a ports/159982 swills     [MAINTAINER] mail/rubygem-vmail: update to 2.3.2
f ports/159970 portmgr    [PATCH] Deprecate using PATCHDIR and use F
o ports/159946 portmgr    [PATCH] [] Add support for make search lice
o ports/159943 delphij    openldap slapd ignores rc.conf slapd_krt5_ktname
o ports/159939 skv        [patch] lang/perl5.10 to address build failure in ext/
f ports/159938 lx         graphics/shotwell received an X Window System error.
o kern/159930  fs         [ufs] [panic] kernel core
p ports/159928 gnome      Updates graphics/clutter to 1.6.16
o kern/159918  jail       [jail] inter-jail communication failure
f ports/159917 bf         [PATCH]math/scilab: fix buld with lang/gcc46, blas/lap
o kern/159916             [headers] stdarg.h doesn't have a lint version of va_c
o kern/159912             [new driver] [request] Port urtwn from OpenBSD to Free
p docs/159898  hselasky   [patch] libusb.3 whitespace, markup, grammar fixes
o ports/159888 timur      net/samba35: pkg_add -r samba35 doesn't accept openlda
o ports/159871 johans     [PATCH] chinese/zh-tin: update to 1.9.6
o conf/159846  rc         [rc.conf] routing_stop_inet6() logic doesn't handle ip
o ports/159839 wen        graphics/mapserver: bump Python version
o ports/159838 wen        graphics/mapserver: PDF output doesn't work
o misc/159837  bugmeister Ports PR autoassigner does not understand long lines
o bin/159833              camcontrol(8): [patch] add ATA security options to cam
o ports/159831 gecko      www/firefox is broken
o kern/159817  net        [udp] write UDPv4: No buffer space available (code=55)
o kern/159809             [build] RELENG_8_1 /UPDATING wrong re: COMPAT_IA32 ali
o ports/159807 johans     RC file for net/mrouted causes kernel panic by running
o kern/159795  andre      [tcp] excessive duplicate ACKs and TCP session freezes
o ports/159792 x11        [patch] USB HID devices support for x11-drivers/xf86-i
o ports/159787 java       java/openjdk6 nio muti-thread bug
o kern/159780  jonathan   [kernel] [patch] make sys/vfs_subr.c more jail-friendl
o bin/159746              [patch] cat(1) - incorrect output on fstat() failure
o kern/159745             [libssh] [patch] Fix improperly specified dependency l
o bin/159730              make(1) in parallel mode fails report failure of @-pre
a ports/159725 linimon    [] Add new command: JOT
o ports/159705 brooks     Patch adding an option for disabling IPV6 in the net/o
o ports/159677 wen        graphics/qgis:  /usr/ports/graphics/qgis/work/qgis-1.7
a bin/159665   rik        [patch] ctm(1) does not work with bzip2 or xz compress
s ports/159656 mandree fails to locate installed bdb51 librar
o misc/159654             46 kernel headers use register_t but don't #include <s
o kern/159647             [sio] device sio will not compile
o kern/159646  emulation  [linux] [patch] bump Linux version in linuxulator
o kern/159629  net        [ipsec] [panic] kernel panic with IPsec in transport m
o conf/159625             [PATCH] replace hardcoded /usr/local with a variable i
o kern/159621  net        [tcp] [panic] panic: soabort: so_count
a ports/159613 gnome      [PATCH] misc/gnomehier: use dirrmtry for PREFIX/share/
o kern/159612  gnn        [dtrace] [patch] walltimestamp and timestamp functions
o usb/159611   usb        [PATCH] USB stick extrememory Snippy needs quirks
o ports/159608 apache     www/apache22: apache WITH_BDB_BASE settings described 
o kern/159603  net        [netinet] [patch] in_ifscrubprefix() - network route c
p kern/159602  qingli     [netinet] [patch] arp_ifscrub() is called even if IFF_
o kern/159601  net        [netinet] [patch] in_scrubprefix() - loopback route re
f kern/159595  geom       [geom] [panic] panic on gmirror unload in vbox [regres
o ports/159591 doceng     print/ghostscript8-nox11 fails to install
o kern/159534             [panic] general protection fault when switching to con
o kern/159511             [ata] ad0 disappear after upgrading to 8.2-STABLE, roo
o kern/159414  mjacob     [isp] isp(4)+gmultipath(8) : removing active fiber pat
o kern/159412  scsi       [ciss] 7.3 RELEASE: ciss0 ADAPTER HEARTBEAT FAILED err
o kern/159402  fs         [zfs][loader] symlinks cause I/O errors
a ports/159398 delphij    security/openssl: openssl slapd tls init def ctx faile
o misc/159395             [boot] Incorrect implementation of strncmp in boot cod
s ports/159378 lwhsu      [NEW PORT] lang/php-plua: PLua is a PHP extension whic
o bin/159377              [request] system vi(1)/nvi(1) does not display wide ch
o kern/159357  fs         [zfs] ZFS MAXNAMELEN macro has confusing name (off-by-
o kern/159356  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS NAME_ERR_DISKLIKE check is Solaris-s
o kern/159355             [kernel] [patch] unp_gc in 8.2 is once again being ove
o bin/159352              [libc] [patch] accidental busy-waiting loop in fetch(3
o kern/159351  fs         [nfs] [patch] - divide by zero in mountnfs()
o misc/159344             Installing FreeBSD causes computer not to boot
o kern/159326             [ata] [panic] kernel panics when accessing spindowned 
o docs/159307  doc        [patch] lpd smm chapter unconditionally installed
o bin/159305              [request] make syslogd(8) bind to multiple specific IP
o docs/159298  doc        [handbook] document Konqueror with Webkit support to i
o kern/159294  net        [em] em watchdog timeouts
o www/159291   www        Error 404 - when I try to send-pr over
o kern/159284             [ata] [patch] Update ATA command-to-string definitions
o kern/159279             [headers] [patch] __FreeBSD_cc_version in <sys/cdefs.h
o usb/159274   usb        USB 3.0 Etron EJ168A does not work.
o kern/159271             [ataraid] [patch] "pseudo-raid" controllers does not w
o kern/159251  fs         [zfs] [request]: add FLETCHER4 as DEDUP hash option
o ports/159242 skreuzer   New port: sysutils/fuse-zip FUSE filesystem to mount Z
o kern/159236  multimedia [pcm] [patch] set PCM_CAP_DEFAULT for the default snd 
o kern/159226             [libedit] [patch] libedit does not always restore its 
o kern/159222             [boot0] unusual behavior writing boot0 from single use
o ports/159206 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit with case sensitive problem?
s ports/159205 scheidell  net-mgmt/zabbix-agent: No active checks on server: hos
o kern/159203  net        [wpi] Intel 3945ABG Wireless LAN not support IBSS
f usb/159191   usb        [fusefs-ntfs] write on fusefs-ntfs mounted partition r
o ports/159189 bf         math/taucs: problems with shared library
o kern/159179             [libc] close(2) emitting ECONNRESET is not POSIX compl
o bin/159178              rmuser(8): cannot work from stdin and generates wrong 
f ports/159177            sysutils/muse on 8.2-STABLE
o ports/159153 acm        [patch] net-im/emesene: webcam support needs gstreamer
a ports/159117 linimon    [exp-run] Clang exp-run request.
o kern/159103             ping local address on box shows source address
o ports/159102 gnn        sysutils/fusefs-kmod: fusefs daemonizes before mount i
o kern/159099             [ioctl] ioctl SIOCGIFCONF reports interface names whic
o misc/159095             when /var is full can not connect to server through ss
o ports/159087 skv        lang/perl5.14: perl package conflicts with JSON::PP an
o kern/159077  fs         [zfs] Can't cd .. with latest zfs version
o kern/159063             [psm] ALPS touchpad recognized as PS mouse (no scrl, n
o kern/159048  fs         [smbfs] smb mount corrupts large files
p kern/159046  rwatson    [dtrace] [patch] dtrace library is linked with a wrong
o kern/159045  fs         [zfs] [hang] ZFS scrub freezes system
f kern/159013  gnn        [dtrace] kldunload dtraceall crashing if userland dtra
o ports/159003            devel/cross-gcc attempts to use $PRFIX/../../ranlib on
o ports/158987 multimedia multimedia/py-kaa-multimedia: fix build error for grap
o ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
o kern/158979  multimedia [snd_uadio] snd_uaudio fails to initialize built-in mi
o ports/158962 portmgr    [] Make EXTRACT_CMD more flexible-- support
o arm/158950   arm        arm/sheevaplug fails fsx when mmap operations are enab
o bin/158942              Interactive wpa_cli(8) does not terminate after "quit"
a ports/158941 shaun      [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portscout: add MySQL backend and fi
o ports/158936 portmgr    [] Add a filename field to DESKTOP_ENTRIES
o kern/158930  net        [bpf] BPF element leak in ifp->bpf_if->bif_dlist
a ports/158894 danfe      audio/ardour: upgrade to 2.8.11
p kern/158880  mp         [bpf] bpf_filter() can leak kernel stack contents
o kern/158874             [vesa] I cannot change tty screen with vidcontrol(1) (
o kern/158839  fs         [zfs] ZFS Bootloader Fails if there is a Dead Disk
p docs/158813  eadler     [patch] grammar updates for jme(4)
o kern/158802  fs         amd(8) ICMP storm and unkillable process.
o bin/158794              <default> line has been ignored in /etc/newsyslog.conf
o ports/158791 sbz        Update security/openvas-*
p bin/158775   jhb        [patch] top(1)'s output when using 'C' and 'H' interac
o bin/158756              newfs_msdos(8) creates invalid image
o kern/158755             [libc] mmap fails with addr=NULL, flags=MAP_STACK
o conf/158734             netif stop don't destroy cloned_interfaces
o kern/158726  net        [ip6] [patch] ICMPv6 Router Announcement flooding limi
o bin/158725              [patch] column(1): `column -t` always separates column
o kern/158707             [panic] kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled
o bin/158706              [regression] sed(1) in 8.2 gives incorrect output comp
o kern/158694  net        [ix] [lagg] ix0 is not working within lagg(4)
o kern/158689  acpi       [acpi] value of sysctl hw.acpi.thermal.polling_rate ne
p bin/158682   jhb        top(1) man page not mentioning all flags that are togg
o kern/158665  net        [ip6] [panic] kernel pagefault in in6_setscope()
o i386/158653  i386       installing PC-BSD 9 Current with legacy USB Keyboard d
o ports/158647 novel      audio/bebocd: request for marking it BROKEN and DEPREC
o misc/158637             Cannot reinstall 8.2-RELEASE after HEAD
o kern/158635  net        [em] TSO breaks BPF packet captures with em driver
p bin/158580   edwin      [patch] Disable ncal(1)s date highlighting if stdout i
f kern/158569  gavin      [ahci] ROOT MOUNT ERROR (caused by AHCI module)
o ports/158565 apache     www/apache22: Add rlimits based on login class for mpm
o conf/158557  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/pf broken messages
o conf/158551             [patch] Enhance periodic 800.scrub-zfs script to handl
o ia64/158547  ia64       [ia64] Epilog counter ( needs to be saved and re
o kern/158542  multimedia [snd_hda] hdac0: hdac_get_capabilities: Invalid corb s
o ports/158529 x11        [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: conditionalize --with
o ports/158513 x11        Broken Xvideo in x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel drivers 
o bin/158500              [patch] Add -p to arp(8) to hide permanent entries
o kern/158432             [panic] gssd(8) generate much network traffic and led 
f kern/158424  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda driver doesn't expose 'rec' flag for
o kern/158418             [includes] /usr/include librarys broken by unnecessary
p kern/158398  geom       [headers] [patch] <geom/geom.h> includes <sys/sbuf.h> 
f kern/158391  gavin      [pci] Resource allocation issues with hda/ath
o docs/158388  doc        Incorrect documentation of LOCAL_SCRIPT in release(7) 
o docs/158387  doc        The tree(3) man should mention the RB_FOREACH_SAFE() A
o docs/158378  kientzle   cpio/bsdcpio(1) man page does not document -0 and --nu
o kern/158376             [udf] [patch] The UDF file system under counts the num
o ports/158374 acm        databases/firebird21-client coredumps
o bin/158363              [patch] partial restore problem in restore(8)
o ports/158362 sem        sysutils/grub [patch] allow GRUB to boot FreeBSD from 
o kern/158358             [loader] [patch] allow /boot/loader to work from an MB
o kern/158351             [cam] [patch] missing #includes in <cam/cam.h>
o kern/158340             [rpc] Possible dereference of null pointer by code tha
p kern/158339  pjd        [rpc] [patch] replay_alloc() could dereference a null 
p kern/158307  hrs        [ip6] ipv6_pktinfo breaks IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU
o bin/158296   portmgr    pkg_add(1) does not search entire PKG_PATH for depende
o kern/158268             [ata] SIGNATURE: ffffffff with Promise PDC40718
f i386/158264  gavin      Intel Motherboard S5500BCR shut down and power on afte
o kern/158231  fs         [nullfs] panic on unmounting nullfs mounted over ufs o
o kern/158230             libdisk(3) segfault in Open_Disk() with "ada0"
o bin/158206   jilles     sh(1) doesn't properly return IO errors to conditional
f kern/158201  yongari    [re] re0 driver quit working on Acer AO751h between 8.
o i386/158200  i386       wifi doesn't work on Acer AO751h, maybe WMI needs to b
o kern/158197  geom       [geom] geom_cache with size>1000 leads to panics
f ports/158192 sunpoet    devel/nant: NAnt 0.90 fails to build from ports
o kern/158185  bz         [ip6] IPv6 does not manage the NIC's route when doing 
f ports/158181 gavin      databases/unixODBC databases/libodbc software packages
o conf/158171  jpaetzel   [patch] Modify rc scripts for ftp-proxy and pflog to s
o kern/158160             [coretemp] coretemp reports incorrect CPU temperature 
o conf/158127  rc         [patch] remount_optional option in rc.initdiskless doe
o bin/158125              [patch] whois(1) takes too long to move to next addres
o kern/158098  pjd        [hast] problem with copying data on hast-device
o kern/158086             [digi] [patch] Update digi(4) to work with TTYng
o kern/158066  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw + netgraph + multicast = multicast packets
f ports/158061 kwm        New ports: net-im/sofia-sip and net-im/telepathy-sofia
f ports/158036 clsung     databases/py-redis: [2.2.4] this port don't actually i
o kern/157946             [patch] 'BSM conversion requested for unknown event' g
f kern/157932  gavin      [cas] loading CAS4 at boot hangs system
f kern/157929  fs         [nfs] NFS slow read
o docs/157908  doc        [handbook] Description of post-install should include 
o ports/157906 gabor      print/latex horribly outdated
o conf/157903             [devd.conf] [patch] automated kldload for USB class de
o ports/157887 osa        [UPDATE] sysutils/ccd2iso update and change maintainer
o kern/157879  geom       [libgeom] [regression] ABI change without version bump
f ports/157873 edwin      [PATCH] net/dhcprelay: rc.d script does not work
o kern/157869             easy to create zvols that cannot be forgotten
o kern/157863  geom       [geli] kbdmux prevents geli passwords from being enter
f kern/157802  net        [dummynet] [panic] kernel panic in dummynet
o kern/157796  ipfw       [ipfw] IPFW in-kernel NAT nat loopback / Default Route
o kern/157785  net        amd64 + jail + ipfw + natd = very slow outbound traffi
o kern/157770  scsi       [iscsi] [panic] iscsi_initiator panic
o misc/157764             jfbterm + mplayer = hang
o gnu/157755              [patch] gdb(1) hardware watchpoints do not work correc
o bin/157748              calendar(1): Patch for src/usr.bin/calendar/calendars/
o ports/157746 brooks     port bug: net/openmpi has incorrect path for sge depen
o kern/157739  geom       [geom] GPT labels with geom_multipath
o kern/157724  geom       [geom] gpart(8) 'add' command must preserve gap for sc
o kern/157723  geom       [geom] GEOM should not process 'c' (raw) partitions fo
p bin/157718   edwin      input data trigers a core dump from calendar(1) [regre
o bin/157700              tftpd(8) in 8.2-RELEASE expects more data after EOF
o docs/157698  eadler     [patch] gpart(8) man page contains old/incorrect size 
o kern/157689  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw nat config does not accept nonexistent int
p kern/157670  bz         [patch] IPv6 in IPsec packets always get passed to pfi
p bin/157663   dchagin    [patch] kdump(1) gets ptrace args wrong
o bin/157635   sysinstall sysinstall(8): "none" Do not install a boot manager - 
o ports/157600 eclipse    java/eclipse: option WITH_TESTS missing distinfo entry
o ports/157554 apache     www/apache22: Apache RLimitNPROC does not work as inte
o ports/157546 portmgr    [PATCH] Add feature to Warn on deinstall 
o ports/157544 nork       Updates for databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-*
o bin/157543   portmgr    [patch] pkg_add(1) fails to install with -C from bad p
o misc/157533  imp        [nanobsd][patch] save_cfg improvements
o misc/157524             [build] make buildkernel fails while updating 8.1-RELE
a ports/157504 jgh        [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-NetApp: Provides monitorin
o bin/157500              posible chsh(1) bug on systems using nss_ldap/pam_ldap
o bin/157499              fetch(1) confused me with its error message
o conf/157466  osa        [patch] add src to create /usr/share/calendar/calendar
o docs/157452  eadler     [patch] grammar and style nits in ipfw.8
o kern/157449  wireless   [ath] MAC address conflict causes system to freeze
o kern/157446             [libbsdxml] base expat needs minor fixes from vendor c
f kern/157429  yongari    [re] Realtek RTL8169 doesn't work with re(4)
o bin/157424              inconsistent output from ldd(1)
o kern/157418  net        [em] em driver lockup during boot on Supermicro X9SCM-
o kern/157410  net        [ip6] IPv6 Router Advertisements Cause Excessive CPU U
o kern/157399  fs         [zfs] trouble with: mdconfig force delete && zfs strip
o kern/157397             [ada] ahci/ada/cam NCQ timeouts on Samsung and non-dis
f ports/157392 marius     sysutils/cdrtools can't burn DVDs correctly
o amd64/157386 amd64      [powerd] Enabling powerd(8) with default settings on I
o usb/157376   usb        LaCie USB disk not recognized
o bin/157351              [patch] fsdb(8): Add some ports names to See Also for 
o docs/157316  eadler     [patch] update devstat(9) man page
o ports/157313 hrs        cad/spice SEGV
o bin/157308              getextattr(8) incorrect listing of attibutes with glob
o kern/157293             [mfi] mfiutil/mfi does not allow adding a previously c
o bin/157289              repquota(8) does not mark overquota users with a "+" s
o kern/157287  net        [re] [panic] INVARIANTS panic (Memory modified after f
o ports/157282 x11        [MAINTAINER PATCH] net/xrdp: effective login name is n
s ports/157261 itetcu     net-im/skype: Cannot Visit account page
o bin/157244              dump(1): dump/restore: unknown tape header type  -2307
o kern/157243  wireless   [ath] investigate beacon TX (AP) / RX (STA) when under
o docs/157234  eadler     [patch] nullfs(5): //proc/curproc/file returns "unknow
o kern/157209  net        [ip6] [patch] locking error in rip6_input() (sys/netin
o kern/157200  net        [network.subr] [patch] stf(4) can not communicate betw
o conf/157189  sysinstall bsdinstall(8): Default /etc/sysctl.conf should be remo
o kern/157182  net        [lagg] lagg interface not working together with epair 
o kern/157179  fs         [zfs] zfs/dbuf.c: panic: solaris assert: arc_buf_remov
o bin/157177              primes(1) prints non-prime for numbers > 2^32
o ports/157168 portmgr    [] New hook: CONF_FILES automatically handl
o kern/157146             [ncurses] ncurses 5.8 to 5.9 update breaks erlang depe
a ports/157128 linimon    [PATCH] Mk/ add hast user to USERS_BLACKLI
o kern/157118             [igb] cleanup error in igb driver - igb_setup_receive_
o bin/157117   sysinstall sysinstall(8): Add to list of IPv6
o kern/157108  geom       [gjournal] dumpon(8) fails on gjournal providers
o ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
o bin/157104              [patch] ntpd(8) with -DDISABLE_IPV6 gives a lot of err
s www/157076   www        freebsd-wireless mailing list not shown on web All Lis
o usb/157074   usb        [boot] [usb8] vfs_mountroot_ask is called when no usb 
o kern/157070  gonzo      [gpio] [patch] Improve API description in gpio_if.m
o stand/157050 multimedia OSS implementation lacks AFMT_FLOAT
o docs/157049  doc        FreeBSD Handbook: Chapter 14 (Security) Inaccuracy
o bin/157017              vidcontrol(1): "vidcontrol -r" no longer works [regres
o bin/157015              bsnmpd(8) does not create 64bit counters for interface
o kern/156974             [boot] [panic] Panic during kernel boot on HP Proliant
p docs/156955  doc        bug in share/man/man2/setsockopt.2
o ports/156949 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati 6.14.1 produce black blank 
o conf/156945             [nsswitch.conf] Name service Switch does not work as d
o ports/156921 jkim       [patch] www/nspluginwrapper-devel: respect STRIP
o docs/156920  doc        isspecial(3) is not helpful
o bin/156908              dumpfs(8) incorrectly displays ufsid
o kern/156904  wireless   [ath] AR9285 antenna diversity algorithm is buggy and 
o ports/156901 kde        [patch] devel/cmake breaks with CC containing spaces
o ia64/156900  ia64       ia64 -current r221488 panic if kern.maxssiz=536748033 
o usb/156898   usb        [keyboard] usb keyboard does not work while boot (ps2 
o kern/156884  wireless   [ath] ath instablity
o kern/156877  net        [dummynet] [panic] dummynet move_pkt() null ptr derefe
o docs/156853  doc        [patch] Update docs: jail(8) security issues with worl
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o docs/156815  doc        chmod(1): manpage should describe that chmod kicks +t 
o arm/156814   arm        OpenRD Ultimate does not boot on DB-88F6XXX or SHEEVAP
o kern/156799             HEAD panic: Multiple IRQs for PCI interrupt 0.31.INTA:
o kern/156797  fs         [zfs] [panic] Double panic with FreeBSD 9-CURRENT and 
o ports/156787 apache     www/mod_auth_kerb2 fails on undefined symbol with base
o kern/156781  fs         [zfs] zfs is losing the snapshot directory,
o kern/156770  ipfw       [ipfw] [dummynet] [patch]: performance improvement and
o bin/156768              [patch] sockstat(1): missing spaces between long field
o misc/156767  joerg      Installation Media do not include current list of mirr
o ports/156759 python     [patch] lang/python: kevent does not accept KQ_NOTE_EX
o kern/156749             [vmware] FreeBSD 8.2 does infinite disk access in VMwa
p kern/156743  thompsa    [lagg] [patch] if_lagg should not treat vlan-tagged fr
f usb/156735   usb        Need Quirk for Goflex USB Disk Drives
o bin/156729              make(1) does not respect.ORDER in non-parallel mode
o kern/156726  multimedia [snd_uaudio]: snd_uaudio(4) fails to detach when mixer
o usb/156725   usb        USB stack stall cause complete system input loss
o kern/156716             [hang] System freeze during reboot
o gnu/156704              Improper behaviour of GNU grep(1)
o bin/156703              [patch] find(1) ignores whiteouts even with '-type w'
f kern/156691  emulation  [vmware] [panic] panic when using hard disks as RAW de
o docs/156689  doc        stf(4) output-only documentation gives bad configurati
o kern/156684             [libc] getaddrinfo(3) returns improper error
o kern/156667  net        [em] em0 fails to init on CURRENT after March 17
o conf/156659             [patch] periodic/daily/800.scrub-zfs fails on pool nam
o kern/156658             [vm] [sysctl] sysctl vm.idlezero_enable=1 causes hangu
o kern/156647             [ata] Intel ICH7 SATA300 Driver Performance Regression
o kern/156637             [headers] [patch] sys/types.h can't be included when _
o usb/156596   usb        [ehci] Extremely high interrupt rate on ehci/uhci IRQ1
o kern/156584  bz         [jail] ipv4 packet is not forward to v4-mapped binding
o kern/156556             [hpet] FreeBSD fails to boot on ACER 2920: "bad stray 
p kern/156545  fs         [ufs] mv could break UFS on SMP systems
p kern/156540             [hwmpc] hwpmc(4) crash when loaded on unknown AMD cpu
o misc/156537             Mismatch of Control Sums for ISO-image Files of Old Di
o kern/156513  scottl     [aic7xxx] [patch] missing check of scb.
o ports/156492 skv        Multiple versions of Perl not supported
o bin/156484              ntpd(8) regularly flips between PLL and FLL mode (time
o kern/156481             [kernel] [patch] kernel incorrectly reports PPS jitter
o kern/156463             [panic] kernel panic at pcpu.h:224
o ports/156425 python     lang/python26: Needs to include -L/usr/local/lib/pth i
f ports/156424 x11        8.2R xrandr & xf86-video-intel & xorg-server packages 
o ports/156415 danfe      [NEW PORT] net-im/py-hotot, Twitter and micr
o kern/156408  net        [vlan] Routing failure when using VLANs vs. Physical e
o ports/156405 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati driver: no hardware renderi
o kern/156353  emulation  [ibcs2] ibcs2 binaries that execute on 4.x not working
o kern/156352             [kernel] [patch] misleading "maxproc limit exceeded by
o ports/156335 gecko      www/firefox: Repeatable firefox-4.0_1,1 crash
o kern/156328  net        [icmp]: host can ping other subnet but no have IP from
o kern/156327  wireless   [bwn] bwn driver causes 20%-50% packet loss
o kern/156322  wireless   [wpi] no ahdemo support for if_wpi
o kern/156321  wireless   [ath] ahdemo doesn't work with if_ath
o kern/156317  net        [ip6] Wrong order of IPv6 NS DAD/MLD Report
o ports/156286 snb        sysutils/apt port tries to pull from incorrect URL
o kern/156283  net        [ip6] [patch] nd6_ns_input - rtalloc_mpath does not re
o kern/156279  net        [if_bridge][divert][ipfw] unable to correctly re-injec
o kern/156245             [heimdal] [patch] heimdal 1.1 broken in 8-stable and 8
o misc/156242  hrs        [build] /usr/src/release/Makefile
o kern/156241  hardware   [mfi] 'zfs send' does not prevents disks to suspend if
o i386/156229  i386       [hang] Server IBM x3400 is hangs with option SMP in Ke
o kern/156226  net        [lagg]: failover does not announce the failover to swi
o kern/156198  multimedia [snd_hda] [hang] loading snd_hda kernel module hangs s
o kern/156193  fs         [ufs] [hang] UFS snapshot hangs && deadlocks processes
f docs/156187  doc        [handbook] [patch] Add bsnmpd to handbook
o kern/156165  multimedia [hdac] Missing card definition for hdac audio device, 
o kern/156137             [syscons] [patch] support for vi mode keys in scrollba
o kern/156130             [kernel] [patch] hints read: resource_longlong_value a
o kern/156111  jail       [jail] procstat -b not supported in jail
o amd64/156106 amd64      [boot] boot0 fails to start
o gnu/156082              gcc(1) makes incorrect code when swapping array elemen
o docs/156081  doc        troff falls with troff.core with UTF-8 man with incorr
o ports/156076 python     [patch] databases/py-sqlite3: Undefined symbol "sqlite
o kern/156074             [hang] Removing CD-Rom from Lenovo T61p hangs system
o ports/156042 x11        x11/xorg hang in combination with KWin-Tiling
o kern/156039  fs         [nullfs] [unionfs] nullfs + unionfs do not compose, re
o kern/156030  net        [ip6] [panic] Crash in nd6_dad_start() due to null ptr
o kern/156016             [ncurses] Arrow keys don't work with any ncurses based
o ports/156015 zi         [PATCH] dns/unbound add MUNIN-plugin
o usb/156000   usb        rum(4) Fatal trap 18: integer divide fault while in ke
f usb/155996   usb        NanoBSD not booted as Disk
o kern/155994  geom       [geom] Long "Suspend time" when reading large files fr
f ports/155991 kuriyama   textproc/p5-XML-Parser build error
o bin/155985              tcpd(8) does not perform a access-control
o docs/155982  doc        [handbook] reaper of the dead: remove reference to flo
o ports/155970 python     [PATCH] lang/python: speed up upgrade-site-packages
o kern/155964             [hang] OS hangs completely when suspend\resume with ac
f ports/155949 gecko      www/firefox: firefox 4, WITH_PGO, better Text against 
o ports/155941            net/nepenthes: mwserv library support is not included 
f kern/155927  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw stops to check packets for compliance with
o bin/155902              ifconfig(8): ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev foo0 wlanad
f ports/155898            Update port devel/libthai
o arm/155894   arm        [patch] Enable at91 booting from SDHC (high capacity) 
o bin/155886              bc(1) sometimes mangles hexidecimal numbers
p bin/155873   edwin      calendar(1) recurring date not working
o bin/155786              [patch] test(1): '/bin/test -d' fails to report syntax
o usb/155784   usb        Problem with Transcend StoreJet 25M3 (2AJ1) on Asus M2
o bin/155778              awk(1) doesn't set error exit status on errors
o docs/155773  doc        dialog(1): dialog manpages not updated
o kern/155772  net        ifconfig(8): ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): File exists on direc
o misc/155765  jail       [patch] `buildworld' does not honors WITHOUT_JAIL
o bin/155757              problems with setfib(1) behavior
o kern/155752             [uart] tcdrain(3) does not work with uart(4) driver
o conf/155738  portmgr    [exp-run] [patch] reaper of the dead: time to BURN_BRI
o conf/155737  portmgr    [exp-run] [patch] reaper of the dead: remove OBJFORMAT
o kern/155736  pf         [pf] [altq] borrow from parent queue does not work wit
o ports/155697 ak         ports-mgmt/pkg_replace doesn't want to replace java/op
o ports/155696 x11        [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: chase AIGLX altered d
o i386/155695  i386       AMD Vision ultimate notebook HP Pavilion DV6 3109ER ov
o ports/155683 x11        x11/xdm [patch] Enabling IPv6 support breaks IPv4
o kern/155680  net        [multicast] problems with multicast
o usb/155663   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Add support for Supertop Nano 1GB US
o ports/155657 java       java/openjdk6: missing symlink for include/freebsd/*
o ports/155649 bf         [PATCH] math/atlas-devel: Add OPTIONS for STATICLIB an
s kern/155642  net        [request] Add driver for Realtek RTL8191SE/RTL8192SE W
o ports/155639 timur      net/samba-libsmbclient: unrecorded libtdb dependency
o kern/155628             [ahci] ahci disables dvd device
o kern/155615  fs         [zfs] zfs v28 broken on sparc64 -current
o ports/155601 fluffy     new port audio/festvox-russian
o kern/155597  net        [panic] Kernel panics with "sbdrop" message
o ports/155593 crees      audio/musicpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLA
o kern/155587  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panic with zfs
f kern/155585  melifaro   [tcp] [panic] tcp_output tcp_mtudisc loop until kernel
o kern/155577  emulation  [boot] BTX halted after install. Reboot during install
o bin/155548              pkg_info(1): pkg_info -g mistakenly adds $PREFIX to gl
o ports/155546 autotools  devel/libtool doesn't work properly if not using built
o ports/155526 python     [PATCH] devel/py-elementtree: ignore if python >= 2.5
o ports/155524 nivit      [PATCH] devel/py-celementtree: ignore if python >= 2.5
o kern/155499             [mfi] mfi(4) command timeout loop on boot on releng/8.
o kern/155498  wireless   [ral] ral(4) needs to be resynced with OpenBSD's to ga
o usb/155496   miwi       [usb][patch] support BUFFALO WLI-U2-SG54HG wireless
o conf/155480             [login.conf] maxproc does not work when command runnin
o kern/155468  xen        [xen] Xen PV i386 multi-kernel CPU system is not worki
p kern/155442  jhb        [bge] bge driver is seen but does not respond to netwo
o kern/155441             [loader] [patch] Firewire support in loader is broken
o kern/155439             [libkvm] [patch] Spurious error message kvm_nlist: No 
o ports/155431 xfce       x11-wm/xfce4: The little bugs
o kern/155429             [headers] including malloc.h should not abort compile.
p kern/155421  avg        [hang] System can't dump corefile [regression]
o kern/155420  net        [vlan] adding vlan break existent vlan
p kern/155411  fs         [regression] [8.2-release] [tmpfs]: mount: tmpfs : No 
p kern/155407  lstewart   [tcp] Exhausted net.inet.tcp.reass.maxsegments block r
o bin/155374              [patch] grdc(6) timing loop still broken
f kern/155370  wxs        [libpcap] [patch] description string is broken
o ports/155354 bf         New port: math/cmlib NIST core maths library
o kern/155353  xen        [xen] [patch] put "nudging TOD" message under boot_ver
f ports/155335 mi         multimedia/vic is out of date
o kern/155320             [hang] cpufreq/powerd + xorg-7.5.1 + xf86-video-intel-
o gnu/155309              [PATCH] gcc: backport bswap32() and bswap64()
o kern/155303  firewire   [firewire] Mounted firewire disks prevent reboot
o ports/155275 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit does not report installed vulnera
f ports/155268 danfe      games/warsow 0.6 does not work as dedicated server
o arm/155214   arm        [patch] MMC/SD IO slow on Atmel ARM with modern large 
o ports/155201 portmgr    [PATCH] fix portion of CONFIGURE_ENV added
o kern/155199  fs         [ext2fs] ext3fs mounted as ext2fs gives I/O errors
o kern/155196             [uart] uart cannot identify internal modem or its chip
o kern/155177  net        [route] [panic] Panic when inject routes in kernel
o kern/155165  bz         [ip6][ipsec] IPv6 over IPv6 IPsec tunnel MTU(?) issue.
o bin/155163   trasz      [patch] Add Recursive Functionality to setfacl
o docs/155149  doc        [patch] don't encourage using xorg.conf outside of PRE
o conf/155148             [patch] mark /usr/local as nochange in mtree
o conf/155147             [patch] remove /etc/X11 from mtree
o amd64/155135 amd64      [boot] Does Not Boot On a Very Standard Hardware
o kern/155125             [lor] triple LOR in mkdir(1)
f ports/155115            devel/doxygen: dependancy loop
o ports/155105 stephen    Port science/vis5d+ does not build.
o bin/155104   fs         [zfs][patch] use /dev prefix by default when importing
o kern/155100  wireless   [ath] ath driver on busy channel: "stuck beacon"
o ports/155083 netchild   devel/linux_kdump update
o ports/155070 jgh        NEW PORT: games/CastleVox - new fast strategy board ga
o kern/155040  emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux recvfrom doesn't handle proto fa
o kern/155030  net        [igb] igb(4) DEVICE_POLLING does not work with carp(4)
p bin/155028              init(8): "init q" in single user causes segfault
o ports/155011 bland      x11/nvidia-settings versions 195 and above fail to all
o kern/155010  net        [msk] ntfs-3g via iscsi using msk driver cause kernel 
f kern/155004  yongari    [bce] [panic] kernel panic in bce0 driver
o bin/155000              make(1) doesn't handle .POSIX: correctly
o conf/154999             Problems with ARP table
o kern/154988  des        [libfetch] [patch] lib/libfetch/ftp.c add LIST feature
o amd64/154957 amd64      [boot] Install boot CD won't boot up - keeps rebooting
o kern/154955  acpi       [acpi] Keyboard or ACPI doesn't work on Lenovo S10-3
p bin/154954   adrian     [patch] csup(1) in the CVS mode  terminates before it 
o kern/154943  net        [gif] ifconfig gifX create on existing gifX clears IP
o kern/154930  fs         [zfs] cannot delete/unlink file from full volume -> EN
f ports/154897 swills     emulators/open-vm-tools: Bug in open-vm-tools-313025_2
o ports/154884 java       java/openjdk6: Every NetBeans version on FreeBSD 8.1 c
p stand/154873 pjd        ZFS violates POSIX on open/O_CREAT -> ftruncate
s kern/154851  net        [request]: Port brcm80211 driver from Linux to FreeBSD
o kern/154850  net        [netgraph] [patch] ng_ether fails to name nodes when t
o stand/154842 standards  invalid request authenticator in the second and subseq
o docs/154838  doc        update cvs-tags information on releng_* to reflect sup
o kern/154833  xen        [xen]: xen 4.0 - DomU freebsd8.2RC3 i386, XEN kernel. 
o kern/154828  fs         [msdosfs] Unable to create directories on external USB
o kern/154814             [lor] LOR between bufwait/dirhash
o bin/154788   sysinstall sysinstall(8) crashes if no network interface found
o ports/154770 portmgr    [patch][regression] Mk/ do-fetch fails on 
o bin/154769              make(1): :L modifier broken in quoted strings
o usb/154753   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Support for Qualcomm USB modem/stora
o ports/154711            security/heimdal: kadmin: hdb_open: hdb_open failed in
o kern/154709             [heimdal] Kerberos V5 refuses authentication because R
o kern/154683  des        [libpam] [request] Allow pam_krb5 to authenticate no l
o ports/154682            net/iaxmodem: add rc script for running more than 1 ia
o kern/154679  net        [em] Fatal trap 12: "em1 taskq" only at startup (8.1-R
o ports/154674 office     Build of editors/ 3.0 fails
o ports/154651 x11        [PATCH] graphics/dri: make it possible to choose which
o amd64/154629 amd64      [panic] Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while i
o ports/154628 gabor      /usr/ports/textproc/bsddiff/ segfaults with -N
o bin/154613   sysinstall sysinstall(8) does not rescan USB automatically
o kern/154609  ed         [ncurses] END key under screen not sending correct cod
o ports/154607 flz        Symlinking leads to hashing fail in net-p2p/rtorrent [
o kern/154600  net        [tcp] [panic] Random kernel panics on tcp_output
p kern/154598  wireless   [ath] Atheros 5424/2424 can't connect to WPA network
o kern/154597             [pam] [patch] pam_passwdqc incorrectly tells the user 
o i386/154578  i386       [boot] BTX Loader hangs > 1,5 min after listing BIOS d
o bin/154570              [patch] gvinum(8) can't be built as part of the kernel
o kern/154567  wireless   [ath] ath(4) lot of bad series(0)
o bin/154562              make(1): corrupted stack access when provided invalid 
o kern/154557  net        [tcp] Freeze tcp-session of the clients, if in the gat
f ports/154510 x11        [patch] x11/xorg: xorg servers have Motif-crippling bu
o usb/154506   usb        [umass] Copying dir with large files makes FreeBSD loa
o ports/154502 x11        x11/xdm authorization failure when used with E17 windo
o kern/154491  fs         [smbfs] smb_co_lock: recursive lock for object 1
o conf/154484             [patch] request for new functionality. jail zfs datase
o kern/154473  xen        [xen] xen 4.0 - DomU freebsd8.1 i386, XEN kernel. Not 
o kern/154472  xen        [xen] xen 4.0 - DomU freebsd8.1 i386 xen kernel reboot
o ports/154456 doceng     [PATCH] update textproc/docproj to use newer tidy
o ports/154449 x11        x11/xorg: missing manpage (7) Xsecurity
o kern/154443  net        [if_bridge] Kernel module bridgestp.ko missing after u
o kern/154432  scsi       [xpt] run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 
o kern/154428  xen        [xen] xn0 network interface and PF - Massive performan
o ports/154423 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-radeonhd: radeon xorg driver ca
o bin/154419              dig(1) segfault with +trace
o bin/154409              indent(1) bug report
p bin/154407   kientzle   [patch] tar(1) ignores error codes from read() just si
o www/154406   webmaster  Mailing List Archives search broken and outdated
o ports/154352 pgollucci  [patch] multimedia/xmms: update using desktop and mime
o kern/154327  wireless   [ath] AR5416 in station mode hangs when transmitting f
o kern/154299             [arcmsr] arcmsr fails to detect all attached drives
f ports/154288 glewis     [patch] games/nethack*: remove old ports and cleanup l
o kern/154286  net        [netgraph] [panic] 8.2-PRERELEASE panic in netgraph
o kern/154284  wireless   [ath] Modern ath wifi cards (such as AR9285) have miss
o kern/154255  net        [nfs] NFS not responding
o ports/154249 bf         [NEW PORT] math/sprng: Scalable Parallel Pseudo Random
o conf/154246  jail       [jail] [patch] Bad symlink created if devfs mount poin
p kern/154228  fs         [md] md getting stuck in wdrain state
o arm/154227   arm        [geli] using GELI leads to panic on ARM
o kern/154226  geom       [geom] GEOM label does not change when you modify them
o gnu/154225              The rcsintro manpage should not be in section 1
o kern/154214  net        [stf] [panic] Panic when creating stf interface
f ports/154209 python     [PATCH] lang/python: Install symlink for ptags
o usb/154192   usb        [umass] In Garmin Oregon GPS, only the first umass dev
o kern/154185  net        race condition in mb_dupcl
o kern/154170  davidxu    Panic in sched_switch (/usr/src/sys/kern/sched_ule.c:1
o kern/154169  net        [multicast] [ip6] Node Information Query multicast add
o kern/154153  wireless   [ath] AR5213 + MIPS + WPA group key packet corruption
o kern/154134  net        [ip6] stuck kernel state in LISTEN on ipv6 daemon whic
o misc/154133             [build] device.hints not updated on upgrade == serial 
f ports/154118 mm         graphics/ruby-rmagick: rmagick fails to automaticly re
o kern/154091  net        [netgraph] [panic] netgraph, unaligned mbuf?
o ports/154086 office     libsicui18n.a in devel/icu constains no symbols
p bin/154073   delphij    [libz] libz causes perl to exit on signal 11
o conf/154062  net        [vlan] [patch] change to way of auto-generatation of v
o bin/154060              host(1): Server Unknown Error while resolve ip by the 
o kern/153996  fs         [zfs] zfs root mount error while kernel is not located
o kern/153990  emulation  [hyper-v]: Will not install into Hyper-V on Server 200
o docs/153958  doc        ksu man-page documented, but not installed
o ports/153952 python     lang/python26 + pth fails to reconfigure cflags to inc
o kern/153937  net        [ral] ralink panics the system (amd64 freeBSDD 8.X) wh
o kern/153936  net        [ixgbe] [patch] MPRC workaround incorrectly applied to
o amd64/153935 amd64      [hang] system hangs while trying to do 'shutdown -h no
o kern/153924             [rtld] Bug is inside rtld (ELF dyn loader)
o kern/153918  des        [openpam] Consider compiling OpenPAM with debug loggin
o kern/153887  emulation  [linux] Linux emulator not understand STB_GNU_UNIQUE b
o i386/153851  usb        [keyboard] keyboard issues on new Intel Mother boards.
