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Mon Jun 18 11:10:26 UTC 2012

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S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/169192 swills     [PATCH] x11-toolkits/p5-Gtk2: update to 1.243
f ports/169190 sunpoet    [PATCH] devel/p5-common-sense: update to 3.6
f ports/169189 sunpoet    [PATCH] devel/p5-AnyEvent-DBI: update to 2.2
o ports/169186 danfe      [patch] upgrade x11/nvidia-driver to 295.59
f ports/169178            [PATCH] irc/gseen.mod: Fix build failure after eggdrop
f ports/169174            [patch] sysutils/htop: fix swap size calculation on i3
o www/169169   gjb        [patch] rewrite text of Releases web page
o ports/169163 gnome      [patch] graphics/imlib giflib-related fix for the call
f ports/169162 wen        [PATCH] math/py27-numpy: update to 1.6.2,1
o docs/169158  doc        [patch] iasl(8) man page is out of date
o ports/169154 jgh        [PATCH] net/hostapd: update to 1.0
o ports/169149 wen        [PATCH] devel/py-decorator: update to 3.3.3
f ports/169146 jgh        [PATCH] security/py-pycrypto: update to 2.6
f ports/169143 jgh        [PATCH] devel/py-asn1: update to 0.1.3,1
o ports/169142 dinoex     [patch] graphics/gnash: fix configure (agg not found)
o ports/169141 jgh        [PATCH] sysutils/sortu: update to 2.1.2 - Honour CC an
o ports/169139 jgh        [PATCH] devel/pyst: update to 0.4.38
f ports/169137 perl       [PATCH] net-mgmt/p5-Nagios-Plugin: dependency cleanups
f ports/169136 perl       [PATCH] net-mgmt/p5-GRNOC-TL1: Dependency cleanup
o ports/169135 lippe      [PATCH] devel/p5-Test-Distribution: Dependency cleanup
o ports/169133 lippe      [PATCH] devel/p5-Devel-SimpleTrace: Dependency fixes
f ports/169132 ruby       [PATCH] devel/rubygem-ruby_parser: remove unnecessary 
o ports/169130 gabor      [PATCH] security/amavisd-new: update to 2.7.1,1
f ports/169128 delphij    [patch] mail/mairix: Enable support of gzip- and bzip2
o ports/169116 miwi       [PATCH] german/wordpress: update to 3.4
o ports/169112 miwi       [patch] Fix build of devel/valgrind on clang.
o ports/169110 marcus     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portlint: fix typo
o ports/169105 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/py-restclient: update to 0.10.2
o ports/169102 miwi       [PATCH] ftp/py-pyftpdlib: update to 0.7.0
o ports/169100 miwi       [PATCH] www/libmicrohttpd: update to 0.9.20
o ports/169099 miwi       [PATCH] devel/py27-pp: update to 1.6.2
f ports/169096 lwhsu      [PATCH] ftp/bsdftpd-ssl: utmpx fix
o docs/169089  doc        [geli] [PATCH] geli(8) needs clarity concerning key sc
o ports/169088 tobez      [PATCH] net/p5-Geo-IPfree: update to 1.121660
f ports/169087 ruby       [PATCH] net/rubygem-whois: update to 2.6.2
o ports/169083 secteam    [patch] fix distinfo for security/vuxml
o bin/169072              [patch] A little change to ifconfig(8) to display CIDR
f ports/169063 ak         [PATCH] graphics/optipng: update to 0.7.1
o ports/169062 sylvio     [PATCH] net/throttled: update to 0.5.2
o docs/169056  doc        [patch] sysctl*(3) cannot fail with EFAULT if name con
o bin/169053              [PATCH] argument of pkg_create --prefix option always 
o conf/169047  rc         [rc.subr] [patch] /etc/rc.subr not checking some scrip
o ports/169046 mm         [patch] fix packing list error in graphics/ImageMagick
f ports/169038 flo        [PATCH] net/appkonference: update to 2.1
o ports/169035 sylvio     [PATCH] textproc/ripole: update to 0.2.2
o ports/169027 sylvio     [PATCH] net-mgmt/bsnmp-regex: update to 0.6
o ports/169025 sylvio     [PATCH] ftp/smbftpd: update to 2.4
o ports/169024 perl       [PATCH] security/p5-GD-SecurityImage: fix dependency o
o kern/169023  kib        [libc] [patch] setfsent(), getfsent(), etc. leave /etc
o ports/169011 kuriyama   [PATCH] devel/p5-local-lib: fix *_DEPENDS
o ports/168987 ruby       [PATCH] databases/rubygem-activerecord: update to 3.2.
o ports/168986 ruby       [PATCH] databases/rubygem-activemodel: update to 3.2.5
o ports/168985 ruby       [PATCH] devel/rubygem-activesupport: update to 3.2.5
o ports/168982 ruby       [PATCH] devel/rubygem-eventmachine: Update to
o ports/168981 clsung     [PATCH] net/rubygem-simple_oauth: update to 0.1.8
o ports/168977 python     [PATCH] devel/mercurial: Fix WITHOUT_NLS option handli
f ports/168974 scheidell  [patch] update lang/pypy from 1.8 to 1.9
o ports/168972            [PATCH] for net/rdist6 to handle files > 2GB
p ports/168968 scheidell  [patch] x11-drivers/input-wacom: update to 0.15.0
o ports/168948 miwi       [maintainer] [patch] Update net/py-msrplib to version 
f ports/168945 beech      [patch] update devel/soapui 3.5 -> 4.5.0, take maintai
o ports/168922 sunpoet    [PATCH] ftp/pure-ftpd: Convert to new options framewor
o ports/168917 nivit      [patch] www/py-urlgrabber: fails with traceback
f ports/168916 sunpoet    [PATCH] net/shaperprobe: update to latest release (Jan
o ports/168904 swills     [patch] fix emulators/open-vm-tools compile post-r2346
o ports/168896 multimedia [patch] audio/wavpack doesn't build with clang 3.1
f ports/168894 miwi       [PATCH] mail/py-milter: update to 0.9.5
f ports/168892            [PATCH] benchmarks/polygraph: Update to 4.3.2 - Unmark
o ports/168870 garga      [PATCH] mail/qmail: MAILDIRQUOTA Maildir++ support mis
o ports/168868 x11        [PATCH] add missing dependency to audio/fmit
f ports/168864 miwi       [PATCH] www/py27-django-haystack: update to 1.2.7
o ports/168863 miwi       [PATCH] devel/py27-construct: update to 2.06
o bin/168862              [patch] tzname set incorrectly
f ports/168855 miwi       [PATCH] net-p2p/uhub: update to 0.4.0 + lots more
o ports/168850 acm        [PATCH] mail/mbox2mdir: update to 1.4
o bin/168844              [patch] last(1) doesn't show reboot times with struct 
o ports/168840 lx         [PATCH] textproc/scim: remove trailing spaces in plist
f ports/168824            [PATCH] astro/gpstk: fix conflict & lib links
o kern/168816             [puc] [patch] serial card device update for pucdata.c
o docs/168814  doc        [patch] remove `d` negative pointer EINVAL requirement
o ports/168808 sunpoet    [PATCH] net/mtr: Convert to new options framework
o ports/168788 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/reviewboard: update to
o ports/168787 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/py27-djblets: update to 0.6.18
o ports/168780 kde        [PATCH] textproc/redland: allow BDB to be optional