a kern/153848  bz         [carp] [ipv6] backup host can't connect to master host
o ports/153846 multimedia graphics/libcaca 0.99.beta17 - Hidden dependency on Xl
o amd64/153831 amd64      [boot] CD bootloader won't on Tyan s2912G2nr
o kern/153816  net        [ixgbe] ixgbe doesn't work properly with the Intel 10g
o bin/153801              [patch] btxld(8) produces incorrect ELF binaries
f ports/153776 rea        [patch] multimedia/mplayer - disabling RTCPU on non-{i
o kern/153772  net        [ixgbe] [patch] sysctls reference wrong XON/XOFF varia
o kern/153771             Unkillable process after a SCSI tape write error
o kern/153757             Kernel panic using openchrome Xorg driver on 9-CURRENT
o kern/153753  fs         [zfs] ZFS v15 - grammatical error when attempting to u
o kern/153746             [drm] [panic] kernel crash with 2 X11 sessions on amd6
a ports/153735 jsa        multimedia/vlc: install error: `Permission denied' for
o bin/153731              [patch] ifconfig(8): ifconfig prints trailing whitespa
o kern/153716  fs         [zfs] zpool scrub time remaining is incorrect
o usb/153703   usb        [keyboard] My USB keyboard can not be used in 8-STABLE
o kern/153695  fs         [patch] [zfs] Booting from zpool created on 4k-sector 
o kern/153680  fs         [xfs] 8.1 failing to mount XFS partitions
o kern/153674  xen        [xen] i386/XEN idle thread shows wrong percentages
o misc/153673             [build] tic (the terminfo compiler) not being created
o kern/153672  xen        [xen] [panic] i386/XEN panics under heavy fork load
o conf/153666  rc         [rc.d][patch] mount filesystems from fstab over zfs da
o bin/153659              awk(1) segfaults when trying to extract a combination 
o ports/153632 hrs        textproc/xmlcharent fails to build
o kern/153620  xen        [xen] Xen guest system clock drifts in AWS EC2 (FreeBS
o bin/153619              [patch] csup(1): prevent infinite cycle on empty ",v" 
o usb/153609   usb        [zyd] [panic] kernel: Fatal trap 12: page fault while 
o bin/153600              Path length restrictions in mount/umount tools prevent
o usb/153599   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Feiya Elango USB MicroSD reader sync
o kern/153594  wireless   [wlan] netif/devd race
o ports/153593 x11        graphics/dri: clutter segfault, something to do with i
o ports/153578 doceng     [patch] textproc/docproj-nojadetex: JadeTeX included w
o ports/153567            [PATCH] x11/fpc-x11: doesn't respect localbase
o conf/153543             [periodic] [patch] Allow periodic to read periodic.con
o ports/153541 wxs        [patch] devel/git: respect STRIP for stripping
o kern/153520  fs         [zfs] Boot from GPT ZFS root on HP BL460c G1 unstable
o kern/153514  scsi       [cam] [panic] CAM related panic
o bin/153502              [libc] regex(3) bug with UTF-8 locale
o kern/153497  net        [netgraph] netgraph panic due to race conditions
o amd64/153496 amd64      [hyper-v] [install] Install on Hyper-V leaves corrupt 
o ports/153495 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati wavy line problem for lenov
o kern/153477  xen        [xen] XEN pmap code abuses vm page queue lock
o kern/153459             [kbdmux][patch] add option to specify built-in keymap
o kern/153454  net        [patch] [wlan] [urtw] Support ad-hoc and hostap modes 
o kern/153448  wireless   [ath] ath networking device loses association after a 
o ports/153429 ak         [patch] Fix explicite uses of unzip in ports
o bin/153426              [patch] fsck_msdosfs(8) only works with sector size 51
o kern/153418  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel Panic occurred writing to zfs vol
o ports/153406 apache     www/apache22's SUEXEC_RSRCLIMIT option does not take e
o ports/153386            devel/valgrind does not build/include man pages
o arm/153380   arm        Panic / translation fault with wlan on ARM
f misc/153373             [build] Cannot buildworld for 8.1_RELEASE-p2
o amd64/153372 amd64      [panic] kernel panic
o kern/153361  scsi       [ciss] Smart Array 5300 boot/detect drive problem
o ports/153358 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel: Intel driver freeze with
o kern/153351  fs         [zfs] locking directories/files in ZFS
o kern/153308  net        [em] em interface use 100% cpu
o kern/153307  pf         [pf] Bug with PF firewall
o kern/153303             [amr] amr device driver dont detect logical drive amrd
f kern/153289  gavin      Modem Ring Signal not reliably detected
o ports/153281 ashish     editors/emacs: glib warning when starting emacs
o ports/153277 pgsql      databases/postgresql90-server crashes  during compilat
o bin/153276              [patch] uudecode(1) error message is incorrect
o bin/153258   fs         [patch][zfs] creating ZVOLs requires `refreservation' 
o kern/153254             [kqueue] [request] Please add API to kqueue(2) to noti
o bin/153252   ipfw       [ipfw][patch] ipfw lockdown system in subsequent call 
o kern/153244  net        [em] em(4) fails to send UDP to port 0xffff
o kern/153243  emulation  [ibcs2] Seg fault whne running COFF binary using iBCS2
p bin/153240   des        fetch(1): http transfer hangs after ^T (status) on tty
o conf/153233             [patch] skel/dot.shrc: use prompt escapes, comment out
o bin/153211   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) can not fetch updates over a proxy w
p bin/153206   maxim      [patch] netstat(1): "netstat -sz" doesn't reset any IP
o kern/153205             [ahci] PIONEER DVD-RW: timeout with ahci(4), OK with a
o conf/153200  rc         post-boot /etc/rc.d/network_ipv6 start can miss neighb
o ports/153195 nivit      New port: www/mathjax cross-browser JavaScript display
o amd64/153175 amd64      [amd64] Kernel Panic on only FreeBSD 8 amd64
s kern/153173  fs         [zfs] booting from a gzip-compressed dataset doesn't w
o ports/153167 python     Problem with signals, threads, and subprocesses in lan
o kern/153161  ipfw       [ipfw] does not support specifying rules with ICMP cod
o misc/153157             [build] [patch] Add support for generating userland de
o bin/153156              When watch(1) is invoked incorrectly it trashes the tt
o conf/153155  hrs        [PATCH] [8.2-BETA1] ipfw rules fail to load cleanly on
o bin/153154   kientzle   [patch][libarchive] fix error handling in mtree parsin
o kern/153150  xen        [xen] xen/ec2: disable checksum offloading on interfac
o usb/153149   usb        [umass] USB stick quirk regression [regression]
o ports/153147 danfe      Repocopy request: graphics/yafray -> graphics/yafaray
o kern/153126  fs         [zfs] vdev failure, zpool=peegel type=vdev.too_small
o bin/153124              grep(1): "grep foo * > somefile" goes into an infinite
o conf/153123  rc         [rc] [patch] add gsched rc file to automatically inser
o bin/153052              [patch] watch(8) breaks tty on error
o misc/153049             [build] PORTS_MODULES= seriously broken if port depend
a docs/153012  doc        [patch] iostat(8) requires an argument to -c option
o ports/153008 brooks     lang/clang: clang/binutils incompatibility
f i386/153003  gavin      [panic] Cant boot PCBSD-CURRENT-20101204x86CD.iso Dec0
o kern/152991             [ufs] false disk full with a too slow flash module
o i386/152942  mav        [install] "acd0[READ(offset=32768, length=2048)]error=
o bin/152934   delphij    [patch] Enhancements to printf(1)
o bin/152928   hrs        [patch] rtadvd(8) don't send RA on i/f that's down
o kern/152922  adrian     Routerstation Pro different flash model investigation
o ports/152915            russian/xmms v. 1.2.11_12 don't see cdinfo and tag's i
f bin/152909   gavin      scp mistake file to directory
o ports/152899            devel/valgrind: unhandled syscall: 506
o kern/152893  net        [netgraph] [panic] 8.2-PRERELEASE panic in netgraph
o ports/152877 portmgr    [] Patch to add locking to ports make opera
o amd64/152874 amd64      [install] 8.1 install fails where 7.3 works due to lac
a ports/152871 linimon    [exp-run] [patch] Request for exp-run and comment w/rt
o bin/152856   cperciva   [patch] allow up to be used instead of update in freeb
o kern/152853  net        [em] tftpd (and likely other udp traffic) fails over e
o ports/152847 tj         [patch] port/buildbot-slave could use a startup script
o kern/152828  net        [em] poor performance on 8.1, 8.2-PRE
o gnu/152808              gdb(1) crash on exit
o conf/152807             [periodic] security 900.tcpwrap does not report any re
o ports/152804 portmgr    [patch] Add USE_SRC and ONLY_FOR_*VER to
o kern/152796             fcntl(2) audit records should not be labeled "file att
o kern/152792             [acpica] [patch] move temperature conversion macros to
o kern/152791  bz         [icmp] ND, ICMPv6 Redirect vs Destination Cache failed
o kern/152750  wireless   [ath] ath0 lot of bad series hwrate
o bin/152738              [patch] vmstat(8), printhdr() doesn't work correctly w
o kern/152662             [rtld] load libraries with address hint (cf. prelink)
o bin/152661              parallel make sometimes gets working dir confused
o misc/152636             [install] 8.1 Boot Only ISO doesn't support install vi
o kern/152622  multimedia [pcm] uaudio recording problem
o misc/152613             FreeBSD 8.x can not find logical drives on extended pa
p kern/152609  pjd        [geli] geli onetime on gzero panics
o kern/152604             FreeBSD 7.2/7.3 installation CD panics on HP Proliant 
f kern/152599             [scheduler] scheduler issue - cpu overusage by 'intr' 
o kern/152582             [em] request: merge em Intel Driver Upgrage to Version
o kern/152569  net        [net]: Multiple ppp connections and routing table prob
s ports/152547 dougb      [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portmaster: support .txz and .tgz p
o bin/152546              gdb(1): internal-error: fbsd_thread_new_objfile: Asser
p misc/152531  maxim      Incorrect sysctl description
o bin/152525              ntpd(8) on 8.1 loops on select() with EBADF
o kern/152500  multimedia [hdac] play interrupt timeout, channel dead
o kern/152485  arundel    [patch] seek offset for /dev/null(4) and /dev/zero(4) 
o ports/152474 mi         Upgrading 'gdb-6.6_1' to 'gdb-6.6_2' (devel/gdb6) fail
o conf/152465  simon      [jail] [patch] devfs is mounted in jails without rules
f bin/152458   hrs        rtadvd(8) needs to allow RA without a prefix info opti
o bin/152446   cperciva   portsnap(8) error
o kern/152438  acpi       [acpi]: patch to acpi_asus(4) to add extra sysctls for
o amd64/152430 amd64      [boot] HP ProLiant Microserver n36l cannot boot into i
o stand/152415 kargl      [libm] implementation of expl()
o kern/152405             wrong user time is reported when CPU frequency throttl
o ports/152389 sem        sysutils/grub and sysutils/grub2 misinterpret disklabe
o kern/152378  multimedia [sound][patch] Update snd_envy24ht to be MPSAFE and us
o ports/152355 hrs        net/openbgpd stops syslogging after syslogd restart
o kern/152310             [uart] [hang] Serial I/O hangs in FreeBSD 8.x
o ports/152306 mm         devel/binutils create binary incompatible kernel modul
o kern/152293             [libstdc++] SEGV in
o bin/152259   ae         bsnmpd(1) fails with stack overflow during GETBULK of 
o kern/152253             [digi] [patch] Enhancements to digi(4) to prevent inte
o kern/152250  scsi       [ciss] [patch] Kernel panic when hw.ciss.expose_hidden
o kern/152235  net        [arp] Permanent local ARP entries are not properly upd
o kern/152232             [syscons] [patch] syscons VGA screensavers don't work 
o bin/152229              b64decode(1)/b64_pton(3) should decode common variant 
o kern/152228  xen        [xen] [panic] Xen/PV panic with machdep.idle_mwait=1
o kern/152162             [syscons] On syscons, pressing delete key results in p
o ports/152159 x11        [hang] xorg/x11: X11 freezes with Intel Mobile 965 and
o bin/152154              script(1) -k malfunctions with certain shells (e.g. tc
s kern/152148  bz         [pfil] vnet_pfil_init() happens too late if pfil_head_
o kern/152141  net        [vlan] [patch] encapsulate vlan in ng_ether before out
o bin/152132              script(1): [patch] Useless code in script.c (part 2)
o bin/152131              script(1): [patch] Useless code in script.c (part 1)
o ports/152118            New port: deskutils/linux-tahometer A worktime trackin
o kern/152113  ipfw       [ipfw] page fault on 8.1-RELEASE caused by certain amo
o docs/152103  chinsan    man ipnat is out-dated
a ports/152099 cs         [NEW PORT] www/loggerhead
o kern/152098  acpi       [acpi] Lenovo T61p does not resume
f amd64/152097 gavin      Sound button in Lenovo T61p mutes sound in kde
o bin/152084              [patch] pw(8) does not allow @ or ! in gecos
o usb/152075   usb        [usb8] [ehci] [request] Add quirk for CS5536 USB
f kern/152047  virtualization[vimage] [panic] TUN\TAP under jail with vimage crashe
o kern/152036  net        [libc] getifaddrs(3) returns truncated sockaddrs for n
o kern/152022  fs         [nfs] nfs service hangs with linux client [regression]
o bin/151996              [patch] new tcpdrop(8) option to select interactively 
o bin/151976              [patch] mount_nullfs(8) patch to add support for expos
o kern/151942  fs         [zfs] panic during ls(1) zfs snapshot directory
o bin/151937              [patch] netstat(1) utility lack support of displaying 
o kern/151924             very slow boot from disk: 15m+
o ports/151923 java       [patch] java/openjdk6: free and native openjdk bootstr
f kern/151910  pjd        [zfs] booting from raidz/raidz2 on ciss(4) doesn't wor
o kern/151905  fs         [zfs] page fault under load in /sbin/zfs
o ports/151884 office     editors/ port misbehaviour
p bin/151866   des        [libfetch] [patch] closing the cached FTP connection
o kern/151813             FreeBSD 8.1/amd64: garbage in /var/log/messages
f threa/151767 davidxu    pthread_mutex_init returns success with bad attributes
o docs/151752  doc        pw.conf(5) doesn't define format for file clearly
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
s gnu/151716              gcc(1) fail with internal compiler error when using -f
o kern/151714  emulation  [linux] print/acroread9 not usable due to lack of supp
o bin/151713   fs         [patch] Bug in growfs(8) with respect to 32-bit overfl
p misc/151698  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] Add two new options to to
p misc/151697  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] copy links to packages as
p misc/151696  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] doesn't run "make_conf_bu
o misc/151695  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] Enhance tools/nanobsd/
o kern/151690  net        [ep] network connectivity won't work until dhclient is
o kern/151681  net        [nfs] NFS mount via IPv6 leads to hang on client with 
o bin/151663              grdc(1): games/grdc: -s does not scroll
o ports/151662            ports-mgmt/portupgrade: upgrade of autoconf leaves old
o kern/151650             FreeBSD9-CURRENT can't boot when recompile KERNEL.
o kern/151648  fs         [zfs] disk wait bug
o kern/151629  fs         [fs] [patch] Skip empty directory entries during name 
o kern/151608             [ata] FreeBSD doesn't detect Sandforce-based SSD
o ports/151603 vbox       [vbox] Self-built emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod vboxne
o bin/151600              [patch] route(8) does not always flush stdout
o ports/151596 x11        x11/xorg: wacom bamboo button 1 no longer works
o kern/151593  net        [igb] [panic] Kernel panic when bringing up igb networ
o kern/151564  scsi       [ciss] ciss(4) should increase  CISS_MAX_LOGICAL to 10
o ports/151534 python     lang/python26 + WITH_PTH doesn't install correctly
o ports/151472 ume        mail/cyrus-imapd23 failed to compile
o kern/151449  bz         [patch] IPsec SPD rule does not match GIF with IPv6 ad
o kern/151444             [kerberos] Kerberos5 is broken in the base system from
o www/151438   bugmeister query-cgi use monospace font
o www/151437   bugmeister query-cgi broken with base64 encoded mime email
o ports/151427 wen        math/FriCAS: fatal error encountered in SBCL pid 19170
o ports/151414 portmgr    Add 'work' when WRKDIRPREFIX is used.
o kern/151409  yongari    [e1000] Problem with Marvell driver, e1000phy.c
o kern/151379             [libcrypto] and Shared O
o docs/151336  scsi       Missing documentation of scsi_ and ata_ functions in c
o kern/151330  fs         [zfs] will unshare all zfs filesystem after execute a 
o kern/151326  fs         [nfs] nfs exports fail if netgroups contain duplicate 
o kern/151305             [patch] - CTASSERT(sizeof(struct jmvrec) == JREC_SIZE)
o ports/151280            emulators/vmware-guestd6 port install error in /usr/po
o bin/151264   syrinx     bsnmpd(1): pf counters aren't updated on some SNMP que
o kern/151251  fs         [ufs] Can not create files on filesystem with heavy us
o bin/151229   eadler     xterm terminal emulation - shift-tab doesn't work as e
o kern/151226  fs         [zfs] can't delete zfs snapshot
o kern/151198  wireless   [ath] ath/5416 fails bgscan with "ath0: ath_chan_set: 
o bin/151187              pkg_add(1): allow different pkgdep location
o bin/151186              [patch] routed(8) turns RIP off if just one network ca
o bin/151168              pkg_add(1): pkg_add -K should preserve file metadata
o ports/151154 kde        audio/amarok-kde4 crashes on network activity if ports
o misc/151141             [tools] [patch] include daily script in !MK_PKGTOOLS c
o ports/151124 hrs        net/openbgpd: OpenBGPD exists if an interface is remov
o i386/151122  i386       [boot] BTX 1.02 crashes on boot
o kern/151111  fs         [zfs] vnodes leakage during zfs unmount
p docs/151104  keramida   mksnap_ffs(8) should mention 20 snapshot limit on UFS
o kern/151091             [ahci] JMicron JMB363 unusable after S3 suspend/resume
o ports/151042 java       [patch] java/openjdk6 Respect CC
o bin/151036              [patch] Default snaplen of tcpdump(1) is not adequate 
o bin/151023              [patch] ping6(8) exits before all ICMPv6 echo replies 
o bin/150995   sysinstall sysinstall(8): corruption of partition table
o ports/150994 maho       math/suitesparse can not compile with atlas
o docs/150991  doc        [patch] Install upgtfw using pkg_add as advised in upg
o bin/150988              adduser(8) problem of directory mode
a ports/150980 dinoex     print/cups-base: I can not create package for cups-bas
s ports/150968 kuriyama   textproc/p5-XML-Parser fails test
o threa/150959 threads    [libc] Stub pthread_once in libc should call _libc_onc
o kern/150920  net        [ixgbe][igb] Panic when packets are dropped with heade
o docs/150917  doc        [patch] icmp.4, wrong description of icmplim and icmpl
o usb/150892   usb        [zyd] Whenever network contacted in any shape, way or 
p bin/150890   kientzle   [patch] bsdtar(1) does not always dive into subdirecto
o docs/150877  doc        ambiguity in newsyslog(8) man page about zfs with comp
o kern/150858  geom       [geom] [geom_label] [patch] glabel(8) is not compatibl
o ports/150794 glewis     tomcat7's rc.d script wont shutdown tomcat with java/o
o bin/150771              [patch] csup(1) GNUmakefile missing
o i386/150766  i386       Dell Vostro 3700 siffle sous FreeBSD / Dell Vostro 370
o bin/150723   ae         bsnmpd(1): add knowledge of "ada" disks (ATA via SCSI 
o ports/150691 portmgr    [patch] Templates/BSD.local.dist: add conf.{avail,d} f
o bin/150648              [patch] rshd(8): Incorrect determination of length of 
o kern/150640             [panic] Fatal Trap 9 - 8.1-release
o ports/150633 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: KVM switching causing X serve
o ports/150631 gecko      www/firefox 3.6.9 does not build if you have previousl
o kern/150628             [acd] [ata] burncd(1) can't write to optical drive
o kern/150626  geom       [geom] [gjournal] gjournal(8) destroys label
s bin/150620              [request] Please include utility programs for ncurses
o misc/150590             Screen goes blank when PC-BSD graphic install is loade
o arm/150581   arm        [irq] Unknown error generates IRQ address decoding err
o kern/150557  net        [igb] igb0: Watchdog timeout -- resetting
o kern/150555  geom       [geom] gjournal unusable on GPT partitions
f ports/150541 gahr       [new port] sysutils/yum - Installer/updater for rpm
o bin/150530              [patch] syslogd(8) doesn't support ipv6 addrs as desti
o kern/150516  jfv        [em] e1000 receive queue handling problem
o kern/150503  fs         [zfs] ZFS disks are UNAVAIL and corrupted after reboot
f ports/150502 multimedia multimedia/gpac-libgpac 0.4.5_4,1 fails to compile on 
o kern/150501  fs         [zfs] ZFS vdev failure vdev.bad_label on amd64
o conf/150474  rc         [patch] rc.d/accounting: Add ability to set location o
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
o kern/150390  fs         [zfs] zfs deadlock when arcmsr reports drive faulted
o kern/150367             [isp] Possible QLogic fiber channel regression in 8.1-
o docs/150365  arundel    [make.conf] [patch] remove BDECFLAGS from make.conf(5)
o kern/150336  fs         [nfs] mountd/nfsd became confused; refused to reload n
o kern/150334  geom       [geom] [udf] [patch] geom label does not support UDF
o kern/150315             [ata] sizeof(union ccb) changed between 7.x and 8.x
o ports/150295 nivit      audio/sonata fails in __init__ at mpd.MPDClient()  : o
o kern/150284  multimedia [snd_hda] No gain with Audio
o ports/150265 doceng     [patch] print/ghostscript8 disable bogus port conflict
a bin/150262   emulation  [patch] truss(1) -f doesn't follow descendants of the 
o docs/150255  doc        dtrace description should mention makeoptions DEBUG=-g
o kern/150251  net        [patch] [ixgbe] Late cable insertion broken
o kern/150249  net        [ixgbe] Media type detection broken
s bin/150237   sysinstall sysinstall(8): Suggestion: installer should suggest th
o bin/150229   cperciva   [PATCH] update man page of freebsd-update(8)
o bin/150224   net        ppp(8) does not reassign static IP after kill -KILL co
o kern/150206             [patch] nmount(2): can't switch root partition to rw u
o conf/150195             [patch] [rc.d] startup script for pfstatd(8)
o usb/150189   usb        [run] [usb8] [patch] if_run appears to corrupt IP traf
a kern/150186  emulation  [parallels] [panic] Parallels Desktop: CDROM disconnec
o kern/150176             [libpcap] [patch] pcap(3): pcap_read_bpf() p->cc can g
o ports/150155 x11        x11/xorg hangs after xrandr(1) usage
p kern/150138  davidxu    [patch] signal sent to stopped, traced process not imm
o kern/150095  mav        [patch] Account for reserved itimers which shouldn't c
o stand/150093 standards  C++ std::locale support is broken
o kern/150036             [rpc] Sun RPC license has less restrictions now.
f kern/150023  gavin      [rl] Adding only vlan interfaces (no native IP) doesn'
o stand/149980 eadler     [libc] [patch] negative value integer to nanosleep(2) 
o bin/149972              [patch] pw(8): usermod -u <non-numeric> should error
f kern/149969  net        [wlan] [ral] ralink rt2661 fails to maintain connectio
o kern/149960             [headers] syntax error /usr/include/machine/endian.h
o ports/149958 bf         x11-toolkits/ocaml-lablgtk2's varcc should (maybe) be 
o kern/149943  multimedia [pcm]: CS4236 audio problem
o kern/149937  net        [ipfilter] [patch] kernel panic in ipfilter IP fragmen
o kern/149936             [libmagic] [patch] wrong handling of decompression uti
s kern/149927  scsi       [cam] hard drive not stopped before removing power dur
o kern/149917  qingli     [net] [patch] freebsd 8.1 crash with ECMP
o ports/149902            [PATCH] mail/dspam: important cleanup
s kern/149898             [ata] [request] add LSI AOC-USAS2-L8e support
o conf/149867  rc         [PATCH] rc.d script to manage multiple FIBS (kern opti
o kern/149857             [kqueue] kqueue not reporting EOF under certain circum
o ports/149846            graphics/gimp-gap: outdated (not maintained) port
o conf/149831  rc         [PATCH] add support to /etc/rc.d/jail for delegating Z
o bin/149828   kientzle   tar(1) poor (empty) error message when extracting trun
s ports/149817            [wishlist] ports-mgmt/portupgrade: portinstall -p opti
o bin/149806              [patch] OpenBSM auditd(8) fails to expire trails if ho
f kern/149803  vwe        [patch] loader: set vfs.mount.rootfrom using label
o kern/149797             [kernel] [panic] mutex sleepq chain not owned at /usr/
o kern/149786  wireless   [bwn] bwn on Dell Inspiron 1150: connections stall
p usb/149764   usb        [u3g] [patch] usbdevs update: Huawei K3765 3G modem
o kern/149762  geom       volume labels with rogue characters
o ports/149743 x11        x11/xorg: garbled window since Xorg-7.5
o gnu/149712              [build] -fno-builtin in CFLAGS will cause gcc(1) to se
p usb/149675   thompsa    [uftdi] [usb_serial] doesn't react to break properly
o i386/149647  i386       [panic] Dell Inspiron 530 (FX09) panic at boot with 8.
o kern/149643  net        [rum] device not sending proper beacon frames in ap mo
o ports/149636 x11        x11/xorg: buffer overflow in pci_device_freebsd_read_r
o misc/149633  bugmeister Problem with replying to PR
o kern/149609  net        [panic] reboot after adding second default route
o kern/149591             [kernel] struct callout:c_flags should be volatile
o kern/149587             [vm] Lockup on 8.1-RC2 system enabling vm.idlezero
o kern/149586             [kernel] _callout_stop_safe prematurely unsets CALLOUT
o kern/149580  mav        [ata] [patch] When using an SIIG SATA card the error "
o docs/149574  doc        [patch] update mi_switch(9) man page
o bin/149569              [patch] rtld(1): runtime linker unable to load needed 
o kern/149532  jfv        [igb] igb/ixgb controllers panic on FreeBSD 8.1-RELEAS
o kern/149516  wireless   [ath] ath(4) hostap with fake MAC/BSSID results in sta
o ports/149513 eclipse    java/eclipse can not compile with 'WITH_TESTS=true'
o misc/149510             [build] [patch] CFT: sys/conf/ Cleanup and 
o kern/149479             [panic] 8.1-RELEASE kernel panic
o www/149446   www        [patch] improve misleading title of "report a bug"
o ports/149420 ume        security/cyrus-sasl2 fails to build GSSAPI, breaking p
o bin/149412   secteam    bdes(1) in CFB/OFB modes can't decrypt own output
o kern/149373  wireless   [realtek/atheros]: None of my network card working
o bin/149363              tcsh(1) cause situation when ssh connection closed
o misc/149360  gavin      [PATCH] update for tools/build/mk/OptionalObsoleteFile
o kern/149323             [libc] Applications with large memory footprint failin
o kern/149308             [ata] 8.1-RELEASE kernel panic on Windows 7 Virtual PC
o arm/149288   arm        mail/dovecot causes panic during configure on Sheevapl
o usb/149283   usb        [uftdi] avrdude unable to talk to Arduino board (via u
o kern/149266             [new driver] [patch] rpi(4) - Comtrol Infinity/Express
o ports/149250 hrs        japanese/FreeWnn-server: /etc/rc: WARNING: $wnn_enable
o bin/149232   cperciva   portsnap(8) does not generate INDEX-9 on FreeBSD 9-CUR
o kern/149219             [ciss] DL380 G6 P212 trouble
o bin/149215   geom       [panic] [geom_part] gpart(8): Delete linux's slice via
o kern/149208  fs         mksnap_ffs(8) hang/deadlock
o kern/149201             [ata] DVD/CD Drive Error
o ports/149186 timur      net/samba34 builds broken binaries on Sheevaplug (ARM)
o kern/149173  fs         [patch] [zfs] make OpenSolaris <sys/nvpair.h> installa
o ports/149167 python     lang/python26 fails to build _ctypes on Sheevaplug (AR
o usb/149162   usb        [ural] ASUS WL-167g doesn't work in 8.1 (continue of 1
o bin/149152   gabor      [patch] grep(1): BSD grep loops with EISDIR trying to 
o kern/149117  net        [inet] [patch] in_pcbbind: redundant test
o kern/149086  net        [multicast] Generic multicast join failure in 8.1
o conf/149050  jail       [jail] rcorder ``nojail'' too coarse for Jail+VNET
p kern/149041  olli       [drm] [patch] DRM support for Radeon HD 4250
p docs/149033  pjd        hastctl.8 manpage wrong
o ports/149031 csjp       Not work security/termlog
o kern/149015  fs         [zfs] [patch] misc fixes for ZFS code to build on Glib
o kern/149014  fs         [zfs] [patch] declarations in ZFS libraries/utilities 
o kern/149013  fs         [zfs] [patch] make ZFS makefiles use the libraries fro
a kern/149012  gavin      [headers] [patch] please replace '#include <sys/stdint
o power/149009 ppc        sysinstall(8) on powerpc fails to install manpages, so
o ports/148996 wxs        net/cvsup-mirror doesn't use preassigned UID/GIDs
o docs/148987  doc        [patch] {MD[245]|SHA_|SHA1_|SHA256_}{End|File|FileChun
o docs/148984  doc        [handbook] Mistake in section 16.15.4 of the handbook
o kern/148928  hrs        [ipfw] Problem with loading of ipfw NAT rules during s
o bin/148922              uptime(1) command output inconsistency after boot
o ports/148918 office     [patch] editors/ fixes
o bin/148915              [patch] fix telnetd(8) if and im options to behave lik
o kern/148881             [libdisk] [patch] libdisk emits errors w/ disks that c
s ports/148879 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ extend IA32_BINARY_PORT to sup
o i386/148848  i386       [hang] Load freezing at boot on HP Mini 311
o bin/148836   roberto    ntpd(8): [patch] Update to NTP in base system
o kern/148827  ipfw       [ipfw] divert broken with in-kernel ipfw
o kern/148807  andre      [panic] 8.1-RELEASE "panic: sbdrop" and "panic: sbsndp
o bin/148805   sysinstall [hang] FreeBSD 7.2, 8.0, and 9.0 hang during install a
f ports/148783 portmgr    [] [patch] add LATEST_LINK and CONFLICTS to
o kern/148748             [ataraid] Metadata Read Write Inconsistency
o kern/148741  multimedia [sound] Headphones are deaf (do not work) on Lenovo Th
o ports/148727 ashish     editors/emacs: devel/cedet Autoloading failed to defin
s usb/148702   usb        [usb8] [request] IO DATA USB-RSAQ5 support on FreeBSD-
s ports/148695 swills     [] [patch] Easier / automatic regression-te
o kern/148689  ipfw       [ipfw] antispoof wrongly triggers on link local IPv6 a
o bin/148686              [patch] ftp-proxy(8): ftp-proxy -T tag patch for FBSD
o docs/148680  doc        [sysctl][patch] Document some sys/kern sysctls
o kern/148676             [panic] kernel panic lockmgr: locking against myself
o kern/148675             [ata] [panic] kernel panics - reboots
o conf/148656  rc         rc.firewall(8): {oip} and {iip} variables in rc.firewa
p kern/148646  des        [linprocfs] [patch] Implementation of the "environ" fi
o ports/148637 bapt       [] [exp-run] Options are ignored for any po
o i386/148624  i386       PERC H200 Controller on Dell R610 Not recognized
p gnu/148609   imp        [libdialog] [patch] printing to a checklist window on 
o ports/148591 x11        information note for x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics
o ports/148585 skv        textproc/docbook-xsl: docbook-xsl-1.75.2 fails to inst
o kern/148581             [libc] fopen(3) fails with EMFILE if there are more th
p kern/148580  gavin      [sysctl][patch] Document some sys/kern sysctls
o bin/148528   cperciva   [patch] portsnap(8): add new command mode
o threa/148515 threads    Memory / syslog strangeness in FreeBSD 8.x ( possible 
o i386/148509  i386       [boot] [patch] Improvements to i386/boot2's comments
o kern/148504  fs         [zfs] ZFS' zpool does not allow replacing drives to be
o kern/148490  fs         [zfs]: zpool attach - resilver bidirectionally, and re
o ports/148485 itetcu     [patch] port mail/dspam small Makefile fix
o bin/148471              fdisk(8) prompts with negative partition size [regress
o ports/148454 kde        games/freebsd-carddeck-kde4: freebsd's kde card deck d
o ports/148444 x11        [hang] x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel: intel driver free
o kern/148430  ipfw       [ipfw] IPFW schedule delete broken.
o kern/148368  fs         [zfs] ZFS hanging forever on 8.1-PRERELEASE
o kern/148367             [syscons] [patch] Add loader tunable to override SC_HI
o kern/148361             [ata] [panic] Kernel Panic, With Faulty Drives
f ports/148340 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-neomagic: unresolved symbol xf8
o kern/148322  wireless   [ath] Triggering atheros wifi beacon misses in hostap 
o kern/148317  wireless   [ath] FreeBSD 7.x hostap memory leak in net80211 or At
o kern/148302             Firewire-attached "My Book" drive gets no device node 
o kern/148290  pf         [pf] "sticky-address" option of Packet Filter (PF) blo
o kern/148260  pf         [pf] [patch] pf rdr incompatible with dummynet
f ports/148244 gnome      x11/gnome2: gnome desktop and HAL prevent umount witho
f bin/148220   sysinstall sysinstall(8): 9.0-current gets "Cannot resolv hostnam
o bin/148201   sysinstall sysinstall(8): core dump (Error 10) while trying to in
s ports/148196 mm         devel/binutils: ignores libmap.conf(5) or missing *@GL
o kern/148179             [libc] Possible Memory Leak in getaddrinfo(3)
o kern/148155  virtualization[vimage] [pf] Kernel panic with PF/IPFilter + VIMAGE k
a bin/148150   edwin      Poor file(1) performance
o conf/148144  hrs        [patch] add ipfw_nat support for rc.firewall simple ty
o kern/148138  fs         [zfs] zfs raidz pool commands freeze
o conf/148137  hrs        [ipfw] call order of natd and ipfw startup scripts
o kern/148130             [syscons] Inappropriate ioctl for device
o ports/148099 ashish     editors/emacs22: patch available for emacs movemail vu
o ports/148097 emulation  [patch] suggested addition to linux_base-* packages to
o ports/148096 emulation  emulators/linux_base-* can not be built from ports on 
a ports/148094 sunpoet    Add gssapi support to ftp/curl
o kern/148091  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw ipv6 handling broken.
o kern/148083  scsi       [aac] Strange device reporting
o usb/148080   usb        usbconfig(8) sometimes does not turn off the device
o kern/148078  wireless   [ath] wireless networking stops functioning
p kern/148076  dchagin    [linux] linux_sys_futex: unknown op 265
o docs/148071  doc        Failover mode between wired and wireless interfaces
o kern/148070             [cam] [panic] panic: _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-
o bin/148053   sysinstall sysinstall(8) labeling
o kern/148018  net        [flowtable] flowtable crashes on ia64
o conf/148017  hrs        [stf] [patch] rc script for stf does not honour create
s ports/148005 mm         [patch] devel/binutils: add gold option
o kern/148004  jfv        [em] Inconsistent networking with em driver on FreeBSD
o kern/147998             [nfs] [patch] NFS -mapall group permissions ignored wh
o docs/147995  doc        elf.5 man page has has missing reference
p conf/147992  gavin      [termcap] [patch] xterm-256color is a 8 colors termina
o kern/147989  jfv        [em] em Receive errors / CRC Errors / Alignment Errors
o kern/147961             crash when forwarding enabled between two Broadcom car
a kern/147950  virtualization[vimage] [carp] VIMAGE + CARP = kernel crash
o docs/147946  trhodes    Something strange in the updating/upgrading section of
o bin/147938              [patch] mt(8): ioctl sign-extension warnings from some
o kern/147926             [hang] system freezes due to heavy io to the disks
o conf/147919             services(5) wrong IANA entry for radius-acct
o kern/147912  net        [boot] FreeBSD 8 Beta won't boot on Thinkpad i1300  11
o kern/147903  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel panics on faulty zfs device
o ports/147897 hrs        net/openbgpd: Openbgp nexthop invalid after em0 resett
o kern/147894  net        [ipsec] IPv6-in-IPv4 does not work inside an ESP-only 
o bin/147887              [patch] Invalid extension type displayed with setkey(8
o kern/147881  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS "sharenfs" doesn't allow different "
o kern/147855             [ipmi] [patch] kernel panic when IPMI enabled on some 
o kern/147839             [libc] [patch] syscall(2) with wrong argument causing 
o kern/147793  emulation  [vmware] [panic] cdrom handling, panic, possible race 
o kern/147789  pf         [pf] Firewall PF no longer drops connections by sendin
o ports/147788 nork       x11-drivers/xf86-video-radeonhd-devel
o kern/147756             [libc] open_socket_in: Protocol not supported - after 
o bin/147715              amd(8): am-utils hangs when mountd on remote host is n
o kern/147704  scsi       [mpt] sys/dev/mpt: new chip revision, partially unsupp
o conf/147685  rc         [rc.d] [patch] new feature for /etc/rc.d/fsck
s kern/147684  yongari    [nfe] nVidia MCP55 driver blocks IPMI LAN on load
o conf/147681             [network.subr][patch] Add inet6 keyword if it wasn't s
o kern/147667  geom       [gmirror] Booting with one component of a gmirror, the
o kern/147647             [libc] select(2) wakes after 24 hours even if timeout 
o bin/147629              [patch] rup(1) problem 365 days period
o kern/147599             [libm] [patch] Import netbsd complex functions into ou
o kern/147560  fs         [zfs] [boot] Booting 8.1-PRERELEASE raidz system take 
o kern/147558             [panic] sbdrops kernel panic
o ports/147554 fluffy     new ports: audio/linux-f10-[alsa|pulseaudio]
o usb/147516   usb        [umass] [usb67] kernel unable to deal with Olympus USB
o java/147512  java       Crash of RXTX-2.1-7 on AMD64 system
o kern/147504  multimedia [oss] [panic] panic: dev_pager_getpage: map function r
o ia64/147501  ia64       [ia64] options PREEMPTION causes instability
o i386/147475  usb        [install] FreeBSD 8.x does not install on ASUS K8N4-E 
o misc/147463             [tools] [patch] Patch for tools/regression/lib/libc/st
o kern/147459             [vm] [panic] Kernel panic: vm_page / vdrop / vm_page_c
o i386/147458  i386       [boot] FreeBSD 8 can't boot from dvd, unless dvd is ex
o kern/147454             [libgssapi] libgssapi (heimdal) broken in head/, stabl
o gnu/147451              gcc(1): "gcc -g -O2 -march=nocona" loops compiling dev
o conf/147444  rc         [rc.d] [patch] /etc/rc.d/zfs stop not called on reboot
o bin/147430   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) not updating /usr/src/UPDATING
o kern/147420  fs         [ufs] [panic] ufs_dirbad, nullfs, jail panic (corrupt 
o kern/147340             svn r182999 has broken snd_hda on Asus M5A
o kern/147338             System sees only half of the memory installed
o ports/147318 x11        [Patch]graphics/libdrm:Fix the PLIST when define WITHO
o bin/147303              restore(8) uses uninitialized variables: tape.c dirs.c
o ports/147290 nork       graphics/graphviz does not install properly with graph
o ports/147282 apache     errors when starting www/apache22 after installation o
o misc/147239             network problem with system start
o kern/147237             [psm] [patch] There is no IBM/Lenovo TrackPoint suppor
o www/147234   bugmeister send-pr should accept application/x-shar from browsers
f www/147233   bugmeister send-pr fails with HTTP error 417 in Opera 10.10 for L
o kern/147227             [ata] SSD preformance issues
o kern/147226             [libc] read(fd, buffer, len) returns -1 immediately,  
o bin/147175              [kerberos] [patch] containes references to
o kern/147155  net        [ip6] setfb not work with ipv6
o kern/147127  hselasky   [pccard] [patch] Fix panic in pccard.c
f kern/147102  hrs        [ip6] route6d deletes site-local routes
o kern/147082  ed         [uart] Serial ports unusable [regression]
o docs/146958  doc        bad link to "XaQti XMAC II datasheet" in sk(4) manual 
o kern/146941  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel Double Fault - Happens constantly
o i386/146931             [install] FreeBSD 8.x Installation Failure
o bin/146916              TERM not set correctly in single-user mode
o conf/146910             WITHOUT_INET6=Yes installs broken file
o conf/146908  edwin      Afrikaans LC_TIME is incorrect (symlink to en_US)
o ports/146895 wkoszek    [NEW PORT] emulators/linux-libusb -- linux(4)-friendly
o kern/146889             [libc] [patch] Not having NET_RT_IFLIST #defined cause
o bin/146859   portmgr    [patch] pkg_create(1): libpkg/msg.c removal and relate
o bin/146857   portmgr    [patch] pkg_create(8): fix missing error call in uname
o kern/146845  net        [libc] close(2) returns error 54 (connection reset by 
o usb/146840   usb        [hang] FreeBSD 7.2 / 7.3 / 8.0 hang at startup after e
o bin/146835              [patch] ifmcstat(8) fails to build without KVM and wit
o kern/146832  bz         [pf] "(self)" not always matching all local IPv6 addre
o conf/146828             [patch] conf/ respect LOCALBASE and MAKEOBJ
o ports/146823 python     [patch] lang/python26: knob to build _ctypes module ag
o bin/146821              [patch] info(1): respect LOCALBASE for INFODIR
o ports/146816 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ loosen SU_CMD & su(1) cohesion
o conf/146793  gavin      [kbdmap] [patch] Danish kbdmap for MacBook
f kern/146792  net        [flowtable] flowcleaner 100% cpu's core load
o kern/146786  fs         [zfs] zpool import hangs with checksum errors
s bin/146774              [request] Import progress(1) utility from NetBSD base 
o ports/146770 ashish     New Port: sysutils/mango-lassi Input device sharing ap
p kern/146759  np         [cxgb] [patch] cxgb panic calling cxgb_set_lro() witho
o kern/146719  net        [pf] [panic] PF or dumynet kernel panic
o i386/146715  acpi       [acpi] Suspend works, resume not on a HP Probook 4510s
o kern/146708  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panic in softdep_disk_write_compl
p usb/146693   thompsa    [rum] Edimax EW&#8208;7318USG not found in usbdevs or 
o gnu/146682              [build] make clean fails to rm /usr/src/contrib/groff/
o kern/146661             [ata] damage files on ufs on ata pseudo raid when runn
s kern/146647             [uart] Some PCIe serial/parallel boards with ID 9901 9
o ports/146644 python     lang/python26: WITH_PTH option breaks most ports depen
o bin/146592              [libpcap] [patch] libpcap 1.0.0 doesn't have error mes
o kern/146590             [mca] [panic] MCA panics 7.3
o kern/146588             [kernel] [patch] sys/kern/kern_uuid.c has a le16dec be
o bin/146543              [patch] mount(8): securelevel does not affect mount (d
o kern/146534  net        [icmp6] wrong source address in echo reply
o kern/146528  fs         [zfs] Severe memory leak in ZFS on i386
o docs/146521  doc        [handbook] Update IPv6 system handbook section to ment
o kern/146502  fs         [nfs] FreeBSD 8 NFS Client Connection to Server
o ports/146496 portmgr    [] [PATCH] Removing ${PORTSDIR} from depend
o i386/146446  i386       [install] FreeBSD 8.0 installation hangs at an early s
o conf/146439             [patch] remove share/man/man1aout
o kern/146436             [cpufreq] [panic] Panic when changing profile to econo
o kern/146429  pjd        [geli][panic][patch] kernel panic if geli autodetach i
o kern/146427  net        [mwl] Additional virtual access points don't work on m
o kern/146426  wireless   [mwl] 802.11n rates not possible on mwl
o kern/146425  wireless   [mwl] mwl dropping all packets during and after high u
o kern/146410  pjd        [zfs] [patch] bad file copy performance from UFS to ZF
f kern/146394  net        [vlan] IP source address for outgoing connections
o bin/146377   net        [ppp] [tun] Interface doesn't clear addresses when PPP
p usb/146367   thompsa    [usb8] [patch] Revision 205728: broken bluetooth mouse
o ports/146361 jpaetzel   New Port: net-mgmt/xvpviewer A management tool for Xen
o kern/146358  net        [vlan] wrong destination MAC address
f conf/146334  des        OpenSSH 5.4 AuthorizedKeysFile bad syntax in sshd_conf
o ports/146328 hrs        patch for cd /usr/ports/textproc/xmlcharent ; make rei
o bin/146299   sysinstall sysinstall(8): cannot create slice
o kern/146287  scsi       [ciss] ciss(4) cannot see more than one SmartArray con
o kern/146270             [ata] Divide by zero in ata driver
o kern/146263  jfv        [em] [panic] Panic in em(4) SIOCADDMULTI/em_set_multi/
o ports/146256 x11        x11/xorg does fails to start after upgrade from 7.4 to
o bin/146254              [patch] mdmfs(8): Add -k option to specify a skeldir
p kern/146250  bz         [netinet] [patch] Races on interface alias removal
o kern/146237  emulation  [linux] Linux binaries not reading directories mounted
o ports/146231 gecko      [feature request] [patch] www/firefox: use port libs
o i386/146221  i386       [boot] incompatibility of the BTX with toshiba tecra R
o kern/146190  vanhu      [ipsec][patch] NAT traversal does not work in transpor
o kern/146165  net        [wlan] [panic] Setting bssid in adhoc mode causes pani
o kern/146162             [pxeboot] PXE loader(8) sets nfs_opts[] = "export" cau
o usb/146153   usb        [axe] [usb8] Hosts in network doesn't receive any pack
o kern/146105             [panic] supervisor read data, page not present
f www/146089   jkois      On some IPv6 mirror sites do not work
o kern/146082  net        [ng_l2tp] a false invaliant check was performed in ng_
f usb/146054   usb        [urtw] [usb8] urtw driver potentially out of date
o conf/146053  rc         [patch] [request] shutdown of jails breaks inter-jail 
o kern/146037  net        [panic] mpd + CoA = kernel panic
o kern/146031  multimedia [snd_hda] race condition when kldunload snd_hda sound 
s kern/145999             [request] optional offset for `mdconfig -t vnode'
o amd64/145991 amd64      [NOTES] [patch] Add a requires line to /sys/amd64/conf
o misc/145962  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] improved cfg save script
o kern/145946             [patch] feature request: VDSO and shared pages
o www/145917   www        SVG at logo.html is broken
o conf/145887             /usr/sbin/nologin should be in the default /etc/shells
p kern/145865             [kernel] [panic] kernel memory leak with disabled devd
o kern/145826  wireless   [panic] [ath] Unable to configure adhoc mode on ath0/w
o kern/145825  net        [panic] panic: soabort: so_count
o kern/145818  geom       [geom] geom_stat_open showing cached information for n
o misc/145803             [boot] Boot Manager creates wrong MBR record
f kern/145802  pjd        [zfs] page fault under load
o kern/145768  scsi       [mpt] can't perform I/O on SAS based SAN disk in freeb
o bin/145763   portmgr    pkg_add(1) doesn't fetch packages from other architect
o bin/145752              hexdump(1) - properly escaped " fails format check
o kern/145750  daichi     [unionfs] [hang] unionfs locks the machine
o kern/145737  bz         [netinet] [patch] Wrong UDP checksum not ignored as ex
o bin/145735   sysinstall sysinstall(8) trashes Vista-created partition tables
o kern/145728  net        [lagg] Stops working lagg between two servers.