o ports/168769 apache     [PATCH] www/apache22: Add SuexecUserdir support
o ports/168767 python     [PATCH]: lang/python26+ must not set OPT
o ports/168766 avilla     [PATCH] multimedia/mlt: Fix build on 9.0-STABLE
o ports/168758 sunpoet    [PATCH] www/p5-Mason: update to 2.19
o ports/168746 xfce       [PATCH] Can not install theme via sysutils/xfce4-setti
o ports/168727 swills     [PATCH] www/redmine: update and UNBREAK
o stand/168719 jasone     [PATCH] It seems consensus is to track unpublished sta
o ports/168710 apache     [PATCH] www/mod_auth_cas: update to
o ports/168705 bapt       [PATCH] devel/libgit2: update to 0.17.0
o ports/168704 tobez      [PATCH] devel/p5-Memoize: fix *_DEPENDS
f ports/168692 rm         [PATCH] devel/py27-gevent: update to 0.13.7
o ports/168684 python     [PATCH]: fix gettext autodetected dependency for lang/
o ports/168683 python     [PATCH] update port graphics/py-stl to 3.1
o ports/168682 sylvio     [PATCH] comms/anyremote: update to 5.5
o ports/168679 sylvio     [PATCH] deskutils/fet: update to 5.18.0
o ports/168676 marcus     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portlint: relax PORTVERSION check w
o ports/168673 lstewart   [PATCH] net/ns: Update to 2.35, Fix build with clang
o ports/168667 yzlin      [PATCH] net/py27-netaddr: update to 0.7.7
f ports/168664 miwi       [PATCH] www/py27-tornado: update to 2.3
f ports/168648 ak         [PATCH] editors/mg: Don't hard code CC in Makefile
f ports/168641 miwi       [PATCH] net-mgmt/fetchconfig: update to 0.22
o ports/168640 python     [PATCH]: prevent checksum mismatches for compiled pyth
o ports/168626 kuriyama   [PATCH] remove SITE_PERL from *_DEPENDS ftp/p5-Net-FTP
o ports/168608 tdb        [PATCH] sysutils/freedt: conflicts with daemontools
o ports/168575 clsung     [PATCH] net/py27-oauth2: update to 1.5.211
o ports/168571 brooks     [PATCH] sysutils/py27-nagiosplugin: update to 0.4.4
o ports/168569 tj         [PATCH] www/py27-requests: update to 0.13.0 - de-eggif
f ports/168566 miwi       [PATCH] devel/py27-simpletal: update to 4.3
o ports/168564 anders     [PATCH] www/pound: Fix typo in CONFIGURE_ARGS, Add LIC
o bin/168544   rc         [patch] [rc]: addswap-mounted swapfiles cause panic on
o ports/168523            [PATCH] sysutils/smartmontools smartd can't see ada(4)
o kern/168520             [ng_ubt] [patch] "option VIMAGE" kernel with ng_ubt.ko
o misc/168508             [build] [patch] turn off clang extras if WITHOUT_TOOLC
o ports/168498 clsung     [PATCH] net/py-kombu: update to 2.1.8
o ports/168486            [PATCH] www/sams, warnings "strftime() [function.strft
o ports/168479 portmgr    Mk/ [patch] portaudit reports vulnerabilit
o ports/168470 chromium   [PATCH] www/chromium version 19.0.1084.52 fails to com
o ports/168466            [PATCH] www/sams, web-interface, needs GetHostnameSam.
o ports/168464 gnome      [patch] graphics/gegl: prevent automake-1.11 rerun
f ports/168446 edwin      [PATCH] net/dhcprelay: Fix for broken init script
o bin/168415              [PATCH] stdbuf(1) does not allow cmd with no parameter
o ports/168408 rea        [PATCH] net-mgmt/pnp update to 0.6.17 and unbreak with
f ports/168407            [patch] lang/gauche: update to, unbreak
o misc/168396             [build] [patch] src.conf tunables to enable zlib compr
o ports/168379 portmgr    [exp-run] [PATCH] stop clobbering USE_PERL
f ports/168377 python     [PATCH] devel/py-mongokit: update to 0.8
f ports/168376 sunpoet    [PATCH] devel/py-celery update to 2.5.3
o ports/168374 lwhsu      [PATCH] net/py-amqplib uses easy_install
r ports/168372 cvs        [PATCH] www/py-beautifulsoup: update to a new major ve
o ports/168369 gecko      [PATCH] cannot build www/libxul
o ports/168364 marcus     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portlint Remove references to PATCH
o misc/168341             [patch] improve completeness
o kern/168320             [hptiop] [patch] make the hptiop driver support the RR
o kern/168315             [libc] [patch] add dirname_r(3); document ENOMEM condi
f ports/168313 miwi       [PATCH] devel/kdbg: update to 2.2.2
f ports/168301 miwi       [PATCH] devel/libvanessa_socket: update to 0.0.12
f ports/168300 miwi       [PATCH] devel/libvanessa_logger: update to 0.0.10
f ports/168297 miwi       [PATCH] devel/libvanessa_adt: update to 0.0.9
p kern/168294  net        [ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver compiled in kernel has no
o bin/168289              [patch] pkg_install(8): fix memory leaks and potential
f ports/168286 miwi       [PATCH] devel/dev86 enw version does not compile with 
o ports/168285 timur      [PATCH] textproc/p5-Net-IDN-Encode: update to 2.003
o ports/168284 anders     [PATCH] www/varnish2 remove obsolete OSVERSION conditi
o ports/168271 timur      [PATCH] devel/p5-DateTime-Format-Natural: update to 0.
o ports/168270 timur      [PATCH] devel/p5-boolean: update to 0.28
o ports/168264 timur      [PATCH] databases/tdb: update to 1.2.10,1
o ports/168261 timur      [PATCH] converters/p5-WAP-wbxml: update to 1.13
o ports/168260 timur      [PATCH] converters/p5-Net-IDN-Nameprep: update to 1.10
o ports/168259 timur      [PATCH] converters/p5-Encode-Punycode: update to 1.001
f ports/168258 sunpoet    [PATCH] www/wordpress: russian/wordpress: fileowner ch
o ports/168243 doceng     [patch] textproc/docproj: Add dependency on svn binary
o ports/168234 office     [patch] editors/openoffice-3 fails to build on FreeBSD
o ports/168222 portmgr    [] [patch] Allowing to specify per-file PAT
o ports/168220 gnome      [patch] misc/shared-mime-info: do not register auto-ge
o ports/168215 beech      [PATCH] print/scribus-devel: update to 1.5.0 svn
o kern/168212             [kernel] [patch] some suggested additions for uma_core
o kern/168211             [kernel] [patch] uma_core.c is missing at least one (p
o kern/168210             [kernel] [patch] fix output format of flags in uma_cor
o ports/168207 hselasky   [patch] multimedia/libv4l: do not link against librt f
o ports/168194 tobez      [PATCH] x11/p5-Clipboard: update to 0.13
o ports/168167 nivit      [PATCH] x11/wbar: update to 2.3.0
f ports/168161            [PATCH] sysutils/conky: update to 1.9.0
o ports/168159 python     [] [patch] cmake python detection gets co
o ports/168150 kuriyama   [PATCH] update lang/phantomjs to 1.5.0
o ports/168134 tobez      [PATCH] www/p5-HTML-Lint: update to 2.20
o ports/168130 tobez      [PATCH] textproc/p5-YAML-Syck: update to 1.20
o ports/168116 tobez      [PATCH] textproc/p5-XML-DT: update to 0.58