o conf/145727             [pf.conf] pf rules not applied on boot if using inet6 
o docs/145719  doc        [patch] 7.3 relnotes erroneously describes new getpage
o i386/145718  i386       [est] [patch] fix freq calculation from MSR for CPUs w
o ports/145716 timur      Possible bug in net/samba34 - problem when using wins 
o kern/145714             [siis] removed SATA device on port multiplier resets e
s kern/145712  fs         [zfs] cannot offline two drives in a raidz2 configurat
o docs/145699  doc        hexdump(1) mutes all format qualifier output following
o bin/145694              [patch] enable config(8) execution outside of the kern
o ports/145649 x11        x11/xorg: X server crashes when starting opengl compos
o docs/145644  doc        Add artical about creating manpage from scratch
o docs/145631  blackend   [handbook] References to ttyd0 serial devices in handb
o kern/145613             [boot] booting from zfs root not working
p kern/145600  net        TCP/ECN behaves different to CE/CWR than ns2 reference
o kern/145590             [kernel] [patch] SIG_ATOMIC_{MIN,MAX} does not match s
o misc/145580             [release] /usr/src/release/Makefile does not honor HTT
p bin/145528   gavin      [libedit] ftp(1) crashes in libedit when cancelling a 
f usb/145513   usb        [usb8] New USB stack: no new devices after forced usb 
p usb/145455   usb        [usb8] [patch] USB debug support cannot be disabled
o conf/145445  rc         [rc.d] error in /etc/rc.d/jail (bad logic)
o kern/145444  secteam    [jail] sysinstall and sade can access host's disks fro
o conf/145440  hrs        [rc.d] [patch] add multiple fib support (setfib) in /e
o kern/145434             [kernel] [patch] Kernel messages about processes don't
o ports/145425            insecure file handling in net/GeoIP
o usb/145415   usb        [umass] [usb8] USB card reader does not create slices 
o kern/145411  fs         [xfs] [panic] Kernel panics shortly after mounting an 
o conf/145399  rc         [patch] rc.d scripts are unable to start/stop programs
o conf/145344  delphij    [patch] Fix kitchen sink approach for rc.d scripts ins
o kern/145341  edwin      localtime(3) doesn't handle overflow
f kern/145339  pjd        [zfs] deadlock after detaching block device from raidz
o conf/145311             loader.conf can cause boot hang
f bin/145309   fs         bsdlabel: Editing disk label invalidates the whole dev
o kern/145306  acpi       [acpi]: Can't change brightness on HP ProBook 4510s
s ports/145301 gnome      [patch] sysutils/hal: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hald startup
o kern/145300  qingli     [arp] ARP table mapping is not refreshed on a MAC addr
o kern/145272  fs         [zfs] [panic] Panic during boot when accessing zfs on 
o bin/145269              dhclient(8) fails to get IP address when used with wpa
o kern/145246  fs         [ufs] dirhash in 7.3 gratuitously frees hashes when it
o kern/145238  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panic on zpool clear tank
s www/145235   bugmeister bug report www interface improvements
o misc/145233             [build] zfs loader build dependency missing from zfslo
o misc/145231             [build] boot code missing libficl build rule
o kern/145229  fs         [zfs] Vast differences in ZFS ARC behavior between 8.0
o kern/145189  fs         [nfs] nfsd performs abysmally under load
a usb/145184   usb        GENERIC can't mount root from USB on Asus EEE
o bin/145183              watchdogd(8): it should be possible to not deactivate 
o usb/145165   usb        [keyboard] [usb8] ukbd_set_leds_callback: error=USB_ER
o kern/145158             [boot] 8.0-RELEASE DVD hang on boot
o bin/145100   portmgr    [patch] pkg_add(1) - remove hardcoded versioning data 
o bin/145082              [patch] w(1), uptime(1) to use 24H time by default
o i386/145079  i386       [boot] BTX halted on P3 server
o docs/145069  doc        Dialup firewalling with FreeBSD article out dated.
o docs/145066  doc        Update for new uart dev names for serial port.
o ports/145062 itetcu     audio/liblastfm: doesn't respect PREFIX
o kern/145058             [panic] Reproducable panic in 7.3 while building clama
o kern/145042  geom       [geom] System stops booting after printing message "GE
o kern/145040             [mac] PANIC_REBOOT_WAIT_TIME not honored
o bin/145027   sysinstall Remove all sysinstall(8) references to floppy and slip
o kern/145026             [panic] [sdhci] Fatal trap 12 with sdhci and without a
o conf/145009  rc         [patch] rc.subr(8): rc.conf should allow mac label con
o kern/144987  wireless   [wpi] [panic] injecting packets with wlaninject using 
o ports/144982 bf         x11-toolkits/ocaml-lablgtk2 problem: ocamlfind won't f
f i386/144956  i386       [boot] Early minute-plus delay in boot on Intel Nehale
f kern/144938  usb        [keyboard] [boot] Boot Failure with Apple (MB869LL/A) 
o kern/144930             [ata] SATA DVD Drive is not detected
o kern/144929  fs         [ufs] [lor] vfs_bio.c + ufs_dirhash.c
f kern/144917  net        [flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regressi
o kern/144882  net        MacBookPro =>4.1 does not connect to BSD in hostap wit
o kern/144874  net        [if_bridge] [patch] if_bridge frees mbuf after pfil ho
p kern/144869  jfv        [em] [panic] Instant kernel panic when adding NAT rule
o kern/144843  firewire   [firewire] [panic] fwcontrol(8) -S causes kernel panic
p conf/144842  hrs        [ip6] ipv6_default_interface causes route complaints f
o kern/144824             [boot] [patch] boot problem on USB (root partition mou
s docs/144818  doc        all mailinglist archives dated 19970101 contain traili
o kern/144809             [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o conf/144804             ntpd(8) cannot resolve hostnames at system start
o kern/144777  qingli     [arp] proxyarp broken in 8.0 [regression]
s kern/144770             [ata] hard drive spindown functionality broken?
o kern/144755  wireless   [wlan] netif/devd race
o kern/144754             gssapi(3): cyradm crashes inside
o kern/144743             [libteken] mouse positioning partialy working
o conf/144726  hrs        network.subr functions accumulate output before r19713
o bin/144723              [patch] port over coverity SA NULL deref warning fix f
o www/144704   brd        svn-src-release mailing list page has broken link to a
o conf/144700  net        [rc.d] async dhclient breaks stuff for too many people
o kern/144696  ed         [uart] tcdrain(3) does not work right with uart(4) dri
o kern/144695             [vfs] [patch] race condition in mounting a root-fs on 
o kern/144680  jfv        [em] em(4) problem with dual-port adapter
o kern/144659  multimedia [pcm] The distortion of the sound playback of music at
o bin/144652              [PATCH] pwd_mkdb(8) copies comments to /etc/passwd
o kern/144648  scsi       [aac] Strange values of speed and bus width in dmesg
o bin/144641              [ata] burncd(8) freezes whole system while trying to b
o docs/144630  doc        [patch] domainname(1) manpage contains old information
o kern/144629  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 8-RELEASE XEN pvm networking doesn't wor
o kern/144616  net        [nat] [panic] ip_nat panic FreeBSD 7.2
p kern/144584  emulation  [linprocfs][patch] bogus values in linprocfs
o kern/144561  jfv        [ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver errors
p misc/144553  imp        [nanobsd] NanoBSD's updatep* scripts fail with boot0cf
o conf/144548  brian      [boot] [patch] Enable automatic detection of amd64/i38
o docs/144543  chinsan    [handbook] IPFW doc change
o ports/144536 skv        lang/perl5.10: /libexec/ /usr/local/sbin/e
s ports/144533 portmgr    [] ports tree Makefiles fail to setup a sta
s bin/144531              [patch] cp(1) show percentage complete
o docs/144515  doc        [handbook] Expand handbook Table of contents
o kern/144492  yongari    [fxp] The fxp driver does not handle Frame Check Seque
o docs/144488  doc        share/examples/etc/make.conf: contains dangerous examp
p kern/144447  fs         [zfs] sharenfs fsunshare() & fsshare_main() non functi
o misc/144442             [build] [patch] remove unnecessary group and passwd en
o i386/144437             [boot] BTX loader halts on HP DC5850
o kern/144416  fs         [panic] Kernel panic on online filesystem optimization
s kern/144415  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panics on boot after zfs crash
o amd64/144405 amd64      [build] [patch] include /usr/obj/lib32 in cleanworld t
o bin/144388              [patch] different behavior of make(1) between command 
o usb/144387   usb        [run] [panic] if_run panic
o bin/144343   hrs        The rtadvd cannot avoid the prefix that doesn't want t
o kern/144325             [libpcap] tcpdump compiles complex expression to incor
o bin/144322              truss(1) fails on 'assistant-qt4' from the port qt4-as
f kern/144315  net        [ipfw] [panic] freebsd 8-stable reboot after add ipfw 
s bin/144313   vwe        ld(1) can't find libs in /usr/local/lib but ldconfig(8
o kern/144311  bz         [pf] [icmp] massive ICMP storm on lo0 occurs when usin
o kern/144301  scsi       [ciss] [hang] HP proliant server locks when using ciss
o bin/144285              [patch] ps(1): ps -axo user,%cpu,%mem - most processes
o bin/144278   sysinstall [install] Fixit from USB dont work
o conf/144243             [patch] Add NIS related files to OptionalObsoleteFiles
o kern/144234  fs         [zfs] Cannot boot machine with recent gptzfsboot code 
o kern/144231  net        bind/connect/sendto too strict about sockaddr length
a ports/144224 mono       [PATCH] lang/mono Fix build with new GCC
o conf/144213  rc         [rc.d] [patch] Disappearing zvols on reboot
o ports/144203 clsung     textproc/refdb: network clients loop indefinitely when
o bin/144139              x11/xscreensaver-gnome can't build because of bug in G
o docs/144127  ed         termios(4) man page wrongly claims CCTS_OFLOW/CRTSCTS 
o ports/144120 glewis     java/openjdk6: games/pcgen doesn't fully work with ope
o bin/144109   wireless   hostapd(8) uses the MAC of the wireless interface, but
p kern/144061  rwatson    [socket] race on unix socket close
o kern/144055             [ata] [panic] kernel panic on IBM x226 with SATA drive
o ports/144044 gecko      [PATCH] www/firefox: Makefile.webplugins target order 
o usb/144043   usb        [umass] [usb8] USB DLT tape drive throws random errors
o i386/144005             [hang] System freezes
a kern/144000  andre      [tcp] setting TCP_MAXSEG by setsockopt() does not seem
o kern/143973  ipfw       [ipfw] [panic] ipfw forward option causes kernel reboo
o bin/143962              fstat(1) doesn't work on UNIX sockets
o ports/143949 office     editors/openoffice-3: system unzip pickiness unhelpful
o docs/143850  doc        procfs(5) manpage for status > controlling terminal is
o kern/143846  net        [gif] bringing gif3 tunnel down causes gif0 tunnel to 
o bin/143830              [patch] atmconfig(8): Fix conditional inclusion for sb
o kern/143825  fs         [nfs] [panic] Kernel panic on NFS client
s kern/143808  virtualization[pf] pf does not work inside jail
o kern/143805             [ata] WARNING - READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error with 63XXES
o kern/143800             [boot] ping of local ip failed with network boot
o i386/143798  acpi       [acpi] shutdown problem with SiS K7S5A
a usb/143790   usb        [boot] [cam] can not boot from usb hdd
o misc/143785             [build] [patch] add passive mode to pkg_add cdrtools i
o bin/143732              [patch] mtree(8) does a full hierarchy walk when reque
o ports/143723 nork       graphics/dri fails to build after graphics/libdrm upda
o kern/143703  qingli     [route] [patch] ECMP Phase 1 fixes for FreeBSD 7.2
s bin/143699              [patch] extend brandelf's OS knowledge
o bin/143698   portmgr    pkg_add(1) probably behaving incorrectly
s www/143697   linimon    [] Error: could not connect to the
s kern/143673  net        [stf] [request] there should be a way to support multi
s kern/143666  net        [ip6] [request] PMTU black hole detection not implemen
o conf/143637  rc         [patch] ntpdate(8) support for ntp-servers supplied by
o kern/143623  firewire   [firewire] firewire fails to attach DV camera and down
o kern/143622  net        [pfil] [patch] unlock pfil lock while calling firewall
o kern/143621  ipfw       [ipfw] [dummynet] [patch] dummynet and vnet use result
f usb/143620   usb        [cdce] [usb8] the module if_cdce doesn't support my Op
o kern/143593  net        [ipsec] When using IPSec, tcpdump doesn't show outgoin
o kern/143591  net        [ral] RT2561C-based DLink card (DWL-510) fails to work
o i386/143587  i386       [boot] [hang] BTX 1.02 freezes upon assigning Bios C d
o kern/143573  jfv        [em] em(4) NIC crashes intermittently
o bin/143572   fs         [zfs] zpool(1): [patch] The verbose output from iostat
o bin/143570   ed         [patch] stock ftpd(8) does not handle "filesize" limit
o bin/143568   secteam    ktrace(1) is limited with other user's "filesize" limi
o kern/143564             [mly] camcontrol(8) fails to show transfer speed in ml
o kern/143543  pf         [pf] [panic] PF route-to causes kernel panic
o bin/143533              [patch] Changes to support Sun jumpstart via bootparam
o kern/143505  multimedia [pcm] FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE (x64) won't make sound card 
o bin/143504   pf         [patch] outgoing states are not killed by authpf(8)
o docs/143472  eadler     gethostname(3) references undefined value: HOST_NAME_M
o kern/143455  geom       gstripe(8) in RELENG_8 (31st Jan 2010) broken
o kern/143426             [panic] System crash with Firefox-3..7.5 & FreeBSD-7.2
o kern/143420  acpi       [acpi] ACPI issues with Toshiba
o docs/143416  doc        [handbook] IPFW handbook page issues
o docs/143408  doc        man filedesc(9) is missing
o kern/143398  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 8-RELEASE XEN pvm networking doesn't wor
o bin/143389              [2tb] [patch] fdisk(8) cannot handle above 1TB under i
o bin/143375              [patch] awk(1) trashes memory with regexp and ^ anchor
o bin/143373              [patch] awk(1) tolower/toupper functions don't support
o bin/143369              [patch] awk(1) doesn't handle RS as a regexp but as a 
o bin/143368              [patch] awk(1): number of open files is limited to sma
o bin/143367              [patch] awk(1) treats -Ft as -F <tab>
o bin/143365              [patch] incorrect regexp matching in awk(1)
o bin/143363              [patch] incorrect handling of \ at the end of line in 
o bin/143362              awk(1) incorrect matching
o bin/143351   bapt       [request] update flex(1) to at least 2.5.33
o kern/143349             [panic] vm_page_free: freeing busy page
o kern/143340  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 8-RELEASE XEN pvm networking doesn't wor
o kern/143324             [panic] vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c10a50
o kern/143298  secteam    [random] [patch] random_yarrow_block() doesn't actuall
f usb/143294   usb        [usb8] copying process stops at some time (10 - 50 sec
o usb/143286   usb        [ukbd] [usb8] [boot] boot failures on RELENG_8 system 
o kern/143285  jfv        [em] [regression] jumbo frames broken in 8.0
o gnu/143254              [patch] groff(1) build in base system does not honor P
o kern/143227             [panic] [cpufreq] free: address has not been allocated
o kern/143212  fs         [nfs] NFSv4 client strange work ...
o kern/143208  net        [ipsec] [gif] IPSec over gif interface not working
p usb/143186   usb        [usbdevs] [usb8] [patch] add USB device IDs for Google
o kern/143184  fs         [zfs] [lor] zfs/bufwait LOR
s amd64/143173 amd64      [ata] Promise FastTrack TX4 + SATA DVD, installer can'
o bin/143142   cperciva   [PATCH] Fix non-POSIX compliant multiline conditional 
a usb/143139   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] Quirk for Century EX35SW4_SB4 J
o kern/143126             [ata] Data loss on read timeout
o bin/143090              [PATCH] Let indent(1) handle widecharacter literals co
o kern/143088             [hang] FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT freezes while starting kern
o conf/143085  rc         [patch] ftp-proxy(8) rc(8) with multiple instances
o i386/143082             [install] Unable to install 8.0-RELEASE on Dell 2950 w
o conf/143079  wireless   hostapd(8) startup missing multi wlan functionality
o kern/143073             [patch][panic] unp_gc panic (race with uipc_detach)
f kern/143069  xen        [xen] [panic] Xen Kernel Panic - Memory modified after
o bin/143058              [patch] mdconfig(8): make mdconfig -o reserve default 
o kern/143046  gallatin   [mxge] [panic] panics since mxge(4) update
p usb/143045   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] mounting Fujitsu 2600Z camera d
a docs/143041  blackend   [handbook] [patch] doc/en__US.ISO8859-1 refers to slip
o kern/143040             [sysctl] sysctl -a  hangs, as a side effect it breaks 
o kern/143034  net        [panic] system reboots itself in tcp code [regression]
p kern/143033             [headers] [patch] _SWAP not listed in comment in sys/q
o bin/143017              watch(8): fatal: cannot attach to tty
o kern/143006             [build] [request] ACCEPT_FILTER_DATA and ACCEPT_FILTER
o usb/142991   usb        [uftdi] [usb67] [patch] Patch to add Crystalfontz 533 
f usb/142989   usb        [usb8] canon eos 50D attaches but detaches after few s
o conf/142973  rc         [jail] [patch] Strange counter init value in jail rc
s conf/142972  jail       [jail] [patch] Support JAILv2 and vnet in rc.d/jail
o conf/142961  pf         [pf] No way to adjust pidfile in pflogd
f usb/142957   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] patch for USB disk SYNCHRONIZE 
o i386/142946  i386       [boot] Can't boot installation DVD. BTX halted
p docs/142938  wkoszek    [kld] share/examples: fix warnings
o bin/142932              adduser(8) script add bogus symbol at "full name" fiel
p kern/142927  thompsa    [vlan] [patch] handle parent interface link layer addr
o docs/142917  arundel    [patch] top(1) man page does not include information a
o bin/142913              [patch] netstat(1) -w should produce error message if 
o bin/142912              [patch] nfsstat(1) -w should produce error message if 
o bin/142911              [patch] vmstat(8) -w should produce error message if f
o kern/142878  fs         [zfs] [vfs] lock order reversal
o kern/142877  net        [hang] network-related repeatable 8.0-STABLE hard hang
o kern/142872  pjd        [zfs] ZFS ZVOL Lockmgr Deadlock
o bin/142867   sysinstall sysinstall(8): in a custom installation re-entering th
o ports/142837 emulation  [patch] emulators/linux_base-* packages fails to insta
o conf/142817  pf         [patch] etc/rc.d/pf: silence pfctl
o bin/142814              [patch] add beginning and end offset options to md5(1)
o stand/142803 kargl      j0 Bessel function inaccurate near zeros of the functi
o kern/142802             [ata] [panic] on removing drive: recursed on non-recur
s bin/142786              [request] [geom_part] gpart(8) should recognize NAND m
o kern/142781             [lor] New LOR: process lock / system map
o kern/142774  net        Problem with outgoing connections on interface with mu
o kern/142772  net        [libc] lla_lookup: new lle malloc failed
o kern/142728             [panic] Fatal trap 12 in g_io_request
o usb/142719   usb        [urtw] [usb8] AirLive WL-1600USB (RTL8187L chipset) fa
o usb/142713   usb        [usb67] [panic] Kernel Panik when connecting an IPhone
f kern/142624  gavin      Sending large chunks of data fails
o kern/142597  fs         [ext2fs] ext2fs does not work on filesystems with real
p kern/142595  jhb        Implementation of "filesystems" file in linprocfs(5)
o kern/142594  pjd        [zfs] Modification time reset to 1 Jan 1970 after fsyn
a bin/142570   portmgr    [PATCH] clean up quiet mode (-q | --quiet) output of p
o kern/142563  geom       [geom] [hang] ioctl freeze in zpool
f kern/142518  net        [em] [lagg] Problem on 8.0-STABLE with em and lagg
o kern/142489  fs         [zfs] [lor] allproc/zfs LOR
o kern/142466  fs         Update 7.2 -> 8.0 on Raid 1 ends with screwed raid [re
o conf/142434  rc         [patch] Add cpuset(1) support to rc.subr(8)
o i386/142421  i386       [ata] optical drives not found
o kern/142390             [keyboard] 30th console switch hangs computer complete
p docs/142367  roam       [patch] wlan(4) does not document requirement for kern
o kern/142351  scsi       [mpt] LSILogic driver performance problems
o misc/142335  sysinstall Download of Release 8.0 LIVE is NOT a "live" from CD p
o kern/142306  fs         [zfs] [panic] ZFS drive (from OSX Leopard) causes two 
o conf/142304  rc         rc.conf(5): mdconfig and mdconfig2 rc.d scripts lack e
f usb/142276   usb        [umass] [usb8] Cache Synchronization Error with Olympu
o ports/142259 itetcu     sysutils/apcupsd segfaults during shutdown
o bin/142258   eadler     [patch] rtld(1): add ability to log or print rtld erro
o usb/142229   usb        [ums] [usb8] [hang] connecting a USB mouse to a Dell P
o kern/142198  simon      SSLv3 failure with irc/xchat on FreeBSD 8.0
o i386/142190  i386       [boot] BTX Loader issue on Gigabyte Motherboard
o kern/142173             [libc] localeconv(3): two-byte ascii thousands_sep
o docs/142168  doc        [patch] ld(1): ldd(1) not mentioned in ld(1) manpage
o kern/142157             [ppc] [puc] Don't find Printer port at "NetMos NM9835 
o conf/142114             periodic(8): security report from 'periodic daily' doe
o i386/142108  i386       [panic] vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c32a40
o kern/142085  eadler     [puc] [patch] Few lines to pucdata.c to support for Te
f kern/142083             [vfs] buffer overflow in vfs_mountroot_try (sys/kern/v
o kern/142082  dchagin    [patch] [panic] linuxulator: getppid: use after free
o ports/142069 x11        x11/xorg: After adding on a laptop Toshiba Sattelite L
o kern/142068  fs         [ufs] BSD labels are got deleted spontaneously
o kern/142019  jfv        [em] em needs "ifconfig em0 down up" when link was gon
o kern/142018  net        [iwi] [patch] Possibly wrong interpretation of beacon-
o kern/142009  acpi       [acpi] [panic] Panic in AcpiNsGetAttachedObject
o kern/141950  daichi     [unionfs] [lor] ufs/unionfs/ufs Lock order reversal
o i386/141942  mav        [irq] interrupt storm (VIA 6421A atapci controller)
o kern/141928  ed         [libteken] either xterm -C or ioctl TIOCCONS is broken
o bin/141920              sort(1): sort -k 3,1g is very slow
o sparc/141918 sparc64    [ehci] ehci_interrupt: unrecoverable error, controller
o kern/141915             [hang] Unspecified lockup/deadlock with 7.2 on AMD64
o conf/141909  rc         rc.subr(8): [patch] add rc.conf.d support to /usr/loca
o conf/141907  rc         [rc.d] Bug if mtu (maybe others?) is set as first argu
o kern/141905  pf         [pf] [panic] pf kernel panic on 7.2-RELEASE with empty
o kern/141897  fs         [msdosfs] [panic] Kernel panic. msdofs: file name leng
o bin/141890              [patch] slapd(8): The slapd server starts/restarts way
o kern/141861  net        [wi] data garbled with WEP and wi(4) with Prism 2.5
o kern/141843  jfv        [em] [vlan] Intel txcsum and assigned vlan invoke wron
o kern/141841             [ata] Controller ST-Lab A-173 (Sil3512) lost the HDD d
o kern/141826  multimedia [snd_hda] load of snd_hda module fails
f kern/141756  gavin      [mmc] MMC card attached to <RICOH R5C822> blocks keybo
f kern/141741  net        Etherlink III NIC won't work after upgrade to FBSD 8, 
o kern/141740  geom       [geom] gjournal(8): g_journal_destroy concurrent error
o threa/141721 threads    rtprio(1): (id|rt)prio priority resets when new thread
f kern/141718  pjd        [zfs] [panic] kernel panic when 'zfs rename' is used o
a kern/141696  virtualization[rum] [vimage] [panic] rum(4)+ vimage = kernel panic
f usb/141680   usb        [uath] [usb8] Netgear WG111T not working with uath dri
o conf/141678  rc         [patch] A minor enhancement to how /etc/rc.d/jail dete
o i386/141675  i386       [boot] memory and BTX halted on Sunfire X4170
o usb/141664   usb        [pcm] [usb8] Logitech USB microphone failure [regressi
o ports/141660 x11        x11/xorg: X can't determine amount of video memory on 
o kern/141658             [panic] [usb67] Kernel panics when inserting a USB key
o kern/141655             [sio] [patch] Serial Console failure on Dell servers
o kern/141653             [ata] [panic] Panic in ata?
f misc/141652  gavin      [install] 8.0 install fails from USB memstick because 
o ports/141641 portmgr    [] [patch] make 'config-recursive' finish i
o kern/141632  ed         [libteken] vidcontrol -T cons25 doesn't work with 'mod
o usb/141474   usb        [boot] [usb8] FreeBSD 8.0 can not install from USB CDR
o i386/141470  i386       [boot] BTX halted immediatly on selecting any of the b
o i386/141468  i386       [boot] FreeBSD 8.0 boot manager can cause disk not pro
o kern/141463  fs         [nfs] [panic] Frequent kernel panics after upgrade fro
p amd64/141413 amd64      [hang] Tyan 2881 m3289 SMDC freeze
s bin/141340              netstat(1): wrong netstat -w 1 output
o usb/141327   usb        [ukbd] [usb67] USB kbd not working with 7.1+PAE on IBM
o conf/141317  jail       [patch] uncorrect jail stop in /etc/rc.d/jail
o kern/141314  andre      Network Performance has decreased by 30% [regression]
f usb/141313   thompsa    [usb8] nvidia USB 2.0 controller - stops copying on US
p misc/141311             [build] "make delete-old" leaves some unnecessary file
o kern/141305  fs         [zfs] FreeBSD ZFS+sendfile severe performance issues (
o conf/141275  rc         [request] dhclient(8) rc script should print something
o bin/141264              ntpd(8) crashes when tries to use an oncore reference 
a docs/141227  blackend   Handbook/sysinstall documentation about distributions 
o usb/141212   usb        [ukbd] [usb8] ukbd_set_leds_callback:700: error=USB_ER
p bin/141175   kientzle   [patch] New cpio(1) in FreeBSD 8 regressed and left ou
o kern/141150             [pty] [hang] TIOCDRAIN ioctl on pts/pty master hangs
o kern/141091  fs         [patch] [nullfs] fix panics with DIAGNOSTIC enabled
o kern/141090             [kernel] [patch] patch for COMPAT for /sys/sys/sysprot
o kern/141086  fs         [nfs] [panic] panic("nfs: bioread, not dir") on FreeBS
o docs/141032  doc        misleading documentation for rtadvd.conf(5) raflags se
o bin/141016              [libpam] PAM checks in sshd too few?
o kern/141011  usb        [usb8] Encrypted root, geli password at boot; enter ke
o kern/141010  fs         [zfs] "zfs scrub" fails when backed by files in UFS2
o bin/140972              sysintall(8): 8.0-RELEASE-i386-memstick Fixit broken -
o ports/140968 python     x11-toolkits/py-tkinter(devel/pth): py26-tkinter-2.6.4
o conf/140965             [terminfo] Cannot create terminfo database because ncu
o kern/140932             fork+exec from threaded FreeBSD 7.2 application
o usb/140920   usb        [install] [usb8] USB based install fails on 8.0-RELEAS
a docs/140918  blackend   [handbook] update 8.0 handbook about serial port /dev 
f bin/140900   gavin      [geom_part] sysinstall(8) problems: "unable to make de
o ports/140895 hrs        net/openbgpd exit, when kernel table change
o usb/140893   usb        [urtw] [usb8] WPA2 not working on rtl8187b
o kern/140888  fs         [zfs] boot fail from zfs root while the pool resilveri
o amd64/140873 gavin      [install] Cannot install 8.0-RELEASE on Thinkpad SL300
o bin/140863   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) fails to check that writes will succ
o kern/140858             [hang] System freeze during boot when PC-Card NIC inst
o kern/140849  usb        [ums] [usb8] USB mouse doesn't work under FreeBSD 8.0-
s docs/140847  doc        [request] add documentation on ECMP and new route args
o bin/140843   sysinstall sysinstall(8): cannot software install from usb
o bin/140842   sysinstall sysinstall(8): destroyed ncurses interface with FBSD8.
f kern/140836  gavin      [geom_part]? - failed to upgrade to 8.0-RELEASE
o kern/140835  des        [libfetch] fetchParseURL(3) returns success with inval
a usb/140810   usb        [uftdi] [usb8] 8.X copy and paste problem / tty overfl
o kern/140778  jfv        [em] randomly panic in vlan/em
o kern/140742  net        rum(4) Two asus-WL167G adapters cannot talk to each ot
o kern/140728  jfv        [em] [patch] Fast irq registration in em driver
o kern/140697  pf         [pf] pf behaviour changes - must be documented
o kern/140682  net        [netgraph] [panic] random panic in netgraph
o kern/140661  fs         [zfs] [patch] /boot/loader fails to work on a GPT/ZFS-
o kern/140658             [cpufreq] dev.cpu.0.cx_lowest=C3 from /etc/sysctl.conf
o i386/140655  i386       [panic] Lenovo X300: fatal trap 12 after /sbin/halt -p
o kern/140654             [umass] growisofs/mkisofs PERFORM OPC and GET EVENT  C
o kern/140647  jfv        [em] [patch] e1000 driver does not correctly handle mu
o i386/140645  i386       [irq] High INTERRUPT rate on CPU 0
o kern/140640  fs         [zfs] snapshot crash
o kern/140634  net        [vlan] destroying if_lagg interface with if_vlan membe
o ports/140621 edwin      Add support for /etc/cron.d and /usr/local/etc/cron.d 
o kern/140619  net        [ifnet] [patch] refine obsolete if_var.h comments desc
o kern/140597  andre      [netinet] [patch] implement Lost Retransmission Detect
o bin/140595   sysinstall [request] sysinstall(8): Replace "Country Selection" w
o kern/140591  multimedia [PATCH][sound] No sound output on lineout/headphone ja
o docs/140583  hrs        ports/print/acroread9 - handbook and port fail to ment
s www/140580   www        svnweb file logs are useless
p kern/140567  wireless   [ath] [patch] ath is not worked on my notebook PC
o ports/140542 edwin      sysutils/isc-cron should be compatible with cron from 
o kern/140514  des        [pam] PAM can give PAM_SUCCESS when infact it should g
o usb/140477   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] allow boot-time attachment of d
o bin/140462              devd(8): [regression] locked by /etc/rc.d and
o kern/140461             [vm] Fail to read from swap. The swap_pager.c contains
p docs/140457  doc        [patch] Grammar fix for isspace(3)
o kern/140453  vbox       [sound] [vbox] No sound inside Virtualbox on 50% volum
o i386/140448  i386       [boot] BTX loader hangs after displaying BIOS drives
o docs/140444  doc        [patch] New Traditional Chinese translation of custom-
o conf/140440  rc         [patch] allow local command files in rc.{suspend,resum
p misc/140436  imp        [nanobsd] pkg-add process fails when there is no /usr/
o docs/140435  arundel    ls(1), section STANDARD: the -A is exception from POSI
o misc/140376             [build] installworld fails trying to use 'chflags schg
o docs/140375  doc        [UPDATE] Updated zh_TW.Big5/articles/nanobsd
f kern/140361             [cpufreq] speed-stepping broken on PhenomII (acpi?)
o kern/140358  qingli     8.0RC2: [arp] arp: writing to routing socket: Invalid 
o kern/140352  geom       [geom] gjournal + glabel not working
o kern/140349             [libpcap] [patch] libpcap's parser doesn't recognize n
o kern/140346  net        [wlan] High bandwidth use causes loss of wlan connecti
o kern/140326  jfv        [em] em0: watchdog timeout when communicating to windo
p usb/140325   thompsa    [libusb] [usb8] Missing/incorrect initialisation and m
a bin/140309   bapt       [patch] bad syntax causes yacc(1) segfault
o bin/140304              [patch] add MAILFROM ability to cron(8)
o i386/140268  i386       [install] 8.0-RC* does not install on MSI MS-7255 [reg
o conf/140261  rc         [patch] Improve flexibility of mdconfig2 startup scrip
o kern/140245  wireless   [ath] [panic] Kernel panic during network activity on 
o power/140241 ppc        [kernel] [patch] Linker set problems on PowerPC EABI
o usb/140236   usb        [msdosfs] [usb8] Labels wiped on external Journaled US
o kern/140185             [patch] expand_number(3) does not detect overflow in n
o ports/140170 nork       net/liveMedia: install shared libraries and thus fix r
o ports/140162 hrs        print/teTeX listings module bug
o usb/140160   usb        [usb8] [acpi] USB ports are no longer "active" after A
o kern/140156  emulation  [linux] cdparanoia fails to read drive data
o bin/140151              [patch] hexdump(1): Fix potential setlocale(3) in hexd
o bin/140143              [patch] [rtld] dlopen(3) doesn't promote RTLD_GLOBAL f
o kern/140142  net        [ip6] [panic] FreeBSD 7.2-amd64 panic w/IPv6
o docs/140082  bland      [handbook] handbook/jails: russian translation is miss
o kern/140068  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs does not allow semicolon in file
o kern/140067             [boot] 8.0-RC2 from ISO, after install, hangs on boot 
o kern/140066  net        [bwi] install report for 8.0 RC 2 (multiple problems)
o kern/140018             [boot] locks up during boot on cpu error on Dell Power
o conf/140009             configuration issue NIS in nsswitch.conf(5)
o ports/140008            ports-mgmt/portupgrade: many papercut omissions on por
o i386/139999  i386       [panic] random freeze and crash
s usb/139990   usb        [panic] [patch] [usb67] Kernel frequently panics after
o gnu/139982              ld(1): BFD internal error
f kern/139811  gavin      FreeBSD did not recognize Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port S
o bin/139802   uqs        [patch] fsck_msdosfs(8): sync with NetBSD sources, inc
o i386/139743  i386       [ichsmb] [patch] ichsmb driver doesn't detects SMB bus
o kern/139734             [libc] res_send calls getsockname(2) instead of getpee
o kern/139725  fs         [zfs] zdb(1) dumps core on i386 when examining zpool c
o kern/139718  trasz      [reboot] all mounted fs don't get synced during reboot
o kern/139715  fs         [zfs] vfs.numvnodes leak on busy zfs
o docs/139705  remko      [patch] tunefs(8) man page bugs section ambiguous on a
o kern/139653             [ata] READ_BIG sluggish ata CD/DVD performance on HP D
p bin/139651   fs         [nfs] mount(8): read-only remount of NFS volume does n
p amd64/139614 avg        [minidump] minidumps fail when many interrupts fire
o bin/139601              [patch] make(1): variable substitution for $@ in depen
f kern/139576  ed         [syscons] [patch] blink screen too noisy
o kern/139565  net        [ipfilter] ipfilter ioctl SIOCDELST broken
o kern/139564  fs         [zfs] [panic] 8.0-RC1 - Fatal trap 12 at end of shutdo
p kern/139559  qingli     [tun] several tun(4) interfaces can be created with sa
o kern/139549  firewire   [firewire] reconnecting a firewire disk does not cause
f kern/139510  pjd        [geom] [2tb] gmirror disappears after boot on 2T disks
o kern/139425             [kernel] [patch] Wrong behavior of KTR_VERBOSE
o kern/139407  fs         [smbfs] [panic] smb mount causes system crash if remot
o kern/139403             [headers] absense of AUE_NULL
o bin/139389   pluknet    [patch] Change top(1) to display thread IDs
o kern/139387  net        [ipsec] Wrong lenth of PF_KEY messages in promiscuous 
o bin/139346   net        [patch] arp(8) add option to remove static entries lis
o docs/139336  doc        [request] ZFS documentation suggestion
a bin/139314              [patch] install(1): install -d reports success on fail
p kern/139312  gleb       [tmpfs] [patch] tmpfs mmap synchronization bug
o kern/139271             [pci] [patch] sysutils/hpacucli does not work on the a
o kern/139268  net        [if_bridge] [patch] allow if_bridge to forward just VL
o conf/139255             8.0-RC1 network.subr calls route(8) with obsolete para
o usb/139243   usb        [uhci] [usb67] unplug prolific USB serial -> uhci_abor
o kern/139232             [panic] Kernel panic (spin lock held too long)
p kern/139204  net        [arp] DHCP server replies rejected, ARP entry lost bef
o bin/139181   randi      WITHOUT_LEGACY_CONSOLE=1 breaks sysinstall(8)
o docs/139165  doc        gssapi.3 man page out of sync with between crypto and 
o kern/139162  yongari    [fwip] [panic] 8.0-RC1 panics if using IP over firewir
o kern/139144             [keyboard] [patch] CapsLock LED should not depend on k
o bin/139135   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) misbehaves on upgrade and shows erro
s sparc/139134 sparc64    kernel output corruption
o kern/139127             [vfs] False negative vfs cache entry
o kern/139117  net        [lagg] + wlan boot timing (EBUSY)
o i386/139115  i386       [cpufreq] low cpu frequency reported [regression]
o kern/139088  acpi       [acpi] ACPI Exception: AE_AML_INFINITE_LOOP error
p kern/139080  eadler     [libc] [patch] closelog() can close negative file desc
o kern/139058  net        [ipfilter] mbuf cluster leak on FreeBSD 7.2
p bin/139052   kan        gcc(1): Stack protection breaks -fprofile-generate on 
s kern/139039  pjd        [zfs] zpool scrub makes system unbearably slow
o kern/139027             [ata] DVD RW is not recognized on ASUS K40IN laptop wh
o docs/139018  doc        translation of submitting.sgml from docproj/submitting
a bin/139015   portmgr    [patch] pkg_info(1): fix exit code for pkg_info -g
o kern/139014             [null] /dev/null must be immunable to delete/unlink
o ports/139011 x11        [patch]  Add options to support GLX TLS in x11-servers
o kern/138967             [ata] HDD write error: g_vfs_done(): ... ]error = 1
o bin/138961              ldap groups don't work with su(1)
o i386/138948  i386       [twa] [regression] da0: <AMCC 9550SX-4LP DISK 3.04> Fi
f kern/138944  emulation  [parallels] [regression] Parallels no longer works in 
o kern/138938             [psm] Synaptics Support dosn't work on Dell Latitude  
o bin/138926   cperciva   [patch] freebsd-update(8): allow unattended upgrade
f usb/138882   usb        [ohci] [panic] [usb67] Can't install FreeBSD 7.2 due t
o kern/138880  emulation  [linux] munmap segfaults after linux_mmap2 stresstest
o kern/138870             [apm] 8.0beta4 PnP problem? lost synaptics trackpad in
o bin/138858              patch(1) assumes that a file appears only once in the 
o bin/138855              [patch] if the hostname is empty, opiepasswd(1) create
o kern/138850  net        [dummynet] dummynet doesn't work correctly on a bridge
o docs/138845  doc        Exceeding kern.ipc.maxpipekva refers to tuning(7) whic
o usb/138798   usb        [boot] [usb8] 8.0-BETA4 can't boot from USB flash driv
o kern/138782  net        [panic] sbflush_internal: cc 0 || mb 0xffffff004127b00
o ports/138772 nox        emulators/qemu should build on SPARC
o i386/138737  bde        [endian] [patch] Patch for bswap64(9) operation on IA
o java/138729  java       java/jdk16: setting 'export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit' caus
o java/138728  java       java/jdk16: SIGSEGV in java runtime
p conf/138692  netchild   [request] [patch] 450.status-security should exit with
o kern/138688  net        [rum] possibly broken on 8 Beta 4 amd64: able to wpa a
o kern/138681             [pmap] [panic] repeatable kernel panic in pmap_remove_
o kern/138678  net        [lo] FreeBSD does not assign linklocal address to loop
o docs/138663  eadler     system(3) man page confuses users about "return value 
o kern/138662  fs         [panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free block
o kern/138660  jfv        [igb] igb driver troubles in 8.0-BETA4
o usb/138659   usb        [usb8][uftdi] driver broken in RELENG_8/CURRENT
o bin/138560              ifconfig(8): wpa_supplicant(8): Incorrect usage of str
s bin/138547   vwe        [request] improve dhcp behaviour with multiple network
o kern/138537             [ata] [panic] Memory modified after free
o docs/138485  doc        bpf(4) and ip(4) man pages missing important corner ca
p kern/138439  vanhu      [IPSec] Tunnel with IPv4 and IPv6
o bin/138423   sysinstall sysinstall(8): Installer (and sade) get wrong number o
o kern/138421  fs         [ufs] [patch] remove UFS label limitations
o kern/138407  net        [gre] gre(4) interface does not come up after reboot
o kern/138392  jfv        [em] [altq] ALTQ queuing not working on em(4)
o kern/138381  np         [cxgb] [patch] NULL pointer dereference in t3_set_tcb_
o kern/138332  net        [tun] [lor] ifconfig tun0 destroy causes LOR if_adata/
o bin/138331   sam        FreeBSD 8.0-beta3  wpa_supplicant(8) lost auth
o kern/138292  weongyo    [zyd] [usb8] "zyd0: device timeout" with ZyXEL G-202
o kern/138266  net        [panic] kernel panic when udp benchmark test used as r
o ports/138228 portmgr    [] [exp-run] New opt-in knob to compile por
f i386/138211  gavin      [loader] Boot fails on Intel X5550
o amd64/138210 acpi       [acpi] acer aspire 5536 ACPI problems (S3, brightness,
o conf/138208  rc         [rc.d] [patch] Making rc.firewall (workstation) IPv6 a
o kern/138202  fs         mount_msdosfs(1) see only 2Gb
o kern/138177  net        [ipfilter] FreeBSD crashing repeatedly in ip_nat.c:257
o usb/138175   usb        [usb67] [boot] System cannot boot, when USB reader wit
o bin/138150              [build] [patch] fix for src/etc/Makefile mtree
o i386/138126  i386       [panic] Kernel panic trap 12 on bigger load
o usb/138124   usb        [snd_uaudio] [usb8] Axed uaudio functionality in the u
o usb/138119   usb        [usb67] [usb8] MultiBay CDROM (probably on USB bus) is
o kern/138046  andre      [tcp] tcp sockets stay in SYN_SENT even after receivin
f kern/138029  net        [bpf] [panic] periodically kernel panic and reboot
o bin/138025   sysinstall sysinstall(8) fails to create big partition
o kern/138002             [lor] Three lock order reversals: ufs/devfs, bufwait/d
o kern/137982  pf         [pf] when pf can hit state limits, random IP failures 
o amd64/137942 amd64      [pci] 8.0-BETA2 having problems with Asus M2N-SLI-delu
o ports/137940 glewis     java/jdk15, java/jdk16: bsd java does not start from n
o kern/137881  net        [netgraph] [panic] ng_pppoe fatal trap 12
f usb/137872   usb        [usb67] [boot] slow booting on usb flash drive
o bin/137864   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8): add possibility to shutdown/pow
p bin/137841   net        [patch] wpa_supplicant(8) cannot verify SHA256 signed 
o kern/137822             [vesa] [hang] System crashes leaving X when running ve
o usb/137806   usb        [ukbd] [usb67] USB keyboard doesn't work until it's un
p kern/137776  net        [rum] panic in rum(4) driver on 8.0-BETA2
o usb/137763   usb        [usb67][ukbd] Logitech wireless keyboard media keys no
o ports/137729 apache     www/mod_auth_kerb2 port broken on 8.0-BETA2 due to sec
o bin/137713   sysinstall sysinstall(8): installer partition editor generates in
o kern/137678  eadler     [libstand] [patch] libstand's bootp/dhcp code always u
o kern/137677             [mac] security.mac.bsdextended.firstmatch_enabled defa
o conf/137671             [patch][request] enhance beastie.4th: possibility to d
s gnu/137665              [patch] dialog(1) goes into tight loop on encountering
o bin/137641   net        ifconfig(8): various problems with "vlan_device.vlan_i
o conf/137629  rc         [rc.d] background_dhclient rc.conf option causing doub
o ports/137620 portmgr    [NEW PORT] devel/p6-perl6-toys
o kern/137592  wireless   [ath] panic - 7-STABLE (Aug 7, 2009 UTC) crashes on ne
o kern/137589  multimedia [snd_uaudio] snd_uaudio.ko (USB audio driver) doesn't 
o kern/137588  daichi     [unionfs] [lor] LOR nfs/ufs/nfs
o kern/137586  des        [libpam] Need to build pam_ssh module even it openssh 
o bin/137514   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) doesn't update the system under some
p bin/137484   wireless   [patch] Integer overflow in wpa_supplicant(8) base64 e
o conf/137470  rc         [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/mdconfig2 : prioritize cli parameter
o kern/137443             [headers] Including /usr/include/rpc/xdr.h fails with 
o ports/137393 portmgr    Remote Package Add of lang/gcc42 does not terminate
o kern/137392  net        [ip] [panic] crash in ip_nat.c line 2577
o usb/137377   usb        [usb8] request support for Huawei E180
o kern/137372  net        [ral] FreeBSD doesn't support wireless interface from 
o bin/137365              [patch] let last(1) read from stdin via "-f -"
o kern/137346  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw nat redirect_proto is broken
o usb/137341   usb        [usb8][rum] driver if_rum doesn't work at all and thro
o ports/137332 hrs        add caution messages to some adobe products
o kern/137327  dfr        [nfs] nfs nlm memery leak
s bin/137318              [request] import options from NetBSD's lastlogin(1)
o kern/137309  bz         [ipsec] sequence number in a SADB_X_SPDGET response is
o kern/137307             [libc] [patch] Enhance strptime(3) to support %U and %
o conf/137271  rc         [rc.d] Cannot update /etc/host.conf when root filesyst
o ports/137250 portmgr    OPTIONS that change PREFIX cause an error after 'make 
o kern/137246             [kqueue] kevents not generated for file writes through
o kern/137232  ipfw       [ipfw] parser troubles
o kern/137228             [psm] synaptics support delays 'mouse up' events when 
f usb/137190   usb        [usb8][patch] inhibit spurious button releases for som
o usb/137189   usb        [usb8][patch] create and use sysctl nodes for HID repo
p usb/137188   usb        [usb8][patch] correctly handle USB report descriptors 
o kern/137181             [ata] Promise SATA controller SX4-M PDC20621 does not 
o kern/137145  andre      [mbuf] [patch] Reference count computing isn't correct
o usb/137129   usb        [ums] [usb8] SteelSeries Ikari USB laser mouse not att
o kern/137089  net        [lagg] lagg falsely triggers IPv6 duplicate address de
o kern/137042  acpi       [acpi] hp laptop's lcd not wakes up after suspend to r
o bin/136994   net        [patch] ifconfig(8) print carp mac address
o kern/136968  fs         [ufs] [lor] ufs/bufwait/ufs (open)
o kern/136946  firewire   [fwohci] fwohci throws an"unrecoverable error" upon re
o kern/136945  fs         [ufs] [lor] filedesc structure/ufs (poll)
o kern/136944  fs         [ffs] [lor] bufwait/snaplk (fsync)
o kern/136943  wireless   [wpi] [lor] wpi0_com_lock / wpi0
o kern/136911  net        [netgraph] [panic] system panic on kldload ng_bpf.ko t
o misc/136889  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] nanobsd error reporting and other re
o kern/136888             [boot] boot0sio timeout much longer when DSR/CTS low
o kern/136876  yongari    [bge] bge will not resume properly after suspend
o kern/136873  fs         [ntfs] Missing directories/files on NTFS volume
o kern/136865  fs         [nfs] [patch] NFS exports atomic and on-the-fly atomic
o bin/136857              [patch] du(1): permit per directory only sum (no herit
o kern/136836  wireless   [ath] atheros card stops functioning after about 12 ho
o kern/136781  pf         [pf] Packets appear to drop with pf scrub and if_bridg
o bin/136733              disklabel(8) handle incorrently
o docs/136712  doc        [handbook] [patch] draft new section on gmirror per pa
o kern/136669             [libc] [patch] setmode(3) should always set errno on e
o docs/136666  doc        [handbook] Configure serial port for remote kernel deb
o bin/136661   melifaro   [patch] ndp(8) ignores -f option
o conf/136624  rc         [rc.d] sysctl variables for ipnat are not applied on b
o kern/136618  net        [pf][stf] panic on cloning interface without unit numb
p kern/136470  fs         [nfs] Cannot mount / in read-only, over NFS
o kern/136356             [ata] SATA / ICH7 problems
o bin/136354              [patch] powerd(8): Support for maxspeed in adaptive mo
o conf/136336             [termcap] [patch] missing entry for "center of keypad"
o kern/136327  firewire   [sbp] [boot] Asus M3N78-EM motherboard cannot boot wit
o kern/136216             [headers] Missing prototype declaration for setfib() o
o kern/136168  jfv        [em] em driver initialization fails on Intel 5000PSL m
o kern/136159             [kthread] [patch] tsleep with PDROP in kthread_suspend
o bin/136073   des        recent nscd(8) changes cause client processes to die w
o docs/136035  doc        ftpchroot(5) omits an important option
o kern/136013             [resolver] Resolver wrong diagnostics
o i386/136008  acpi       [acpi] Dell Vostro 1310 will not shutdown (Requires us
f i386/135961  gavin      [boot] booting WRAP and Soekris fails from PXE, boot0 
o kern/135948  pf         [pf] [gre] pf not natting gre protocol
o usb/135938   usb        [aue] [usb67] aue driver only passes traffic in promis
p bin/135918   luigi      [boot0] [patch] Make BootEasy compatible with NT Drive
o kern/135898  geom       [geom] Severe filesystem corruption - large files or l
o bin/135718              [patch] enhance qsort(3) to properly handle 32-bit ali
o bin/135700              [patch] Add an ability to run inetd(8) with P_PROTECTE
o kern/135690             [panic] [ata] ufs_dirbad: /backuphd: bad dir ino 22259
o threa/135673 threads    databases/mysql50-server - MySQL query lock-ups on 7.2
f kern/135667  xen        ufs filesystem corruption on XEN DomU system
o bin/135647   cperciva   freebsd-update(8): forces manual merge of every file i
o kern/135608             [patch] sysctl(8) should be able to handle byte values
o power/135576 ppc        gdb cannot debug threaded programs on ppc
o ports/135569 portmgr    `check-sanity` not documented in
s kern/135550             [sysctl] [request] Feature Request: Manufacturer Infor
o kern/135546  fs         [zfs] zfs.ko module doesn't ignore zpool.cache filenam
o usb/135542   usb        [keyboard] boot loader does not work with a usb keyboa
o docs/135516  eadler     [patch] pax(1) manual not mentioning chflags unawarene
a ports/135503 wxs        lang/python26 upgrade should get mailman too
o kern/135502  net        [periodic] Warning message raised by rtfree function i
o kern/135497             [ata] JMicron JMB363 controller does not recognize PAT
o kern/135485  eadler     [modules] [patch] During a shutdown, kernel modules sh
o kern/135476  ipfw       [ipfw] IPFW table breaks after adding a large number o
o docs/135475             [patch] jot(1) manpage and behaviour differ
o ports/135471 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit-db packaudit.conf sourced
o kern/135469  fs         [ufs] [panic] kernel crash on md operation in ufs_dirb
o kern/135458  dchagin    Missing errno translation in Linux getsockopt(,,SO_ERR
o bin/135444   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) failing should be more verbose
f kern/135421  xen        [xen] FreeBSD Xen PVM DomU network failure - netfronc.