o ports/168112 tobez      [PATCH] textproc/p5-Text-Xslate: update to 1.5010
o kern/168077             [netsmb] [patch] SMBFS option causes panic-on-boot wit
o kern/167947  net        [setfib] [patch] arpresolve checks only the default FI
o ports/167943 rm         [PATCH] fix warnings when compiling benchmarks/iozone
o ports/167942 cy         [patch] sysutils/cfengine3: update to latest version
o ports/167903 java       [PATCH] java/openjdk6: Fix build failure in 8.3 jail r
o ports/167862 nivit      [PATCH] sysutils/vttest: update to 2012.05.06
o docs/167832  eadler     [patch] swapon(2) (and elsewhere) refer to non-existen
o ports/167831 oliver     [PATCH] graphics/cegui: enable null renderer, fix libr
o gnu/167829              gcc(1): [patch] fix cross-building world with TARGET=i
o conf/167822  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] start script doesn't load firewall_type
o ports/167814 danfe      [patch] games/openttd: respect STRIP
o ports/167794 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ fix .zip in PATCHFILES
o bin/167744   eadler     [patch] /usr/sbin/adduser: enclose with double quotes:
f ports/167700 acm        [PATCH] sysutils/bacula-server: New changes on sysutil
o kern/167671             [libkvm] [patch] libkvm doesn't initialize vnet
o ports/167644 mm         [PATCH] sysutils/debootstrap: bump to 1.0.39
o ports/167636 kuriyama   [PATCH] textproc/expat2: update to 2.1.0
o ports/167601 itetcu     [patch] ports-mgmt/tinderbox: Allow masking of PHP use
o ports/167596 x11        [patch] I have rolled back x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmwa
o ports/167569 python     [PATCH] database/py-postgresql: new port version
o conf/167566  rc         [rc.d] [patch] ipdivert module loading vs. ipfw rc.d o
f ports/167530 python     [patch] security/py-fail2ban will never ever start wit
o ports/167528 dhn        [PATCH] devel/p5-Data-TreeDumper: Add required depende
o ports/167521 vbox       [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose has errors if $ENV no
o ports/167520 vbox       [patch] devel/kBuild-devel fails if $ENV not ash-compa
o ports/167489 x11        [patch] fix graphics/libdrm build on tier-2
o bin/167481   eadler     [PATCH] make mkesdb(1) and mkcsmapper(1) build with cl
o bin/167480   eadler     [PATCH] language fixes to gmkesdb(1) and gmkcsmapper(1
o docs/167478  hrs        [PATCH] misc. updates to the relase notes in current
o ports/167472 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/reviewboard: Fix dependency
o ports/167471 lwhsu      [PATCH] www/py-django13: Fix CONFLICTS
a ports/167470 swills     [PATCH] devel/rubygem-multi_json: update to 1.3.4
a ports/167436 swills     [PATCH] devel/rubygem-json_pure: update to 1.7.0
o ports/167368 python     [] [patch] Python version propagation bre
o kern/167325  net        [netinet] [patch] sosend sometimes return EINVAL with 
p kern/167321  jhb        [sysctl] [patch] Implement sysctl to control kernel ac
a bin/167302   eadler     [patch] mfiutil(8) doesn't allow RO access to RO attri
o ports/167289 itetcu     [PATCH] mail/dspam-devel: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/167251 wen        [PATCH] biology/libsbml: update to 4.3.1
o ports/167229 bland      [patch] x11/nvidia-settings: install sample tools (opt
o ports/167209 mm         [patch] www/lighttpd to allow use of remote-user in co
f ports/167175 miwi       [PATCH] japanese/eb: update to 4.4.3
o ports/167124 yzlin      [PATCH] www/py27-textile: update to 2.1.5
o ports/167123 yzlin      [PATCH] www/py27-cssutils: update to 0.9.9,1
o ports/167122 yzlin      [PATCH] devel/bpython: update to 0.11
o misc/167101             [boot] [patch] FreeBSD 9.0 i386 boot-only image loader
o kern/167068  eadler     [libc] [patch] memory leak in authunix_create_default(
o kern/167048  fs         [nfs] [patch] RELEASE-9 crash when using ZFS+NULLFS+NF
o kern/167018             [hwpmc] [patch] hwpstate0: set freq failed with AMD FX
o usb/167001   usb        [USB] [PATCH] add support for Smart G2 64MB memory key
o ports/166976 miwi       [PATCH] graphics/pear-Image_3D: update to 0.4.2
o ports/166965 miwi       [PATCH] archivers/pear-File_Archive: update to 1.5.5
o ports/166870 sunpoet    [patch] add GSSAPI support to ftp/curl
o usb/166848   usb        [umass] [patch] Buffalo RUF2 requires quirk
o ports/166791 clsung     [PATCH] net/py-tweepy: update to 1.9
o bin/166664   eadler     [patch] patch devd(8) to note /sbin/devd parses backwa
o bin/166656              [patch] dhclient(8) doesn't exit os link down
p kern/166642  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] in 802.11n mode for FreeBSD AP, ha
o kern/166641  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] mbuf/cluster leak in AP mode in 80
f ports/166608 portmgr    [patch] fix unneccessary dependency on ar
o ports/166561 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit should be able to use por
p bin/166554   eadler     [patch] find(1): find -delete is silent when failing t
o kern/166550  net        [netinet] [patch] Some log lines about arp do not incl
o kern/166548             [build] [patch] Mismatch in ifdefs can cause problems 
o ports/166511 wen        [PATCH] graphics/mapserver add cairo support
o ports/166488 apache     [PATCH] www/mod_auth_imap2: add dovecot patch
o conf/166484  rc         [rc] [patch] rc.initdiskless patch for different major
f ports/166471 delphij    [PATCH] Add a rc.d script for security/sshguard
o bin/166448              [patch] newsyslog(8): newsyslog -t fails to find previ
o ports/166381 portmgr    [patch] COPYTREE_* doesn't respect ${CHMO
o kern/166372  net        [patch] ipfilter drops UDP packets with zero checksum 
o bin/166364              [patch] make ps(1) display 8-bit characters as such
o conf/166330  eadler     [rc] [patch] Thin server configuration revision reques
o bin/166308              [patch] fdisk(8) add an option to list all partitions
o ports/166278 itetcu     [patch] devel/libexecinfo: backtrace_symbols_fd() outp
o kern/166255  net        [net] [patch] It should be possible to disable "promis
o ports/166253 pgollucci  [PATCH] sysutils/rsyslog5: update to 5.8.9
o bin/166241   sysinstall [patch] Speedup and some improvements of sysinstall(8)
o ports/166188 portmgr    [PATCH] ports/Makefile use documented sort syntax
o bin/166181   eadler     [patch] calendar(1): calendar -a does not work
o bin/166159              [patch] Fix clang-only build for buildworld.
o bin/166130              [patch] man(1): i can not read japanese manual on ja_J
o ports/166087 swills     [patch] www/redmine: update to 1.3.2
o kern/166086  wireless   [Patch][ath] Reflect state of rfkill switch in a sysct
o ports/166066 tabthorpe  [patch] Adding AGPLv3 in Mk/
o bin/166056              [patch][bin] find(1) fails with .: permission denied, 
o ports/166031 fluffy     [PATCH] news/inn: Perl 5.12 deprecated $[
o ports/166012 hselasky   [patch] multimedia/webcamd: attach to input devices, e
o ports/165994 jgh        [patch] fix several usages of ${SRC_BASE} before it is
o kern/165970  eadler     [libc] [patch] strtonum() optimization
o ports/165937 itetcu     [patch] port ports-mgmt/tinderbox fix MD5_FILE -> DIST
o ports/165913 ak         [patch] x11-wm/vtwm: update to 5.5.0-rc7
o kern/165863  net        [panic] [netinet] [patch] in_lltable_prefix_free() rac
o bin/165821              [patch] dumpfs(8): missing "-J" in "dumpfs -m" for gjo
o conf/165817             [periodic] [patch] /etc/periodic reports misconfigurat
o usb/165815   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] add k3772z 3g modem support
p kern/165804  remko      [uart] [patch] Add support for MosChip MCS9904 PCIe x1
o ports/165796 sumikawa   [PATCH] update net/miredo to 1.2.5
o ports/165781 avilla     [patch] update font ports management
o ports/165720 yzlin      [PATCH] www/suphp: [Add support for lighttpd]
o kern/165710             [libc] [patch] RPC: getnetconfig() and other netconfig
o kern/165700             [libstand] [patch] pxeboot discards network mask assig
o ports/165673 rodrigc    [patch] sysutils/xfsprogs undefined ref to posix_fadvi
o bin/165654              [patch] make pmcannotate(8) work on amd64
o kern/165643  net        [net] [patch] Missing vnet restores in net/if_ethersub
p kern/165630  brucec     [ndis][panic][patch] IRQL_NOT_GREATER_THAN
o kern/165622  net        [ndis][panic][patch] Unregistered use of FPU in kernel
p bin/165589   fjoe       [patch] make make(1) errors more apparent
s ports/165574 mandree    [PATCH] databases/db5: update to
o kern/165559             [ufs] [patch] ufsmount.h uses the 'export' keyword as 
f ports/165545 python     [patch]: net-mgmt/collectd5 doesn't compile against la
o kern/165527             [libc] [patch] setgroupent() does not make file descrp
o ports/165481 itetcu     [PATCH] audio/cpige broken on amd64 , patch attached
o ports/165450 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ COPYTREE_* macro enhancements
o kern/165444             [netisr] [patch] incorrect processing of net.isr.bindt
o kern/165428  geom       [glabel][patch] Add xfs support to glabel
o ports/165419 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ "make showconfig" to tell whet
o ports/165416 johans     [PATCH]lang/ocaml-doc: update to 3.12.1
o ports/165406 mm         [PATCH] devel/binutils: enable gold and sysroot suppor
o bin/165384              [PATCH] rtadvd(8): Add option to suppress RA prefix in
o ports/165312 matthew    [patch] security/apg typo
o kern/165296  net        [vlan] [patch] Fix EVL_APPLY_VLID, update EVL_APPLY_PR
o ports/165238 portmgr    [] [patch] Resize port config dialog box in
o kern/165190  ipfw       [ipfw] [lo] [patch] loopback interface is not marking 
o kern/165174  net        [patch] [tap] allow tap(4) to keep its address on clos
p stand/165155 jilles     [PATCH][bin][standards] xargs does not print diagnosti
o ports/165143 portmgr    [exp-run] [patch] devel/apr: CVE / Update / exp-run / 
a ports/165125 linimon    [patch] ports/Mk/ misspelling correction
o ports/165023 gordon     [patch] devel/p4v port is marked broken and also stale
o bin/164976   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Fix VERBOSE reporting on results w
o kern/164951  wireless   [ath] [patch] Problem build of if_ath driver with cert
o docs/164938  eadler     [PATCH] consistently use file system in config and tun
o bin/164933              [nfs] [patch] mountd(8) drops mixed security flavors f
o ports/164905 gecko      www/seamonkey fails to build with clang [patch]
o ports/164870 tabthorpe  [PATCH] Set IGNORE if BATCH is set and
o ports/164855 olgeni     [PATCH] textproc/py-chardet
a ports/164847 linimon    [] [patch] java/diablo-jdk16 does not build
p kern/164724  gnn        [dtrace] [patch] Signal bug in Dtrace
o kern/164674  standards  [patch] [libc] vfprintf/vfwprintf return error (EOF) o
o bin/164672              [patch] mptutil(8): fix build error with DEBUG
o kern/164656             [headers] [patch] Add size_t declaration to ucontext.h
o ports/164638 portmgr    [] [patch] architecture and OS version depe
o ports/164618 lx         [patch] textproc/scim: building with clang failed
o bin/164604              [patch] tftp(1): TFTP pxeboot: should use root-path pr
p bin/164570   maxim      [patch] pom(6) wrong usage message
o bin/164561   portmgr    [patch] pkg_version(1): update references to INDEX-8 f
o kern/164538  miwi       [acpi_ibm] [patch] add support for newer Lenovo ThinkP
o bin/164535              [patch] ps(1) truncates command to screen size even wh
o kern/164499  wireless   [wi] [patch] if_wi needs fix for big endian architectu
o ports/164488 timur      [patch] devel/talloc,devel/tdb: fix compile with MAKE_
o ports/164423 portmgr    [] [patch] Pass MAKE_ENV to recursive make 
o kern/164369  adrian     [if_bridge] [patch] two STP bridges have the same id
f ports/164351 portmgr    [] [patch] fix simple race condition in mak
p ports/164349 x11        [PATCH] x11/libXinerama :1 LeftOf or Above :0 mouse is
p kern/164313  jhb        [pci] [patch] Fix pci_get_vpd_readonly_method
o bin/164302              [patch] mail(1) expands aliases beyond #
o ports/164298 pgollucci  [PATCH] Make print/foomatic-filters not eat PS files
o kern/164265  net        [netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx computes wrong checksum i
o kern/164261  fs         [nullfs] [patch] fix panic with NFS served from NULLFS
o ports/164239 gecko      [PATCH] mail/thunderbird: crash with nss_ldap
o ports/164235 fluffy     [patch] graphics/vigra: update to 1.8.0
o docs/164217  eadler     [patch] correct synchronize flag in setfacl(1) manpage
f bin/164210   dteske     [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at us
f bin/164209   dteske     [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at us
o kern/164208  dteske     [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at li
a ports/164207 linimon    [PATCH] includes top-level fr
o kern/164206  kientzle   [build] [patch] buildworld WITHOUT_OPENSSL stops at li
o ports/164190 mm         [PATCH] devel/liboil: Fix build with clang
o ports/164181 eadler     [PATCH] www/xxxterm: Fix ssl_ca_file path and style
p usb/164090   remko      [umodem] [patch] Add sysctl with ucom unit number
p bin/164042   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Fix VERBOSE to work with new UTC m
p bin/164041   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Remove unnecessary code duplicatio
p bin/164039   dteske     [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Don't write /var/db/zoneinfo eithe
p bin/164038   wollman    [PATCH] tzsetup(8): Increase buffer size to hold error
o ports/164010 timur      [patch] net/samba36: Split up samba scripts into more 
o kern/163986             [modules] [patch] avoid reloading modules in devd for 
o kern/163978             [hwpmc] [patch] Loading hwpmc with an unknown cpuid ca
f ports/163924 olivierd   [PATCH] archivers/xarchiver, warning when delete deskt
o ports/163909 bf         [MAINTAINER-UPDATE][PATCH] please update math/lapacke 
o ports/163908 fluffy     [patch] filesystem based race condition in multimedia/
p bin/163863              [patch] adduser(8): confusing usr.sbin/adduser output 
p bin/163847   eadler     [PATCH] German filename conversion scheme for mount_nw
p conf/163828  eadler     [patch] /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps tries to un
o conf/163778  imp        [patch] Conditionalize tools in the source tree