o misc/135420  bugmeister gnats generates broken In-Reply-To headers
o bin/135349   acpi       [patch] teach acpidump(8) to disassemble arbitrary mem
o conf/135338  rc         [rc.d] pf startup order seems broken [regression]
o ports/135337 emulation  [PATCH] emulators/linux_base-f10: incorrect bash usage
o bin/135317   randi      install.cfg feature request
o kern/135307             Boot Loader problem on Acer Aspire 5735
o ports/135276 x11        x11/xorg: GUI running first time only while using Free
o kern/135237             [nfs] sendfile(2) and SF_NODISKIO blocks on NFS files
o kern/135222  jfv        [igb] low speed routing between two igb interfaces
o ports/135221 portmgr    [] unified support for LINUX_OSRELEASE depe
o usb/135206   usb        machine reboots when inserted USB device
f usb/135200   usb        SAMSUNG i740 usb mass: Synchronize cache failed, statu
f kern/135178  xen        [xen] Xen domU outgoing data transfer stall when TSO i
o kern/135164             [keyboard] UK currency key inactive
o kern/135162  pf         [pfsync] pfsync(4) not usable with GENERIC kernel
o bin/135159   portmgr    [patch] pkg_delete(1) segfaults on empty @pkgdep lines
s ports/135089 portmgr Honor LOCALBASE for CFLAGS
p kern/135069  xen        [xen] FreeBSD-current/Xen SMP doesn't function at all 
o kern/135050  fs         [zfs] ZFS clears/hides disk errors on reboot
o kern/134996  pf         [pf] Anchor tables not included when pfctl(8) is run w
o kern/134956  jfv        [em] FreeBSD 7.1 & 7.2, Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Se
o usb/134950   usb        Lowering DTR for USB-modem via ubsa is not possible
o kern/134922  ae         [gmirror] [panic] kernel panic when use fdisk on disk 
o misc/134920             [headers] [patch] Large upgrades from source cause com
o bin/134919              [patch] add information to truss(1) when tracing linux
o conf/134918  rc         [patch] rc.subr fails to detect perl daemons
f bin/134907   vwe        boot0cfg(8): choose / adjust the booting slice doesn't
o kern/134887             [ataraid] source consistency problem
o ports/134880 ale        lang/php5 - PHP CLI interactive mode misbehaviour with
o kern/134767  multimedia [sound] [snd_hda] [regression] Sigmatel STAC9205X no s
o conf/134660  rc         [patch] rc-script for initializing ng_netflow+ng_ipfw
s gnu/134604              [libgcc] [patch] Memory leak in gcclibs/libgomp
o kern/134591             [ral] ral(4) driver frequently loses carrier (on RT256
f kern/134584             [panic] spin lock held too long
o kern/134583  net        [hang] Machine with jail freezes after random amount o
o bin/134569              [heimdal] krb5-config(1) does not return all libs nece
o kern/134531  net        [route] [panic] kernel crash related to routes/zebra
o kern/134520             [ata] SAS HD not detected on LSI SAS1078 (Acer Altos R
o kern/134504             [vesa] thinkpad t60 with ati x1400 in vesa console mod
o kern/134491  fs         [zfs] Hot spares are rather cold...
o kern/134488  scsi       [mpt] MPT SCSI driver probes max. 8 LUNs per device
o bin/134425   sysinstall sysinstall(8) custom distributions select all and dese
f kern/134407  gavin      [hang] freebsd 7.x freezes with the livefs or install 
f kern/134398  gavin      [ata] problems with udma modes on atapi ixp600
o kern/134391             [libc] dladdr(3) does effectively not work on main pro
o bin/134389   cperciva   portsnap(1): phttpget opens a new connections for ever
o arm/134368   arm        [patch] nslu2_led driver for the LEDs on the NSLU2
a kern/134355  andre      [mbuf] comments for m_getm2 inconsistent with behaviou
p arm/134338   arm        [patch] Lock GPIO accesses on ixp425
o conf/134333  rc         PPP configuration problem in the rc.d scripts in combi
o usb/134299   usb        Kernel Panic plugging in MF626 USB UMTS Stick u3g
o bin/134250              [rc.d] mountlate: bogus error message when using neste
o kern/134249             [libiconv] [patch] ignore case for character set names
s kern/134231  vwe        [sysctl] sysctl() 80% slower in 7.2 than 6.2 [regressi
o kern/134225  eadler     [libexec] [patch] Reduce disk write load from save-ent
o kern/134200             [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o usb/134193   usb        System freeze on usb MP3 player insertion
f kern/134168  gavin      [ral] ral driver problem on RT2525 2.4GHz transceiver 
o bin/134167   cperciva   [request] freebsd-update(8) should be able to be run i
o kern/134157  net        [dummynet] dummynet loads cpu for 100% and make a syst
o ports/134132 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: Intel i845 - xorg.conf with U
o docs/134123  doc        The RUNQUEUE(9) man page is out of date
o kern/134113  geom       [geli] Problem setting secondary GELI key
f kern/134105  gavin      rl(4) Realtek 8110SC with device ID 0x814910ec not det
f java/134098  glewis     java/diablo-jdk15: random core drops
p arm/134092   cognet     [patch] NSLU.hints contains wrong hints for on board n
o usb/134085   usb        [umass] Adding usb quirk for Sony USB flash drive
o kern/134079  jfv        [em] "em0: Invalid MAC address" in FreeBSD-Current ( 8
o kern/134054             [ataraid] [panic] traps kernel on boot if Intel Matrix
o bin/134022              host(1), dig(1) and nslookup(1) hang in _umtx_op sysca
o kern/134011             [hang] swap_pager_getswapspace(4): failed
o kern/134010             [libgssapi][patch] Buffer overflow and use-after-free 
o conf/134006  rc         [patch] Unload console screensaver kernel modules if s
o usb/133989   usb        [usb8] [ukbd] USB keyboard dead at mountroot> prompt
o kern/133985             [kernel] kern.cp_time returns all zeros and stops incr
o kern/133969  net        [dummynet] [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in 
o kern/133968  net        [dummynet] [panic] dummynet kernel panic
o kern/133931  geom       [geli] [request] intentionally wrong password to destr
s kern/133926             [request] MAXLOGNAME, the username length limit, is to
o kern/133919             [mpt] [panic] 7.1 panics after completing rebuild of m
o kern/133892  sam        /usr/src/sys/dev/ath/if_ath.c:3414: error: 'const stru
o conf/133890  rc         [patch] sshd(8): add multiple profiles to the rc.d scr
o bin/133860              [patch] lorder(1) misses symbols defined in read only 
o bin/133834              [patch] chat(8): terminate()/fatal() infinity mutual r
o ports/133815 portmgr    [PATCH] implements fakeroot for the ports
o kern/133775             [patch] gdb(1) debugscripts: fix proc address print in
o ports/133771 doceng     print/ghostscript8: Ghostscript8-8.64 port not install
f kern/133768  gavin      [panic] MONITOR PANIC: vcpu-0:VMM64 DoubleFault src=MO
o kern/133736  net        [udp] ip_id not protected ...
o kern/133732  pf         [pf] max-src-conn issue
o i386/133727  i386       chars [[[[[[[[[[[[[ occur during install process (sett
o usb/133712   usb        [ural] [patch] RE: Fixed an issue with ural(4) that wa
o kern/133710             [headers] net/bpf.h and netgraph/ng_message.h should i
o kern/133676  fs         [smbfs] [panic] umount -f'ing a vnode-based memory dis
o kern/133595  net        [panic] Kernel Panic at pcpu.h:195
s kern/133593             [ata] `atacontrol(8) spindown` won't affect disk until
o kern/133572  net        [ppp] [hang] incoming PPTP connection hangs the system
o misc/133540  gavin      Cannot connect to ftp mirrors for 7.2 beta boot-only
o power/133503 ppc        [sound] Sound stutter after switching ttys
o kern/133495             [de] interface not properly initialized on boot
o kern/133490  net        [bpf] [panic] 'kmem_map too small' panic on Dell r900 
p kern/133439  kan        [vfs] [panic] Kernel Panic in kern_vfs
o usb/133390   usb        umass crashes system in 7.1 when Olympus D-540 attache
o power/133382 ppc        [install] Installer gets signal 11
o usb/133296   usb        [rum] driver not working properly in hostap mode
o kern/133289             [vm] [panic] DEBUG_MEMGUARD with vm.memguard.desc="dev
o kern/133286             dd can fill system memory
o kern/133265  jail       [jail] is there a solution how to run nfs client in ja
o kern/133235  net        [netinet] [patch] Process SIOCDLIFADDR command incorre
o bin/133227   edwin      [patch] whois(1): add support for SLD whois server loo
f kern/133213  net        arp and sshd errors on 7.1-PRERELEASE
s kern/133144  emulation  [linux] linuxulator 2.6 crashes with nvidias
o ports/133081 python     [] PYEASYINSTALL_ARCHDEP=yes makes broken
o kern/133060  net        [ipsec] [pfsync] [panic] Kernel panic with ipsec + pfs
o bin/132993              [patch] bsnmpd(1) - bad IfPoll timer interval
o kern/132960  fs         [ufs] [panic] panic:ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag
o kern/132889  net        [ndis] [panic] NDIS kernel crash on load BCM4321 AGN d
o conf/132851  net        [patch] rc.conf(5): allow to setfib(1) for service run
o kern/132848  multimedia [sound] [snd_emu10kx] driver problem with card init, s
o bin/132845   geom       [geom] [patch] ggated(8) does not close files opened a
o docs/132839  doc        [patch] Fix example script in ldap-auth article
o bin/132798   pjd        [patch] ggatec(8): ggated/ggatec connection slowdown p
o ports/132783 portmgr    ports/Mk/ ${ARCH} misuse for "--build" opt
o kern/132774  rwatson    [ipfw] IPFW with uid/gid/jail rules may lead to lockup
o kern/132769  pf         [pf] [lor] 2 LOR's with pf task mtx / ifnet and  rtent
o bin/132735              Berkeley db: corrupted file has record with absurd siz
o kern/132734  net        [ifmib] [panic] panic in net/if_mib.c
o kern/132722  wireless   [ath] Wifi ath0 associates fine with AP, but DHCP or I
o docs/132718  doc        [handbook] Information about adding a new mirror is ou
o kern/132705  net        [libwrap] [patch] libwrap - infinite loop if hosts.all
o bin/132692              [patch] getent(1): no support for netgroup
o kern/132672  net        [ndis] [panic] ndis with rt2860.sys causes kernel pani
o kern/132664             [lor] vfs_mount.c / msdosfs_vfsops.c
o kern/132622  philip     [glxsb] [patch] glxsb(4) performs badly with ipsec
o kern/132602  acpi       [acpi] ACPI Problem with Intel SS4200: System does not
o conf/132596             examples/cvsup/ports-supfile still oriented on cvsup p
o usb/132594   usb        USB subsystem causes page fault and crashes
o ports/132577 fjoe       databases/oracle8-client: Appearence of connection (ph
o ports/132576 delphij    net/openldap24-server: multipying LDAP trees on the si
o kern/132554  net        [ipl] There is no ippool start script/ipfilter magic t
p docs/132546  trhodes    [patch] sync vm_map_lock(9) with recent locking change
f i386/132535  gavin      [acpi] if ACPI enabled, i can't change brightness leve
o conf/132515  stas       ntpd_sync_on_start option in /etc/rc.conf misbehaves
o kern/132511  multimedia [sound] [snd_hda] Probing ALC888 codec on ASRock K10N7
o kern/132497  rwatson    [boot] [patch] Stale pre-5.x mbuf references in new Bo
o conf/132483  rc         rc.subr(8) [patch] setfib(1) support for rc.subr
o conf/132476  hrs        [rc.d] [patch] add support setfib(1) in rc.d/routing
o kern/132397  fs         reboot causes filesystem corruption (failure to sync b
o kern/132354  net        [nat] Getting some packages to ipnat(8) causes crash
o kern/132331  fs         [ufs] [lor] LOR ufs and syncer
o bin/132302              [patch] smbutil(1): contrib/smbfs subr.c: saved passwo
p kern/132285  glebius    [carp] alias gives incorrect hash in dmesg
o kern/132277  net        [crypto] [ipsec] poor performance using cryptodevice f
o docs/132260  doc        dhcpd(8) pid not stored in documented location
o kern/132252             [ata] No CD/DVD devices found!
o kern/132250  scsi       [ciss] ciss driver does not support more then 15 drive
o kern/132238             [ral] ral driver does not support RT2860
o kern/132237  fs         [msdosfs] msdosfs has problems to read MSDOS Floppy
o i386/132230  i386       [boot] [reboot] 7.1-RELEASE /boot/loader non-functiona
o kern/132206  scsi       [mpt] system panics on boot when mirroring and 2nd dri
o docs/132190  doc        EPERM explanation for send(2), sendto(2), and sendmsg(
f kern/132176  pf         [pf] pf stalls connection when using route-to [regress
o kern/132165             [uart] [lor] LOR slock and uart_hwmtx
o kern/132145  fs         [panic] File System Hard Crashes
o bin/132114   randi      [patch] add new 'docs' virtual category to sysinstall
o bin/132112              [patch] devd(8) unnecessarily reconfigures carp(4) int
o kern/132107  glebius    [carp] carp(4) advskew setting ignored when carp IP us
o usb/132080   usb        [patch] [usb] [rum] [panic] Kernel panic after NOMEM c
o usb/132066   usb        [ukbd] Keyboard failure USB keyboard DELL 760
o usb/132036   usb        [panic] page fault when connecting Olympus C740 camera
o bin/132008              [patch] config(8) to allow using section/nosection in 
o kern/132001             [patch] [ixgb] driver update
o docs/131968  danger     ipnat man page points to wrong directory
o ports/131930 x11        [PATCH] x11-servers/xorg-server coredumps on exit
o docs/131918  doc        [patch] Fixes for the BPF(4) man page
o kern/131876  rwatson    [socket] FD leak by receiving SCM_RIGHTS by recvmsg wi
o bin/131853              cron(8): please add support for CRON_TZ and CRON_WITHI
o bin/131800              rpcbind(8) fails to start in jail
f kern/131798  gavin      [ukbd] usb keyboard doesn't work with motherboard inte
o kern/131784             [lor] triple LOR after hard reboot
o kern/131781  net        [ndis] ndis keeps dropping the link
o kern/131776  net        [wi] driver fails to init
o bin/131774              cvs(1) commits files then aborts
o ports/131758 itetcu     net/tightvnc in a jail stopped working after multiple 
o kern/131753  net        [altq] [panic] kernel panic in hfsc_dequeue
o ports/131726 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: xorg server messes with my eh
p kern/131718             [lor] kern_sysctl.c / acpi_video.c
o docs/131626  doc        [patch] dump(8) "recommended" cache option confusing
o kern/131601  net        [ipfilter] [panic] 7-STABLE panic in nat_finalise (tcp
o bin/131598   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) doesn't interact well with custom ke
o kern/131597             [kernel] c++ exceptions very slow on FreeBSD 7.1/amd64
o usb/131583   usb        [umass] Failure when detaching umass Device
o ports/131579 kuriyama   security/gnupg reads security/gnupg1 data incorrectly
o usb/131576   usb        [aue] ADMtek USB To LAN Converter can't send data
f kern/131573             [mutex] lock_init() assumes zero-filled struct
f kern/131571  gavin      [apic] [panic] Running with APIC enabled crashes a Sup
o bin/131567   net        [socket] [patch] Update for regression/sockets/unix_cm
o bin/131549   wireless   ifconfig(8) can't clear 'monitor' mode on the wireless
o power/131548 ppc        ofw_syscons no longer supports 32-bit framebuffer
o kern/131536  andre      [netinet] [patch] kernel does allow manipulation of su
o usb/131521   usb        Registering Belkin UPS to usb_quirks.c
o kern/131441  fs         [unionfs] [nullfs] unionfs and/or nullfs not combineab
o bin/131427              [patch] Add to fetch(1) an ability to limit a number o
o i386/131426  i386       hald makes cdrom fail
o bin/131415   geom       [geli] keystrokes are unregulary sent to Geli when typ
o docs/131370  keramida   glabel(8): geom_label needs clarification in docs
a bin/131369   delphij    truss(1): truss -f fails to attach to child processes
o bin/131365   net        route(8): route add changes interpretation of network 
o kern/131360  fs         [nfs] poor scaling behavior of the NFS server under lo
o bin/131359   cperciva   freebsd-update(8): freebsd-update tag file not updated
o bin/131358   cperciva   freebsd-update(8): Update servers for freebsd-update a
s bin/131354   des        ssh: SSH session hangs
o kern/131353  geom       [geom] gjournal(8) kernel lock
o kern/131342  fs         [nfs] mounting/unmounting of disks causes NFS to fail
o bin/131341   fs         makefs: error "Bad file descriptor"  on the mount poin
p bin/131250   brian      [patch] ppp(8) proxyarp does not work
o bin/131143              [patch] amd(8) causes annoying "embedded slash in map 
o bin/131094              dhclient(8) sets wrong IP address
f kern/131087  bschmidt   [ipw] [panic] ipw / iwi - no sent/received packets; iw
o usb/131074   usb        no run-time detection of usb devices plugged into exte
o misc/131059             [tinybsd] [patch] tinybsd MFSROOT option suggests YES/
p kern/131038  bz         [ip6] [panic] kernel panic in ip6_forward
o bin/131013              pw(8) does not update NIS group file
o bin/130993              pkg_add(1): pkg_add -n falsely reports present local p
f kern/130982  gavin      [install] The installation hangs
o kern/130957  jhb        [pci] /sys/dev/pci/pci.c revision 181771 breaks networ
f bin/130954   vwe        ps(1): can not obtain which process take all CPU time
f kern/130941  gavin      [panic] [cd9660] [geom] unexpected crash due to page f
o kern/130920  fs         [msdosfs] cp(1) takes 100% CPU time while copying file
o misc/130856             [build] [patch] make installworld work when WITHOUT_GA
o bin/130831              csh(1) core dumps after building  libiconv-1.1x from s
f kern/130820  net        [ndis] wpa_supplicant(8) returns 'no space on device'
o kern/130794             [ata] hw.ata.ata_dma_limit without any effect
o kern/130749  des        [libc] [patch] nscache.c/nscachedcli.c - return error 
o usb/130736   usb        Page fault unplugging USB stick
f misc/130728  joel       There are 4-clause BSDL files in src/
o kern/130726             [ata] DMA errors accessing multiple SATA channels
o ports/130677 portmgr    [exp-run] Centralize handling of CPPFLAGS
o kern/130657  bz         [ip6] [patch] ipv6 class option
o bin/130655   randi      sysinstall(8): no IPV4 if answer "no" when "Do you wan
o kern/130628  net        [nfs] NFS / rpc.lockd deadlock on 7.1-R
o kern/130621  scsi       [mpt] tranfer rate is inscrutable slow when use lsi213
o conf/130555  net        [rc.d] [patch] No good way to set ipfilter variables a
o kern/130525  net        [ndis] [panic] 64 bit ar5008 ndisgen-erated driver cau
a bin/130504              [libc] Serious bug in regular expression library (rege
o ports/130479 apache     www/apache22 configure_args busted
a kern/130386  rwatson    [patch] add locking for generic interface address mani
o conf/130381  pf         [rc.d] [pf] [ip6] ipv6 not fully configured when pf st
f amd64/130365 gavin      [ata] Elitegroup A780GM-A Chipset:AMD 780G&SB700 IDE c
o docs/130364  arundel    Man page for top(1) needs explanation of CPU states
o bin/130343              top(1): kvm_open: cannot open /proc/42997/mem corrupts
o kern/130311  net        [wlan_xauth] [panic] hostapd restart causing kernel pa
o kern/130286             [patch] hifn(4) changes
o kern/130261             [kernel] [panic] kernel panic in/below sys_pipe.c:knli
o bin/130251              nm(1): 'nm -C' doesn't demangle any 't' symbol names
o docs/130238  doc        nfs.lockd man page doesn't mention NFSLOCKD option or 
o usb/130230   usb        [patch] [quirk] [usb67] [usb] [cam] [umass] Samsung El
o kern/130210  fs         [nullfs] Error by check nullfs
o usb/130208   usb        Boot process severely hampered by umass0 error
o kern/130171             [ata] UDMA CF cards do not work with FreeBSD
p bin/130159   brian      [patch] ppp(8) fails to correctly set routes
o usb/130122   usb        [usb8] DVD drive detects as 'da' device
o i386/130110  i386       [boot] BTX-Halted - booting with SAS/SATA Controller
o kern/130109  net        [ipfw] Can not set fib for packets originated from loc
p kern/130107  imp        [devctl] [patch] in devctl_queue_data(): possible use 
f usb/130076   vwe        Panic when connecting USB camera
o stand/130067 standards  Wrong numeric limits in system headers?
f kern/130059  net        [panic] Leaking 50k mbufs/hour
o bin/130056              [patch] have nfsstat(1) use strtonum instead of atoi
o bin/129989   cperciva   portsnap(8) quietly forgets to fetch some ports
o bin/129965   gavin      [patch] ps(1): ps -lH doesn't show the proper CPU#
o ports/129930            ports-mgmt/portupgrade - portinstall tries to install 
s www/129923   www        Need stylesheet for FreeBSD Subversion DAV tree
o kern/129861  pf         [pf] [patch] Argument names reversed in pf_table.c:_co
o ports/129824 hrs        print/acroread8 - help viewer does not work
o bin/129814              [patch] support of per script nice(1) value in periodi
f usb/129766   usb        [usb] [panic] plugging in usb modem HUAWEI E226 panics
o bin/129762   sysinstall sysinstall(8) doesn't seem to support GPT for EFI boar
o kern/129760  fs         [nfs] after 'umount -f' of a stale NFS share FreeBSD l
o ports/129741 portmgr    [patch] support systems that have been bu
f kern/129719  net        [nfs] [panic] Panic during shutdown, tcp_ctloutput: in
o kern/129713             [pci] pci-pci bridge quirk with ich7 chipset not handl
o conf/129697             [patch] fix misbehavior of periodic/daily/100.clean-di
a docs/129684  trhodes    gcache.8 man page missing
o kern/129674  geom       [geom] gjournal root did not mount on boot
o docs/129671  doc        New TCP chapter for Developer's Handbook (from rwatson
o kern/129645  geom       gjournal(8): GEOM_JOURNAL causes system to fail to boo
o kern/129604  multimedia [sound] Sound stops with error: pcm0:virtual:dsp0.vp0:
o kern/129602  scsi       [ahd] ahd(4) gets confused and wedges SCSI bus
o i386/129550  i386       [pae] [kqueue] crash with PAE kernel
o bin/129541              [nis] passwd(1) cannot be forced to "yp" mode in some 
o kern/129517  net        [ipsec] [panic] double fault / stack overflow
f kern/129508  net        [carp] [panic] Kernel panic with EtherIP (may be relat
o usb/129500   usb        [umass] [panic] FreeBSD Crashes when connecting SanDis
o kern/129488  fs         [smbfs] Kernel "bug" when using smbfs in smbfs_smb.c: 
o docs/129464  doc        using packages system
o bin/129431   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) fetch fails because phttpget fails p
o www/129401   edwin      FreeBSD Multimedia page should automatically pick up Y
p docs/129398  trhodes    [patch] ddb(8): various tweaks to ddb-related man page
o bin/129378              csh(1) / tcsh(1) loses foreground process group [regre
o kern/129373             [ata] [panic] Panic in ata-queue, VIA CLE266, 7.1-BETA
o kern/129352  yongari    [xl] [patch] xl0 watchdog timeout
o kern/129316             [sio] [panic] kernel panic (pcpu.h:195; support.s:499)
o usb/129311   usb        [usb] [panic] Instant crash with an USB card reader
o bin/129287              [request] powerd(8) should grow signals to switch betw
o kern/129261  simokawa   [firewire] Kernel crash on boot with disconnected fire
s bin/129248              [request] FreeBSD's syslog(8) can't support log encodi
o kern/129245  geom       [geom] gcache is more suitable for suffix based provid
o kern/129231  fs         [ufs] [patch] New UFS mount (norandom) option - mostly
o kern/129219  net        [ppp] Kernel panic when using kernel mode ppp
o ports/129210 portmgr    [patch] Instrument to detect unstripped bi
o kern/129197  net        [panic] 7.0 IP stack related panic
o kern/129169  emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux Emulation ENOTCONN error using n
o kern/129164             [kernel] Wrong priority value for normal processes
o kern/129152  fs         [panic] non-userfriendly panic when trying to mount(8)
o kern/129132             [nfs] 7.1-Beta2 nfsd cannot lock
o kern/129125             [psm] psm0: failed to reset the aux device.
o docs/129095  doc        ipfw(8): Can not check that packet originating/destine
o kern/129053             [lor] lock order reversal with printf(9) syscons video
o bin/129052              ps(1) %cpu column reports misleading data for threaded
f kern/129040  gavin      [install] Lockup during boot - Cannot install the OS
o kern/129036  ipfw       [ipfw] 'ipfw fwd' does not change outgoing interface n
o docs/129024  keramida   [patch] ipfw(8) improvements
p bin/129014   gavin      [regression] ftp(1) cannot bind to specific source IP
o conf/128994             UPDATING falsly states DTrace bindings are built by de
s usb/128990   usb        [usb] u3g does not handle RTS/CTS available on for exa
o usb/128977   usb        [usb67] [patch] uaudio is not full duplex
f ports/128972 cy         Port security/krb5 has a linking problem when compiled
o bin/128954   net        ifconfig(8) deletes valid routes
o java/128948  java       java/jdk16 built from source can't bind a socket, but 
o threa/128922 threads    threads hang with xorg running
o bin/128886              ntpd(8): ntpd -L flag doesn't work
s conf/128874             [termcap] termcap entry for rxvt missing :AX: capabili
o kern/128870             [pccbb] Interrupt Storm when plugging in PCMCIA Card (
o kern/128840  jfv        [igb] page fault under load with igb/LRO
o java/128809  java       JVM aborted when GNU RXTX write to serial port.
p usb/128803   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Quirk for I-Tuner Networks USBLCD4X2
p usb/128760   cperciva   [ums] [patch] patch for Microsoft Comfort Optical Mous
o ports/128754 portmgr implement master sites randomization
f usb/128745   weongyo    zyd teoretically supported usb device makes kernel pan
o bin/128727              host(1) does not work properly with the -6 option
o bin/128668              [request] Kerberos in the base system is too old
o bin/128654              atacontrol(8) does not preserve rebuild status through
o gnu/128645              [patch] grep(1): teach grep -r to how to ignore direct
p kern/128634  acpi       [patch] fix acpi_asus(4) in asus a6f laptop
f kern/128633  pjd        [zfs] [lor] lock order reversal in zfs
o conf/128632             security periodic 700.kernelmsg repeats messages
p bin/128616   kientzle   [patch] bsdtar(1) error message typo
p misc/128610  kensmith   [patch] /usr/src:  the iso.1 target of make release do
o kern/128608  imp        [pccbb] [patch] add support for powering down and up C
o bin/128605   secteam    [patch] dhclient(8) - security issue
o bin/128602   net        [an] wpa_supplicant(8) crashes with an(4)
o bin/128582              [patch] wpa_cli(8): activate readline(3) support
o kern/128577             [ixgbe] [patch] Send queue stall in ixgbe driver when 
p bin/128561   kientzle   [patch] compile warning fixes for bsdtar test harness
f kern/128514  pjd        [zfs] [mpt] problems with ZFS and LSILogic SAS/SATA Ad
o bin/128501   cperciva   freebsd-update(8) does not work on netbooted machines
o bin/128493              [patch] find(1) exits if -fstype test fails with EACCE
o usb/128485   usb        [umodem] [patch] Nokia N80 modem support
o bin/128465              [request] mount_smbfs(8) does not support IPv6
o kern/128452  scsi       [sa] [panic] Accessing SCSI tape drive randomly crashe
o kern/128448  net        [nfs] 6.4-RC1 Boot Fails if NFS Hostname cannot be res
o conf/128433             [patch] Add option to allow a full login when doing 's
o usb/128425   usb        [umass] Cannot Connect Maxtor Onetouch 4 USB drive
o usb/128418   usb        [panic] [rum] loading if_rum causes panic, looks like 
o docs/128356  doc        [request] add Firefox plugin for FreeBSD manual pages
f kern/128308  gavin      [psm] psm0 cause page fault
o kern/128304             vn_pollrecord(3) derefs NULL if v_addpollinfo() fails
o conf/128299  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/geli does not mount partitions using
o bin/128295   net        [patch] ifconfig(8) does not print TOE4 or TOE6 capabi
o gnu/128284              gdb(1) segfaults
f kern/128282  gavin      [mpt] system failure on removing two drives
o gnu/128262              [libgcc] [patch] contrib/gcclibs/libcpp/errors.c: -Wmi
p kern/128260  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw_divert damages IPv6 packets
p kern/128247  bz         [ip6] [panic] Fatal Trap 12 in ip6_forward =
o kern/128245  scsi       [scsi] "inquiry data fails comparison at DV1 step" [re
f threa/128180 attilio    pthread_cond_broadcast(3) lost wakeup
o kern/128177  jeff       [sched_ule] wrong CPU usage reported by top(1)/ps(1) w
o kern/128172  gavin      [keyboard] Remote Console (Keyboard) of AOC-SIM1U+ not
p docs/128089  kientzle   [patch] Incorrect type in archive_write(3) manpage
f bin/128088   vwe        who(1) not listing all logged in users.
o kern/128083             [psm] [panic] early SMP panic on GA-G31M-S2L motherboa
o kern/128076             [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o kern/128040             [pccbb] [patch] System hangs when PCMCIA-CF adapter pl
o kern/128037             [pccbb] [patch] System hang on shutdown with PCMCIA-CF
o kern/128036             [sio] [patch] serial console mostly ignores typein to 
o kern/128035             [ata] unexpexted detach of external SATA drive
s conf/128030  bz         [ipsec] [request] Isn't it time to enable IPsec in GEN
f ports/128028 portmgr - Ports-Script do not recognize dialog-ret
o bin/128001   net        wpa_supplicant(8), wlan(4), and wi(4) issues
p bin/127986              [patch] ee(1): fix compiler warnings caused by use of 
a bin/127932              [unionfs] mkdir -p PATH fails if a directory in PATH i
o kern/127930  ed         auto-logout does not work
p kern/127928  andre      [tcp] [patch] TCP bandwidth gets squeezed every time t
o kern/127927  scsi       [isp] isp(4) target driver crashes kernel when set up 
o usb/127926   usb        [boot] USB Timeout during bootup
o docs/127923  loader     Please mention qemu in the FreeBSD Handbook
o kern/127920  pf         [pf] ipv6 and synproxy don't play well together
s bin/127918              [ata] [request] [patch] ATA Security support for ataco
o bin/127912              In theory, uncompress(1) may crash and SEGV
f kern/127910  vwe        [nfe] FBSD-7.0 amd64 nfe ethernet not completely worki
p docs/127890  trhodes    socket(2) man page should explain that protocol can be
o ports/127889            ports-mgmt/portupgrade detects spurious failures and s
o bin/127872              [libc] [patch] Rewinding on unionfs and Subversion
s docs/127844  doc        Example code skeleton_capture_n.c in meteor(4) manpage
o docs/127842  murray     list of hardware devices missing from the relnotes
p docs/127840  murray     [patch] fix entity references in release/doc/en_US.ISO
o kern/127826  net        [iwi] iwi0 driver has reduced performance and connecti
o kern/127815  net        [gif] [patch] if_gif does not set vlan attributes from
o conf/127814  pf         [pf] The flush in pf_reload in /etc/rc.d/pf does not w
o kern/127787  fs         [lor] [ufs] Three LORs: vfslock/devfs/vfslock, ufs/vfs
o kern/127724  net        [rtalloc] rtfree: 0xc5a8f870 has 1 refs
f bin/127719   net        [arp] arp: Segmentation fault (core dumped)
o kern/127717  scsi       [ata] [patch] [request] - support write cache toggling
o amd64/127640 amd64      [amd64] gcc(1) will not build shared libraries with -f
o bin/127633   edwin      [patch] Update top(1) to 3.8b1
o kern/127623             [headers] header definition for cftime is missing.