o bin/163775              [patch] sfxge(4) explitly sets -g -DDEBUG=1; infects k
o bin/163769              [patch] fix zpool(8) compile time warnings
o misc/163768             [patch] [boot] fix non-ficl compile time warnings
o ports/163762 pgollucci  [PATCH] multimedia/mythtv still thinks it's 0.24.0
o docs/163742  eadler     [patch] document failok mount(8) option
o kern/163724  wireless   [mwl] [patch] NULL check before dereference
f ports/163718 dinoex     [PATCH] graphics/jasper: security updates for CVE-2011
o kern/163713  scsi       [aic7xxx] [patch] Add Adaptec29329LPE to aic79xx_pci.c
f ports/163684 olgeni     [PATCH] lang/clojure-mode.el: update to 1.11.5
o ports/163674 tj         [PATCH] devel/buildbot-slave: update to 0.8.5
o ports/163647 pgollucci  [patch] sysutils/xosview: does not build on 10-CURRENT
o ports/163643 pgollucci  [patch] astro/wmspaceweather: URL changed + two minor 
o ports/163583            [patch] x11/kdelibs3 conflicts with openssl-1
f ports/163555 danfe      [PATCH] irc/bitchx is out of date and BitchX 1.2 does 
a ports/163550 dinoex     [patch] ftp/vsftpd{,-ext}: respect CC/CFLAGS/STRIP uni
p kern/163545  np         [cxgb] [patch] Return of uninitialized value in Chelsi
o bin/163515              [patch] b64encode(1)/uuencode(1) create files with no 
o ports/163514 itetcu     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel: Report the proper 
o ports/163511 portmgr    [PATCH] Allow existing users on system to
o conf/163508  rc         [rc.subr] [patch] Add "enable" and "disable" commands 
o ports/163454 gecko      [patch] www/firefox-beta: unbreak with libc++
o conf/163321  rc         [rc.conf] [patch] allow _fib syntax in rc.conf
o ports/163291 doceng     [PATCH] print/ghostscript9: Automatically disable X11 
o ports/163226 obrien     [patch] vietnamese/libviet: respect CC/CFLAGS
a bin/163219   gordon     [patch] man: fix 'zcat: standard input is a terminal -
o docs/163149  doc        [patch] Red Hat Linux/i386 9 HTML format sudo man page
s ports/163066 mandree    [patch] Allow db5 to be selected by U
o ports/163055 mm         [patch] multimedia/ffmpeg: broken without /usr/bin/per
p docs/163043  eadler     [patch] gsched.8: remove reference to gsched_as
a kern/163020  geom       [geli] [patch] enable the Camellia-XTS on GEOM ELI
a ports/162995 linimon    [] [patch] Add USE_READLINE knob
o ports/162924 portmgr    [] [patch] report more information at port/
o misc/162866             [build] [patch] extract revision from hg in
p kern/162789  glebius    [PATCH] if_clone may create multiple interfaces with t
o ports/162768 pgollucci  [PATCH] ftp/proftpd port update which fixes mod_sql_my
o docs/162765  eadler     [patch] lseek(2) may return successful although no see
o ports/162721 portmgr    [PATCH] config target should complain if 
p bin/162670   gabor      [patch] libkiconv doesn't work with iconv() in libc
o ports/162602 lippe      devel/st [patch] event.c missing from work/st-1.9/Make
o ports/162510 nork       [patch] Upgrade graphics/OpenEXR to version 1.7.0
o ports/162414 cy         [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng: misc. fixes
a ports/162397 linimon    [patch] Mk/ add new target add-plist-build
o kern/162396             [libc] [patch] remove loop in globpexp1()@lib/libc/gen
o ports/162381 sunpoet    [PATCH] audio/icecast2 upgrade to kh development branc
o kern/162347  secteam    [kernel] [patch] remove the extra variable in /sys/lib
a ports/162264 cy         [patch] unbreak net/tridiavnc for non-i386
p ports/162227 gnome      [patch] devel/glade3: update to 3.8.0
o kern/162201  zec        [ip] [patch] multicast forwarding cache hash always al
o kern/162181  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] [patch] The kernel sound driver module s
o bin/162175   sysinstall [patch] bsdinstall(8): add keymap selection loop and t
p kern/162174             [kernel] [patch] rman_manage_region() error return pat
o ports/162042 bapt       [patch] multimedia/libass: add HARFBUZZ option
o kern/162028  net        [ixgbe] [patch] misplaced #endif in ixgbe.c
o kern/162009             [patch] [kerberos] getpwnam_r buf too small nfs assign
o bin/161986              [patch] netstat(1): Interface auto-width in "netstat -
o ports/161984 autotools  [patch] devel/libtool: don't split INFO doc (install)
o kern/161936  csjp       [openbsm][patch] praudit can produce invalid XML outpu
o kern/161912             [kernel] [patch] kernel sends incorrect notify to devc
o kern/161908  melifaro   [netgraph] [patch] ng_vlan update for QinQ support
o kern/161901             [cam] [patch] cam / ata timeout limited to 2147 due to
o kern/161897  fs         [zfs] [patch] zfs partition probing causing long delay
o bin/161893              [patch] sshd(8) DenyUsers user@!*.dom doesn't work
o kern/161886             [kerberos] [patch] der_xx_oid not declared before use 
o gnu/161869              [binutils] [patch] breaks llvm bootstrap on FreeBSD 8.
o kern/161854             [kerberos] [patch] _gsskrb5_pname_to_uid lname lookup 
o kern/161837  sysinstall [libdisk] [patch] sysinstall(8) has a 32 disk limit
o kern/161809  scsi       [cam] [patch] set via build option
o bin/161807   fs         [patch] add option for explicitly specifying metadata 
o ports/161783 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/gpac-libgpac: Fix build with gcc46
o ports/161763 sunpoet    [PATCH] audio/icecast2: add favicon.ico
p bin/161756   jilles     [patch] sh(1) /bin/sh: read files in 1024-byte chunks 
o www/161672   gavin      [patch] add support for 10.x to query-pr
o ports/161568 multimedia [PATCH] audio/libsamplerate: samplerate.h has comma at
o bin/161548              [patch] getent(1) inconsistent treatment of IPv6 host 
o bin/161547   sysinstall [patch] bsdinstall(8) should identify wireless network
o ports/161546 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/mkvtoolnix: make some dependencies 
o gnu/161499              [libstdc++] [patch] Use FreeBSD's atomic.h if no cpu-s
o ports/161480 x11        [patch] x11/luit: don't depend on pty(4), use openpty(
o bin/161475              [patch] man(1), treat pipe & files w/o slash
o kern/161454             [i18n] [patch] because i18n/csmapper/Makefile.part bug
o ports/161421 gecko      [patch] www/firefox: use libevent2
o ports/161417 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ USE_ICONV, treat iconv() in li
o bin/161401              [patch] have service(8) run scripts with the same reso
o kern/161326             [build] [patch] cannot buildworld FreeBSD-9.0-BETA3 (R
o kern/161277  net        [em] [patch] BMC cannot receive IPMI traffic after loa
p ports/161164 gnome      [PATCH] devel/glade3: update to 3.10.0
o kern/161091             [includes] [patch] Max username length is 16 character
o bin/161047   sysinstall [patch] bsdinstall(8): should not run on vt0
o bin/161028              [PATCH] service(8) -- Minor improvements
o ports/160968 x11        [patch] ports/x11/libXi broken manpages
o ports/160963 x11        [patch] x11/bigreqsproto: disable specs
o conf/160896  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] use getopts, jobs option, delay -c u
o bin/160834              [patch] grep(1): fixes for POSIX conformance
p ports/160670 gnome      [patch] devel/pkg-config: upgrade to version 0.26
o misc/160646             [build] [patch] rework build of osreldate.h to not dep
a ports/160643 sunpoet    [PATCH] sysutils/createrepo: update to 0.9.9
o bin/160596   eadler     [patch] tzsetup(8): Use libodialog when doing tzsetup 
o kern/160562  geom       [geom][patch] Allow to insert new component to geom_ra
o kern/160541  virtualization[vimage][pf][patch] panic: userret: Returning on td 0x
o misc/160530  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] remove hardcoding of slice names
o kern/160496  virtualization[vimage] [pf] [patch] kernel panic with pf + VIMAGE
o bin/160494              [patch] bsnmpd(1) returns inaccurate data for hrSystem
p ports/160490 gnome      [PATCH] x11-toolkits/gtk20: drag and drop broken in vn