o kern/127553             [build] (errata) in kernel generic et al, device ural 
o usb/127543   gavin      [patch] [ubsa] Support Option Globetrotter HSDPA modem
o bin/127532              [patch] install(1): install -S Not Safe in Jail with s
f kern/127528  net        [icmp]: icmp socket receives icmp replies not owned by
a ports/127496 office     devel/icu 3.8.1_1 does not build when Danish locale is
f kern/127492  pjd        [zfs] System hang on ZFS input-output
o ports/127467 portmgr fix checking DISTDIR for writeability
s usb/127453   usb        [request] ubsa, uark, ubser, uftdi, and friends should
p kern/127446  emax       [kbdmux] [patch] fix race in sys/dev/kbdmux/kbdmux.c
o kern/127439  pf         [pf] deadlock in pf
o kern/127420  geom       [geom] [gjournal] [panic] Journal overflow on gmirrore
o kern/127391             [ata] [patch] Intel 6300ESB SATA150 cannot find disk a
o i386/127374  i386       Suspend/Resume with Keystroke only once on Thinkpad T4
p kern/127360  net        [socket] TOE socket options missing from sosetopt()
o docs/127359  keramida   Undocumented firewall_xxx options for rc.conf in stabl
o i386/127343  i386       [hang] System locks -- simular to PR 123729
o usb/127342   usb        [boot] [panic] enabling usb keyboard and mouse support
o i386/127337  i386       [boot] FreeBSD 7.1/i386 BTX boot problem on Pavilion d
o bin/127280   des        [libfetch] [patch] fetch/libfetch RFC 1738 %2F escaped
o bin/127276              [patch] ldd(1) invokes linux yes
o bin/127270   fs         fsck_msdosfs(8) may crash if BytesPerSec is zero
o bin/127265              [patch] ddb(4): Adding the ddb command set from module
o usb/127248   usb        [ucom] panic while uplcom devices attach and detach
o kern/127233  darrenr    [ipnat]: ipnat + ipfilter source routing not handling 
o kern/127230  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Feature request to add UID and/or GID l
o bin/127192   net        routed(8) removes the secondary alias IP of interface 
f kern/127145  net        [wi]: prism (wi) driver crash at bigger traffic
o kern/127131  multimedia [bktr] /usr/src/sys/dev/bktr/bktr_os.c, line 469: wron
o kern/127121  pf         [pf] [patch] pf incorrect log priority
o kern/127109             [mpt]: FreeBSD fails to boot except in safe mode
s bin/127056              lp(1) doesn't use -o options
p kern/127050  glebius    [carp] ipv6 does not work on carp interfaces [regressi
o kern/127048             systat(1) information leak when security.bsd.see_other
o kern/127042  pf         [pf] [patch] pf recursion panic if interface group is 
p kern/127040  davidxu    [patch] mqueuefs(5) witness panic
o kern/127029  fs         [panic] mount(8): trying to mount a write protected zi
o kern/126973  daichi     [unionfs] [hang] System hang with unionfs and init chr
o kern/126971             [boot] loader/kernel does not obey comconsole_speed
p kern/126945  glebius    [carp] CARP interface destruction with ifconfig destro
o bin/126936              locate.updatedb(8): updatedb fails silently when attem
s ports/126932 itetcu     gapcmon option in sysutils/apcupsd conflicts with sysu
o kern/126895  net        [patch] [ral] Add antenna selection (marked as TBD)
o usb/126884   usb        [ugen] [patch] Bug in buffer handling in ugen.c
o kern/126874  net        [vlan]: Zebra problem if ifconfig vlanX destroy
o ports/126853 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit: speed up audit of installed pack
o usb/126848   usb        [usb]: USB Keyboard hangs during Installation
o kern/126821             [panic] Fatal trap 12 (kdeinit)
o bin/126819   randi      sysinstall(8) During install if initial name look-up f
o usb/126740   usb        [ulpt] doesn't work on 7.0-RELEASE, 10 second stall be
o bin/126721              gcc(1) g++(1) Compiling, assembling and linking code w
p kern/126714  glebius    [carp] CARP interface renaming makes system no longer 
o kern/126695  net        rtfree messages and network disruption upon use of if_
o kern/126688  jfv        [ixgbe] [patch] 1.4.7 ixgbe driver panic with 4GB and 
o i386/126666  i386       [boot] [hang] boot failure for nForce 630i / GeForce 7
p bin/126657              [patch] w(1) breaks multibyte date format
o docs/126590  doc        [patch] Write routine called forever in Sample Echo Ps
o kern/126553  daichi     [unionfs] unionfs move directory problem 2 (files appe
o bin/126546   des        pam_nologin(8) in auth causes log spam
o usb/126519   usb        [usb] [panic] panic when plugging in an iphone
o docs/126484  doc        libc function res-zonscut2 is not documented
o kern/126475  wireless   [ath] [panic] ath pcmcia card inevitably panics under 
o bin/126433              [patch] some missing checks in rm(1)
o kern/126419             [ar] Fails to boot from RAID10 volume under the Intel 
o kern/126396  usb        [panic] kernel panic after unplug USB Bluetooth device
o conf/126392  rc         [patch] rc.conf ifconfig_xx keywords cannot be escaped
o bin/126384              [request] find(1) doesn't support whiteout entries yet
o kern/126339  net        [ipw] ipw driver drops the connection
p bin/126324   rc         [patch]  rc.d/tmp: Prevent mounting /tmp in second tim
o misc/126312             [build] debug message going to stderr while doing "mak
o conf/126305             nsmb.conf(5): Hostnames in nsmb.conf seem to be ignore
o bin/126301   portmgr    pkg_version(1) can induce unexpected parsing of INDEX
o kern/126287  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panics while mounting an UFS file
o kern/126232  emulation  [linux] Linux ioctl TCGETS (0x5401) always fails
o kern/126230             [libc] select(2) causing weird process cpu usage and l
p docs/126227  trhodes    [patch] kthread(9) refers to non-existent manpage, des
o bin/126162   acpi       [acpi] ACPI autoload failed : loading required module 
o kern/126142             [ata] M5281: READ DMA faults, device detaching
o misc/126131  cperciva   portsnap(8) fetch error with HTTP_PROXY or HTTP_PROXY_
o kern/126098             [cy] 6.3 only sees 16 ports on 32 port Cyclades Cyclom
o ports/126083 office     textproc/aspell core dumps
o kern/126075  net        [inet] [patch] internet control accesses beyond end of
o bin/125932   portmgr    pkg_add(1) doesn't prompt for root credentials and the
o bin/125922   net        [patch] Deadlock in arp(8)
o docs/125921  doc        lpd(8) talks about blocks in minfree while it is KB in
o kern/125920  net        [arp] Kernel Routing Table loses Ethernet Link status 
o kern/125895  fs         [ffs] [panic] kernel: panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free
o i386/125880  imp        [cardbus] Cardbus cards Don't function on TI PCIxx12 C
o kern/125859             [ata] [patch] sata access failure [regression]
o kern/125845  net        [netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx() should make use of hard
p kern/125816  glebius    [carp] [if_bridge] carp stuck in init when using bridg
o kern/125806  np         [cxgb] cxgb packet counters do not work
o kern/125769             [ses] [panic] getencstat(8) panics system with "Sleepi
o kern/125759             [ar] Fatal Trap 12 when ICH9R RAID becomes degraded
s kern/125756  multimedia [sound] [patch] cannot detect soft-modem on HDA bus
o stand/125751 brucec     man 3 pthread_getschedparam section ERRORS incomplete
s kern/125738  fs         [zfs] [request] SHA256 acceleration in ZFS
p usb/125736   thompsa    [ukbd] [hang] system hangs after AT keyboard detect if
o kern/125723             [ciss] System randomly crashes or can not boot - ciss 
o kern/125721  wireless   [ath] Terrible throughput/high ping latency with Ubiqu
o docs/125717  keramida   minor wpa_supplicant.conf(5) buglet
o kern/125710             [vga] Dragon_Saver Error 19 Freebsd 7.0 AMD64
o bin/125707              [patch] powerd(8): force a method of battery state que
o kern/125704             [ng_nat] kernel libalias: repeatable panic
o kern/125675             [keyboard] [patch] Add hw.syscons.kbd_suspend new sysc
p kern/125673  firewire   [firewire] [panic] FreeBSD7 panics when kldunloading f
o kern/125647             [ciss] [panic] System randomly crashes - ciss driver
o usb/125631   usb        [ums] [panic] kernel panic during bootup while 'Logite
o kern/125617  wireless   [ath] [panic] ath(4) related panic
a kern/125613  trasz      [ufs] [patch] ACL problems with special files
o i386/125592  i386       [hang] FreeBSD 7 server in hang
o i386/125516  gavin      [install] 7.0-RELEASE install dies
o usb/125510   usb        [panic] repeated plug and unplug of USB mass storage d
o kern/125501  wireless   [ath] atheros cardbus driver hangs
o kern/125496             [ar] [patch] free memory on ataraid module unload
o kern/125467  pf         [pf] pf keep state bug while handling sessions between
o kern/125454             [digi] [patch] device digi (PC/Xe 64K 16 ports) not wo
f usb/125450   usb        [panic] Removing USB flash card while being accessed c
o kern/125389             [ipmi] [bce] IPMI problem with bce
o kern/125382             [libc] open(2): ENOSPC may be misleading, consider EIO
o kern/125356             [kqueue] [panic] Repeated panic in kqueue_close from k
o kern/125332  wireless   [ath] [panic] crash under any non-tiny networking unde
o docs/125329  keramida   PACKAGEROOT should be documented in the Handbook
o kern/125258  net        [socket] socket's SO_REUSEADDR option does not work
o kern/125239  net        [gre] kernel crash when using gre
o bin/125184   des        sshd(8) does not always log IP address for login failu
o ports/125183 apache     www/apache22 wrong SUEXEC_DOCROOT
a kern/125139  brooks     [patch] [ata] bugs in ATAPI CD tray control
p bin/125098              [patch] ee(1) consume 100% cpu usage
o usb/125088   usb        [keyboard] Touchpad not detected on Adesso AKB-430UG U
o conf/125041             [patch] periodic(8) new file: /etc/periodic/security/8
o ports/125012 bf         problems in math/ldouble for 128bit long double on i38
o kern/124989             [mfi] mfi driver error - unexpected sense
o usb/124980   usb        [panic] kernel panic on detaching unmounted umass devi
o kern/124973  geom       [gjournal] [patch] boot order affects geom_journal con
o gnu/124970              gdb(1): gdb crashes after setting hardware watchpoint
o kern/124969  geom       gvinum(8): gvinum raid5 plex does not detect missing s
o kern/124963  alc        [vm] [patch] old pagezero fixes for alc
s kern/124933  pf         [pf] [ip6] pf does not support (drops) IPv6 fragmented
o kern/124908  rwatson    [socket] kernel performs inadequate check for incorrec
o kern/124904  yongari    [fxp] EEPROM corruption with Compaq NC3163 NIC
o kern/124881             [devfs] [patch] [request] Add possibility to check whi
o stand/124860 standards  flockfile(3) doesn't work when the memory has been exh
o bin/124825   mlaier     tcpdump(8) does not support pfsync(4) data
o bin/124822              [editline] [patch] Editline's ed-search-{prev,next}-hi
o kern/124777  usb        [ucom] USB cua devices don't revert to tty devices whe
o kern/124767  wireless   [iwi] Wireless connection using iwi0 driver (Intel 220
o ports/124765 ume        sysutils/gkrellm2 shows wrong number of users in proc 
o usb/124758   usb        [rum] [panic] rum panics SMP kernel
o kern/124753  wireless   [ieee80211] net80211 discards power-save queue packets
o conf/124747  rc         [patch] savecore can't create dump from encrypted swap
a docs/124716  trhodes    [patch] GEOM RAID1 handbook example only covers boot p
o usb/124708   usb        [panic] Kernel panic on USB KVM reattach
o kern/124670             [ata] large file operation on RAID cause many GEOM err
o i386/124633  i386       [boot] [panic] 7.0 does not boot from CD
s misc/124541  cperciva   portsnap: mirror on error for ov
f i386/124516  xen        [xen] FreeBSD-CURRENT Xen Kernel Segfaults when config
o kern/124487             [procfs] [patch] Extending the PROCFS (/proc) filesyst
o misc/124431  bde        [build] [patch] minor revision of BDECFLAGS
o bin/124409              fsck(8) requires exact entry for mountpoints when exec
p bin/124392              [patch] bootparamd(8) does not work on arm
o kern/124389             [build] make installkernel fails with KMODDIR iff $(KM
p misc/124385  mtm        [build] [patch] usr.sbin/ngctl/main.c fails to compile
o ports/124375 apache     security/heimdal: www/mod_auth_kerb doesn't compile ag
o kern/124364  pf         [pf] [panic] Kernel panic with pf + bridge
o kern/124341  net        [ral] promiscuous mode for wireless device ral0 looses
p kern/124334  mtm        [libc] [patch] lib/libc/glob.c fails to compile under 
o bin/124320              pam_radius(8): Login with ssh using pam_radius and a t
o kern/124319  multimedia [sound] [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Cannot record from 
o docs/124253  sam        Broken command in the handbook for configuring a wirel
o conf/124248  rc         [jail] [patch] add support for nice value for rc.d/jai
o kern/124225  net        [ndis] [patch] ndis network driver sometimes loses net
f kern/124174             [panic] Panic after installing audio/oss on an Asus A8
o kern/124160  net        [libc] connect(2) function loops indefinitely
o conf/124151             winbind is ignored in compat mode in nsswitch.conf(5)
o kern/124130  usb        [usb] gmirror fails to start usb devices that were pre
o i386/124124  i386       [boot] [panic] Page fault while booting livefs iso of 
o bin/124119   edwin      locate(1) doesn't check /etc/locate.rc for the default
o bin/124084              find(1): find -execdir does not prepend ./ to filename
p bin/124052              [patch] adduser(8) throws errors when -f input file in
o bin/124049              ntpd(8): ntpd is crashing at startup
o kern/124021  net        [ip6] [panic] page fault in nd6_output()
o i386/123990  i386       [boot] BTX halted on Thinkpad x60s
o i386/123981  re         [pxeboot] You can't usefully PXEBOOT the 7.0-RELEASE-i
p bin/123977              Segmentation fault in dialog(1) with ghostscript-gpl-n
o usb/123969   usb        [usb] Supermicro H8SMi-2 usb problem: port reset faile
o kern/123968  net        [rum] [panic] rum driver causes kernel panic with WPA.
o kern/123962  geom       [panic] [gjournal] gjournal (455Gb data, 8Gb journal),
o kern/123939  fs         [msdosfs] corrupts new files
o bin/123932              amd(8) core dumps while load high
a kern/123904             [ipmi] ipmi(4) reports negative temperature values on 
o kern/123892  net        [tap] [patch] No buffer space available
o kern/123890  net        [ppp] [panic] crash & reboot on work with PPP low-spee
o kern/123887             [ata] PDC20262 does not support 48 bit DMA access
o kern/123858  net        [stf] [patch] stf not usable behind a NAT
o kern/123855  philip     moused(8): spontaneous mouse events
o kern/123796  net        [ipf] FreeBSD 6.1+VPN+ipnat+ipf: port mapping does not
o kern/123778  vwe        [panic] [ffs] [msgs] server reboots when running 130.c
o i386/123775             [dri] DRI Broken under freebsd7-stable/i386
o kern/123758  net        [panic] panic while restarting net/freenet6
o kern/123755  dfr        [nfs] fstat() fails to return ESTALE with rename()d fi
o kern/123735             [panic] 7.0-STABLE kernel panic "AP #1 (PHY# 1) failed
o conf/123734  rc         [patch] Chipset VIA CX700 requires extra initializatio
o usb/123714   usb        [usb] [panic] Panic when hald-storage-probe runs with 
o bin/123703              [patch] timed(8): qualify bad diagnostic in src/
o bin/123693              [patch] burncd(8): workaround for busy cd-writer while
o usb/123691   usb        usbd(8): usbd hangs
o usb/123690   usb        [usb] [panic] Panic on USB device insertion when usb l
o kern/123674  scsi       [ahc] ahc driver dumping
o bin/123633   net        ifconfig(8) doesn't set inet and ether address in one 
f kern/123617  andre      [tcp] breaking connection when client downloading file
o usb/123611   usb        [usb] BBB reset failed, STALLED from Imation/Mitsumi U
o kern/123603  andre      [tcp] tcp_do_segment and Received duplicate SYN
o bin/123574   daichi     [unionfs] df(1) -t option destroys info for unionfs (a
o ports/123570 itetcu     audio/cpige version 1.5 coredumps if new .conf entries
o kern/123559  net        [iwi] iwi periodically disassociates/associates [regre
o java/123555  java       linux-sun-jdk15, linux-sun-jdk16 produce a coredump
o misc/123554             [build] buildworld with TARGET_ARCH=i386 fails on amd6
o bin/123553              [patch] Prevent indent(1) from splitting unrecognized 
o conf/123551             [patch] [periodic] /etc/periodic/daily/440.status-mail
o kern/123520  scsi       [ahd] unable to boot from net while using ahd
f usb/123508   vwe        [umass] [msdosfs] damaged files (mp3,txt , etc) on fla
o docs/123484  edwin      [patch] teach pxeboot.8 about ISC DHCP v3
a ports/123468 itetcu     mail/postgrey: information leak, privacy issue
o bin/123465   net        [ip6] route(8): route add -inet6 <ipv6_addr> -interfac
o kern/123463  net        [ipsec] [panic] repeatable crash related to ipsec-tool
o misc/123452  brd        trustedbsd-audit email list not archiving
f bin/123418              [patch] du(1): add -g (Gbyte) option to du(1) + manpag
a kern/123358             [ipfw] ipfw add 1000 allow IP from any to any doesn't 
o conf/123330  net        [nsswitch.conf] Enabling samba wins in nsswitch.conf c
s bin/123304   sysinstall sysinstall(8): missing sensible and user friendly prog
o kern/123279  thompsa    [lagg] order of operations dependancy in bringing up l
o conf/123222  rc         [patch] Add rtprio(1)/idprio(1) support to rc.subr(8).
o ports/123185 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ - Add extended description to O
o kern/123177  secteam    [random] [patch] arc4rand(9) produces the same sequenc
o kern/123160  net        [ip] Panic and reboot at sysctl kern.polling.enable=0
o kern/123140             [smp] SMP boot causes slow KB, ATA drives not detected
o kern/123122  geom       [geom] GEOM / gjournal kernel lock
o conf/123119  rc         [patch] rc script for ipfw does not handle IPv6
o kern/123039  acpi       [acpi] ACPI AML_BUFFER_LIMIT errors during boot
f docs/123038  trhodes    [patch] update to projects/c99/index.sgml
p docs/123035  trhodes    [patch] bugs in refuse.README
a bin/123015   brooks     [patch] rc.conf(8): implement automated creation of /e
o usb/122992   usb        [umass] [patch] MotoROKR Z6 Phone not recognised by um
o kern/122989  net        [swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o conf/122968  rc         [rc.d] /etc/rc.d/addswap: md swapfile multiplication a
f kern/122963  ipfw       [ipfw] tcpdump does not show packets redirected by 'ip
o kern/122954  net        [lagg] IPv6 EUI64 incorrectly chosen for lagg devices
o kern/122951  firewire   [firewire] video-transfer via fwcontrol triggers a pan
o usb/122936   usb        [ucom] [ubsa] Device does not receive interrupt
o kern/122928  jfv        [em] interface watchdog timeouts and stops receiving p
o threa/122923 threads    'nice' does not prevent background process from steali
o usb/122905   usb        [ubsa] [patch] add Huawei E220 to ubsa
f kern/122888  pjd        [zfs] zfs hang w/ prefetch on, zil off while running t
a i386/122887  acpi       [panic] [atkbdc]  7.0-RELEASE on IBM HS20 panics immed
o conf/122883             [patch] login class for ukrainian users accounts
f kern/122880  vwe        [hang] Kernel lock-up during 7.0 installation disc boo
o ports/122877 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ - Show all pkg-message files
o kern/122838             [devfs] devfs doesn't handle complex paths (like zvol/
o ports/122830 x11        x11/xorg: Error in I830WaitLpRing()
s usb/122819   usb        [usb67] [patch] Patch to provide dynamic additions to 
o usb/122813   usb        [udbp] [request] udbp driver should be removed in favo
f kern/122780  net        [lagg] tcpdump on lagg interface during high pps wedge
o kern/122773  pf         [pf] pf doesn't log uid or pid when configured to
o kern/122772  jfv        [em] em0 taskq panic, tcp reassembly bug causes radix 
o kern/122749             [cardbus] cardbus problem on IBM Thinkpad T60P
o kern/122738  geom       [geom] gmirror list "losts consumers" after gmirror de
o kern/122685  net        It is not visible passing packets in tcpdump(1)
a kern/122683             [sio] [hang] access to non-existent sio port /dev/cuaa
o kern/122670             [ata] [patch] broken acd_get_progress = ioctl CDRIOCGE
o bin/122652              [patch] du(1) support for inode count
a kern/122597  thompsa    [iwi] Intel iwi fails after 3 - 4 hours of use"firmwar
o kern/122588             [lor] 4 Lock Order Reversal
o kern/122563  bz         [ipsec] KEY_FREESAV() in FreeBSD-Release7.0
o kern/122562  bz         [ipsec] IPsec AH tunneled packet mis handling?
o usb/122547   usb        [ehci] USB Printer not being recognized after reboot
o usb/122539   usb        [ohci] [panic] AnyDATA ADU-E1000D - kernel panic: ohci
o ports/122524 demon      www/links1 uses 7-bit us-ascii codepage only when usin
o bin/122519              [patch] ppp(8): ppp provides deficient DNS info
o java/122513  java       native JDKs unbuildable with Linux ones
f kern/122493  gavin      [boot] BTX Halted - Cause is Promise Fastrack SATA PCI
o usb/122483   usb        [panic] [ulpt] Repeatable panic in 7.0-STABLE
o conf/122477  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/mdconfig and mdconfig2 are ignoring 
o conf/122445             Unable to override EDITOR in /etc/profile due to defau
o kern/122380  fs         [ffs] ffs_valloc:dup alloc (Soekris 4801/7.0/USB Flash
o kern/122373  jfv        [em] unable to receive on em 82542 w/o promisc
o kern/122321             [mpt] Hitachi SCSI drive can't be written to
o kern/122319  net        [wi] imposible to enable ad-hoc demo mode with Orinoco
f misc/122300  kensmith   [build] [patch] SEPARATE_LIVEFS arch dependent set but
o kern/122291             [ata] acd0: timeout waiting to issue command / acd0: e
o kern/122290  net        [netgraph] [panic] Netgraph related "kmem_map too smal
o bin/122271              [patch] usr.bin/xinstall - Add support for -D option (
o bin/122172   fs         [fs]: amd(8) automount daemon dies on 6.3-STABLE i386,
o conf/122170  rc         [patch] [request] New feature: notify admin via page o
s kern/122145  sam        [build] error while compiling with device ath_rate_amr
p bin/122137              [patch] Have crontab(1) use snprintf instead of sprint
o usb/122119   usb        [umass] umass device causes creation of daX but not da
o kern/122086  multimedia [sound] maestro sound driver is working, but mixer ini
f kern/122082  rwatson    [tcp] NULL pointer dereference in in_pcbdrop
p bin/122070              [patch] crontab(1): Zero out pw_passwd in crontab
o kern/122067  geom       [geom] [panic] Geom crashed during boot
f kern/122065  bz         [ipsec] [gre] gre over ipsec not working
o kern/122058  jfv        [em] [panic] Panic on em1: taskq
f docs/122052  doc        minor update on handbook section 20.7.1
o kern/122046             [psm] Synaptics touchpad freezes (psm0: lost interrupt
o bin/122043              [patch] du(1) does not support byte-count-based report
p kern/122038  gleb       [tmpfs] [panic] tmpfs: panic: tmpfs_alloc_vp: type 0xc
o conf/122037             [patch] add rsync example for inetd.conf
o kern/122033  net        [ral] [lor] Lock order reversal in ral0 at bootup ieee
o kern/122014  pf         [pf] [panic] FreeBSD 6.2 panic in pf
f kern/121962             [sound] [snd_emu10k1] [panic] Kernel panics with devic
o docs/121952  doc        Handbook chapter on Network Address Translation wrong 
o stand/121921 standards  [patch] Add leap second support to at(1), atrun(8)
o kern/121917             [boot] [patch] Broken boot on Asus P4P800-VM after upg
p kern/121907             [request] output to console can obscure other messages
o bin/121898   fs         [nullfs] pwd(1)/getcwd(2) fails with Permission denied
o bin/121895   net        [patch] rtsol(8)/rtsold(8) doesn't handle managed netw
s conf/121812             [ip6] [request] ipv6_gateway_enable incorrectly disabl
s kern/121807  ipfw       [request] TCP and UDP port_table in ipfw
s kern/121774  net        [swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o kern/121768             [cpufreq] cpufreq module RELENG_6 -> 7 regressions on 
o kern/121761             [cardbus] [dc] a cardbus dc0 causes a system freeze wh
o kern/121760             [pccard] [cardbus] an ed1 network pccard's CIS wasn't 
o kern/121759             [cardbus] [dc] cardbus dc0 initialization failure at o
o ports/121745 vd         misc/ossp-uuid - PostgreSQL contrib ossp-uuid crashes 
o usb/121734   usb        [ugen] ugen HP1022 printer device not working since up
p docs/121721  trhodes    telnetd(8) not describing -X authentication types
o usb/121708   usb        [keyboard] nforce 650i mobo w/ usb keyboard infinite k
f java/121692  java       java/jdk16: Java 1.5 crashes in RMI TCP Con
o kern/121686             [ata] bogus CHS to LBA mapping in (at least) ata
o sparc/121676 scsi       [iscsi] iscontrol do not connect iscsi-target on sparc
o i386/121675  mav        [ata] incorrect fallback to udma33 with CF memory inst
f kern/121660  jkoshy     [hwpmc] [patch] hwpmc(4) incorrectly handles PMC sampl
o kern/121656             [libc] [patch] telldir(3) issues
o kern/121642  bz         [ipsec] [gif]: When using IPSec, tcpdump shows non-dec
o kern/121624  jfv        [em] [regression] Intel em WOL fails after upgrade to 
o docs/121585  doc        [handbook] Wrong multicast specification
o kern/121566  rc         [nfs] [request] [patch] ethernet iface should be broug
a docs/121565  brooks     dhcp-options(5) manpage incorrectly formatted omitting
o kern/121556  kientzle   [libarchive] ISO9660 decompression extension unsupport
o kern/121555  net        [panic] Fatal trap 12: current process = 12 (swi1: net
s docs/121541  doc        [request] no man pages for wlan_scan_ap
o kern/121534  darrenr    [ipl] [nat] FreeBSD Release 6.3 Kernel Trap 12:
o kern/121504  acpi       [patch] Correctly set hw.acpi.osname on certain machin
o bin/121503   sysinstall sysinstall(8): 7.0 upgrade doesn't let me mount all of
s kern/121485  vwe        [vm] panic with 7.0-RELEASE [regression]
o usb/121474   usb        [cam] [patch] QUIRK: SAMSUNG HM250JI in LaCie usb hard
o kern/121461             [ata] SATA Hard disks are not detected on SiS 180/181 
o kern/121443  net        [gif] [lor] icmp6_input/nd6_lookup
o docs/121440  keramida   rc(8) and rcorder(8) unclear about PROVIDE keyword bei
o kern/121437  net        [vlan] Routing to layer-2 address does not work on VLA
o ports/121416 glewis     java/jdk15 can't build if BIN environment variable is 
o kern/121396             [ata] 7.0 fails on mcp55 sata controller [regression]
f kern/121394  sam        [ath] FreeBSD access point (ath0) fails 100% of the ti
o kern/121385  daichi     [unionfs] unionfs cross mount -> kernel panic
o kern/121373  bz         [ipsec] New IPSEC & IPV6 & AH+ESP Broken
o kern/121364  geom       [gmirror] Removing all providers create a "zombie" mir
o bin/121359   net        [patch] [security] ppp(8): fix local stack overflow in
o kern/121350             [ata] [panic] initiate_write_inodeblock_ufs2: already 
o threa/121336 threads    lang/neko threading ok on UP, broken on SMP (FreeBSD 7
o docs/121312  doc        RELNOTES_LANG breaks release if not en_US.ISO8859-1
o kern/121298  jfv        [em] [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
o usb/121275   usb        [boot] [panic] FreeBSD fails to boot with usb legacy s
o kern/121274  darrenr    [panic] Panic in ether_input() with different NIC's.
o kern/121257  net        [tcp] TSO + natd  -> slow outgoing tcp traffic
o bin/121243   des        [patch] passwd(1) patch for usage with PAM/LDAP
o kern/121181  net        [panic] Fatal trap 3: breakpoint instruction fault whi
o kern/121174             [ral] if_ral loses performance in FreeBSD 7 (RELENG_7)
o docs/121173  doc        [patch] mq_getattr(2): mq_flags mistakenly described a
o usb/121169   usb        [umass] Issues with usb mp3 player
o bin/121165              pkg_add(1) prints a weird message: PKG_TMPDIR environm
p kern/121156  multimedia [sound] [patch] Turn on inverted external amplifier se
o i386/121148  gavin      [panic] Repeatable sysctl crash (Fatal Trap 12) with A
a bin/121124   sysinstall sysinstall(8): FreeBSD 6.3 installation deletes MBR pa
o kern/121122  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add support to ToS IP PRECEDENCE fields
o kern/121073             [kernel] [patch] run chroot as an unprivileged user
o bin/121072   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs(8) cannot normally convert the cha
o conf/121064             [patch] Use ASCII characters for box/line characters i
o kern/121061  sam        [ath] [panic] panic while ejecting ath(4)-adapter duri
o bin/121059              ntpd(8) doesn't sync with servers after dhclient chang
o usb/121045   usb        [uftdi] [patch] Add support for PC-OP-RS1 and KURO-RS
o bin/120994              [patch] alignment violation in chap module of ppp(8) c
o conf/120993             [patch] 340.noid -- Add "find -x" capability (don't cr
o kern/120989  scottl     [udf] [patch] UDF (with DVD RAM) isn't mountable/reada
o kern/120966  net        [rum] kernel panic with if_rum and WPA encryption
o ports/120947 x11        x11/xsm ignores system.xsm and .xsmstartup
s docs/120917  doc        [request]: Man pages mising for thr_xxx syscalls
p bin/120891   dwmalone   [patch] enhancement to syslogd(8) - always printing lo
o kern/120884             [bktr] [patch] bktr driver always stores the contigmal
o kern/120872             [libkvm] [patch] fstat exit on signal 11
o kern/120858  scottl     [patch] [cam] panic: ufs_dirbad with CLARiiON CX3-40
o kern/120857  multimedia [sound] [snd_emu10k1] snd_emu10k1 driver issues a warn
f usb/120786   usb        [usb] [panic] Kernel panic when forced umount of a det
o kern/120780  multimedia [sound] [snd_hda] snd_hda doesn't work on Dell Latitut
o kern/120749             [request] Suggest upping the default kern.ps_arg_cache
o kern/120733  cperciva missing after upgrading to 6.3-RELEASE
o usb/120729   usb        [panic] fault while in kernel mode with connecting USB
f kern/120717             [ata] boot problem when recognizing ata1
a misc/120608             gmirror(8) command set on livecd is minimal [regressio
o kern/120566  net        [request]: ifconfig(8) make order of arguments more fr
o bin/120552   cperciva   freebsd-update(8): freebsd-update - -r should check ex
o docs/120539  doc        Inconsistent ipfw's man page
o kern/120534             [ata] Troubles in work with SAS controller Adaptec 941
o ports/120532 portmgr    [PATCH] - add more recursive-foo targets
o kern/120487  scsi       [sg] scsi_sg incompatible with scanners
o kern/120483  fs         [ntfs] [patch] NTFS filesystem locking changes
o kern/120482  fs         [ntfs] [patch] Sync style changes between NetBSD and F
o docs/120456  wireless   ath(4) needs to specify requirement on wlan_scan_sta
o conf/120406  rc         [devd] [patch] Handle newly attached pcm devices (eg. 
o kern/120344  rwatson    [panic] FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE panics on high loaded web s
p kern/120343  ups        [panic] Reproducible Crash - network interface related
o usb/120321   usb        [hang] System hangs when transferring data to WD MyBoo
o kern/120304  net        [netgraph] [patch] netgraph source assumes 32-bit time
o kern/120296             [ata] Unstable SATA on MB with Nvidia MCP 570 SLI chip
o usb/120283   usb        [panic] Automation reboot with wireless keyboard & mou
o kern/120282  imp        [ath] [panic] resource_list_release: resource entry is
o kern/120281  pf         [pf] [request] lost returning packets to PF for a rdr 
o kern/120270  simon      [crypto] [patch] AES-192 and AES-256 support for HW-ac
o kern/120266  net        [udp] [panic] gnugk causes kernel panic when closing U
o conf/120263             [patch] 800.loginfail misses relevant security informa
p bin/120256   gavin      [patch] ftp(1): ftp -u URL/<file> <file> returns a -1 
o kern/120247  scsi       [mpt] FreeBSD 6.3 and LSI Logic 1030 = only 3.300MB/s 
o kern/120177             [ata] ATA DMA modes don't work on CF cards
o java/120146  java       java/jdk15: netbeans 6.0 causes java core dump on amd6
p kern/120138  jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] steal_thresh may be set a wrong va
p kern/120130  glebius    [carp] [panic] carp causes kernel panics in any conste
o kern/120128  attilio    [libc] [patch] __getcwd erroneously returning ENOENT
o docs/120125  doc        [patch] Installing FreeBSD 7.0 via serial console and 
o bin/120114              [patch] reboot(8) - add features available in Solaris.
o ports/120101 cy         security/krb5 utilities link against wrong libcom_err
o bin/120095              gdb(1) fails to catch signals when threading is involv
o kern/120091  geom       [geom] [geli] [gjournal] geli does not prompt for pass
o kern/120075             [libcrypt] Incompatible EOS of key in crypt(3)
o kern/120066             [geli] geli boot password input fail when using serial
o bin/120064              routed(8) marks 802.11 interfaces broken
o bin/120060   net        routed(8) deletes link-level routes in the presence of
o kern/120057  pf         [pf] [patch] Allow proper settings of ALTQ_HFSC. The c
o usb/120034   usb        [hang] 6.2 & 6.3 hangs on boot at usb0: OHCI with 1.5 
o docs/120024  doc        resolver(5) and hosts(5) need updated for IPv6
o usb/119977   usb        [ums] Mouse does not work in a Cherry-USB keyboard/mou
o kern/119973  multimedia [sound] [snd_maestro] [regression] snd_maestro only wo
o kern/119945  net        [rum] [panic] rum device in hostap mode, cause kernel 
o kern/119931  multimedia [sound] No sound card detected on ASUS "K8V-X SE R2.00
o kern/119894             [ata] Initialization of disc controller fails [regress
o kern/119891             slow halt, reboot when remote network shares which doe
o kern/119877             [ata] OS Fails to detect hard disks on HP Proliant ML1
o conf/119874  rc         [patch] "/etc/rc.d/pf reload" fails if there are macro
o kern/119842  jail       [smbfs] [jail] "Bad address" with smbfs inside a jail
o kern/119838             [ata] udma100 enabled althrough improper cable on nVid
o i386/119809  gavin      [virtualpc] MS Virtual PC 2007 - Install hung - Trying
o bin/119801              dhclient(8): dhclient changes alias to address
o kern/119791  net        [nfs] UDP NFS mount of aliased IP addresses from a Sol
o kern/119767  jfv        [em] [patch] if_em fix for systems without msix suppor
o kern/119759  multimedia [sound] [snd_emu10k1] [regression] Can not record anyt
o kern/119754  jfv        [em] em hung after "watchdog timeout -- resetting" on 
o ports/119732 java       java/linux-sun-jre16: linux-sun-jre16 plugin doesn't w
o kern/119696             [irq] [ral] ral device causes massive interrupt storm 
o bin/119695              pw(8) does not interact with nscd(8)
o usb/119653   usb        [cam] [patch] iriver s7 player sync cache error patch
s bin/119645              [request] mount_ntfs(8) -- files permissions mask is i
o usb/119633   usb        [umass] umass0: BBB reset failed, IOERROR [regression]
o kern/119618             [fdc] Double Density Disks do not work correctly
o kern/119617  net        [nfs] nfs error on wpa network when reseting/shutdown
p bin/119610   wkoszek    [patch] config(8): config -x appends unwanted trailing
p kern/119575  sbruno     [firewire] [patch] sbp_targ cannot handle multiple CTI
o i386/119574  bde        [i386] 7.0-RC1 times out in calibrate_clocks() [regres
o kern/119572  firewire   [sbp] PowerBook not accessable when in target mode
o conf/119550             [ppp] ppp not starting during bootup.
o docs/119545  doc        books/arch-handbook/usb/chapter.sgml formatting
o bin/119524              cron(8) suddenly stops working, not crash
f kern/119516  net        [ip6] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursi
o kern/119513  wireless   [ath] [irq] inserting dlink dwl-g630 wireless card res
o usb/119509   usb        [usb] USB flaky on Dell Optiplex 755
o bin/119483              [patch] vidcontrol(1) misses latest VESA mode (off-by-
o conf/119464             [patch] [request] Add 'sorted' option to etc/periodic/
o kern/119432  net        [arp] route add -host <host> -iface <nic> causes arp e
o usb/119389   usb        [umass] Sony DSC-W1 CBI reset failed, STALLED [regress
o kern/119358             [kernel] [patch] SYSINIT_VERBOSE can be more verbose
p kern/119298  kan        [xfs] [patch] 7-Stable/sys/modules/xfs fails to make f
o kern/119293             [gbde] gbde swap encryption forces gmirror to rebuild 
o usb/119227   usb        [ubsa] [patch] ubsa buffer is too small; should be tun
o kern/119225  net        [wi] 7.0-RC1 no carrier with Prism 2.5 wifi card [regr
o kern/119205  eadler     [dc] [patch] Collect various stats regarding dc(4) int
o kern/119202  eadler     [kernel] [patch] Add generic support for disabling dev
o kern/119197             [psm]: PS/2 mouse doesn't work under FreeBSD i386 7.0
s bin/119196   des        fetch(1): [request] parallel download from multiple se
o kern/119140             [ata] [panic] Kernel panic with sata drive and dma pro
o bin/119077   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8) - reading packages from index is
o conf/119076  rc         [patch] [rc.d] /etc/rc.d/netif tries to remove alias a
o bin/119068              dd(1) yields a bogus error when input file is to small
o java/119063  java       An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime 
o kern/118927  jfv        [em] em(4) broken: link state changed to DOWN (/UP), l
o kern/118912  fs         [2tb] disk sizing/geometry problem with large array
o docs/118902  doc        [patch] wrong signatures in d2i_RSAPublicKey man pages
o kern/118880  bz         [ip6] IP_RECVDSTADDR & IP_SENDSRCADDR not implemented 
f misc/118855  pjd        [zfs] ZFS-related commands are nonfunctional in fixit 
p conf/118770  mtm        [patch] rc.d scripts: print information instead of sil
o bin/118759              cvs(1): cvs -R doesn't handle non-existent tags
o kern/118739             [cpufreq] [patch] Allow the cpufreq/p4tcc driver to de
o kern/118734  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 6.3-RC1 and FreeBSD 7.0-BETA 4 fail to b
o kern/118727  net        [netgraph] [patch] [request] add new ng_pf module
o bin/118723   gcooper    [patch] od(1)/hexdump(1) truncates last partial repeat
o kern/118713  fs         [minidump] [patch] Display media size required for a k
o kern/118695  jfv        [em] device polling + vlan causes panic on "em" interf
o docs/118693  jfv        Update for "em" man page for RELENG_7
o kern/118573             [ata] FreeBSD doesnt support my optical drive
o kern/118571             [boot] [request] fix BTX issues when booting FreeBSD 7
o kern/118534             [ipw] bitrate and power wifi can't change/set ipw Inte
o bin/118501              Sending SIGINT to cvs(1) gives segmentation fault
o usb/118485   gavin      [usbdevs] [patch] Logitech Headset Workaround
o usb/118480   usb        [umass] Timeout in USB mass storage freezes vfs layer 
o bin/118449   randi      sysinstall(8): Installer failing dns lookups
o kern/118447             [ata] [patch] Troublesome DMA modes with VIA Apollo VP
p kern/118439  thompsa    [ndis] [patch] if_ndis - fix a panic when ndis_attach(
o gnu/118415              nm -D fails if a file has no symbols
p kern/118370  thompsa    [ndis] [patch] if_ndis - fix a scanning problem of Mar
o bin/118355   pf         [pf] [patch] pfctl(8) help message options order false
o usb/118353   usb        [panic] [ppp] repeatable kernel panic during ppp(4) se
o docs/118332  arundel    man page for top(1) does not describe STATE column wai
o bin/118325   rc         [patch] [request] new periodic script to test statuses
o kern/118318  fs         [nfs] NFS server hangs under special circumstances
p kern/118317  delphij    [zlib] [patch] Incorrect gzeof() return value in zlib 
s ports/118301 python     [patch] devel/py-setuptools easy-install.pth contents 
o bin/118297   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8): sort a output format.
o bin/118296   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) can't parse a STRING WORD pattern w
o bin/118295   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) makes a syntax error when it proces
o bin/118294   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) can't parse WORD which includes '('
o i386/118285             [i386] Segmentation fault in reloc_non_plt.