o kern/160443  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] make nanobsd builds deterministic an
o bin/160433              [patch] syslogd(8) receiver buffer sizes set incorrect
p kern/160430  kientzle   [libarchive] [patch] Add __packed to libarchive cpio m
o conf/160403  rc         [rc] [patch] concurrently running rc-scripts during bo
o ports/160397 gahr       [patch] sysutils/createrepo -- missing dependencies + 
o kern/160391  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] Panic in mesh mode
o bin/160386              [patch] invert Z axis movement via moused(8)
o conf/160373             [pccard] [patch] pccard_ether does not take settings i
s docs/160369  gjb        [patch] update sample simple makefile with new convent
o bin/160295              [patch] ypserv(8): ypserv -P [bin/109494] breaks tcp
o kern/160294             [headers] [patch] missing cast in "/usr/include/assert
o kern/160283  fs         [zfs] [patch] 'zfs list' does abort in make_dataset_ha
a bin/160280              [patch] tcpdump(1): Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
o bin/160275   rstone     [patch] dtrace(1): dtrace -lv causes "unknown function
p conf/160235  eadler     [syscons] [patch] Spanish Dvorak keyboard
o ports/160010 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ cleanup orig files in post-pat
f ports/159970 portmgr    [PATCH] Deprecate using PATCHDIR and use F
o ports/159946 portmgr    [PATCH] [] Add support for make search lice
o ports/159939 skv        [patch] lang/perl5.10 to address build failure in ext/
f ports/159917 bf         [PATCH]math/scilab: fix buld with lang/gcc46, blas/lap
p docs/159898  hselasky   [patch] libusb.3 whitespace, markup, grammar fixes
o ports/159871 johans     [PATCH] chinese/zh-tin: update to 1.9.6
o bin/159833              camcontrol(8): [patch] add ATA security options to cam
o ports/159792 x11        [patch] USB HID devices support for x11-drivers/xf86-i
o kern/159780  jonathan   [kernel] [patch] make sys/vfs_subr.c more jail-friendl
o bin/159746              [patch] cat(1) - incorrect output on fstat() failure
o kern/159745             [libssh] [patch] Fix improperly specified dependency l
a bin/159665   rik        [patch] ctm(1) does not work with bzip2 or xz compress
o kern/159646  emulation  [linux] [patch] bump Linux version in linuxulator
o conf/159625             [PATCH] replace hardcoded /usr/local with a variable i
a ports/159613 gnome      [PATCH] misc/gnomehier: use dirrmtry for PREFIX/share/
o usb/159611   usb        [PATCH] USB stick extrememory Snippy needs quirks
o kern/159603  net        [netinet] [patch] in_ifscrubprefix() - network route c
p kern/159602  qingli     [netinet] [patch] arp_ifscrub() is called even if IFF_
o kern/159601  net        [netinet] [patch] in_scrubprefix() - loopback route re
o kern/159356  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS NAME_ERR_DISKLIKE check is Solaris-s
o kern/159355             [kernel] [patch] unp_gc in 8.2 is once again being ove
o bin/159352              [libc] [patch] accidental busy-waiting loop in fetch(3
o kern/159351  fs         [nfs] [patch] - divide by zero in mountnfs()
o docs/159307  doc        [patch] lpd smm chapter unconditionally installed
o kern/159284             [ata] [patch] Update ATA command-to-string definitions
o kern/159279             [headers] [patch] __FreeBSD_cc_version in <sys/cdefs.h
o kern/159271             [ataraid] [patch] "pseudo-raid" controllers does not w
o kern/159236  multimedia [pcm] [patch] set PCM_CAP_DEFAULT for the default snd 
o kern/159226             [libedit] [patch] libedit does not always restore its 
o ports/159153 acm        [patch] net-im/emesene: webcam support needs gstreamer
p kern/159046  rwatson    [dtrace] [patch] dtrace library is linked with a wrong
a ports/158941 shaun      [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portscout: add MySQL backend and fi
p docs/158813  eadler     [patch] grammar updates for jme(4)
p bin/158775   jhb        [patch] top(1)'s output when using 'C' and 'H' interac
o kern/158726  net        [ip6] [patch] ICMPv6 Router Announcement flooding limi
o bin/158725              [patch] column(1): `column -t` always separates column
p bin/158580   edwin      [patch] Disable ncal(1)s date highlighting if stdout i
o conf/158557  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/pf broken messages
o conf/158551             [patch] Enhance periodic 800.scrub-zfs script to handl
o ports/158529 x11        [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: conditionalize --with
o bin/158500              [patch] Add -p to arp(8) to hide permanent entries
p kern/158398  geom       [headers] [patch] <geom/geom.h> includes <sys/sbuf.h> 
o kern/158376             [udf] [patch] The UDF file system under counts the num
o bin/158363              [patch] partial restore problem in restore(8)
o ports/158362 sem        sysutils/grub [patch] allow GRUB to boot FreeBSD from 
o kern/158358             [loader] [patch] allow /boot/loader to work from an MB
o kern/158351             [cam] [patch] missing #includes in <cam/cam.h>
p kern/158339  pjd        [rpc] [patch] replay_alloc() could dereference a null 
o conf/158171  jpaetzel   [patch] Modify rc scripts for ftp-proxy and pflog to s
o conf/158127  rc         [patch] remount_optional option in rc.initdiskless doe
o bin/158125              [patch] whois(1) takes too long to move to next addres
o kern/158086             [digi] [patch] Update digi(4) to work with TTYng
o kern/157946             [patch] 'BSM conversion requested for unknown event' g
o conf/157903             [devd.conf] [patch] automated kldload for USB class de
f ports/157873 edwin      [PATCH] net/dhcprelay: rc.d script does not work
o gnu/157755              [patch] gdb(1) hardware watchpoints do not work correc
o docs/157698  eadler     [patch] gpart(8) man page contains old/incorrect size 
p kern/157670  bz         [patch] IPv6 in IPsec packets always get passed to pfi
p bin/157663   dchagin    [patch] kdump(1) gets ptrace args wrong
o ports/157546 portmgr    [PATCH] Add feature to Warn on deinstall 
o bin/157543   portmgr    [patch] pkg_add(1) fails to install with -C from bad p
o misc/157533  imp        [nanobsd][patch] save_cfg improvements
o conf/157466  osa        [patch] add src to create /usr/share/calendar/calendar
o docs/157452  eadler     [patch] grammar and style nits in ipfw.8
o bin/157351              [patch] fsdb(8): Add some ports names to See Also for 
o docs/157316  eadler     [patch] update devstat(9) man page
o docs/157234  eadler     [patch] nullfs(5): //proc/curproc/file returns "unknow
o kern/157209  net        [ip6] [patch] locking error in rip6_input() (sys/netin
a ports/157206 roam       [PATCH] mail/vpopmail{,-devel}: use USERs/GROUPs and .
o kern/157200  net        [network.subr] [patch] stf(4) can not communicate betw
a ports/157128 linimon    [PATCH] Mk/ add hast user to USERS_BLACKLI
o bin/157104              [patch] ntpd(8) with -DDISABLE_IPV6 gives a lot of err
o kern/157070  gonzo      [gpio] [patch] Improve API description in gpio_if.m
o ports/156921 jkim       [patch] www/nspluginwrapper-devel: respect STRIP
o ports/156901 kde        [patch] devel/cmake breaks with CC containing spaces
o docs/156853  doc        [patch] Update docs: jail(8) security issues with worl
o kern/156770  ipfw       [ipfw] [dummynet] [patch]: performance improvement and
o bin/156768              [patch] sockstat(1): missing spaces between long field
o ports/156759 python     [patch] lang/python: kevent does not accept KQ_NOTE_EX
p kern/156743  thompsa    [lagg] [patch] if_lagg should not treat vlan-tagged fr
o bin/156703              [patch] find(1) ignores whiteouts even with '-type w'
o conf/156659             [patch] periodic/daily/800.scrub-zfs fails on pool nam
o kern/156637             [headers] [patch] sys/types.h can't be included when _
o kern/156513  scottl     [aic7xxx] [patch] missing check of scb.