p bin/118260              bin: more informative error message for install(1)
o conf/118255  rc         savecore never finding kernel core dumps (rcorder prob
o bin/118249   fs         [ufs] mv(1): moving a directory changes its mtime
o bin/118248   gavin      newsyslog(8) does not obey -s (nosignal) flag
s kern/118230  acm        [linux] games/linux-quake4 fails to start
o kern/118222             [pxeboot] [patch] FreeBSD 7.0 PXE + NFS / "Can't work 
o docs/118214  eadler     close(2) error returns incomplete
o bin/118207              burncd(8) gives I/O error writing CD on Pioneer DVDR-1
o bin/118205              [patch] [request] new options -r to pkill(1) a pid aft
f kern/118161             [atapicam] failure message from ATAPI CDROM in the boo
s kern/118158             [ata] SONY SDX-570V (ATAPI) hangs frequently
o bin/118144   des        [patch] pam_lastlog doesn't check return values in pam
o usb/118141   usb        [ucom] usb serial and nokia phones ucomreadcb ucomread
o usb/118140   usb        [ucom] [patch] quick hack for ucom to get it behave wi
f kern/118128  oleg       [dummynet] Dummynet cause kernel trap or system freeze
o kern/118126  fs         [nfs] [patch] Poor NFS server write performance
s kern/118124             [request] HZ value on slow computers should by dynamic
o bin/118123              [patch] chat(8) has infinite recursion bug
o bin/118114   ak         [patch] update manctl(8)
o conf/118111             [patch] [request] Add MAC address based interface rena
o kern/118107  fs         [ntfs] [panic] Kernel panic when accessing a file at N
o usb/118098   usb        [umass] 6th gen iPod causes problems when disconnectin
o kern/118093  firewire   [firewire] firewire bus reset hogs CPU, causing data t
a bin/118071   darrenr    ipnat(8): ipnat -s expired counter does not update [re
o bin/118069              [patch] camcontrol(8) should be able to leave device s
o conf/118047             Move /etc/printcap to /usr/share/examples/
o kern/118021  randi      [keyboard] 7.0 Beta 2 sysinstall keyboard emits contro
o docs/118020  doc        ipfilter(4): man pages query for man 4 ipfilter return
p kern/118005  andre      [tcp] Can No Longer SSH into 7.0 host
a kern/117987  rwatson    read(2) on directories might leak filenames of deleted
o kern/117972             [ata] SATA DLT V4 not recognized properly
o usb/117955   usb        [umass] [panic] inserting minolta dimage a2 crashes OS
o kern/117954  fs         [ufs] dirhash on very large directories blocks the mac
o usb/117946   usb        [panic] D-Link DUB-E100 rev. B1 crashes FreeBSD 7.0-BE
o usb/117938   usb        [ums] [patch] Adding support for MS WL Natural and MS 
o conf/117935  rc         [patch] ppp fails to start at boot because of missing 
o kern/117926  jfv        [em] Intel S5000-based mobo, em driver does not attach
o bin/117922              ftpd(8): remote ftp user possible leave chrooted envir
o usb/117911   usb        [ums] [request] Mouse Gembird MUSWC not work
o usb/117893   usb        [umass] Lacie USB DVD writing failing
o kern/117867             [heimdal] kinit generates bad tickets on multihomed IP
s bin/117830              [patch] who(1) no longer displays entries for folk log
o bin/117812              passwd(1): incapable of changing LDAP passowrds using 
f bin/117751              [patch] [request] Make pw(8) support "-d" argument
o bin/117733              [patch] [request] allow to tee(1) to sockets, descript
o usb/117712              [reboot] unexpected reboot after mount USB flash drive
f kern/117711             [rpc] rpcbind binds to all interfaces on random ports 
o kern/117688             [mpt] mpt disk timeout and hang
o bin/117687              [patch] fstab(5) format cannot handle spaces
f kern/117655  sam        [ral] ral%d: device timeout when running as an access 
o usb/117613   usb        [uhci] [irq] uhci interrupt storm & USB leaked memory 
o usb/117598   usb        [snd_uaudio] [patch] Not possible to record with Plant
o bin/117520              [patch] csup(1) not-really-equivalent to cvsup
s kern/117513  vwe        [panic] [ath] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kerne
o kern/117510             [headers] [patch] sys/cdefs.h lacks support for PCC
o gnu/117481              sort(1) incorrect numeric sort in very specific cases
p kern/117448  glebius    [carp] 6.2 kernel crash [regression]
o kern/117443             [ata] [hang] system hang with ataidle
o kern/117423  net        [vlan] Duplicate IP on different interfaces
o kern/117421             [ata] [hang] System hang with failing SATA disk (SiI31
o kern/117420  jeff       [sched_ule] round off in sched_balance_pair()
o kern/117374             vidcontrol(1) videomode: Operation not supported by de
o kern/117348             [libedit] Loading history file sometimes fails in libe
o bin/117339   net        [patch] route(8): loading routing management commands 
o bin/117315   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs(8) and related options can't mount
o usb/117313   usb        [umass] [panic] panic on usb camera insertion
p bin/117277   des        [patch] fetch(1): fetch's resume mode doesn't verify t
o kern/117271  net        [tap] OpenVPN TAP uses 99% CPU on releng_6 when if_tap
o kern/117242             [syscons] [hang] console hangs when powerd is adaptive
p bin/117214   bz         ipfw(8) fwd with IPv6 treats input as IPv4
o usb/117200   usb        [ugen] ugen0 prints strange string on attach if detach
o bin/117191   antoine    [patch] - Add files to remov
o kern/117188             [geli] System crashes/reboots on access to file on GEL
p usb/117185   thompsa    [umodem] [patch] Add support for UNION interface descr
o usb/117183   usb        [panic] USB/fusefs -- panic while transferring large a
o kern/117158  fs         [zfs] zpool scrub causes panic if geli vdevs detach on
f usb/117150   weongyo    [zyd] usb zyd device under moderate load panics system
o bin/117093   kensmith   [patch] [request] Teach sysinstall(8) to load config f
o kern/117043  jfv        [em] Intel PWLA8492MT Dual-Port Network adapter EEPROM
a conf/117027  yar        rc.subr doesnt deal with perl daemons
p docs/117013  trhodes    mount_smbfs(8) doesn't document -U (username) argument
p kern/117000  glebius    [carp] CARP using address-less host NIC (carpdev)
o bin/116980   fs         [msdosfs] [patch] mount_msdosfs(8) resets some flags f
p usb/116947   usb        [ukbd] [patch] [regression] enable boot protocol on th
o misc/116946             holographic shell breaks live CD shell
o kern/116935             [ata] Intermittent error with Promise PDC40718
o conf/116931  fs         lack of fsck_cd9660 prevents mounting iso images with 
p stand/116826 jilles     [patch] sh(1) support for POSIX character classes
o kern/116770             [kqueue] Unfortunate fifo/O_NONBLOCK/kevent interactio
o kern/116747  wireless   [ndis] FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT crash with Dell TrueMobile 
o kern/116701             [atapicam] atapicam hangs initializing SATA DVDRs on s
o threa/116668 threads    can no longer use jdk15 with libthr on -stable SMP
o java/116667  java       linux-sun-javac1.4 hangs on SMP
o bin/116643   net        [patch] [request] fstat(1): add INET/INET6 socket deta
s ports/116601 portmgr    [patch] - fail if dependency failed
o docs/116588  remko      No IPFW tables or dummynet in Handbook
o kern/116583  fs         [ffs] [hang] System freezes for short time when using 
o usb/116561   usb        [umodem] [panic] RELENG_6 umodem panic "trying to slee
o stand/116477 standards  rm(1): rm behaves unexpectedly when using -r and relat
s kern/116444  vwe        [ath] Atheros 5005G (AR5212) miniPCI: unable to attach
o bin/116425              [patch] [request] ls(1) options for pre-sort of direct
o conf/116416  mtm        [patch] [request] per-jail rc.conf(5) style configurat
o bin/116413   standards  incorrect getconf(1) handling of unsigned constants gi
a kern/116335  andre      [tcp] Excessive TCP window updates
s bin/116302              [ataraid] atacontrol(8) reports wrong stripe for intel
o usb/116282   usb        [ulpt] Cannot print on USB HP LJ1018 or LJ1300
s ports/116222 portmgr    files installed with the wrong UID/GID via make instal
o bin/116209              [patch] [request] decimal suffix in split(1)
o kern/116185  net        [iwi] if_iwi driver leads system to reboot
p threa/116181 attilio    /dev/io-related io access permissions are not propagat
o kern/116172  bz         [tun] [nd6] [panic] Network / ipv6 recursive mutex pan
o ports/116082 java       java/linux-sun-jdk16 jconsole is unable to connect to 
o stand/116081 standards  make does not work with the directive sinclude
o docs/116080  doc        PREFIX is documented, but not the more important LOCAL
o kern/116009  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Ignore errors when loading ruleset from
o kern/116005  des        [libfetch] libfetch accepts invalid URLs
o bin/115960   des        sshd's X11 forwarding broken on IPv6 only machine [pat
o ports/115957 itetcu     Questionable ownership and security on mail/dspam
o bin/115951              [tun] pppoed(8): tun not closed after client abruptly 
o bin/115946   des        [libpam] [patch] not thread-safe
o usb/115935   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] kernel counterproductively attaches 
o usb/115933   usb        [uftdi] [patch] RATOC REX-USB60F (usb serial converter
o kern/115930  jfv        [em] Dell nic enumeration problem
s conf/115923             [request] rc.subr - logger should be using priorities
o kern/115856  geom       [geli] ZFS thought it was degraded when it should have
s docs/115716  jhb        remove cue from supported hardware list
p kern/115695             [crypto] When "device padlock" defined first ssh to ma
o kern/115651  vanhu      Racoon(ipsec-tools) enters sbwait state or 100% CPU ut
o kern/115631             [libc] [patch] [request] make dlclose(3) atexit-aware
a kern/115623  imp        [cardbus] [patch] Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100 Ad
o kern/115547  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] let GEOM Eli get password fro
o kern/115526             [libalias] libalias doesn't free memory
o bin/115486              [patch] [request] newsyslog(8) -- provide ability to c
o kern/115479             [ata] [request] ASUS P5K SE need more support
p bin/115447   harti      [patch] [request] teach make(1) to respect TMPDIR envi
o bin/115431              [patch] [request] improvement to split(1): add -B swit
o usb/115400   usb        [ehci] Problem with EHCI on ASUS M2N4-SLI
o bin/115361   fs         [zfs] mount(8) gets into a state where it won't set/un
o kern/115300  multimedia [sound] [snd_hda] [regression] snd_hda(4) fails to att
o usb/115298   usb        [ulpt] [panic] Turning off USB printer panics kernel
o kern/115253             [keyboard] Wireless keyboard not working at boot
o kern/115239  net        [ipnat] panic with 'kmem_map too small' using ipnat
o threa/115211 threads    pthread_atfork misbehaves in initial thread
s kern/115202             [request] memory error diagnostic
o amd64/115194 amd64      LCD screen remains blank after Dell XPS M1210 lid is c
o kern/115164  des        [libpam] [patch] [request] Add support for the account
o kern/115162  des        [libpam] [patch] [request] Add check for target user's
p docs/115065  doc        [patch] sync ps.1 with p_flag and keywords
o bin/115054              ntpd(8): NTP errors out on startup but restart of NTP 
o kern/115019  net        [netgraph] ng_ether upper hook packet flow stops on ad
o kern/115002  net        [wi] if_wi timeout. failed allocation (busy bit). ifco
o kern/114970             Wrong system time (last) when machine is crashed due t
o kern/114955  fs         [cd9660] [patch] [request] support for mask,dirmask,ui
o kern/114928             green_saver does not switch DVI monitor power off
o usb/114916   usb        [umass] [patch] USB Maxtor drive (L300RO) requires qui
o kern/114915  net        [patch] [pcn] pcn (sys/pci/if_pcn.c) ethernet driver f
o kern/114847  fs         [ntfs] [patch] [request] dirmask support for NTFS ala 
o kern/114808             [panic] Kernel panic when use USB SpeedTouch ADSL mode
o kern/114780  usb        [uplcom] [panic] Panics while stress testing the uplco
o kern/114760  multimedia [sound] [snd_cmi] snd_cmi driver causing sporadic syst
o ports/114725 portmgr - No dependencies in the package if there 
o usb/114682   usb        [umass] generic USB media-card reader unusable
o kern/114676  fs         [ufs] snapshot creation panics: snapacct_ufs2: bad blo
f kern/114667             [umass] UMASS device error log problem
f kern/114646  firewire   [firewire] [patch] firewire fails after suspend/resume
o kern/114597  scsi       [sym] System hangs at SCSI bus reset with dual HBAs
s kern/114578             [libc] wide character printing using swprintf(dst, n, 
o kern/114567  pf         [pf] [lor] pf_ioctl.c + if.c
o kern/114550             [cbb] Cardbus WiFi card activation problem
o kern/114506             [nfs] nfs_readdirrpc doesn't use copyout to write out 
o kern/114492             [kernel] [patch] device_attach() doesn't unset devclas
o kern/114489  scottl     [aic] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: in aic7xxx_osm.h (with 
o bin/114468   fs         [patch] [request] add -d option to umount(8) to detach
o bin/114465              [patch] [request] script(1): add really cool -d, -p & 
o kern/114451             [nfs] [patch] prevent NFS server possible crash
o kern/114438             [amr] Anomalous performance with multiple arrays and a
o kern/114406             [drm] ATI Radeon Mobility X600 not supported by agp de
s bin/114392              [request] add default ssl definitions for openssl(1)
o docs/114371  doc        [patch] [ip6] rtadvd.con(5) should show how to adverti
o usb/114310   usb        [libusb] [patch] [panic] USB hub attachment panics ker
o kern/114291             [RFE] [modules] [patch] add dynamic module references
o kern/114213             [ata] optical drive not detected in the 6.x series of 
o ports/114167 portmgr    [patch] - ignoring major numbers in LIB_DE
o kern/114155             [ptrace] sigsuspend gets interrupted by ptrace
o docs/114139  doc        mbuf(9) has misleading comments on M_DONTWAIT and M_TR
a bin/114082   arundel    [make.conf] [patch] default CFLAGS have a blank at the
s bin/114081   bz         [patch] [ppp] ppp(8) should be able to set ethernet ad
o usb/114068   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [umass] [patch] Problem with connection
o bin/114059              [patch] shutdown(8) should fall back to exec reboot/ha
p kern/114057  jh         [devfs] devfs symlink over device doesn't work
o conf/114013  usb        [patch] WITHOUT_USB allow to compil a lot of USB stuff
o usb/113977   gavin      [request] Need a way to set mode of USB disk's write c
f kern/113957  geom       [gmirror] gmirror is intermittently reporting a degrad
o conf/113915  rc         [patch] ndis wireless driver fails to associate when i
p conf/113913  olli       [patch] [requst] new file /etc/periodic/daily/490.stat
o bin/113912              tunefs(8): silent failure setting glabel on boot parti
o kern/113856             [patch] [plip] PLIP (parallel port IP) dead on 6.2, de
o kern/113852  fs         [smbfs] smbfs does not properly implement DFS referral
o bin/113850              sshd(8): unable to debug sshd with strace/truss/gdb
o kern/113849             [libdisk] [patch] Correction of Sanitize_Bios_Geom for
o bin/113838   fs         [patch] [request] mount(8): add support for relative p
o kern/113837  geom       [geom] unable to access 1024 sector size storage
o bin/113825              [patch] [libc] [ggated] Fix -STABLE build with -fno-st
o kern/113785  firewire   [firewire] dropouts when playing DV on firewire
o ports/113751 java       java/linux-sun-jdk15: linux-sun-jdk-,2 - java 
o bin/113702   portmgr    [patch] bad output from "pkginfo -g"
o bin/113682   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8) warns for invalid geometry which
f usb/113672   gavin      [usb67] [ehci] [panic] Kernel panic with AEWIN CB6971
o bin/113669              ftpchroot(5) / ftpusers(5) doesn't do globbing
o conf/113552             [request] ntpd(8) driftfile default location inconsist
o bin/113518              [patch] make(1): Prevent execution when command is a c
o kern/113432  net        [ucom] WARNING: attempt to net_add_domain(netgraph) af
o kern/113419  geom       [geom] geom fox multipathing not failing back
o gnu/113343              [patch] grep(1) outputs NOT-matched lines (with multi-
o gnu/113338              gcc(1): GNU gcc __thread as class member
o kern/113256             [headers] _limits.h for some CPU has wrong definitions
o bin/113239              [patch] atrun(8) loses jobs due to race condition
o bin/113230   des        [pam] [patch] const-ify PAM-headers
o docs/113194  doc        [patch] [request] crontab.5: handling of day-in-month 
o kern/113098             [amr] Cannot read from amrd while under heavy load
o bin/113074              [patch] ppp(8): include <strings.h> for strcasecmp(3)
s usb/113060   usb        [usb67] [ulpt] [patch] Samsung printer not working in 
o bin/113049   fs         [patch] [request] make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show 
o conf/112997             [patch] Add note about the 'native' mtune option to sh
s usb/112944   gavin      [usb67] [ulpt] [patch] Bi-directional access to HP Las
o kern/112937  jfv        [em] Panic in em(4) when issuing a SIOCGIFADDR ioctl
o docs/112804  doceng     groff(1) command should be called to explicitly use "p
o bin/112794              [patch] [request] pam_exec(8): allow pam_exec to expor
o kern/112775             [libmd] [patch] libmd(3) bug for some zero-length file
o bin/112757   sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall(8): in the FDISK tool we can
o ports/112745 portmgr Add a package-smart target
o kern/112722  net        [ipsec] [udp] IP v4 udp fragmented packet reject
o kern/112702  jfv        [em] em driver doesn't use MSI on MSI capable device
p bin/112694   jon        [patch] segfault in pam_lastlog(8) on sshd exit when n
o kern/112686  net        [patm] patm driver freezes System (FreeBSD 6.2-p4) i38
o bin/112673   portmgr    [patch] pkg_add(1): pkg_add -S leaks the temp dir
o kern/112658  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
a bin/112613   vwe        ls(1): 'ls -l' is very slow or doesn't work at all
o kern/112612  andre      [lo] Traffic via additional lo(4) interface shows up o
o docs/112579  mlaier     [request] No ipv6 related pf examples in /usr/share/ex
o conf/112558             [patch] /etc/periodic/daily/200.backup-passwd poor han
o bin/112557   net        [patch] ppp(8) lock file should not use symlink name
o bin/112556              [patch]: sysctl(8) needs to fix multi-lineal descripti
p kern/112554  silby      [kernel] [patch] unp_gc is overly agressive and remove
s kern/112544  acpi       [acpi] [patch] Add High Precision Event Timer Driver f
o kern/112528  net        [nfs] NFS over TCP under load hangs with "impossible p
o kern/112477  marius     [ofw] [patch] Add support to set the node and type on 
o conf/112441             deprecated lines in /etc/hosts.allow
o bin/112408   mp         [regression] tcsh(1): tcsh causes gdb to hang (regress
o bin/112379              [patch] [request] lockf(1): on closing stdin, stdout, 
o bin/112370              getfacl(1): incorrect display group name by ``getfacl'
o bin/112336              [patch] install(1): install -S (safe copy) with -C or 
p bin/112288   gavin      ftp(1): /usr/src/usr.bin/ftp/config.h is redundant and
s kern/112282             [ata] atacontrol(8): changing DMA modes when disk is r
o kern/112256             [hang] SC_PIXEL_MODE hangs system
o kern/112160             [pppd] uplink DSL w/pppoe+NAT 'out of buffer space' ki
o kern/112053             [hang] deadlock with almost full filesystem and rtorre
o bin/111978              [patch] [request] make syspath list for mount(8) confi
o kern/111848             [nfs] removing a file from a diskless nfs mounted root
o kern/111843  fs         [msdosfs] Long Names of files are incorrectly created 
s www/111791   www        FreeBSD website messes up while using "links" browser
o kern/111782  fs         [ufs] dump(8) fails horribly for large filesystems
o kern/111767  multimedia [sound] ATI SB450 High Definition Audio Controller sou
o kern/111766             [panic] "panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block" durin
o conf/111557             [gre] link1 flag doesn't work as intended when specifi
o kern/111537  net        [inet6] [patch] ip6_input() treats mbuf cluster wrong
o bin/111493              [patch] routed(8) doesn't use multicasts for RIPv2 via
o kern/111457  net        [ral] ral(4) freeze
o docs/111425  doc        Missing chunks of text in historical manpages
o ports/111399 doceng     print/ghostscript8 (was ghostscript-gpl): WITH_FT_BRID
a ports/111356 csjp       net/bpfstat: man bpfstat has no descption for the flag
o docs/111265  doc        [request] Clarify how to set common shell variables
p kern/111260  csjp       [hang] FreeBSD kernel dead lock and a solution
o www/111228   bugmeister [request] Usability improvements for bug search query 
o kern/111185             console color depth set to 0 at boot causes flat scree
o kern/111162             [nfs] nfs_getpages does not restart interrupted system
s bin/111146   fs         [2tb] fsck(8) fails on 6T filesystem
o bin/111077              date(1): /bin/date -j -f "%b %Y" "Feb 2007" +%m return
o ports/111066 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit does not skip ports fixed listed 
s bin/111024              [request] [patch] [ata] atacontrol(8): support for sta
s kern/111001             [hang] can't install 6.2-RELEASE-amd64 (SuperMicro PDS
o docs/110999  doc        carp(4) should document unsupported interface types
o kern/110995             [loader] [patch] loader wastes space worth symtab size
o conf/110993             [patch] /etc/netstart should start rpcbind
o gnu/110971              gdb(1) crashes
f kern/110959  bz         [ipsec] Filtering incoming packets with enc0 does not 
o kern/110915  rwatson    [acl] ACL's don't work with SUIDDIR
o usb/110856   usb        [usb67] [ugen] [patch] interrupt in msgs are truncated
o kern/110847  scsi       [ahd] Tyan U320 onboard problem with more than 3 disks
s conf/110838  pf         [pf] tagged parameter on nat not working on FreeBSD 5.
s ports/110826 dinoex     port graphics/tiff: tiff2pdf tints images with wrong c
o docs/110692  doc        wi(4) man page doesn't say WPA is not supported
a kern/110662  sam        [safe] safenet driver causes kernel panic
o threa/110636 threads    [request] gdb(1): using gdb with multi thread applicat
o kern/110407             [ata] ATA drivers not recognizing Seagate CF Microdriv
o docs/110376  doc        [patch] add some more explanations for the iwi/ipw fir
o threa/110306 threads    apache 2.0 segmentation violation when calling gethost
o kern/110284  net        [if_ethersubr] Invalid Assumption in SIOCSIFADDR in et
o kern/110249  net        [kernel] [regression] [patch] setsockopt() error regre
o kern/110199  jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue_register doesn't update the kn
o bin/110151   sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall(8) don't respects install ro
o bin/110146   joerg      [patch] [request] Allow arbitrary gdb(1) options to by
o bin/110068              [patch] rewrite of mdmfs(8) in shell
o kern/110065             [wi]: wi device cannot attach to D-Link DWL-520 rev. E
o docs/110062  doc        [patch] mount_nfs(8) fails to mention a failure condit
p docs/110061  doc        [patch] tuning(7) missing reference to vfs.read_max
o kern/110017             [libexec] [patch] serial port console output garbled
o docs/109981  doc        No manual entry for post-grohtml
o conf/109980  rc         /etc/rc.d/netif restart doesn't destroy cloned_interfa
o docs/109977  doc        No manual entry for ksu
p docs/109975  trhodes    No manual entry for elf2aout
o docs/109973  doc        No manual entry for c++filt
o docs/109972  doc        No manual entry for zless/bzless
o bin/109911              mountd(8) does not accept identical host sets on diffe
o bin/109827              mount_smbfs(8) didn't handle password authentication c
o kern/109762             [hang] deadlock in g_down -> ahd_action -> contigmallo
o kern/109743             [sio] The sio(4) driver appears to be getting the seri
o kern/109736             [ata] FreeBSD install from CD can't find & mount NEC A
a ports/109580 glewis     [patch] math/gnuplot does not include whe
o bin/109569              mail(1) command not parsing sendmail parameters
o bin/109521              [patch] chio(1): 'chio return' breaks on non-voltag ch
o bin/109478              [libc] [patch] adopt reentrant syslog functions from O
o kern/109470  net        [wi] Orinoco Classic Gold PC Card Can't Channel Hop
o kern/109416  des        [libpam] [patch] pam_group doesn't check login_group m
a conf/109367  versus     [locale] UTF8 encoded locales and problem collating ac
o conf/109354             [request] /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps does not 
o bin/109334   portmgr    pkg_add(1) using chroot exits with error if wrong dire
o kern/109277             [pppd] [patch] : kernel ppp(4) botches clist reservati
o kern/109227             [ral] ral(4) driver doesn't handle correctly RT2561C P
f docs/109226  doc        [request] No manual entry for sntp
o docs/109201  doc        [request]: manual for callbootd
o kern/109161  philip     [psm] synaptic touchpad doesn't work
o docs/109105  trhodes    security.mac.bsdextended.firstmatch_enabled is not ena
o docs/109104  trhodes    man mac_bsdextended is not consistent with systl outpu
o bin/109102   csjp       sysctl security.mac.bsdextended is not consistent with
o docs/109008  csjp       [patch] add summary of kern/48198 to jexec(8)
a docs/108980  doc        list of missing man pages
o bin/108895   net        pppd(8): PPPoE dead connections on 6.2 [regression]
o kern/108670  silby      [tcp] TCP connection ETIMEDOUT
o kern/108659             [psm] Mouse (Synaptics touchpad) cursor freezes for so
o conf/108589  rc         rtsol(8) fails due to default ipfw rules
o bin/108462              [request] pkg_info(1) shouldn't have a hard width limi
s kern/108442             [request] UTF-8 support for console
o kern/108361             [lpt] lpt0: device busy with HP 710c parallel printer
f kern/108197  jinmei     [panic] [gif] [ip6] if_delmulti reference counting pan
o bin/108191   sysinstall sysinstall(8): Disklabel editor help text (by F1 key)
s ports/108153 portmgr    ports extraction with package uid/gid and quota proble
o kern/108133  jmg        [bktr] [patch] bktr driver doesn't recognize Hauppauge
o bin/108118              [libc] files should not cache their EOF status
o kern/108100             [ktr] sysctl debug.ktr.alq_enable=1 results in reboot
f usb/108056   gavin      [usb67] [ohci] Mouse gets powered off during probe whe
o bin/108020              comsat(8) does not verify return values of getpwnam an
o kern/107944  net        [wi] [patch] Forget to unlock mutex-locks
f usb/107848   gavin      [usb67] [umass] cannot access Samsung flash disk
o bin/107830   sysinstall sysinstall(8): Change Units (Z) in fdisk doesn't work 
o bin/107829   fs         [2TB] fdisk(8): invalid boundary checking in fdisk / w
o usb/107827   usb        [usb67] [ohci] [panic] ohci_add_done addr not found
s kern/107759             Unable to load a kernel after clean install
o kern/107707  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] add new class geom_xbox360 to
o kern/107622             [ata] can't boot on HP Pavilion dv6000 / problem with 
o kern/107608             [twa] [hang] Raid Problem beim Zugriff auf Raid
p stand/107561 standards  [libc] [patch] [request] Missing SUS function tcgetsid
o kern/107516  multimedia [sound] [snd_emu10k1] - skips, clicks and lag after a 
f usb/107496   gavin      [usb67] [uhub] [ehci] USB device problem on RELENG_6_2
f kern/107446  gavin      problems with usb and fw disks
o usb/107388   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [new driver] [patch] add utoppy device 
o ports/107354 edwin      net/icmpinfo: icmpinfo -vvv does not recocnize any ICM
s www/107291   murray     Keyboard accessibility sabotaged by www/share/sgml/hea
p kern/107285             [panic] freeze and reboot by mounting CDROM volume twi
f usb/107248   gavin      [usb67] [cam] [quirk] [patch] quirk for Cowon iAUDIO X
o kern/107206             [arcmsr] Background fsck causes kernel panic with arcm
o kern/107154             [pam] pam.d/sshd doesn't start ssh-agent
s sparc/107087 sparc64    [hang] system is hung during boot from CD
o kern/107051  multimedia [sound] only 2 channels output works for the ALC850 (o
o conf/107035  net        [patch] bridge(8): bridge interface given in rc.conf n
o bin/106872              [patch] [request] extattr support for find(1)
f usb/106861   gavin      [usb67] [usb8] [usbdevs] [patch] Add ACER Zeevo BT-500
f usb/106832   gavin      [usb67] [usb] USB HP printer is not detected by kernel
o kern/106786             No reboot with FreeBSD and Mylex Acceleraid 352
o bin/106734              [patch] [request] bzip2(1): SSE2 optimization for bzip
o kern/106722  glebius    [net] [patch] ifconfig may not connect an interface to
f usb/106648   gavin      [usb67] [umass] [hang] USB Floppy on D1950 10 min Hang
o kern/106646  eadler     [nfs] [patch] Pointer incorrectly cast to ulong
o kern/106645             [uart] [patch] uart device description in 7-CURRENT is
o kern/106632  trhodes    [msdosfs] gimp destroys files on fat32 upon opening
s ports/106616 portmgr Default file modes set incorrect for non-
f usb/106615   gavin      [usb67] [uftdi] uftdi module does not automatically lo
o kern/106490             [atapicam] atapicam fails with ATAPI-CD/DVD drives att
o ports/106483 portmgr    [patch] embed distfile information in +CONTENTS
o kern/106444  net        [netgraph] [panic] Kernel Panic on Binding to an ip to
o kern/106438  net        [ipf] ipfilter: keep state does not seem to allow repl
o kern/106432             [ata] Record of disks (DVD-R) through the k3b program 
o bin/106431              [patch] atacontrol(8): Inform user of ata RAID5 acting
o bin/106355              [headers] macros in stdio.h non-portable (e.g., C++ ::
o kern/106316  net        [dummynet] dummynet with multipass ipfw drops packets 
o kern/106275             [hifn] Hifn 7955 on Soekris Engineering vpn1401 return
o kern/106255  trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch]: correct setting of archive flag
o docs/106135  doc        [request] articles/vinum needs to be updated
o kern/106107  fs         [ufs] left-over fsck_snapshot after unfinished backgro
o usb/106041   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [request] FreeBSD does not recognise Mu
o kern/106028             [pxeboot] tftp inside pxeboot isn't initialised proper
o conf/106009  rc         [ppp] [patch] [request] Fix pppoed startup script to p
p docs/105997  trhodes    sys/kern/sys_pipe.c refer to tuning(7), but there is n
o kern/105945  net        Address can disappear from network interface
s kern/105943  net        Network stack may modify read-only mbuf chain copies
o bin/105925   net        problems with ifconfig(8) and vlan(4) [regression]
o bin/105860              top(1) user ID misalignment in mixer username/uid mode
o conf/105689  rc         [ppp] [request] syslogd starts too late at boot
o bin/105614              [patch] setkey(8): Creating NULL encryption ESP SAs wi
o docs/105608  doc        fdc(4) debugging description staled
o kern/105579             [libalias] dcc resume over natd in 6.x
o kern/105537  acpi       [acpi] problems in acpi on HP Compaq nc6320
o kern/105533             [ahd] adaptec 29320 causes panic with over 4GB
o docs/105456  keramida   [patch] overhaul of the security chapter (14)
o kern/105368             [geli] geli passphrase prompt malfunctioning when moun
f kern/105348  wireless   [ath] ath device stopps TX
o bin/105341              [libpam] [patch] [request] pam_krb5: Add minimum_uid/m
o www/105333   blackend   [patch] Base selection in events in libcommon.xsl does
o kern/105241             [nfs] problem with Linux NFS server up/down combined w
o gnu/105221              grep(1): `grep -w -F ""` issue
o conf/105145  rc         [ppp] [patch] [request] add redial function to rc.d/pp
p conf/105100             [patch] [locale] no support for lv (latvian) locale
f usb/105065   gavin      [usb67] [umass] transfer speed of external drive enclo
o sparc/105048 sparc64    [trm] trm(4) panics on sparc64
o kern/104978  jfv        [em] jumbo frames has been broken in RELENG_6 by last 
s kern/104950             [ata] [request] no support for SATA controller Initio 
o bin/104921   ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) sometimes treats ipv6 input as ipv4 (a
o ports/104910 nobutaka   portsdb -Uu fails on building lsdb when EMACS_NAME is 
o kern/104882             [iicbb] [patch] pvr250 and pvrxxx drivers need iicbb p
o docs/104879  doc        Howto: Listen to IMA ADPCM .wav files on FreeBSD box
o kern/104874  multimedia [sound] [snd_emu10k1] kldload snd_emu10k1 hangs system
o kern/104851  net        [inet6] [patch] On link routes not configured when usi
o bin/104809              cron(8): incorrect cron behavior with mday field = "*/
o kern/104751  net        [netgraph] kernel panic, when getting info about my tr
o bin/104746              [patch] traceroute(8): 'traceroute -e -P TCP' cannot w
o java/104744  glewis     java/berkeley-db installation error
p stand/104743 jilles     [headers] [patch] Wrong values for _POSIX_ minimal lim
o kern/104738  mlaier     [inet] [patch] Reentrant problem with inet_ntoa in the
o kern/104682  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Some minor language consistency fixes a
o kern/104675             [bktr] METEORSINPUT seemingly not setting input
f usb/104645   gavin      [usb67] [umass] [request] Rave C-201 MP3 player does n
o bin/104553              [patch] [request] Add login group support to login.acc
o conf/104549  rc         [patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes functi
o gnu/104533   bugmeister [patch] [request] make send-pr(1) read configuration f
o docs/104493  roberto    [patch] Wrong description in ntp.conf(5) (CURRENT and 
o kern/104486             TI1131 Cardbus Bridge cannot detect card insertion on 
o bin/104432   jilles     sh(1): remove undocumented "exp" and "let" builtins
o sparc/104428 sparc64    [nullfs] nullfs panics on E4500 (but not E420)
o kern/104406  fs         [ufs] Processes get stuck in "ufs" state under persist
f usb/104290   gavin      [usb67] [umass] [patch] [quirk] TOSHIBA DVD-RAM drive 
o kern/104133  fs         [ext2fs] EXT2FS module corrupts EXT2/3 filesystems
a bin/104092   keramida   [patch] iostat(8): missing blanks in iostat output
o threa/103975 threads    Implicit loading/unloading of may crash 
o www/103938   brd        cvs-src archive does not rebuild since 12 Mar 2006
s usb/103917   usb        [usb67] [uhub] USB driver reports "Addr 0 should never
o bin/103890              w(1) doesn't see sessreg'd entries in utmp
o kern/103883             [ata] DMA is not defaulted on WDMA device (SIS integra
a bin/103873   csjp       login(1) SEGFAULT on unsuccessful login
o bin/103845              sha256(1): sha256 /dev/acd0  returns immediately
o conf/103794             adding other login class to login.conf in case one is 
o bin/103762              ppp(8): some tun interfaces with a mtu of 1500 while i
o ports/103751 nork       databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-sqlplus: ldconfig
o bin/103712              amd(8): Automounter is apparently not passing flags to
o bin/103682              [patch] [request] nfsstat(1) should use %u instead of 
s kern/103578             [ums] ums does not recognize mouse buttons
s www/103522   www        Search interface oddity
o kern/103454  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] add a facility to modify DF b
o usb/103418   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [patch] [request] usbhidctl(8) add abil
o kern/103328  ipfw       [ipfw] [request] sugestions about ipfw table
o kern/103283  pf         pfsync fails to sucessfully transfer some sessions
o kern/103281  pf         pfsync reports bulk update failures
o kern/103256  jfv        [em] em0: watchdog timeout -- resetting (6.1-STABLE)
o kern/103253  thompsa    inconsistent behaviour in arp reply of a bridge
o kern/103250             [puc] puc failed to attach sio ports when loaded as mo
o kern/103191  net        Unpredictable reboot
o kern/103135  net        [ipsec] ipsec with ipfw divert (not NAT) encodes a pac
o usb/103046   usb        [usb67] [ulpt] [patch] ulpt event driven I/O with sele
a kern/103041             [ipmi] unloading ipmi panics Dell PE 2850, ipmi doesn'
o kern/103035  fs         [ntfs] Directories in NTFS mounted disc images appear 
o kern/103022  cperciva   [headers] /usr/include/crypto/rijndael.h is wrong
o ports/102946 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit
o kern/102943  kan        [xfs] kernel crash when unloading the xfs kernel modul
o bin/102793   edwin      [patch] [request] top(1): display feature of current C
o kern/102783             [acpi] hw.acpi has thermal controls backwards when ext
o docs/102719  doc        [patch] ng_bpf(4) example leads to unneeded promiscuos
o conf/102700  rc         [geli] [patch] Add encrypted /tmp support to GELI/GBDE
f usb/102678   gavin      [usb67] [ukbd] Dell PowerEdge DRAC5 USB Keyboard does 
p bin/102638   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8): custom dist set always install 
o i386/102617  vwe        [smbfs] [editors/ooo] 7 x "smb_maperror: Unmapped erro
o kern/102612             [asr] da0 not detected when sharing bus with ch0 devic
o bin/102609              [patch] Add filtering capability to date(1)
o kern/102540  net        [netgraph] [patch] supporting vlan(4) by ng_fec(4)
o bin/102515              [libc] fsck_ufs crashes if no console at all
o conf/102502  net        [netgraph] [patch] ifconfig name does't rename netgrap
o bin/102498   sysinstall sysinstall(8): Cursor doesn't track sysinstall hilight
o kern/102471  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add tos and dscp support
o bin/102357              [patch] tcsh(1)/csh(1) jobs control: sometimes 'fg' co
o bin/102299              [patch] grep(1) malloc abuse?
o bin/102232   gad        Defects in -O option to ps(1)
o bin/102205              kdc(8): login failure: ssh + gssapi + dual stacks + pa
o bin/102162              [patch] tftpd(8): Limit port range for tftpd
f usb/102066   gavin      [ukbd] usb keyboard and multimedia keys don't work
o kern/102035  net        [plip] plip networking disables parallel port printing
o kern/101948  net        [ipf] [panic] Kernel Panic Trap No 12 Page Fault - cau
o bin/101921              [request] security.bsd.see_other_uids for further prog
o kern/101819             [ar] [patch] ata driver wrongly determines type RAID o
o kern/101794             [pfsync] Setting plip as syncdev for pfsync causes ker
a bin/101762   sysinstall sysinstall(8) does not obey /usr/ports symlink while i
o usb/101752   gavin      [usb67] [umass] [panic] 6.1-RELEASE kernel panic on Ca
f usb/101448   gavin      [usb67] [ohci] FBSD 6.1-STABLE/AMD64 crashes under hea
o kern/101417  multimedia [sound] 4-speakers output not possible on Asus A8V-Del
o kern/101324  fs         [smbfs] smbfs sometimes not case sensitive when it's s
o threa/101323 threads    [patch] fork(2) in threaded programs broken.
o kern/101274  yongari    [sk] [patch] SysKonnect Yukon initialization bug on K8
o docs/101271  remko      serial console documentation implies kernel rebuild re
o kern/101226  jfv        [em] Access to IPMI module is lost when the em driver 
f usb/101096   gavin      [usb67] [ural] [panic] USB WLAN occasionally causes ke
o kern/100974  rwatson    [panic] sorele. FreeBSD 6.1 RELEASE i386
p bin/100956   remko      [patch] support setting carp device state with ifconfi
o bin/100921              [patch] tftpd(8): libexec/tftpd: `-w' non-traditional 
o bin/100914              [patch] tftpd(8): libexec/tftpd: write access control
o kern/100859  multimedia [sound] [snd_ich] snd_ich broken on GIGABYTE 915 syste
o kern/100858  davidch    [bce] Broadcom bce driver and SMP hangup
s bin/100805   yar        WITHOUT_INET6 is ignored by many src/ components
o docs/100803  jhb        [patch] the man page about ithread is expired.
o conf/100782             [keyboard] [patch] Default keymap to support ALT+Left,
o usb/100746   usb        [usb67] [ukbd] system does not boot due to USB keyboar
o kern/100709  net        [libc] getaddrinfo(3) should return TTL info
o kern/100687             [psm] psm problem (?):  touchpad hangs, then move supe
o conf/100616             [patch] syslog.conf: lines after exclamation point ign
o kern/100519  net        [netisr] suggestion to fix suboptimal network polling
a bin/100496              [patch] Fix to get rid of the telnet(1) to cisco probl
o bin/100442   obrien     ftpd(8): lukemftpd core dumps on anonymous login
o bin/100436   kensmith   sysinstall(8): live CD fixit mount does not find mount
o bin/100424              [patch] ssh(1): SSH option BindAddress is ignored by o
o misc/100322             [tools] [patch] doesn't dump object nam
p docs/100242  trhodes    sysctl(3) description of KERN_PROC is not correct anym
o kern/100219  bz         [ip6] IPV6_PKTOPTIONS and possible mbuf exhaustion.
o docs/100196  doc        man login.conf does explain not "unlimited"
s kern/100170             [request] Support login class in ldap directory
o misc/100133             [boot] keyhit function in boot2.c that falls into an i
o stand/100017 standards  [Patch] Add fuser(1) functionality to fstat(1)
o kern/99979              [patch] Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++
s bin/99973    yar        systat(1): systat -ifstat traffic counter overflow
o kern/99954   scsi       [ahc] reading from DVD failes on 6.x [regression]
o bin/99896    gad        [patch] lpr(1): lpr -r flag has no effect
o kern/99850              [ar] ataraid hangs in g_waitidle when attaching to nVi
o conf/99721   rc         [patch] /etc/rc.initdiskless problem copy dotfile in s
o bin/99662               rpc.rquotad(8): quota information leak while rpc.rquot
o misc/99643              request to remove src/tools/tools/portsinfo because it
o misc/99627              [build] [patch] make update & CVSROOT
o bin/99566    jail       [jail] [patch] fstat(1) according to specified jid
f kern/99538              [keyboard] [atkbdc] while using USB keyboard default p
o docs/99506   doc        FreeBSD Handbook addition:  IPv6 Server Settings
o kern/99485              Disk IO Causes multimedia/mplayer To Drop Frames
o conf/99444   rc         [patch] Enhancement: rc.subr could easily support star
o usb/99431    usb        [keyboard] FreeBSD on MSI 6566E (Intel 845E motherboar
s kern/99421              [request] Option Globetrotter Fusion card not recogniz
a docs/99356   ru         man page of sendmsg(2) does not include EINVAL
o conf/99328              [patch] updates for src/share/examples/cvsup
o bin/99307               [patch] mount_nfs(8) incompatible with zVM VMNFS 3A0
o www/99305    bugmeister [request] send-pr.html is frustrating/broken
o kern/99290   fs         [ntfs] mount_ntfs ignorant of cluster sizes
o bin/99217               [patch] pam_ssh(8) waits for a wrong ssh-agent PID at 
o kern/99200   usb        [usb67] SMP-Kernel crashes reliably when Bluetooth con
o kern/99188   andre      [tcp] [patch] FIN in same packet as duplicate ACK is l
a www/99184    wosch      Viewing HP-UX manpages with
o gnu/99173               [patch] replace gnu patch with a bsd-licensed one.
o kern/98978   net        [ipf] [patch] ipfilter drops OOW packets under 6.1-Rel
o docs/98974   doc        Missing tunables in loader(8) manpage
o kern/98962   mav        [ata] [burncd]: [patch] writing >1 session on ATAPI CD
o kern/98873   des        [libfetch] allow fetch(3) to force using of ipv4 or ip
o kern/98804              [ar] VIA V-RAID metadata mis-read (MSI K8MMV with the 
s www/98798    gjb        Our statistics page is out of date
o kern/98788              [syscons] [patch] Add sysctl to disallow VT_LOCKSWITCH
o kern/98752   multimedia [sound] Intel ich6 82801 FB - on Packard Bell A8810 la
o kern/98597   net        [inet6] Bug in FreeBSD 6.1 IPv6 link-local DAD procedu
o bin/98577               [patch] dhclient(8): the link check by dhclient slows 
o kern/98504   multimedia [sound] Sound is distorted with SB Live 5.1
o kern/98496   multimedia [sound] [snd_ich] some functions don't work in my soun
o bin/98468               newsyslog(8): Value over 99 in newsyslog.conf count fi
o kern/98460              [kernel] [patch] fpu_clean_state() cannot be disabled 
p misc/98383   yar        [request] include the mt command in the rescue CD
o usb/98343    usb        [boot] BBB reset failed errors with Creative Muvo MP3 
s bin/98220               wpa_supplicant(8) operation does not match documentati
o bin/98218    net        wpa_supplicant(8) blacklist not working
s kern/98162   adrian     [request] AcerHK driver port needed for enabling WiFi 
o docs/98115   doc        Missing parts after rendering handbook to RTF format
o kern/97951   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not tie interface details to 
a kern/97921   rwatson    [socket] close() socket deadlocks blocked threads
o kern/97665              [sio] hang in sio driver
o kern/97609   multimedia [sound] Load Sound Module - VIA8233 - fails
o kern/97535   multimedia [sound] [snd_mss] doesn't work in 6.0-RELEASE and abov
o kern/97505              [procfs] file entry of procfs points to "unknown"
s bin/97498    fs         [request] newfs(8) has no option to clear the first 12
o usb/97472    usb        [cam] [patch] add support for Olympus C150,D390
o kern/97401              [xe] Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100, attach returne
o kern/97381              [fdc] [patch] Patch to add zero-sector and spanned-sid
o kern/97377   fs         [ntfs] [patch] syntax cleanup for ntfs_ihash.c
o kern/97329              [nfs] [patch] code simplification
o kern/97306   net        [netgraph] NG_L2TP locks after connection with failed 
s usb/97286    usb        [mouse] [request] MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.
s kern/97266              [fdc] System hangs at kernel time after boot: /dev/fd0
o kern/97208   firewire   [firewire] System hangs / locks up when a firewire dis
o usb/97175    usb        [umass] [hang] USB cardreader hangs system
o kern/97153              [patch] When -NO_KERBEROS is set, libcom_err still get
o bin/97108    sysinstall sysinstall(8): write failure on transfer (wrote -1 byt
o bin/97083               [patch] passwd(1) does not support _PWF_HESIOD
o conf/97014   net        [gif] gifconfig_gif? in rc.conf does not recognize IPv
o bin/97002               [patch] cron(8) fails quietly if /usr/sbin/sendmail is
o kern/96999              [procfs] [patch] procfs reports incorrect information 
o kern/96927              [loader] Loader(8) cause kernel death on "boot -a" [re
a bin/96840               [libc] [patch] getgrent() does not return large groups
o bin/96540               [patch] catman(1) does not deal correctly with hard-li
o kern/96538   multimedia [sound] emu10k1-driver inverts channels
o usb/96457    usb        [umass] [panic] fatback on umass = reboot
o kern/96429              [kernel] [patch] kern_linker.c hardcodes "/boot/kernel
o usb/96381    usb        [cam] [patch] add a quirk table entry for a flash ram 
o kern/96346              [modules] [patch] disable build of modules that are al
o conf/96343   rc         [patch] rc.d order change to start inet6 before pf
f i386/96302   gavin      [ata] nVidia nForce CK804 SATA300 controller not recog
f kern/96268   net        [socket] TCP socket performance drops by 3000% if pack
o conf/96247              [patch] 550.ipfwlimit reports logs even if log size is
o usb/96224    usb        [usb] [msdosfs] mount_msdosfs cause page fault in sync
o docs/96207   doc        Comments of a sockaddr_un structure could confuse one
o kern/96171              [ata] burncd(8): (ATA driver) fails to write in vcd mo
s usb/96120    usb        [ums] [request] USB mouse not always detected
o conf/96094              [gif] startup scripts do not configure gif interfaces 
p conf/96015   jilles     uncommenting the msgs invocation in /etc/profile can f
o gnu/95936               egrep(1) misparses multiline parenthetical grouping
o bin/95698    philip     [patch] moused(8): Software control of sysmouse
o gnu/95691               GDB segfaults on my programme in both FreeBSD 6 and 5
s usb/95636    usb        [umass] [boot] 5 minute delay at boot when using VT620
o usb/95562    usb        [umass] Write Stress in USB Mass drive causes "vinvalb
o kern/95559              RELENG_6: write(2) fails with EPERM on TCP socket unde
o kern/95532              [gif] if_gif has artificial limitations
o kern/95519   net        [ral] ral0 could not map mbuf
o kern/95459              Rebooting the system while rebuilding RAID (Intel Matr
o docs/95408   remko      install over serial console does not work as documente
o kern/95405              [libkvm] libkvm does not support /dev/fwmem0.0 in Free
o bin/95339               [libexec] [patch] rtld is thread-unsafe. fixes for dlo
a kern/95307   vanhu      [ipsec] Panic (race condition?) in ipsec_process_done
o kern/95288   net        [pppd] [tty] [panic] if_ppp panic in sys/kern/tty_subr
o kern/95277   net        [netinet] [patch] IP Encapsulation mask_match() return
o kern/95267   net        packet drops periodically appear
o kern/95239              [libc] [patch] nftw(3) returns EINVAL for large values
o kern/95222   fs         [cd9660] File sections on ISO9660 level 3 CDs ignored
o kern/95086   multimedia [sound] uaudio line in problem with sbdm lx
o kern/95084   ipfw       [ipfw] [regression] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/v
o bin/95082               [patch] ping(8) won't handle large preload patterns
o usb/95037    usb        [umass] USB disk not recognized on hot-plug.
o bin/95002               [libc] hash db source code has a bug which prevents us
o kern/94978              [pam] pam_opie module option without "no_fake_prompts"
o ports/94935  cy         security/aide: propose an AIDE_CONF knob for make.conf
o usb/94897    usb        [panic] Kernel Panic when cleanly unmounting USB disk
o kern/94849   fs         [ufs] rename on UFS filesystem is not atomic
o kern/94830              [nfs] [patch] mount_nfs causes a fatal trap 18 if the 
o bin/94810    fs         fsck(8) incorrectly reports 'file system marked clean'
o kern/94769   fs         [ufs] Multiple file deletions on multi-snapshotted fil
o kern/94733   fs         [smbfs] smbfs may cause double unlock
o usb/94717    usb        [ulpt] Reading from /dev/ulpt can break work of a UHCI
o gnu/94695    bugmeister send-pr.el is missing from send-pr distribution
o ports/94690  ume        [patch] Daemons in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ must do "setss
o kern/94669   pjd        [vfs] [patch] Panic from Failed Removable Media Mount
o kern/94632   geom       [geom] Kernel output resets input while GELI asks for 
o docs/94625   doc        [patch] growfs man page -- document "panic: not enough
o bin/94546               [patch] Make telnet(1) accept 'host:port' on command l
o kern/94519              [libc] [patch] Add UF_HIDDEN file flag; map it to Wind
s www/94423    danger     [patch] XML'ified release todo list
o kern/94393              [ar] PseudoRAID loses track of the master disk
o usb/94384    usb        [panic] kernel panic with usb2 hardware
o kern/94369   itetcu     [bktr] [patch] Patch to support Leadtek WinFast Tv2000
o kern/94279   multimedia [sound] [snd_neomagic] snd_neomagic crashes on FreeBSD
o kern/94273   bz         [ipsec] [patch] IPIP decapsulation problem in FAST_IPS
o bin/94258               [rpc] O_NONBLOCK may block with rpc.lockd
o bin/94252               [rpc] rpc.lockd cannot cancel lock requests
s kern/94182              [altq] [request] altq support for vlan driver
p bin/94181    ume        portsnap(8) should remove the trailing dot from the se
p bin/94180    ume        portsnap(8) does not handle HTTP_PROXY_AUTH correctly
o kern/94166              [boot] btx halted with a flashcard plugged
s bin/94159               [request] ipsecctl ported from openbsd
o kern/94139   scottl     [amr] [regression] amr broken with LSILogic MegaRAID S
o bin/94052               [patch] Adds option to script(1) to suppress carriage-
o bin/94051               login(1): IP network in login.access ignored unless DN
o bin/94032    portmgr    [patch] Enhancement to pkg_add(1) to add -4 flag to fo
o kern/93986   multimedia [sound] Acer TravelMate 4652LMi pcm0 channel dead
o kern/93942   fs         [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o conf/93899              mount_smbfs can't load during boot up
o kern/93887              [kernel] cpu_spinwait calls missing in subr_smp.c
o usb/93872    usb        [cam] [patch] SCSI quirk required for ELTA 8061 OL USB
o bin/93857               [iconv] [patch] new utility: kiconv_cs_preload(8): Uti
o usb/93828    usb        [ohci] [panic] ohci causes panic on boot (HP Pavillion
o kern/93825   pf         [pf] pf reply-to doesn't work
o conf/93815   rc         [patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw rules to rc.d
o kern/93790              cpufreq missing frequencies
o i386/93787   gavin      [hang] freebsd 6.0 hangs on atkbd0 on Proliant 1850r s
o docs/93785   obrien     The man page for ftpchroot(5)/ftpusers(5) contradicts 
o bin/93776               [crypto] [patch] SHA256_Update / SHA512_Update fail to
o kern/93771              [ar] [panic] atacontrol status ar1 causes panic
o kern/93750              [ips] Boot hangs on ips0: resetting adapter, this may 
p kern/93685   jilles     [pipe] select on pipe write fails from '0' end
o misc/93661              [patch] loader(8): prevent *.4th files and friends fro
o gnu/93629               GNU sort(1) tool dumps core within non-regular locale 
o gnu/93566               [patch] sort(1): numeric sort is broken on multi-byte 
o sparc/93530  pf         [pf] Incorrect checksums when using pf's route-to on s
o usb/93389    usb        [umass] [patch] Digital Camera Pentax S60 don't work
o kern/93381              reboot(8) works but 'reboot -n' hangs
f kern/93378   net        [tcp] Slow data transfer in Postfix and Cyrus IMAP (wo
p kern/93331              [kernel] [patch] broken asm in kernel
o bin/93317      doesn't translate unresolved weak symbol int
o bin/93309               [rpc.quotad] [patch] rpc.rquotad: group quota support 
o ports/93279  skv        devel/cvsmonitor: not useable (/dev/mem: Permission de
o bin/93275    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Failure to install after restarting ins
o kern/93197              [libc] strptime(3) succeeds on formats it should fail 
o gnu/93127               [patch] add __FreeBSD_kernel__ to pre-defines
o kern/93093              [libc] xdr_string might call strlen(3) on NULL
o kern/93019   net        [ppp] ppp and tunX problems: no traffic after restarti
o kern/92949   pf         [pf] PF + ALTQ problems with latency
o kern/92880   net        [libc] [patch] almost rewritten inet_network(3) functi
o bin/92866    portmgr    pkg_add(1) should return a different result code if pa
o usb/92852    usb        [ums] [patch] Vertical scroll not working properly on 
o kern/92798   scsi       [ahc] SCSI problem with timeouts
o kern/92786              [ata] [patch] ATA fixes, write support for LSI v3 RAID
o kern/92716              [hifn] [hang] hifn driver hangs after a short while wh
o kern/92690   silby      [tcp] slowstart_flightsize ignored in 6-STABLE
o docs/92626   doc        jail manpage should mention disabling some periodic sc
f kern/92552   yongari    A serious bug in most network drivers from 5.X to 6.X 
o conf/92523   rc         [patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeo
o kern/92518              [hptmv] Intense disk activity (large FS newfs and/or m
o kern/92512   multimedia [sound] distorted mono output with emu10k1
s ports/92434  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ automatic show pkg-message
o kern/92412              [libexec] [patch] rpc.rstatd reports bogus packets/per
s kern/92279   net        [dc] Core faults everytime I reboot, possible NIC issu
o kern/92272   fs         [ffs] [hang] Filling a filesystem while creating a sna
o kern/92270   glebius    [ppp]: ppp does not work on renamed network interfaces
o usb/92171    usb        [panic] panic unplugging Vodafone Mobile Connect (UMTS
o usb/92142    usb        [uhub] SET_ADDR_FAILED and SHORT_XFER errors from usb 
o kern/92104   des        [panic] kernel panic near readlink syscall
o usb/92083    usb        [ural] [panic] panic using WPA on ural NIC in 6.0-RELE
o usb/92052    usb        [ulpt] usbd causes defunct process with busy file-hand
o kern/92023              [kernel] 'options DEVICE_POLLING' makes loadavg wrong
o bin/91993    sam        dhclient(8) option missing, script incompability
o kern/91954              [libpam] [patch] Proposed enhancement for pam_krb5: "o
o kern/91908   darrenr    [ipnat] loading ipl.ko to the kernel compiled with opt
o usb/91906    usb        [ehci] [hang] FreeBSD hangs while booting with USB leg
f usb/91896    usb        camcontrol(8): Serial Number of USB Memory Sticks is n
o kern/91859   net        [ndis] if_ndis does not work with Asus WL-138
o usb/91811    usb        [umass] Compact Flash in HP Photosmart 2610 return  " 
s kern/91777   net        [ipf] [patch] wrong behaviour with skip rule inside an
o conf/91732              [patch] 800.loginfail: fix log message grep expression
o kern/91719              [pxeboot] BZ2_bzDecompress returned -3 error on loadin
o bin/91606               sha1(1): sha1 /dev is suspended
o kern/91594   acpi       [acpi] FreeBSD > 5.4 w/ACPI fails to detect Intel Pro/
o kern/91572              [atapicam] [panic] writing to UFS/softupdates DVD medi
o usb/91546    usb        [umodem] [patch] Nokia 6630 mobile phone does not work
p www/91539    gjb        FreeBSD web site renders very badly
o usb/91538    usb        [ulpt] [patch] Unable to print to EPSON CX3500
o bin/91536               burncd(8): burncd -t feature strangeness
o docs/91506   doc        ndis(4) man page should be more specific about support
f kern/91476   gavin      [fdc] [patch] floppy drive doesn't work in MS Virtual 
o kern/91414   emaste     [kernel] [patch] Polling for devices other than NICs
o ports/91393  trhodes    misc/window changes console cursor shape to blink
o kern/91364   net        [ral] [wep] WF-511 RT2500 Card PCI and WEP
o kern/91339              [psm] mousedriver do not recognize aditional buttons o
o kern/91311   net        [aue] aue interface hanging
o bin/91299    yar        [patch] add ftpd(8) SITE SHA256 command
o usb/91283    usb        [boot] [regression] booting very slow with usb devices
o usb/91238    usb        [umass] USB tape unit fails to write a second tape fil
o docs/91149   doc        read(2) can return EINVAL for unaligned access to bloc
o kern/91134   fs         [smbfs] [patch] Preserve access and modification time 
a conf/91106   versus     [locale] date definitions in pl_PL locale are wrong
f bin/91101    edwin      [patch] whereis(1): make more readable
o bin/91034               [patch] minor fix to iostat(8) so that columns line up
o kern/90973   thompsa    [net] [patch] if_bridge does not handle arp for own ad
a kern/90815   fs         [smbfs] [patch] SMBFS with character conversions somet
o usb/90700    usb        [umass] [panic] Kernel panic on connect/mount/use umas
o bin/90690               [patch] ps(1) errorneously respects terminal column se
o bin/90680               [patch] make(1) thinks "^.for.o:" is a directive (".fo
o bin/90656    sysinstall sysinstall(8): 6.0-RELEASE (i386) cannot be installed 
o kern/90582   geom       [geom] [panic] Restore cause panic string (ffs_blkfree
o bin/90524               reset(1) doesn't fully restore terminal state
o ports/90436  portmgr    [patch] Add a way to handle configuration files to bsd
s bin/90367               [request] libmap.conf needs exclusivity support
o bin/90311               [patch] add "eject" to mt(1)
o kern/90282   scsi       [sym] SCSI bus resets cause loss of ch device
o bin/90266    philip     bsnmpd(1) returns bad data during a snmpwalk of the en
o kern/90206              [ata] [reboot] Server reboot after "FAILURE - out of m
o bin/90130               [patch] sysctl(8): print temperature in celsius only w
o bin/90114               [patch] pw(8) takes strings after option -g for GID 0
o bin/90093    geom       fdisk(8) incapable of altering in-core geometry
s bin/90082               [syscons] [patch] curses ACS line graphics support for
o bin/89988               [patch] bootparamd(8) null host support and whoami fix
o bin/89959    brooks     dhclient(8): dhcp: ip length 314 disagrees with bytes 
o usb/89954    usb        [umass] [panic] USB Disk driver race condition?
o conf/89870   rc         [patch] [request] make netif verbose rc.conf toggle
o bin/89799               [patch] Making natd(8) not require a newline at the en
o kern/89775              [kqueue] [hang] kevent hangs on second wait for /dev/d
o bin/89770    des        [patch] pam_krb5 'authentication token failure' in pas
o bin/89762    edwin      [patch] top(1) startup is very slow on system with man
f kern/89752   dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] bpf_validate() needs to do more checks
a conf/89589   secteam    virecover follows hardlinks, possibly exposing sensiti
o kern/89553              [bktr] [patch] going from 5.3 -> 6.0 winTV card not pr
o docs/89492   attilio    vfs doc: some VOP_*(9) manual pages are outdated with 
o ports/89441  hrs        TeX support in FreeBSD is problematic.
o bin/89403               fetch(1) doesn't honour authentication credentials whe
o bin/89326               [patch] Add pattern matching to login.access(5)
p docs/89325   trhodes    [patch] Clarification of kbdmap(5), atkbd(4) and kbdco
o kern/89258              [mouse] synaptic touchpad support "worse" with hw.psm.
o i386/89249              [ataraid] HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 (HPT372N) can't wr
o kern/89166              [mouse] jumpy mouse movement
o conf/88913   rc         [patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
o bin/88826    randi      sysinstall(8): sysinstall infinity wait for da0
o bin/88821    pjd        [patch] IPv6 support for ggated(8)
o bin/88780               [patch] Baseline ipmon(8) uses LOG_LOCAL0 syslog, not 
o usb/88743    usb        [hang] [regression] USB makes kernel hang at boot (reg
o kern/88657   fs         [smbfs] windows client hang when browsing a samba shar
o bin/88655               [patch] tcsh(1): /bin/tcsh ls-F : Floating exception (
o kern/88555   fs         [panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag on AMD 64
o kern/88518   rodrigc    cannot mount root rw at boot
o docs/88512   doc        [patch] mount_ext2fs(8) man page has no details on lar
o kern/88450   andre      SYN+ACK reports strange size of window
o usb/88408    usb        [axe] axe0 read PHY failed
o kern/88336   vanhu      [ipsec] [patch] setkey(8) -D fails to report all SAs
o kern/88320              [nis] ypxfr(8) talks IPv6 to IPv4-only portmap -> ypin
o kern/88266   fs         [smbfs] smbfs does not implement UIO_NOCOPY and sendfi
o bin/88215               [patch] syslogd(8) does not pass cleanly parameters to
o kern/88182              [ural] [wep] wep is broken in ural(4) hostap mode
o kern/88150   des        [pam] PAM does not search /usr/local/lib for modules
o kern/87990              [kernel] [patch] SMP Race Condition in kdb_enter/kdb_e
o bin/87966    fs         [patch] newfs(8): introduce -A flag for newfs to enabl
o docs/87936   doc        Handbook chapter on NIS/YP lacks good information on a
o kern/87859   fs         [smbfs] System reboot while umount smbfs.
o docs/87857   doc        ifconfig(8) wireless options order matters
o bin/87792               [patch] very bad performance of cp(1) via NFS, possibl
o kern/87782   multimedia [sound] snd_t4dwave and pcm0:record:0: record interrup
p bin/87726    dfr        gssapi.h is not c++ aware
s kern/87653              [drm] ATI Radeon Mobile X600SE not detected by kernel
o bin/87651               [patch] fsck(8) (on superblock error) tells wrong man 
o usb/87648    usb        [mouse] Logitech USB-optical mouse problem.
o kern/87586              [diskless] [vm] [panic] Unable to use networked swap i
o kern/87544   geom       [gbde] mmaping large files on a gbde filesystem deadlo
s bin/87529               [request] pw(8): "pw lock", "pw unlock" should support
o kern/87521   net        [ipf] [panic] using ipfilter "auth" keyword leads to k
o kern/87515              Splash screen fails to load on boot
o kern/87421   net        [netgraph] [panic]: ng_ether + ng_eiface + if_bridge
s ports/87420  portmgr    [patch] implementing WITH_OPENLDAP_VER to
o ports/87397  edwin      [patch] incorrect use of PAPERSIZE make variable in so
f kern/87368   bde        [msdosfs] fat32 is very slow
f usb/87224    usb        [usb] Cannot mount USB Zip750
o www/87119    hrs        [patch] encode copyright and such symbolically
o kern/87074   mlaier     pf does not log dropped packets when max-* stateful tr
o bin/87022               telnet(1) hang in ptcout
o kern/87010   pjd        Reading kernel memory & pagefault under non-root
o kern/86957   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw mac logging
o kern/86944              [nfs] [patch] When I use FreeBSD with NFS client, clos
o kern/86871   net        [tcp] [patch] allocation logic for PCBs in TIME_WAIT s
s bin/86859    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Installer should ask about Linux earlie
o usb/86767    usb        [umass] [patch] bogus "slice starts beyond end of the 
a kern/86752   mlaier     [pf] pf does not use default timeouts when reloading c
o bin/86665    randi      sysinstall(8): sysinstall binary upgrade clobbers name
o bin/86635    pf         [patch] pfctl(8): allow new page character (^L) in pf.
o kern/86619   emulation  [linux] linux emulator interacts oddly with cp
o kern/86587   fs         [msdosfs] rm -r /PATH fails with lots of small files
o bin/86485               [patch] hexdump(1): hexdump -s speedup on /dev
a stand/86484  standards  [patch] mkfifo(1) uses wrong permissions
o bin/86454    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall terminates with signal 10 if
o kern/86427   net        [lor] Deadlock with FASTIPSEC and nat
o bin/86405               more(1) segmentation fault
o bin/86388    geom       [geom] [geom_part] periodic(8) daily should backup gpa
s kern/86319              [nfs] [request] support a "noac" NFS mount flag to tur
o usb/86298    usb        [mouse] Known good USB mouse won't work with correct s
o kern/86290   jeff       [kernel] [patch] minor optimizations + cleanup to vrel
o kern/86103   net        [ipf] Illegal NAT Traversal in IPFilter
o bin/86012               kpasswd(1) fails if one of the KDC are unreachable.
o kern/85971   jeff       [uma] [patch] minor optimization to uma
o gnu/85895               [patch] cc -print-search-dirs returns (null)
p kern/85886   jhb        [an] [patch] an0: timeouts with Cisco 350 minipci
o conf/85819   rc         [patch] script allowing multiuser mode in spite of fsc
o kern/85809   darrenr    panic: mutex "ipf state entry" already initialized
o kern/85780   net        'panic: bogus refcnt 0' in routing/ipv6
o kern/85768   gibbs      [ahd] aic79xx driver timeouts with U160 target (free l
o bin/85712               uncompress(1) program emits bogus "overwrite?" prompt
s kern/85658   jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] add DDB command, show runq, to sch
o kern/85657              [kernel] [patch] capture and expose per-CPU time accou
f i386/85656   jhb        [i386] [patch] expose more i386 specific CPU informati
f i386/85655   jhb        [i386] [patch] expose cpu info for i386 systems
o kern/85651              [kernel] [patch] debugging code to show entries in eve
o kern/85650              [libstand] [patch] modifications to tftp-based PXE boo
o bin/85494    fs         fsck_ffs: unchecked use of cg_inosused macro etc.
o bin/85445    net        ifconfig(8): deprecated keyword to ifconfig inoperativ
p kern/85320   net        [gre] [patch] possible depletion of kernel stack in ip
o docs/85128   doc        [patch] loader.conf(5) autoboot_delay incompletly desc
o kern/85123              [iir] Improper serialization in iir_ioctl() allows iir
o kern/85086   wkoszek    [ef] [patch] Locking fixes for ef(4) (+removes mem. le
s usb/85067    usb        [uscanner] Cannot attach ScanJet 4300C to usb device
o bin/85011               restore(8) on 5.4 will not read Solaris-sparc dumps, w
o kern/84981              [headers] [patch] header protection for <sys/syscall.h
o docs/84956   doc        [patch] intro(5) manpage doesn't mention API coverage
o docs/84955   ru         [patch] mdoc(7) manpage should mention missing documen
o docs/84932   doc        new document: printing with an Epson ALC-3000N on Free
o kern/84861   thompsa    [ipw] [patch] still can't get working ipw(4) with adho
a bin/84816               patch(1) inserts a line in the wrong place
o kern/84799              [fdc] [patch] can't read beyond track 0 on fdc (IBM th
o kern/84797              [libutil] [patch] State engine in the libutils propert
o conf/84752              [patch] 100.clean-disks cleans file systems that don't
o bin/84705               fdisk(8) program warning about sector number is mislea
o docs/84670   doc        [patch] tput(1) manpage missing ENVIRONMENT section wi
o kern/84556   geom       [geom] [panic] GBDE-encrypted swap causes panic at shu
p docs/84538   trhodes    [patch] sk(4) driver supports Marvell 88E800x chip too
o kern/84411   philip     [psm] [patch] psm drivers adds bad buttons for Synapti
s kern/84386              [ppp] [request] PPPoA Authentication built into FreeBS
o docs/84317   doc        fdp-primer doesn't show class=USERNAME distinctively
o bin/84298               [patch] allow mount(8) to recognize relative pathnames
o docs/84271   doc        [patch] compress(1) doesn't warn about nasty link hand
p docs/84265   trhodes    [patch] chmod(1) manpage omits implication of setting 
o kern/84199              [rtld] dlinfo does not handle RTLD_DI_SERINFOSIZE prop
o kern/84020              Couldn't load graphical screensaver modules
o kern/83995              CFLAGS & COPTFLAGS ambiguous behaviour
o usb/83977    usb        [ucom] [panic] ucom1: open bulk out error (addr 2): IN
o kern/83930   sam        [hifn] crypto_q_mtx recursion when unloading hifn.ko.
o usb/83863    usb        [ugen] Communication problem between opensc/openct via
o docs/83820   doc        getino(3) manpage not installed
o kern/83778              [ip6] [patch] JPv6 cannot use Jumbo Frames
s kern/83765              [aha] Adaptec 1542-CP requires plug-and-play switch se
o usb/83756    usb        [ums] [patch] Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0A doe
s kern/83738   jkoshy     [modules] kldload hwpmc.ko fails with 'link_elf: symbo
o bin/83619               'diskinfo -t' fails with disks smaller than about 6.3G
o usb/83504    usb        [kernel] [patch] SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent
o kern/83451              [libusbhid] [patch] improper handling of malloc failur
o kern/83426              [libvgl] [patch] improper handling of malloc failures 
o kern/83424              [libstand] [patch] improper handling of malloc failure
o kern/83384              failure of non-essential IDE partitions can panic the 
o kern/83368              [ipx] [patch] incorrect handling of malloc failures wi
o bin/83361               [patch] Incorrect malloc failures handling within libd
o bin/83358               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within re
o bin/83277    des        libfetch includes the leading / in FTP URL paths
o kern/83254              [digi] driver can't init Digiboard PC/4e
o bin/83170               [patch] Allow 'install' to compare files by mtime inst
o kern/83109              [syscons] syscons does not always display colors corre
o kern/83099   des        [pam] pam_login_access change causes cyrus-sasl-saslau
o kern/83098              'vrele: negative ref cnt' in shutdown with root and uf
o bin/83046    ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw2 error: "setup" is allowed for icmp, but s
o kern/82980              [libc] realpath(3) treats regular files as directories
o bin/82975    net        route change does not parse classfull network as given
a kern/82926   thompsa    [ipw] ipw(4) doesn't seem to do WPA, also leaves entri
o kern/82919   thompsa    [if_bridge] [patch] Bridge configuration update will c
o kern/82901              [puc] ECP mode fails on NetMos ppc card - "PWord not s
o kern/82881   net        [netgraph] [panic] ng_fec(4) causes kernel panic after
o conf/82823              [patch] little addon for /etc/periodic/400.passwdless
s kern/82806   darrenr    ipnat doesn't handle out of order fragments.
o kern/82724   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] Add setnexthop and defaultrou
o bin/82720               [patch] Incorrect help output from growfs.c and mkfs.c
s ports/82661  portmgr    [patch] Add support to filter MASTER_SITES and PATCH_S
o stand/82654  standards  C99 long double math functions are missing
o usb/82520    usb        [udbp] [reboot] Reboot when USL101 connected
o bin/82491               [patch] bootpd(8) shouldn't ignore requests
s gnu/82484               [patch] for misleading man cvs
o kern/82470   silby      FreeBSD advertises wrong window scale in some situatio
o kern/82468   net        Using 64MB tcp send/recv buffers, trafficflow stops, i
f kern/82456   gavin      [ral] WITNESS warning/backtrace in if_ral
o usb/82350    usb        [ucom] [panic] null pointer dereference in USB stack
a kern/82285              [panic] proc cred race: kernel panic during reboot
o kern/82271   pf         [pf] cbq scheduler cause bad latency
o conf/82228   roberto    [patch] order parsed ntpdate_hosts in /etc/rc.d/ntpdat
o kern/82227              [digi] Xem: chained concentrators not recognised
o kern/82219              [panic] in dumping if watchdog enabled.
o bin/82185    net        [patch] ndp(8) can delete the incorrect entry
o kern/82070              [dc] Not all dc(4) devices can be used: MII without an
o kern/82043   multimedia [sound] snd_emu10k1 - mixer does not work.
o bin/82037               mount(8)/unmount(8)/fsck(8) mount point specification 
o kern/82036              loading green_saver makes screen go blank immediately.
o kern/81780   rwatson    hard disk i/o error during reading in an acl is ignore
o bin/81775               pppd(8) and tcpdump(8) no longer accept 'outbound' key
o bin/81759               'gbde attach' does not notify user about failures.
o bin/81757    gad        realtime processes are not marked with '<' in ps(1) ou
o bin/81709               [patch] lam(1) accepts -P but not -p
s bin/81692               [patch] [ata] atacontrol(8) support for disk APM and a
o usb/81621    usb        [ehci] [hang] external hd hangs under load on ehci
s ports/81613  portmgr    make package-recursive for port www/jakarta-tomcat5 fa
o docs/81611   doc        [patch] natd runs with -same_ports by default
o kern/81606   darrenr    ipnat fails to start after upgrade to RELENG_5_4
o kern/81588              [kernel] [patch] Devices with SI_CHEAPCLONE flag don't
o bin/81495    gcooper    [patch] hexdump(1) format option does not allow litera
o bin/81364               rexecd(8) mangles the username
o stand/81287  standards  [patch] fingerd(8) might send a line not ending in CRL
s kern/81273              [request] remove dependency of tool 'netstat' on 'devi
o kern/81180              [bktr] bktr(4) driver cannot capture both audio and vi
s kern/81147   jfv        [net] [patch] em0 reinitialization while adding aliase
o kern/81146   multimedia [sound] Sound isn't working AT ALL for Sis7012 onboard
o kern/81095   net        IPsec connection stops working if associated network i
o bin/81035               [patch] boot0cfg emits bogus error
o kern/81006   rc         ipnat not working with tunnel interfaces on startup
o threa/80992  threads    abort() sometimes not caught by gdb depending on threa
o usb/80935    usb        [uvisor] [patch] uvisor.c is not work with CLIE TH55.
o docs/80843   philip     [patch] psm(4): Suggested fix for psm0 / handle driver
o bin/80812               [request] [patch] add new util: getcap(1) (from OpenBS
o bin/80798               mount_portal pipe leaves file descriptors open for chi
s usb/80777    usb        [request] usb_rem_task() should wait for callback to c
s usb/80776    usb        [udav] [request] UDAV device driver shouldn't use usb_
o kern/80775              [patch] sysctl_handle_string should have a timeout
o usb/80774    usb        [patch] have "usbd_find_desc" in line with the other "
o bin/80732               [patch] getty(8) and telnetd(8) ignore the 'if' option
o kern/80694              [keyboard] [patch] atkbd looped on Acer TravelMate 270
o kern/80632   multimedia [sound] pcm driver missing support for CMI8738 auxilla
s bin/80530               man(1) should become Unicode aware
o usb/80361    usb        [umass] [patch] mounting of Dell usb-stick fails
o bin/80321    ups        kgdb(1): serial db problems
a stand/80293  standards  sysconf() does not support well-defined unistd values
o kern/80269              [libtacplus] [patch] libtacplus tac_get_av_value will 
p bin/80256    yar        /rescue/vi doesn't work without terminal database in /
o bin/80176    des        fetch does not always work with https with a proxy.
s kern/80166   ups        [panic] Debugger SMP race panic
o bin/80117    randi      sysinstall(8): [patch] smbfs install option for sysins
o kern/80088   fs         [smbfs] Incorrect file time setting on NTFS mounted vi
f usb/80040    usb        [sound] [hang] Use of sound mixer causes system freeze
o kern/79988   darrenr    [panic] page faults while in kernel mode
o kern/79944              [fdc] virtual floppy controller of Virtual PC does not
o kern/79912   multimedia [sound] sound broken for 2 VIA chipsets: interrupt sto
o bin/79910    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Cannot escape from failed port/package 
o kern/79905   multimedia [sound] sis7018 sound module problem
o bin/79840    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Partitioning and formating a new disk f
a kern/79833              [boot] BTX crashes on boot when using Promise TX2Plus 
o kern/79783              [ata] hw.ata.atapi_dma=1 reduces HDD writing transfer 
o usb/79723    usb        [usb] [request] prepare for high speed isochronous tra
o bin/79714               kgdb(1) user I/O nits
o threa/79683  threads    svctcp_create() fails if multiple threads call at the 
o kern/79678   multimedia [sound] sound works except recording from any source
o bin/79621    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall(8) does not create a device 
p bin/79607    obrien     [patch] man(1) grok and default to bzip2-compressed ma
o kern/79441   trhodes    [msdosfs] problem writing on mounted msdos-fs at /mnt 
o bin/79376               moused(8) causes random mouse events with a PS/2 mouse
s kern/79339              [kernel] [patch] Kernel time code sync with improvemen
o kern/79336              [nfs] NFS client doesn't detect file updates on Novell
s i386/79274              Autoconfigure fails for O2Micro OZ6812/6872 PCI-CardBu
o kern/79251   geom       [2TB] newfs fails on 2.6TB gbde device
o bin/79232               [patch] WARNS6 clean libexec/comsat
o kern/79143              [ipmi] Broadcom NIC driver do not work for IPMI
o kern/79138   rwatson    close while sending on connected UNIX-domain socket ca
o i386/79091   i386       [i386] [patch] Small optimization for i386/support.s
o kern/79066              [bktr] bktr(4) eating about 10% CPU load once it was u
o stand/79056  standards  [feature request] [atch] regex(3) regression tests
o stand/79055  stefanf    [feature request] [patch] Add an IFS regression test f
s kern/79048              [libc] realloc() copies data even when the size of all
o kern/79035   geom       [vinum] gvinum unable to create a striped set of mirro
o usb/78984    usb        [umass] [patch] Creative MUVO umass failure
o kern/78968   net        FreeBSD freezes on mbufs exhaustion (network interface
o bin/78964    sysinstall sysinstall(8): can not write labels to hdd on installa
o kern/78957              time counter per process stops (syscall: getrusage)
a kern/78929              [atapicam] atapicam prevents boot, system hangs
s kern/78884              [nfs] [patch] nfs client cache negative lookups
o kern/78868   gibbs      [scsi] Adaptec 29160 fails with IBM LTO-2 drive if dis
o kern/78849              Problems with GBDE encrypted partitions
o kern/78787              [libc] [patch] sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) may return incorre
o bin/78785    ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) verbosity locks machine if /etc/rc.fir
o bin/78763    pjd        [patch] [jail] Added jail support to ps(1)
o kern/78673              [nfs] [patch] nfs client open resets attrstamp ever if
o kern/78646              [libmap] [patch] libmap should canonicalize pathnames 
o bin/78562               [patch] Add numerical sorting option to join(1)
o stand/78537             times(2) not functioning per the Posix spec
o docs/78480   doc        Networked printer setup unnecessarily complex in handb
o kern/78444   jeff       [sched_ule] doesn't keep track of the sleep time of a 
o bin/78424               Internal IPs on router, natd/libalias break PMTUD
o docs/78240   brd        [patch] handbook: replace <literal> with <quote> aroun
o bin/78170               [patch] Fix signal handler in bootpd(8)
o bin/78131    geom       gbde(8) "destroy" not working.
o kern/78114              [geom] [patch] Solaris/x86 label structures for GEOM (
o kern/78090   net        [ipf] ipf filtering on bridged packets doesn't work if
o kern/78021              sem_open(3) doesn't mention fnctl.h include requiremen
o kern/77902              [nfs] NFS client should use VA_UTIMES_NULL to determin
o conf/77663   rc         Suggestion: add /etc/rc.d/addnetswap after addcritremo
a bin/77651               [patch] init(8) can lose shutdown related signals
o kern/77341   net        [ip6] problems with IPV6 implementation
f usb/77294    usb        [ucom] [panic] ucom + ulpcom panic
o bin/77261               login(1) doesn't chdir into a group-protected home dir
s kern/77195   net        [ipf] [patch] ipfilter ioctl SIOCGNATL does not match 
o kern/77156              FreeBSD does not redirect packets on proper interface.
o bin/77089               natd(8) ignores -u with passive FTP
o bin/77001    randi      sysinstall(8): sysinstall binary upgrade clobbers /etc
o kern/76972              64-bit integer overflow computing user cpu time in cal
o bin/76756    des        function pw_equal in pw_util.c does not test pw_passwd
o bin/76736    dwmalone   syslogd(8) pipelines losing messages
o bin/76711               [patch] rm(1): parse error in rm.c:check() while parsi
p bin/76697    simon      newsyslog(8) keeps one more archive files than documen
s threa/76694  threads    fork cause hang in dup()/close() function in child (-l
o kern/76678   dfr        [libpam] [patch] Allow pam_krb5 to authenticate no loc
o usb/76653    usb        [umass] [patch] Problem with Asahi Optical usb device 
o conf/76626              [patch] 460.status-mail-rejects shows destination doma
o bin/76590               adding -mapall in nfs exports requires reboot
o kern/76539              [dummynet] [patch] ipnat + dummynet on output on same 
o kern/76525              [fifo] select() hangs on EOF from named pipe (FIFO)
o kern/76504   silby      Keep-alives doesn't work on half-closed sockets.
s conf/76491              Addition into /etc/security few new functions
o kern/76398              [libc] stdio can lose data in the presence of signals
f usb/76395    usb        [uhci] USB printer does not work, usbdevs says "addr 0
o bin/76362               [patch] sys directory link points to wrong location
o conf/76226              Default local.9600 gettytab initially uses parity
o kern/76178   scsi       [ahd] Problem with ahd and large SCSI Raid system
o gnu/76169               [patch] Add PAM support to cvs pserver
f kern/76144              [fifo] poll doesn't set POLLHUP when FIFO is closed
o bin/76134               fetch(1) doesn't like 401 errors with -A
o kern/76126              [nfs] [patch] 4.11 client will send a NFS request to r
o kern/75934              [libcrypt] [patch] missing blowfish functionality in p
s usb/75928    usb        [umass] [request] Cytronix SmartMedia card (SMC) reade
o kern/75873   net        Usability problem with non-RFC-compliant IP spoof prot
o kern/75855              [libc] getpwent(3) functions on 5.3 with large passwor
o usb/75800    usb        [ucom] ucom1: init failed STALLED error in time of syn
s bin/75767               [libc] [request] "fdclose" function in libc
o usb/75764    usb        [umass] [patch] "umass0: Phase Error" - no device for 
o docs/75711   keramida   [patch] opendir(3) missing ERRORS section
o kern/75710              [cue] cue0 device configuration causes kernel panic
f usb/75705    usb        [umass] [panic] da0 attach / Optio S4 (with backtrace)
s kern/75407   net        [an] an(4): no carrier after short time
o bin/75378               login(1): login/wtmp/utmp not updating properly
o bin/75362               mount_smbfs(8) No buffer space available
o bin/75258               [patch] dd(1) has not async signal safe interrupt hand
s kern/75233              [fdc] breaking fdformat /dev/fd0 resets device permiss
o bin/75177    philip     Bug selecting psm operation level in moused(8)
o kern/75157              Cannot print to /dev/lpt0 with HP Laserjet 1005 : Devi
o conf/75137   multimedia [sound] add snd_* modules support to /etc/rc.d/mixer
o kern/75122   silby      [netinet] [patch] Incorrect inflight bandwidth calcula
o kern/75121              Wrong behaviour of IFF_LINK2 bit in 6in6 gifs?
s kern/74986   jfv        [patch] sysctlize a parameter of if_em's interrupt mod
o kern/74827              [fdc] Problem writing data to floppies
a kern/74809              [modules] [panic] smbfs panic if multiply mounted
o kern/74786              [irq] [patch] Smartlink Modem causes interrupt storm o
o bin/74779    fs         Background-fsck checks one filesystem twice and omits 
f usb/74771    usb        [umass] [hang] mounting write-protected umass device a
s kern/74708              [umapfs] [panic] UMAPFS kernel panic
o gnu/74654               libsupc++.a lacks necessary functions
o kern/74627   scsi       [ahc] [hang] Adaptec 2940U2W Can't boot 5.3
o conf/74610              Hostname resolution failure causes firewall rules to s
s usb/74453    usb        [umass] [patch] Q-lity CD-RW USB ECW-043 (ScanLogic SL
o kern/74450              [libalias] [patch] enable libalias/natd to create skip
o bin/74360               [patch] ndiscvt(8) generates a driver which doesn't ma
s kern/74352              NFSCLIENT and booting to an mfsroot via TFTP are mutua
o kern/74281              [digi] digi(4): Digiboard PCI Xem (64-ports) detection
s kern/74242   rwatson    Write to fifo with no reader fails in 6.0 current
o kern/74238   firewire   [firewire] fw_rcv: unknown response; firewire ad-hoc w
o conf/74213   darrenr    [patch] Connect src/etc/periodic/security/610.ipf6deni
o usb/74211    usb        [umass] USB flash drive causes CAM status 0x4 on 4.10R
o bin/74178               [patch] grdc(6) - scrolling does not work and "AM"/"PM
o bin/74127               [patch] patch(1) may misapply hunks with too little co
o i386/74044   gavin      [smb] ServerWorks OSB4 SMBus interface does not detect
o conf/74004              [patch] add fam support to inetd.conf
o kern/73961              [fdc] floppy disk drive performance problem [new in 5.
o kern/73823   acpi       [request] acpi / power-on by timer support
o conf/73786              [patch] added WARNING in spanish to stable-supfile
o conf/73677   rc         [patch] add support for powernow states to power_profi
s bin/73617    sysinstall sysinstall(8): fdisk editor unmarks active partition
s www/73551    www        [request] fix list archive 'quoted-printable' corrupti
o www/73549    brd        [request] fix mail list archive navigation difficulty
o gnu/73512               gdb -> Abort trap (core dumped)
s kern/73496              [request] A more flexible version of mkstemp()
s kern/73492              [request] Reliable Temporary Files
o kern/73484   fs         [ntfs] Kernel panic when doing `ls` from the client si
o bin/73422               portmap forks ad infinitum when the NIS domain name is
s bin/73411               [request] ftpd(8) could set attributes to 0600 while u
o bin/73410    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Sysinstall could not allocate disklabel
o kern/73328   edwin      [patch] top(1) shows NICE as -111 on processes started
o bin/73261               Suspending su(1) sometimes hangs
o kern/73171   imp        fwohci driver stating cardbus firewire card has incorr
o bin/73019    fs         [ufs] fsck_ufs(8) cannot alloc 607016868 bytes for ino
o kern/73004              [loader] [patch] PXE loader malfunction in multiple PX
f kern/72995   multimedia [sound] Intel ICH2 (82801BA) - sound nearly inaudible
a kern/72920   emulation  [linux] path "prefixing" is not done on unix domain so
o kern/72906              [twe] twe0 idefinite wait buffer
o conf/72901              [patch]: dot.profile: prevent printing when doing an s
o bin/72895    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Sysinstall generates invalid partition 
o bin/72875    des        Some utilities used in debugging do not function prope
o conf/72592   gavin      [nis] NIS Domain Master fails as client of itself
o kern/72585              [syscons] [patch] iso05-8x16.fnt lacks letter q
o conf/72465              [kbdmap] [patch] United States International keyboard 
o kern/72433              [amr] [patch] AMR raid, amrreg.h struct amr_enquery3 a
o bin/72398               whatis(8): emulators/mtools man pages are too funky fo
o bin/72355               Can't run strings(1) on a (disk) device, even if you w
o conf/72277              [patch] update for /usr/share/skel
o kern/72224              [agp] umass devices broken by DRM (AGP issue?)
o kern/72210   darrenr    ipnat problem  with IP Fastforward enabled
s ports/72202  simon      ports-mgmt/portaudit warns about the CVS server vulner
o bin/72173               csplit(1) ver 1.9 wrong behaviour with negative offset
s kern/72041              [cam] [hang] Deadlock when disk is destroyed while use
o conf/71994              [patch] dot.login: login shell may unnecessarily print
s kern/71965   andre      TCP MSS issue in combination with ipfw fwd
o conf/71952              missing past participles in /usr/share/dict/words
o bin/71928               Disk quota doesn't work with numeric login
o kern/71833              multiple process disc access / injustice
o kern/71774   fs         [ntfs] NTFS cannot "see" files on a WinXP filesystem
o bin/71749               [patch] truss -f causes circular wait when traced proc
o sparc/71729  sparc64    printf in kernel thread causes panic on SPARC
o bin/71667               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/bootparamd code
o bin/71665               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/dconschat code
o bin/71661               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/keyserv code
o bin/71631               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppctl code
o bin/71630               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppd code
o bin/71628               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpcbind code
o bin/71625               [patch] [nis] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpc.ypupdated co
o bin/71622               [patch] sicontrol(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/sicontro
o bin/71618               [patch] timed(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/timed code
o bin/71617               [patch] [nis] ypserv(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/ypser
o bin/71616               [patch] [nis] yp_mkdb(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/yp_m
o bin/71602               [patch] uninitialized "len" used instead of "slen" wit
o kern/71532              Multiple SCSI-Busses are seen differently by BIOS, loa
a kern/71474   net        [route] route lookup does not skip interfaces marked d
o kern/71469   net        default route to internet magically disappears with mu
o kern/71450              [de] de(4): MAC address change on 21040 "Tulip" Ethern
o usb/71417    usb        [ugen] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0) communicati
o usb/71416    usb        [ugen] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0) detach is n
o kern/71391              [nfs] [panic] md via NFS file + mount -t ntfs: panic: 
s bin/71290    des        [patch] passwd(1) cannot change passwords other than N
o usb/71280    usb        [aue] aue0 device (linksys usb100tx) doesn't work in 1
o conf/71254              [ncurses] xterm vs. cons* termtypes or sc(4)
o kern/71219              /proc/*/map dont tell file offset
o gnu/71210               Update to GNU sdiff: add user-preference for merge key
o kern/71198              [sio] Lack of puc(4) device in GENERIC kernel causes i
o usb/71155    usb        [ulpt] misbehaving usb-printer hangs processes, causes
o kern/70904   net        [ipf] ipfilter ipnat problem with h323 proxy support
o stand/70813  standards  [patch] ls(1) not Posix compliant
o kern/70810              [pci] [patch] Enable SMBus device on Asus P4B series m
o bin/70756               indent(1) mishandles code that is protected for c++ co
f kern/70753   gavin      [boot] Device for firewire hard disk not created in ti
o kern/70708              [nfs] gcore/procfs not finding /proc/pid/file on repea
o bin/70600    fs         fsck(8) throws files away when it can't grow lost+foun
o bin/70536               reboot(8) -dp tries to dump when powering off
o usb/70523    hselasky   [umct] [patch] umct sending/receiving wrong characters
o kern/70511              [libc] When fread(3)ing with buffering turned off, man
o bin/70476               [patch] reboot(8) change, -p behavior default for halt
o kern/70401   darrenr    [modules] Could not load ipl.ko when no INET6 in the k
o bin/70336               telnetd(8) always exits with value 1
o bin/70335               inetd(8) inconsistent syslog behavior when max childre
o i386/70330              Re-Open 33262? - gdb does not handle pending signals p
o bin/70297               amd(8) request to make amd timeouts per-mount local
o bin/70245    ru         [patch] [build] Change to src/release/Makefile to aid 
p kern/70096   bde        [msdosfs] [patch] full msdos file system causes corrup
o bin/70002    sysinstall sysinstall(8): fails to locate FTP dirs if the OS has 
o kern/69989              killing process that uses snp + unloading module + lis
o bin/69986    sysinstall sysinstall(8): [patch] no job control in fixit shell o
o bin/69942    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall changes /etc/rc.conf after i
o bin/69875               [patch] mlxcontrol(8): `mlxcontrol status <drivename>'
p docs/69861   trhodes    [patch] usr.bin/csplit/csplit.1 does not document POSI
o kern/69826              [libc] 16th group has no effect when accesing file on 
o kern/69825              [libc] 1st group supplied to setgroups() does not take
o bin/69723    sysinstall sysinstall(8): [request] allow to continue from packag
o kern/69650              [patch] make getserv* functions work with nsdispatch
o bin/69398               [patch] login(1) cleartext display of password in logi
f bin/69362    mbr        amd(8) does not properly detect the local network sett
o ports/69309  ale        mysql database backup script for periodic/daily
o bin/69268               [patch] Fix ndiscvt(8) to warn you if it's going to ge
s i386/69218   simokawa   [boot] failure: 4.10-BETA and later do not boot on Asu
o bin/69164               gdb(1) amd64: coredump while debugging a core file.