o kern/156481             [kernel] [patch] kernel incorrectly reports PPS jitter
o kern/156352             [kernel] [patch] misleading "maxproc limit exceeded by
o kern/156283  net        [ip6] [patch] nd6_ns_input - rtalloc_mpath does not re
o kern/156245             [heimdal] [patch] heimdal 1.1 broken in 8-stable and 8
f docs/156187  doc        [handbook] [patch] Add bsnmpd to handbook
o kern/156137             [syscons] [patch] support for vi mode keys in scrollba
o kern/156130             [kernel] [patch] hints read: resource_longlong_value a
o ports/156076 python     [patch] databases/py-sqlite3: Undefined symbol "sqlite
o ports/156015 pgollucci  [PATCH] dns/unbound add MUNIN-plugin
o ports/155970 python     [PATCH] lang/python: speed up upgrade-site-packages
o arm/155894   arm        [patch] Enable at91 booting from SDHC (high capacity) 
o bin/155786              [patch] test(1): '/bin/test -d' fails to report syntax
o misc/155765  jail       [patch] `buildworld' does not honors WITHOUT_JAIL
o conf/155738  portmgr    [exp-run] [patch] reaper of the dead: time to BURN_BRI
o conf/155737  portmgr    [exp-run] [patch] reaper of the dead: remove OBJFORMAT
o ports/155696 x11        [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: chase AIGLX altered d
o ports/155683 x11        x11/xdm [patch] Enabling IPv6 support breaks IPv4
o usb/155663   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Add support for Supertop Nano 1GB US
o ports/155649 bf         [PATCH] math/atlas-devel: Add OPTIONS for STATICLIB an
o ports/155526 python     [PATCH] devel/py-elementtree: ignore if python >= 2.5
o ports/155524 nivit      [PATCH] devel/py-celementtree: ignore if python >= 2.5
o usb/155496   miwi       [usb][patch] support BUFFALO WLI-U2-SG54HG wireless
o kern/155441             [loader] [patch] Firewire support in loader is broken
o kern/155439             [libkvm] [patch] Spurious error message kvm_nlist: No 
o bin/155374              [patch] grdc(6) timing loop still broken
f kern/155370  wxs        [libpcap] [patch] description string is broken
o kern/155353  xen        [xen] [patch] put "nudging TOD" message under boot_ver
o gnu/155309              [PATCH] gcc: backport bswap32() and bswap64()
o arm/155214   arm        [patch] MMC/SD IO slow on Atmel ARM with modern large 
o ports/155201 portmgr    [PATCH] fix portion of CONFIGURE_ENV added
o bin/155163   trasz      [patch] Add Recursive Functionality to setfacl
o docs/155149  doc        [patch] don't encourage using xorg.conf outside of PRE
o conf/155148             [patch] mark /usr/local as nochange in mtree
o conf/155147             [patch] remove /etc/X11 from mtree
o bin/155104   fs         [zfs][patch] use /dev prefix by default when importing
o kern/155040  emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux recvfrom doesn't handle proto fa
o kern/154988  des        [libfetch] [patch] lib/libfetch/ftp.c add LIST feature
p bin/154954   adrian     [patch] csup(1) in the CVS mode  terminates before it 
o kern/154850  net        [netgraph] [patch] ng_ether fails to name nodes when t
o ports/154770 portmgr    [patch][regression] Mk/ do-fetch fails on 
o usb/154753   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Support for Qualcomm USB modem/stora
o ports/154651 x11        [PATCH] graphics/dri: make it possible to choose which
o kern/154597             [pam] [patch] pam_passwdqc incorrectly tells the user 
o bin/154570              [patch] gvinum(8) can't be built as part of the kernel
f ports/154510 x11        [patch] x11/xorg: xorg servers have Motif-crippling bu
o conf/154484             [patch] request for new functionality. jail zfs datase
o ports/154456 doceng     [PATCH] update textproc/docproj to use newer tidy
p bin/154407   kientzle   [patch] tar(1) ignores error codes from read() just si
o ports/154352 pgollucci  [patch] multimedia/xmms: update using desktop and mime
f ports/154288 glewis     [patch] games/nethack*: remove old ports and cleanup l
o conf/154246  jail       [jail] [patch] Bad symlink created if devfs mount poin
f ports/154209 python     [PATCH] lang/python: Install symlink for ptags
o conf/154062  net        [vlan] [patch] change to way of auto-generatation of v
o kern/153936  net        [ixgbe] [patch] MPRC workaround incorrectly applied to
o bin/153801              [patch] btxld(8) produces incorrect ELF binaries
f ports/153776 rea        [patch] multimedia/mplayer - disabling RTCPU on non-{i
o kern/153772  net        [ixgbe] [patch] sysctls reference wrong XON/XOFF varia
o bin/153731              [patch] ifconfig(8): ifconfig prints trailing whitespa
o kern/153695  fs         [patch] [zfs] Booting from zpool created on 4k-sector 
o conf/153666  rc         [rc.d][patch] mount filesystems from fstab over zfs da
o bin/153619              [patch] csup(1): prevent infinite cycle on empty ",v" 
o usb/153599   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Feiya Elango USB MicroSD reader sync
o ports/153578 doceng     [patch] textproc/docproj-nojadetex: JadeTeX included w
o ports/153567 pgollucci  [PATCH] x11/fpc-x11: doesn't respect localbase
o conf/153543             [periodic] [patch] Allow periodic to read periodic.con
o ports/153541 wxs        [patch] devel/git: respect STRIP for stripping
o kern/153459             [kbdmux][patch] add option to specify built-in keymap
o kern/153454  net        [patch] [wlan] [urtw] Support ad-hoc and hostap modes 
o ports/153429 ak         [patch] Fix explicite uses of unzip in ports
o bin/153426              [patch] fsck_msdosfs(8) only works with sector size 51
o bin/153276              [patch] uudecode(1) error message is incorrect
o bin/153258   fs         [patch][zfs] creating ZVOLs requires `refreservation' 
o bin/153252   ipfw       [ipfw][patch] ipfw lockdown system in subsequent call 
o conf/153233             [patch] skel/dot.shrc: use prompt escapes, comment out
p bin/153206   maxim      [patch] netstat(1): "netstat -sz" doesn't reset any IP
o misc/153157             [build] [patch] Add support for generating userland de
o conf/153155  hrs        [PATCH] [8.2-BETA1] ipfw rules fail to load cleanly on
o bin/153154   kientzle   [patch][libarchive] fix error handling in mtree parsin
o conf/153123  rc         [rc] [patch] add gsched rc file to automatically inser
o bin/153052              [patch] watch(8) breaks tty on error
a docs/153012  doc        [patch] iostat(8) requires an argument to -c option
o bin/152934   delphij    [patch] Enhancements to printf(1)
o bin/152928   hrs        [patch] rtadvd(8) don't send RA on i/f that's down
a ports/152871 linimon    [exp-run] [patch] Request for exp-run and comment w/rt
o bin/152856   cperciva   [patch] allow up to be used instead of update in freeb
o ports/152847 tj         [patch] port/buildbot-slave could use a startup script
o ports/152804 portmgr    [patch] Add USE_SRC and ONLY_FOR_*VER to
o kern/152792             [acpica] [patch] move temperature conversion macros to
o bin/152738              [patch] vmstat(8), printhdr() doesn't work correctly w
s ports/152547 dougb      [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portmaster: support .txz and .tgz p
o kern/152485  arundel    [patch] seek offset for /dev/null(4) and /dev/zero(4) 
o conf/152465  simon      [jail] [patch] devfs is mounted in jails without rules
o kern/152378  multimedia [sound][patch] Update snd_envy24ht to be MPSAFE and us
o kern/152253             [digi] [patch] Enhancements to digi(4) to prevent inte
o kern/152250  scsi       [ciss] [patch] Kernel panic when hw.ciss.expose_hidden
o kern/152232             [syscons] [patch] syscons VGA screensavers don't work 
o kern/152141  net        [vlan] [patch] encapsulate vlan in ng_ether before out
o bin/152132              script(1): [patch] Useless code in script.c (part 2)
o bin/152131              script(1): [patch] Useless code in script.c (part 1)