o bin/69083               [patch] vi(1) basic modelines for contrib/nvi
o bin/69010               [patch] [build] Portability fixes for FreeBSD build ut
o usb/69006    usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB ports
o kern/68978   fs         [panic] [ufs] crashes with failing hard disk, loose po
a kern/68905   secteam    [patch] core dumps are assigned wrong ownership
o kern/68889   net        [panic] m_copym, length > size of mbuf chain
o bin/68797               [patch] cut(1): fflush after each write if an option i
o bin/68727               gdb(1) coredumps after recent CURRENT upgrade
o kern/68690              [libc] write(2) returns wrong value when EFAULT
o bin/68586    dwmalone   [patch] allow syslogd(8) to forward to non-default por
o bin/68437               [patch] conscontrol(8) DEVDIR -> _PATH_DEV fix and mor
o bin/68328               [patch] syslogd(8) enable configuration of extra liste
s kern/68317              [kernel] [patch] on soft (clean) reboots clean dmesg o
o conf/68108              [patch] Adding mac-address /conf selector to diskless 
o bin/68062               standalone repeat(1) command
o bin/67943               find(1) fails when current directory is not readable b
o kern/67830              [smp] [patch] CPU affinity problem with forked child p
o bin/67723               restore(8) FreeBSD 5.x restore cannot handle other pla
s kern/67580              [request] add hints for boot failures
s kern/67545              [nfs] NFS Diskless Mount Option Suggestion
o conf/67328              [nis] [ppp] Usermode PPP hangs on boot when NIS config
o kern/67326   rodrigc    [msdosfs] crash after attempt to mount write protected
o usb/67301    usb        [uftdi] [panic] RTS and system panic
o bin/67231               [patch] pam_krb5 doesn't honor default flags from /etc
o bin/67142               [nis] rpc.yppasswdd incorrectly throws errors about in
o bin/66988               [patch] apm(8) check validation of the returned values
o kern/66960              [fdc] [patch] filesystems not unmounted during reboot 
o bin/66893               [patch] [nis] rpc.yppasswdd(8): Linux NIS clients conn
o bin/66830               [nis] chsh(1) ypchsh(1) do not change user information
o bin/66677               mv(1) incorrectly copies somedir/.. to ./.. when it cr
s ports/66566  portmgr    [PATCH] fix build when /usr/obj/usr/ports
o usb/66547    usb        [ucom] Palm Tungsten T USB does not initialize correct
o docs/66505   trhodes    escaping '~' and '$' characters in login.conf setenv o
o stand/66357  standards  make POSIX conformance problem ('sh -e' & '+' command-
s ports/66342  portmgr    [PATCH] fix ECHO_MSG breakage in java ports
p docs/66289   brueffer   [patch] lib/libc/gen/ualarm.3 refers to non-existent a
s kern/66270              [hang] dump(8) causes machine freeze
o kern/66268   glebius    [socket] [patch] Socket buffer resource limit (RLIMIT_
o kern/66225   net        [netgraph] [patch] extend ng_eiface(4) control message
a kern/66185              [twe] twe driver generates gratuitous warning on shutd
o kern/66162              [gbde] gbde destroy error
o bin/66103               ppp(8) macro HISADDR is not sticky in filters
o kern/66029   secteam    [crypto] [patch] MD5 alignment problem on a TriMedia p
o bin/65961    ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw2 memory corruption inside add()
o kern/65920   fs         [nwfs] Mounted Netware filesystem behaves strange
o kern/65901   fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs fails fsx write/truncate-down/tr
o bin/65803    gad        [patch] ps(1) enhancements (posix syntax, and more)
o bin/65774    randi      sysinstall(8): cannot run repair disk when booted from
o kern/65616   net        IPSEC can't detunnel GRE packets after real ESP encryp
o kern/65448   jhb        _mtx_unlock_sleep() race condition if ADAPTIVE_MUTEXES
f kern/65355              [pci] [patch] TC1000 serial ports need enabling
o bin/65299               vi(1) temp path contains double /
o bin/65228               [Patch] Allow rup(1) to parse hostnames from a defined
s kern/64875   standards  [libc] [patch] [request] add a system call: fdatasync(
a kern/64816              [nfs] [patch] mmap and/or ftruncate does not work corr
o conf/64788              [nsswitch.conf] nsswitch with ldap and starting ppp on
s kern/64588              [joy] [request] Extend joystick driver architecture to
o bin/64327               [patch] make(1): document surprising behaviour of assi
o kern/64178   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue does not work with bpf when us
o kern/64114              [vga] [patch] bad vertical refresh for console using R
o kern/63863   glebius    [netgraph] [patch] [request] implement NGM_ELECTROCUTE
o usb/63621    usb        [umass] [panic] USB MemoryStick Reader stalls/crashes 
o bin/63608               Add a -c option to time(1) to display csh output
o www/63552    gabor      Validation errors due to CAPs in attribute values
o bin/63489               top(1) finger(1) segfault when using NIS groups to res
o ports/63456             compiling multimedia/xmms breaks with WITHOUT_SIMD=yes
o kern/63204   multimedia [sound] /dev/mixer broken with ESS Maestro-2E (still o
a bin/63197               [patch] tftp(1) Bus error, core dumped
o docs/63084   des        Several Man-pages reference non-existant pam.conf(5) a
s bin/62965    portmgr    pkg_add(1) -r fails if fetching multiple packages at a
o kern/62890   ups        proc pointer set by fork1 can be stale in fork,rfork,v
f bin/62885    des        pam_radius(8) doesn't maintain multiple state fields
o bin/62766               systat(1) -vm does not work on diskless machines
o kern/62762   bde        [msdosfs] Fsync for msdos fs does not sync entries
o bin/62711    kensmith   sysinstall(8): installation: "Insert Next CD" Prompt i
o bin/62702    sysinstall sysinstall(8): backup of /etc and /root during sysinst
o conf/62417   luigi      diskless op script failed
o docs/62412   trhodes    one of the diskless boot methods described in the Hand
o bin/62367    sysinstall sysinstall(8): 5.2.1-RC installation problems
a kern/62278              [nfs] [patch] NFS server may not set eof flag when rea
s usb/62257    usb        [umass] [request] card reader UCR-61S2B is only half-s
o kern/62102   alc        obreak update
o bin/62077               [sound] [patch] Make it possible to abbreviate mixer(8
o kern/62042   luigi      [ipfw] ipfw can't no more reject icmp (icmptypes 8)
o i386/62003   brucec     [loader] [patch] make /boot/loader "reboot" code same 
o bin/61978    delphij    [patch] sync setkey(8) token.l with KAME
o bin/61971               kinit(1) --renewable fails
o bin/61890    sysinstall sysinstall(8): fdisk(8) uses incorrect calculations fo
a kern/61744   andre      [netinet] [patch] TCP hangs onto mbufs with no tcp dat
s kern/61677              Unable to open CDROM tray if boot_cdrom is in loader.c
s kern/61622              Intel Pro/100 Intelligent Server Adapter unsupported N
o docs/61605   doc        [request] Improve documentation for i386 disk geometry
o bin/61603    sysinstall sysinstall(8): wrong geometry guessed
o kern/61503   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs does not work as non-root
s i386/61481              [patch] a mechanism to wire io-channel-check to userla
o bin/61355               login(1) does not restore terminal ownership on exit
o docs/61301   doc        [patch] Manpage patch for aue(4) to enable HomePNA fun
o kern/61300              [aue] [patch] Enabling HomePNA PHY on aue(4) for HomeP
o conf/61289              /etc/pccard_ether: please use ifn value on pccard scri
s kern/61165   scsi       [panic] kernel page fault after calling cam_send_ccb
o bin/60892               [patch] added -p option to kldxref(8) to allow creatio
o bin/60834               [patch] ftpd(8) send_data()+oldway: anonymous transfer
o kern/60719   ipfw       [ipfw] Headerless fragments generate cryptic error mes
o kern/60699              [atapicam] DVD Multidrive udma mode autosensed wrong
o kern/60677   multimedia [sound] [patch] No reaction of volume controy key on I
o kern/60641   scsi       [sym] Sporadic SCSI bus resets with 53C810 under load
o bin/60632    sysinstall sysinstall(8): UI bug in partition label screen in sys
s kern/60599   multimedia [bktr] [partial patch] No sound for ATI TV Wonder (ste
o kern/60598   scsi       wire down of scsi devices conflicts with config
o kern/60550   silby      [kernel] [patch] hitting process limits produces sub-o
o docs/60529   ume        resolver(5) man page is badly out of date
o kern/60313              data destruction: lseek(2) misalignment silently ignor
p kern/60307              [pccard] [patch] wrong product id in pccarddevs for Sp
s kern/60293   net        [patch] FreeBSD arp poison patch
o kern/60174              debugging a kernel module in load/attach routines
s kern/59912              mremap() implementation lacking
o docs/59835   doc        ipfw(8) man page does not warn about accepted but mean
o bin/59777               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: potential username enumerat
o bin/59775               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: incorrect reply for "unimpl
o bin/59774               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: syslog facility may be chan
o bin/59772               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: support for tcp_wrappers in
a kern/59739              [patch] [libc] rmdir(2) and mkdir(2) both return EISDI
o usb/59698    mav        [keyboard] [patch] Rework of ukbd HID to AT code trans
s bin/59638    des        passwd(1) does not use PAM to change the password
o conf/59600              [patch] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
o bin/59564               [patch] from(1) add option (-S) to also display subjec
o docs/59477   doc        Outdated Info Documents at
o www/59307    remko      [patch] xml/xsl'ify & update publications page
o kern/59289              [bktr] [patch] ioctl METEORGBRIG in bktr_core.c forget
o docs/59240   blackend   [patch] [handbook] update: linux MATLAB
o bin/59220    obrien     [patch] systat(1) device select (:only) broken
o docs/59044   doc        [patch] does not properly handle a sour
o kern/58967              Kernel kills processes in spite of cputime parameter i
o kern/58941   rwatson    [acl] acl under ufs2 doesn't handle disk corruption, p
o conf/58939   rc         [patch] dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o kern/58803              [kernel] [patch] kern.argmax isn't changeable even at 
o bin/58483               [patch] mount(8): allow type special or node relative 
o bin/58293               vi(1) replace with CR (ASCII 13) doesn't work
o bin/58012               [patch] tftpd(8) Multihomed tftpd enhancement
a stand/57911             fnmatch ("[[:alpha:]]","x", FNM_PATHNAME) returns FNM_
o bin/57715               [patch] tcopy(1) enhancement
a kern/57696              [nfs] NFS client readdir terminates prematurely if ren
o kern/57631   jhb        [agp] [patch] boot failing for ALi chipsets
p bin/57630               lptcontrol(8) gives "device busy" if device turned off
o kern/57603              [bktr] bktr driver: freeze on SMP machine
o kern/57522              [patch] New PID allocater algorithm from NetBSD
o conf/57517              [patch] add parameter for /etc/periodic/daily/210.back
f ports/57498             HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil
s bin/57407               [patch] Better NTP support for dhclient(8) and friends
s kern/57398   scsi       [mly] Current fails to install on mly(4) based RAID di
o kern/57350              [panic] using old monocrome printer port (IO_LPT3 / 0x
o docs/57298   doc        [patch] add using compact flash cards info to handbook
o stand/57295  harti      make's handling of MAKEFLAGS is not POSIX conform
s bin/57255    usb        [patch] usbd(8) and multi-function devices
o bin/57045               trpt(8) option -t was disabled on -current
s bin/57018               [patch] convert growfs(8) to use libufs(3)
o conf/56934   rc         [patch] rc.firewall rules for natd expect an interface
s kern/56720              [libc] [request] UNICODE support in Resolver
o kern/56664              bad file# in MTIO status buffer after MTEOD until MTRE
o bin/56648               [patch] enable rcorder(8) to use a directory for locat
o stand/56476  standards  [patch] cd9660 unicode support simple hack
s kern/56461              [rpc] FreeBSD client rpc.lockd incompatible with Linux
p kern/56451   des        [linprocfs] [patch] /compat/linux/proc/cpuinfo gives w
o bin/56447               [patch] extend mt(1) command for AIT-2 tape drives
o kern/56339              select(2) call (poll(2) too) hangs, yet call works per
o kern/56250              [ums] [patch] ums(4) doesn't work with MCT based PS/2 
o bin/56249    obrien     ftpd(8) has two bugs (motd, munged utmp)
o kern/56245              [bktr] Distorted and choppy video with bktr-driver on 
a kern/56233   net        IPsec tunnel (ESP) over IPv6: MTU computation is wrong
o kern/56031   luigi      [ipfw] ipfw hangs on every invocation
o kern/56024   acpi       ACPI suspend drains battery while in S3
s kern/55984   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] time based firewalling support for ipfw
s bin/55965               sshd(8) problems with HostBasedAuthentication and NSS 
o gnu/55936    bugmeister send-pr(1) does not set mail envelope from
o docs/55883   kensmith   [patch] handbook advanced-networking/chapter.sgml
s ports/55841  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ add routines to use ${PORTSDIR
s kern/55802              [request] Make kernel.GENERIC suitable for diskless us
o kern/55793              [dc] Flaky behavior of if_dc when initializing a LNE10
o kern/55617   fs         [smbfs] Accessing an nsmb-mounted drive via a smb expo
o i386/55603              [mly] unable to reboot when system runs from Mylex A35
o bin/55546               [patch] cdcontrol(1) play tr m:s.f interface is partia
o bin/55539               [patch] Parse fstab(5) with spaces in path names
o kern/55448              dbm(3): dbm_nextkey() misbehaves after dbm_store() in 
f misc/55387              [build] [patch] users LD_LIBRARY_PATH can interfere wi
f bin/55349    mbr        amd(8) mixes up symlinks in its virtual filesystem.
o conf/55015              [patch] 700.kernelmsg: Security check output enhacemen
o kern/54891              [libalias] [patch] libalias(3)/natd(8) and exporting c
s docs/54752   doc        bus_dma explained in ISA section in Handbook: should b
o kern/54604   pjd        [kernel] [patch] make 'ps -e' procfs-independent
o bin/54594               [patch] make(1) apply regexps to the entire variable -
o docs/54461   kensmith   [patch] Possible additions to Handbook (Basics and Use
o kern/54439              [sysctl] [patch] Protecting sysctls variables by given
o stand/54410  standards  one-true-awk not POSIX compliant (no extended REs)
o kern/54309   silby      TCP Packet of 64K-1 crashes FreeBSD4.8
o conf/54170              [patch] error from weekly periodic script 330.catman
o bin/54141               wrong behavour of cu(1)
o bin/54097               [nis] Non-local yppasswd(1) -d broken in 5.1-CURRENT
o docs/53751   doc        bus_dma(9) incorrectly documents BUS_DMA_ALLOCNOW
s stand/53682             [feature request] [patch] add fuser(1) utility
o docs/53596   doc        Updates to mt(1) manual page
o bin/53560               logging domain names in wtmp is retarded
o bin/53520               su(1) to another user does not update utmp
o kern/53506              [partial patch] support gzipped modules
o bin/53475               cp(1) copies files in reverse order to destination
o kern/53447   alfred     [kernel] poll(2) semantics differ from susV3/POSIX
o bin/53341    sysinstall sysinstall(8): [patch] dump frequency in sysinstall is
o bin/53288    edwin      tail(1) will sometimes display more lines than it is t
o docs/53271   doc        bus_dma(9) fails to document alignment restrictions
o bin/53131    randi      sysinstall(8): "ALL" could not turn check BOXes ON at 
s bin/52826    portmgr    [request] Adding Timestamps to pkg info upon pkg_add(1
s ports/52765  portmgr    [patch] Uncompressing manual pages may fail due too "a
o bin/52743               ppp(8) /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup instability issues
o kern/52725              [patch] installincludes for kmods
s ports/52706  portmgr    [patch] issues warning if a site is explic
o kern/52638   scsi       [panic] SCSI U320 on SMP server won't run faster than 
o kern/52623              [ex] [patch] IRQ error in driver for the Intel EtherEx
o bin/52517               [request] [patch] New functionality for mail(1)
o bin/52469               ppp(8) Multiple devices using UDP don't work.
o misc/52256   embedded   [picobsd] picobsd build script does not read in user/s
s usb/52026    usb        [usb] [request] umass driver support for InSystem ISD2
o kern/51982   remko      [sio] sio1: interrupt-level buffer overflows
s usb/51958    usb        [urio] [patch] update for urio driver
o kern/51685   fs         [hang] Unbounded inode allocation causes kernel to loc
o bin/51628               [nis] ypmatch doesn't match keys in legacy NIS servers
o docs/51480   doc        Multiple undefined references in the FreeBSD manual pa
s kern/51341   remko      [ipfw] [patch] ipfw rule 'deny icmp from any to any ic
o ports/51152  portmgr    [patch] generic SHEBANG_FILES
o bin/51148               [patch] Control the cache size for pwd_mkdb(8) to spee
o bin/51137               [patch] config(8) should check if a scheduler is selec
s www/51135    www        Problems with the mailing-lists search interface
p docs/51133   murray     RSH environmental variable not described in rcmd(3)
o kern/51009              [aue] [patch] buggy aue driver fixed.
o bin/50949               mtree(8) doesn't honor the -P when checking/changing o
s kern/50827              [kernel] [patch] [request] add sane record locking
o docs/50773   jmg        [patch] NFS problems by jumbo frames to mention in bge
a kern/50687   jmg        ioctl(.., CDIOCCAPABILITY, ...) always reports "Inappr
p bin/50656               cp(1) - wrong error on copying of multiple files
p bin/50569    jilles     sh(1) doesn't handles ${HOME}/.profile correctly
o kern/50526              [kernel] [patch] update to #! line termination
o kern/50310              [libalias] [patch] natd / libalias fix to allow dcc re
o bin/50300               [patch] make the loader(8) use of terminal-control seq
o docs/50211   doc        [patch] fix textfile creation
f bin/50118    edwin      calendar(1) dumps core if there is ./calendar/
o misc/50106              [build] [patch] make 'make release' more flexible behi
o kern/49039              [sio] [patch] add support for RS485 hardware where dir
a bin/49023    gad        [patch] to lpd(8) (printjob.c) to pass source filename
o bin/48989    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Sysinstall's  partition editor gets con
f kern/48976   gavin      [modules] nwfs.ko oddity
s bin/48962    des        [patch] modify fetch(1) to allow bandwidth limiting
o kern/48894              [nfs] Suggested improvements to the NFS read-ahead heu
o kern/48741   darrenr    ipnat corrupts packets on gre interface with <rdr> rul
o kern/48599              [syscons] [patch] syscons cut-n-paste logic is broken
o kern/48471   pjd        [jail] [patch] [request] private IPC for every jail
o conf/48444              [patch] security.functions: count connection attempts 
o bin/48443    mtm        [patch] periodic(8) executes too many files
s bin/48341    sysinstall sysinstall(8): changes the active slice flag when it p
o conf/48325              [patch] /etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid doesn't w
o bin/48309               ppp(8) pppoe connections fail to establish if throughp
s kern/48279              [bktr] Brooktre878 may cause freeze
o conf/48195              /var/db/mounttab error on diskless boot
o bin/48183               [patch] gdb(1) on a core(5)-file from a threaded proce
o kern/48172   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not log size and flags
o conf/48133              [patch] /etc/rc: improved vi recovery notification
o docs/48101   doc        [patch] Add documentation on the fixit disk
o bin/47815               [patch] stty(1) -all should work.
s kern/47813              [gre] pseudo-device gre(4) doesn't appear to work with
o conf/47596              [periodic] daily security run complains if timezone ch
o docs/47594   remko      [patch] passwd(5) incorrectly states allowed username 
o bin/47576    edwin      [patch] factor(6)ing of negative numbers
o conf/47566              [vinum] [patch] add vinum status verification to perio
o bin/47540               [patch] Make natd(8) configurable in running state wit
a kern/47286              [request] [patch] make device probing verbose when usi
o kern/46973              [syscons] [patch] [request] syscons virtual terminals 
s conf/46913   darrenr    ipf denied packets of security run output contains non
o bin/46905    sysinstall sysinstall(8): FreeBSD 5.x cannot be installed from mu
o kern/46866              [libc] NIS-based getpwent(3) falsely returns NULL
o bin/46758               [patch] moused(8) enhancements
s conf/46746              No way to set link addresses through rc.conf
o stand/46441  stefanf    /bin/sh does not do parameter expansion in PS1, PS2, P
o conf/46409              Certain periodic scripts check broken NFS mounts.
o bin/46352               [patch] login(1) open file descriptors and signal hand
o bin/46328    gad        [patch] patch for lpd(8)
o bin/46235    sysinstall sysinstall(8): NTP servers for Finland require updatin
o bin/46163    gad        lpc(8) problem.  Only root can modify despite man page
o kern/46159   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] ipfw dynamic rules lifetime f
o stand/46119  standards  Priority problems for SCHED_OTHER using pthreads
o conf/46062   remko      Remove skel from BSD.root.dist.
s kern/46036              [RFE] select is unsuitable for implementing a periodic
o bin/45990    dwmalone   top(1) dumps core if specific errors in password file
o kern/45896   dwmalone   setnetgrent(3) should return error code
o bin/45830               [kerberos] KDC has problems when listening to IPv6 and
o kern/45729              [libexec] [patch] make rbootd transfer the default fil
o conf/45704              [patch] request to change cp866b font to cp866
o bin/45608    randi      sysinstall(8): install should config all ether devices
s kern/45568   gibbs      [ahc] ahc(A19160) pci parity error
o kern/45558   trhodes    [msdosfs] mdconfig and msdosfs make fs writes hang
o bin/45529    gcooper    [patch] hexdump(1) core-dumps with certain args
o bin/45333               [patch] New option -r for chown(8) and chgrp(1)
o docs/45303   remko      Bug in PDF DocBook rendering
o conf/45222              [patch] daily rejected mail hosts report too long
o docs/45011   trhodes    [patch] style(9): '->' and '.' don't require spaces
o gnu/44984    bugmeister [patch] send-pr(1) can use environmental variable $FRO
o bin/44915    randi      sysinstall(8): 'choose installation media' choose CD-R
o bin/44894    markm      telnet(1): as a local non-root user and remote it's po
o kern/44587   scsi       dev/dpt/dpt.h is missing defines required for DPT_HAND
o kern/44580              [nfs] NFS updates file access time when file is modifi
o kern/44578              [nis] getnetgrent fails to read NIS netgroup map
o docs/44519   obrien     ftpd.conf(5) contains references to ftpd(8) when it is
o kern/44372   roberto    some kernel options prevent NTP clock synchronization
o stand/44365  standards  [headers] [patch] [request] introduce ulong and unchar
o conf/44286   roberto    /etc/defaults/rc.conf uses the obsolete ntpdate
o kern/44267              [sio] [patch] One more modem PNP id for /usr/src/sys/i
o kern/44202              [rp] [patch] -stable rp driver does not work with mult
o www/44181    re         www "Release Information" organization
o conf/44170   rc         [patch] Add ability to run multiple pppoed(8) on start
s bin/44122               ppp(8) tun0 gets a second ip adress after a disconnect
o docs/44034   trhodes    Multiple sysctl variables are not documented
o kern/43905   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueues: EV_SET(kevp++, ...) is non-i
o docs/43823   doc        [patch] update to environ(7) manpage
o bin/43819               [patch] changed truss(1) output for utrace calls
o kern/43616              [zlib] [patch] static-ize some functions in sys/net/zl
o kern/43592              mktime(3) rejects dates at the start of daylight savin
o bin/43582               [patch] passwd(1) fails on nonexistent users
o kern/43577              [kernel] [patch] [request] new kernel option SHUTDOWN_
o conf/43500              [patch] rc.syscons "allscreens" improvements
s bin/43497               mount(8): mount -t nfs -> crunchgen incompatible
o docs/43470   blackend   solid-state article out of date (x109).
o bin/43434               [patch] new option to dmesg(8) which allows to display
o bin/43368    portmgr    pkg_create(1) fails if target directory does not exist
o bin/43337    des        [patch] fetch(1) -s fails if -4 or possibly other opti
o bin/42974               [patch] syslogd(8): add ISO 8601 date format option
o kern/42728   embedded   [picobsd] many problems in src/usr.sbin/ppp/*  after c
o bin/42658    markm      recompile telnetd(8) and log NULL ip in /var/wtmp
o kern/42429              [libc] [patch] hash_action called with HASH_DELETE doe
o kern/42422              [libc] [patch] dbm_delete returns -1 instead of 1 when
o kern/42387              [librpcsvc] [patch] cleaning code of librpcsvc from wa
o bin/42336               [patch] ISO-fication of /usr/src/contrib/tcp_wrappers:
o kern/42274              [kernel] [patch] Convert defined variable into tuneabl
o kern/42217              [libdisk] libdisk segfaults with 1024 bytes/sector dis
o bin/42162    sysinstall sysinstall(8): after restart, installation crashes, md
o bin/42093               [nis] ypbind(8) hangs on NIC with the lowest scopeid
o kern/42089              ntp_gettime returns time in wrong scale
o bin/42084    luigi      [picobsd] PicoBSD's 'netstat -i' reports negative Ipkt
o bin/42022    randi      sysinstall(8): non-interactive mode prompts when only 
o bin/42018    portmgr    pkg_info(1) with PKG_PATH searches through tarred pkgs
o bin/41949    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall sorts /etc/rc.conf during ne
a bin/41947    gcooper    [patch] hexdump(1) unprintable ASCII enhancement
o docs/41879   hrs        [patch] cleanup to DOCROOT/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl
o bin/41850    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall fails to create root filesys
o docs/41824   murray     [patch] LANG is not documented in setlocale(3)
o bin/41817               [patch] pw(8): pw groupshow doesn't include the login 
s bin/41647    net        ifconfig(8) doesn't accept lladdr along with inet addr
o kern/41632   luigi      bridging when one interface has no carrier
a bin/41583               [patch] mtree(8) assorted mtree bugs
a stand/41576  standards  ln(1): replacing old dir-symlinks
o bin/41556    obrien     [patch] wtmp patch for ftpd(8)
o kern/41543   emulation  [patch] [request] easier wine/w23 support
o bin/41526               mount(8) symlinked mount points get mounted more than 
o kern/41307              [libalias] [patch] logging of links lifecycle (add/del
o bin/41271               [patch] non-suid crontab(1)
o bin/41213               top(1) blocks if NIS-related entries in passwd(5) are 
o bin/41190               [patch] sed(1) report the { linenum instead of EOF lin
o bin/41159               [patch] new sed(1) -c option to allow ; as a separator
o docs/41089   doc        pax(1) -B option does not mention interaction with -z 
o usb/40948    usb        [umass] [request] USB HP CDW8200 does not work
o conf/40777              [patch] disktab does not support 2.88MB floppies
o bin/40597               [patch] add fdisk(8) ability of showing extended parti
o bin/40572               vipw(8) prints silly message if $EDITOR fails
o docs/40423   doc        Keyboard(4)'s definition of parameters to GETFKEY/SETF
o kern/40369              [kernel] [patch] rman_reserve_resource - when "count >
o bin/40260    sysinstall sysinstall(8): hang when detecting devices (No CD/DVD 
o bin/40215               [nis] NIS host search not terminate
o gnu/40057    bugmeister send-pr -a flag does not work with -f
s kern/40021              [build] [patch] use ld(1) to build kernel with linked-
o kern/40017              [patch] allows config(8) to specify config metadata di
o kern/39937   net        ipstealth issue
o bin/39849               restore(8) fails to overwrite files with schg flag set
o ports/39660  portmgr    [patch] add ${PKGNAMEPREFIX} to (DOCS|EXAMPLES)DIR
s conf/39580   sysinstall sysinstall(8): [request] more secure mount options
o conf/39505              [patch] automate BUILDNAME variable for releases
o bin/39463    mtm        [patch] Add several options to fingerd(8)
o bin/39439    eadler     tcopy(1) will not duplicate tapes with block size larg
o kern/39388   scsi       ncr/sym drivers fail with 53c810 and more than 256MB m
p stand/39256  das        snprintf/vsnprintf aren't POSIX-conformant for strings
o kern/39252              [syscons] [patch] syscons doesn't support 8-bit contro
o kern/39201   emulation  [linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confu
o docs/38982   doc        [patch] developers-handbook/Jail fix
o bin/38940               [request] an option to *stat to allow supressing of he
o misc/38937              delay between tracks in digital audio dumps from CD wi
o bin/38854    sysinstall sysinstall(8): resetting during setup causes the targe
o kern/38749   kientzle   Diskless booting fails with some DHCP servers (no root
s kern/38730   philip     Memorex scrollpro mouse is not fully functional
a bin/38727               [patch] mptable(1) should complain about garbage argum
o kern/38626   luigi      dummynet/traffic shaper: RED: max_th and min_th are li
o bin/38610    randi      sysinstall(8): should be able to mount ISO images on D
o docs/38556   doc        EPS file of beastie, as addition to existing examples
a kern/38554   net        [patch] changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem to w
o bin/38478    sysinstall sysinstall(8): In Choose Distributions screen, it's di
s kern/38347              [libutil] [patch] [request] new library function abs2r
o bin/38168               [patch] [request] installing curses-based versions of 
o bin/38057    sysinstall sysinstall(8): "install" document doesn't display corr
o bin/38056    sysinstall sysinstall(8): User (creation)'s "Member groups" item 
o bin/38055    sysinstall sysinstall(8): Groups (creation) item should be before
o gnu/37910    bugmeister [patch] make send-pr(1) respect &'s in /etc/{master.}p
o bin/37844               [patch] [build] make knob to not install progs with su
o docs/37719   kensmith   [request] Detail VOP_ naming in a relevant man-page
o bin/37710    sysinstall sysinstall(8): LAN interface in wrong state after atte
o bin/37672               pw(8) prints warnings after successful NIS map updates
o kern/37600   multimedia [sound] [partial patch] t4dwave drive doesn't record.
o conf/37569              [patch] Extend fstab(5) format to allow for spaces in 
o kern/37555              [kernel] [patch] vnode flags appear to be changed in n
o kern/37554   jmg        [vm] [patch] make ELF shared libraries immutable once 
o i386/37523   davidxu    [i386] [patch] lock for bios16 call and vm86call
o bin/37442               [patch] sleep(1) to support time multipliers
s kern/37441   davidxu    [isa] [patch] ISA PNP parse problem
o bin/37437               [patch] [request] Add HTTP-style support to vis(1)/unv
o kern/37326              [bktr] smbus/bktr crash when omitting "device iicsmb"
o bin/37083               [patch] [request] small improvement to talk(1): add cl
o kern/36952   emulation  [patch] [linux] ldd(1) command of linux does not work
o kern/36916   randi      [libdisk] [patch] DOS active partition flag lost in li
o kern/36911              [ata] ATA cannot be disabled with hints or through BIO
o kern/36902              [libc] [patch] proposed new format code %N for strftim
s bin/36786               make ps(1) use 24-hour time by default
s bin/36740               make ps(1) obey locale (particularly for times)
o docs/36724   darrenr    ipnat(5) manpage grammar is incomplete and inconsisten
o kern/36626              login_cap(3) incorrectly claims that all resources fre
o kern/36566   fs         [smbfs] System reboot with dead smb mount and umount
o bin/36556               [patch] regular expressions for tcpwrappers
o bin/36553    gad        [patch] [request] Two new features in newsyslog(8)
a kern/36451              [bktr] [patch] Japan IF frequency is incorrect
f docs/36432   gabor      Proposal for doc/share/mk: make folded books using psu
o kern/36415              [bktr] [patch] driver incorrectly handles the setting 
o bin/36385    luigi      crunchgen(1) does not handle Makefiles with includes p
o bin/36374               [patch] apmd(8): fix core dumps, other improvements
o bin/36262               [patch] Fixed rusers(1) idle-time reporting to use min
o kern/36170              [an] [patch] an(4) does an_init() even if interface is
o bin/36143               [patch] moused(8): add dynamic (non linear) mouse acce
a bin/36110               dmesg(8) output corrupt if /dev/console is busy
o bin/35886               [patch] pax(1) enhancement: custom time format for lis
o kern/35774              [libutil] logwtmp: Suboptimal auditing possibilities f
o bin/35769               w(1) does not correctly interpret X sessions
o kern/35669              [nfs] NFSROOT breaks without a gateway
o docs/35652   trhodes    bsd.README seriously obsolete
o bin/35568               make(1) declares target out of date, but $? is empty
o conf/35545              [periodic] [patch] enhanced periodic scripts: 100.clea
f misc/35542   bde        [build] [patch] BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
o kern/35429              select(2)/poll(2)/kevent(2) can't/don't notice lost co
o bin/35400    randi      sysinstall(8): sysinstall could improve manipulation o
o kern/35399              poll(2) botches revents on dropped socket connections
o kern/35396              poll(2) doesn't set POLLERR for failed connect(2) atte
o kern/35289              [bktr] [patch] Brooktree device doesnt properly signal
o kern/35234   scsi       World access to /dev/pass? (for scanner) requires acce
o bin/35214    obrien     dump(8) program hangs while exiting
o bin/35113               [patch] grdc(6) enhancement: countdown timer mode
o bin/35109    edwin      [patch] morse(6) add ability to decode morse code
o kern/34842              [nis] [patch] VmWare port + NIS causes "broadcast stor
o bin/34811    jilles     sh(1) "jobs" is not pipeable
o bin/34788    dwmalone   dmesg(8) issues with console output
o kern/34665   net        [ipf] [hang] ipfilter rcmd proxy "hangs".
o kern/34470   bde        Modem gets sio1  interrupt-level buffer overflows'
o bin/34412               [patch] tftp(1) will still try and receive traffic eve
o bin/34309    gad        lpd(8) does not garantie that controlfiles begin with 
p bin/34270               man(1) -k could be used to execute any command.
o docs/34239   trhodes    tunefs(8) man page doesn't describe arguments.
s bin/34171    yar        ftpd(8) indiscrete about unprivileged user accounts
o gnu/34128               sdiff(1) "e" doesn't work with some editors
o kern/33965              [keyboard] [patch] programmable keys of the keyboard (
o kern/33834              strptime(3) is misleading
o bin/33809               [patch] mount_nfs(8) has trouble with embedded ':' in 
o bin/33774               [patch] for killall(1)
a bin/33661               PAP AuthAck/AuthNak parsing problem in pppd(8)
s docs/33589   doc        [patch] to to post process .tex files.
o bin/33182               gdb(1) seg faults when given handle SIGALRM nopass for
o bin/32828    jail       [jail] w(1) incorrectly handles stale utmp slots with 
o kern/32812              [bktr] bktr driver missing tuner for eeprom detection.
o bin/32808    dwmalone   [patch] tcpd.h lacks prototype for hosts_ctl
o bin/32667               systat(1) waste too much time reading input
o bin/32501    maxim      quot(8) is stupid regarding the filesystem option
a bin/32411               shutdown(8) absolute-time handling could be more usefu
a bin/32375    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall doesn't respect User generat
s conf/32108              Proposed Firewall (IPv4) configuration script
o bin/31987               [patch] allow dump(8) to notify operators by mail(1)
o bin/31985               New /etc/remote flag for tip(1) to append LF to CR
o kern/31981              [libc] [patch] (mis)feature in getnetent parsing -- co
o kern/31940   net        ip queue length too short for >500kpps
o bin/31933               pw(8) can interpret numeric name as userid during user
o kern/31906              [libc] No method available to unwind atexit(3) stack w
o kern/31890              [syscons] [patch] new syscons font
o kern/31708              [vm] [vmware] VM system / fsync / flushing delayed ind
s kern/31686   andre      Problem with the timestamp option when flag equals zer
o kern/31647   net        [libc] socket calls can return undocumented EINVAL
o bin/31588               change request to allow mount(8) to set the MNT_IGNORE
o bin/31387               mailwrapper(8): When getuid(2)=0, mailwrapper should d
o kern/31380              [nfs] NFS rootfs mount failure message too cryptic
o bin/31363    sysinstall sysinstall(8): "partition editor" silently corrects pa
o kern/31201              [libdisk] [patch] add free_space(chunk) to libdisk
o bin/31034    dwmalone   regularly add original address logging for tcpwrappers
o conf/30938              [patch] Improving behavior of /etc/periodic/daily/110.
o usb/30929    usb        [usb] [patch] use usbd to initialize USB ADSL modem
o bin/30863               bootpd(8) dovend.c Win95 compatibility improvement and
o bin/30854               bootpd(8) bootpgw change - skip ARP modifications by o
a bin/30737    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall leaks file descriptors on re
o bin/30654    gad        [patch] Added ability for newsyslog(8) to archive logs
o conf/30590              /etc/hosts.equiv and ~/.rhosts interaction violates PO
o bin/30542               [patch] add -q option to shut up killall(1)
o bin/30517    randi      sysinstall(8): using sysinstall with install.cfg has n
s threa/30464  threads    [patch] pthread mutex attributes -- pshared
o bin/30424               Generalization of vipw(8) to lock pwdb while being edi
a bin/30360               vmstat(8) returns impossible data
o kern/30321              [patch] strftime(3) '%s' format does not work properly
o kern/30186   net        [libc] getaddrinfo(3) does not handle incorrect servna
o kern/30052              [dc] [patch] dc driver queues outgoing pkts indefinite
o bin/29903               [nis] ypbind(8) loses connection to NIS master and nev
o bin/29897    des        [patch] pam_unix(8) loginclass passwd_prompt
p bin/29893    kensmith   sysinstall(8): suggestions for 4.4 sysinstall
o bin/29808               [nis] ypserv(8) dumps core in yp_find_db
o bin/29516    markm      telnet(1) from an non FreeBSD host still uses /etc/tty
s kern/29423              [request] [patch] new feature: kernel security hooks i
o bin/29375    sysinstall sysinstall(8): disk editor gets confused by slices tha
p bin/29363    simon      [patch] newsyslog(8) can support time as extension
f kern/29355              [kernel] [patch] add lchflags support
a bin/29253               natd(8) forgets about udp connections
s i386/28975              [rp] RocketPort problems
o bin/28789               [patch] last(1) does not filter for uucp connects
o bin/28424    remko      mtree(8) fails to report directory hierarchy mismatch
o bin/28364    bapt       [patch] flex(1) generated files fail to compile cleanl
o conf/28236              [patch] iso-8859-1_to_cp437.scm doesn't contain some u
a bin/28223    remko      su(1) doesn't look at login.conf all the time
o bin/27972               losing information with talk(1)
a conf/27896              Error in /etc/exports invalidates entire line, not jus
o bin/27829               pax(1) uid/gid cache is read-only
o bin/27687    fs         fsck(8) wrapper is not properly passing options to fsc
o docs/27605   doc        [patch] Cross-document references (<olink>)
o kern/27474   net        [ipf] [ppp] Interactive use of user PPP and ipfilter c
o kern/27403              [lpt] lpt driver doesn't handle flags anymore
o bin/27319    obrien     df(1) displays amd(4) pid processes
o bin/27306               [patch] hw watchpoints work unreliable under gdb(1)
o bin/27281               vidcontrol(1) does not have error codes
o bin/27258               getty(8) didn't check if if= isn't empty
o kern/27232              [nfs] On NFSv3 mounted filesystems, stat returns st_bl
o bin/27216    randi      sysinstall(8): can not get to shell prompt from serial
o kern/27008              kernel function sysbeep(xxx, 0) does produce sound
o bin/26803               fetch(1) Fix fetch to allow FTP puts in '-o' & allow '
o kern/26787              [patch] sysctl change request
o kern/26562              [lpt] [patch] /dev/lpt0 returns EBUSY when attempting 
a kern/26534   ipfw       [ipfw] Add an option to ipfw to log gid/uid of who cau
o bin/26486    remko      [libc] [patch] setnetgrent hangs when netgroup contain
s gnu/26362               "cvs server" doesn't honour the global --allow-root
o docs/26286   doc        *printf(3) etc should gain format string warnings
o kern/26261              [sio] silo overflow problem in sio driver
o bin/26005               vis(1)/unvis(1) MIME quoted-printable encoding added t
a docs/26003   standards  getgroups(2) lists NGROUPS_MAX but not syslimits.h
f kern/25986   silby      Socket would hang at LAST_ACK forever.
o kern/25950   obrien     [asr] Bad drives on asr look zero-length and panic on 
o kern/25886              [libc] cgetset(3) doesn't get cleared when switching d
o bin/25736               ac(8) -d option probrem with overdays logon
s bin/25598    yar        patch to let ftpd(8) output message when changing dire
s bin/25477               [pam] [patch] pam_radius(8) fix to allow null password
o kern/25445              kernel statistics are displayed in wrong types and wra
o bin/25218               mailwrapper(8) invokes sendmail when resources are tig
o bin/25015               cp(1) options -i and -f do not work as documented
f kern/24959   net        [patch] proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
o docs/24786   doc        missing FILES descriptions in sa(4)
o bin/24757    yar        ftpd(8) not RFC compliant
f kern/24629   harti      ng_socket failes to declare connected data sockets as 
s stand/24590  standards  timezone function not compatible witn Single Unix Spec
o kern/24528              Bad tracking of Modem status
o bin/24485               [patch] to make cron(8) handle clock jumps
o bin/24461               [nis] Being able to increase the YP timeout without re
f bin/24066               gdb(1) can't detach from programs linked with libc_r
a bin/23912               vi(1) underflow of cnt in vs_paint() by O_NUMBER_LENGT
o bin/23562    markm      [patch] telnetd(8) doesn't show message in file specif
o kern/23546   multimedia [sound] [snd_csa] [patch] csa DMA-interrupt problem
a bin/23402    sysinstall sysinstall(8): upgrade ought to check partition sizes
a bin/23254    bapt       [patch] yacc(1) accepts bad grammer
o conf/23063   net        [arp] [patch] for static ARP tables in
o misc/22914              [bootinst] bootinst messages are not updated
o conf/22308              [nfs] mounting NFS during boot blocks if host map come
o kern/22291              [nfs] getcwd(3) fails on recently-modified NFS-mounted
o bin/22182               vi(1) options noprint/print/octal broken
s bin/22034               [request] nfsstat(1) lacks useful features found in So
o kern/21998   net        [socket] [patch] ident only for outgoing connections
a kern/21807   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Make System attribute correspond to 
o conf/21675              [patch] Better and more disktab entries for MO drives
o i386/21672              [i386] AMD Duron Rev. A0 reports incorrect L2 cache si
o stand/21519  standards  sys/dir.h should be deprecated some more
o kern/21463              [linux] Linux compatability mode should not allow setu
o bin/21008    gad        lpr(1) Fix for lpr's handling of lots of jobs in a que
o bin/20944               natd(8) enhancements, default config file and manpage 
o kern/20529              [ti] gigabit cards fail to link
o bin/20521               rmt(8) /etc/rmt several problems
o bin/20501               [patch] dump(8) extra flag to dump to offline autoload
o bin/20391    jhb        sysinstall(8): sysinstall should check debug.boothowto
s kern/20333   des        [libpam] ftp login fails on unix password when s/key a
o bin/20282    randi      sysinstall(8): sysinstall does not recover some /etc f
o bin/20054    yar        ftpd(8) rotating _PATH_FTPDSTATFILE losts xferlog
s docs/20028   doc        ASCII docs should reflect <emphasis> tags in the sourc
o gnu/19882    obrien     ld does not detect all undefined symbols!
a kern/19782              mkisofs 1.12.1 (i386-unknown-freebsd4.0) doesn't prese
o bin/19772               [unionfs] df(1) output wrong for union-mounts
o kern/19756              [patch] Inability to use linux extended partition (typ
o bin/19683               mount(8) displays incorrect mount point on failed moun
s conf/19573   des        Dot Files for Optional Shells
s kern/19535              [procfs] [patch] procfs_rlimit tidyup
s kern/19402              Signals 127 and 128 cannot be detected in wait4() inte
o kern/18909   dwmalone   select(2) timeout limited to 100000000 seconds
o kern/18874   fs         [2TB] 32bit NFS servers export wrong negative values t
s kern/18704              GLOB_ERR not handled correctly by glob()
s kern/18558   silby      [xl] 3COM 905B realy realy slow when using multiple ad
o bin/18498    jhb        allowing ELF_VERBOSE in /etc/make.conf
o bin/18326    dwmalone   no /usr/libdata/lint/llib-lc.ln
o bin/18319               dump(8) fails with "cannot reopen disk: interrupted sy
o kern/18293              [psm] [patch] lack of versapad mouse wheel emulation
s bin/18100               [patch] update to src/usr.bin/from/from.c for multiple
o conf/17993   obrien     improving on the default /etc/
s i386/17662   gibbs      [cam] cam_xpt.c incorrectly disables tagged queuing fo
s conf/17540              [nfs] NIS host lookups cause NFS mounts to wedge at bo
f kern/17425              [ppbus] [patch] fix two small printing errors in ppbus
p bin/17363               [patch] crontab(1) leaves files in /var/cron/tabs when
o bin/17289    gad        [patch] wrong permissions on /var/run/printer
s kern/17109   darrenr    fastroute crashes for lo0 udp
s kern/17108              [nfs] SecureRPC not supported in mount_nfs command
o bin/16948    sysinstall sysinstall(8): sysinstall/disklabel: bad partition tab
o kern/16765   bde        Add support for mark/space parity
o kern/16644   dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] Bad comparison expression in bpf_filter.
o bin/16422               [patch] [request] newfs(8) always make root's / direct
o kern/15838   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Conversion tables in msdosfs_conv.c 
s kern/15478              incorrect utmp/wtmp records update upon connection bei
s kern/15436              [syscons] syscons extension: "propellers"
o bin/15168               [patch] Adding tracklist support to fdformat(1)
a kern/15095   silby      TCP's advertised window is not scaled immediately upon
o bin/15038    sysinstall sysinstall(8): easy to not notice that selection lists
p conf/15010   keramida   [patch] rc.firewall: "client" firewall configuration k
s bin/14925    standards  getsubopt isn't poisonous enough
a bin/14682    gad        [patch] lprm(1) unaware of lp(1) Environment Variables
s kern/14562              ioctl() codes should be provided for ejecting all remo
o bin/14318    randi      sysinstall(8): sysinstall upon install has some counte
s kern/13997   rwatson    [jail] [patch] RLIMIT_NPROC works unadequately for jai
o bin/13882               mount(8) mount -p is missing the quota options
p bin/13869               man(1) program saves multiple cached copies of the sam
s conf/13775              multi-user boot may hang in NIS environment
o bin/13397               vi(1) nvi mishandles tags files under certain conditio
s kern/13326              [headers] [patch] additional timespecs interfaces for 
s bin/13309               [patch] Fixes to nos-tun(8)
o kern/13141   se         [scsi] Multiple LUN support in NCR driver is broken.
a bin/13128    portmgr    [patch] pkg_delete doesn't handle absolute pathnames c
o bin/13108               authunix_create_default includes egid twice
o bin/13042               make(1) doesn't handle wildcards in subdirectory paths
o bin/12801               nvi infinite recursion with options "leftright" and "c
o bin/12545    peter      kldload(8) should be more sensitive to errors in *_mod
s kern/12071   fanf       [net] [patch] new function: large scale IP aliasing
o bin/11294               [patch] logger(1) direct logging to other hosts
o kern/11165   emulation  [ibcs2] IBCS2 doesn't work correctly with PID_MAX 9999
s bin/11114    harti      make(1) does not work as documented with .POSIX: targe
a kern/11024   mtm        [patch] getpwnam(3) uses incorrect #define to limit us
o bin/10611               [patch] timed(8) enhancement
o bin/10030    markm      [patch] Kerberized telnet fails to encrypt when a host
s kern/9927    gibbs      [ahc] the ahc driver doesn't correctly grok switched S
o kern/9679               [portalfs] [patch] fix for uninterruptible open in por
o kern/9619    rodrigc    Restarting mountd kills existing mounts
o kern/9570    dfr        [ed] [patch] ed(4) irq config enhancement
o bin/8867     randi      sysinstall(8): [patch] /stand/sysinstall core dumps (s
o kern/8498    silby      Race condition between unp_gc() and accept().
o bin/7973     gad        lpd(8) Bad control file owner in case of remote printi
s kern/7556               sl_compress_init() will fail if called anything else t
o bin/7287                [nis] Incorrect domain name for MAP_UPDATE in multidom
s bin/7232     sysinstall sysinstall(8): suggestion for FreeBSD installation dia
s bin/6785                place for all the default dump flags
o kern/5877    net        [socket] sb_cc counts control data as well as data dat
s bin/5712                /bin/chio code cleaup and option added
o bin/5609     gad        lpd(8) cannot send long files to HP's JetDirect interf
s bin/5296                slattach fails creating pidfile with ioctl(TIOCSCTTY):
o bin/5031     gad        lpr(1) does not remove original file if -s is used
o bin/4420     imp        [patch] find(1) -exedir doesn't chdir for first entry
o bin/4116                [patch] [kerberos] Kerberized login as <user>.root fai
s bin/3170                vi(1): vi freaks and dump core if user doesn't exist
s kern/2298               [sio] [patch] [request] support for DSR/DCD swapping o
s bin/2137                [vm] systat(1) total vm statistics are bad
o bin/2090                [patch] [nis] clients may bind to FreeBSD ypserv refus
a bin/1375     dteske     [patch] Extraneous warning from mv(1)

6473 problems total.

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