o bin/152084              [patch] pw(8) does not allow @ or ! in gecos
o bin/151996              [patch] new tcpdrop(8) option to select interactively 
o bin/151976              [patch] mount_nullfs(8) patch to add support for expos
o bin/151937              [patch] netstat(1) utility lack support of displaying 
o ports/151923 java       [patch] java/openjdk6: free and native openjdk bootstr
p bin/151866   des        [libfetch] [patch] closing the cached FTP connection
o bin/151713   fs         [patch] Bug in growfs(8) with respect to 32-bit overfl
p misc/151698  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] Add two new options to to
p misc/151697  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] copy links to packages as
p misc/151696  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] doesn't run "make_conf_bu
o misc/151695  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] Enhance tools/nanobsd/
o kern/151629  fs         [fs] [patch] Skip empty directory entries during name 
o bin/151600              [patch] route(8) does not always flush stdout
o kern/151449  bz         [patch] IPsec SPD rule does not match GIF with IPv6 ad
o kern/151305             [patch] - CTASSERT(sizeof(struct jmvrec) == JREC_SIZE)
o bin/151186              [patch] routed(8) turns RIP off if just one network ca
o misc/151141             [tools] [patch] include daily script in !MK_PKGTOOLS c
o ports/151042 java       [patch] java/openjdk6 Respect CC
o bin/151036              [patch] Default snaplen of tcpdump(1) is not adequate 
o bin/151023              [patch] ping6(8) exits before all ICMPv6 echo replies 
o docs/150991  doc        [patch] Install upgtfw using pkg_add as advised in upg
o docs/150917  doc        [patch] icmp.4, wrong description of icmplim and icmpl
p bin/150890   kientzle   [patch] bsdtar(1) does not always dive into subdirecto
o kern/150858  geom       [geom] [geom_label] [patch] glabel(8) is not compatibl
o bin/150771              [patch] csup(1) GNUmakefile missing
o ports/150691 portmgr    [patch] Templates/BSD.local.dist: add conf.{avail,d} f
o bin/150648              [patch] rshd(8): Incorrect determination of length of 
o bin/150530              [patch] syslogd(8) doesn't support ipv6 addrs as desti
o conf/150474  rc         [patch] rc.d/accounting: Add ability to set location o
o docs/150365  arundel    [make.conf] [patch] remove BDECFLAGS from make.conf(5)
o kern/150334  geom       [geom] [udf] [patch] geom label does not support UDF
o ports/150265 doceng     [patch] print/ghostscript8 disable bogus port conflict
a bin/150262   emulation  [patch] truss(1) -f doesn't follow descendants of the 
o kern/150251  net        [patch] [ixgbe] Late cable insertion broken
o bin/150229   cperciva   [PATCH] update man page of freebsd-update(8)
o kern/150206             [patch] nmount(2): can't switch root partition to rw u
o conf/150195             [patch] [rc.d] startup script for pfstatd(8)
o usb/150189   usb        [run] [usb8] [patch] if_run appears to corrupt IP traf
o kern/150176             [libpcap] [patch] pcap(3): pcap_read_bpf() p->cc can g
p kern/150138  davidxu    [patch] signal sent to stopped, traced process not imm
o kern/150095  mav        [patch] Account for reserved itimers which shouldn't c
o stand/149980 eadler     [libc] [patch] negative value integer to nanosleep(2) 
o bin/149972              [patch] pw(8): usermod -u <non-numeric> should error
o kern/149937  net        [ipfilter] [patch] kernel panic in ipfilter IP fragmen
o kern/149936             [libmagic] [patch] wrong handling of decompression uti
o kern/149917  qingli     [net] [patch] freebsd 8.1 crash with ECMP
o ports/149902 pgollucci  [PATCH] mail/dspam: important cleanup
o conf/149867  rc         [PATCH] rc.d script to manage multiple FIBS (kern opti
o conf/149831  rc         [PATCH] add support to /etc/rc.d/jail for delegating Z
o bin/149806              [patch] OpenBSM auditd(8) fails to expire trails if ho
f kern/149803  vwe        [patch] loader: set vfs.mount.rootfrom using label
p usb/149764   usb        [u3g] [patch] usbdevs update: Huawei K3765 3G modem
o kern/149580  mav        [ata] [patch] When using an SIIG SATA card the error "
o docs/149574  doc        [patch] update mi_switch(9) man page
o bin/149569              [patch] rtld(1): runtime linker unable to load needed 
p docs/149549  brueffer   [patch] MLINK choosethread.9 to runqueue.9
o misc/149510             [build] [patch] CFT: sys/conf/ Cleanup and 
o www/149446   www        [patch] improve misleading title of "report a bug"
o misc/149360  gavin      [PATCH] update for tools/build/mk/OptionalObsoleteFile
o kern/149266             [new driver] [patch] rpi(4) - Comtrol Infinity/Express
o kern/149173  fs         [patch] [zfs] make OpenSolaris <sys/nvpair.h> installa
o bin/149152   gabor      [patch] grep(1): BSD grep loops with EISDIR trying to 
o kern/149117  net        [inet] [patch] in_pcbbind: redundant test
p kern/149041  olli       [drm] [patch] DRM support for Radeon HD 4250
o kern/149015  fs         [zfs] [patch] misc fixes for ZFS code to build on Glib
o kern/149014  fs         [zfs] [patch] declarations in ZFS libraries/utilities 
o kern/149013  fs         [zfs] [patch] make ZFS makefiles use the libraries fro
a kern/149012  gavin      [headers] [patch] please replace '#include <sys/stdint
o docs/148987  doc        [patch] {MD[245]|SHA_|SHA1_|SHA256_}{End|File|FileChun
o ports/148918 office     [patch] editors/ fixes
o bin/148915              [patch] fix telnetd(8) if and im options to behave lik
o kern/148881             [libdisk] [patch] libdisk emits errors w/ disks that c
s ports/148879 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ extend IA32_BINARY_PORT to sup
o bin/148836   roberto    ntpd(8): [patch] Update to NTP in base system
f ports/148783 portmgr    [] [patch] add LATEST_LINK and CONFLICTS to
s ports/148695 swills     [] [patch] Easier / automatic regression-te
o bin/148686              [patch] ftp-proxy(8): ftp-proxy -T tag patch for FBSD
o docs/148680  doc        [sysctl][patch] Document some sys/kern sysctls
p kern/148646  des        [linprocfs] [patch] Implementation of the "environ" fi
p gnu/148609   imp        [libdialog] [patch] printing to a checklist window on 
p kern/148580  gavin      [sysctl][patch] Document some sys/kern sysctls
o bin/148528   cperciva   [patch] portsnap(8): add new command mode
o i386/148509  i386       [boot] [patch] Improvements to i386/boot2's comments
o ports/148485 itetcu     [patch] port mail/dspam small Makefile fix
o kern/148367             [syscons] [patch] Add loader tunable to override SC_HI
o kern/148260  pf         [pf] [patch] pf rdr incompatible with dummynet
o conf/148144  hrs        [patch] add ipfw_nat support for rc.firewall simple ty
o ports/148097 emulation  [patch] suggested addition to linux_base-* packages to
o conf/148017  hrs        [stf] [patch] rc script for stf does not honour create
s ports/148005 mm         [patch] devel/binutils: add gold option
o kern/147998             [nfs] [patch] NFS -mapall group permissions ignored wh
p conf/147992  gavin      [termcap] [patch] xterm-256color is a 8 colors termina
o bin/147938              [patch] mt(8): ioctl sign-extension warnings from some
o bin/147887              [patch] Invalid extension type displayed with setkey(8
o kern/147881  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS "sharenfs" doesn't allow different "
o kern/147855             [ipmi] [patch] kernel panic when IPMI enabled on some 
o kern/147839             [libc] [patch] syscall(2) with wrong argument causing 
o conf/147685  rc         [rc.d] [patch] new feature for /etc/rc.d/fsck
o conf/147681             [network.subr][patch] Add inet6 keyword if it wasn't s
o bin/147629              [patch] rup(1) problem 365 days period
o kern/147599             [libm] [patch] Import netbsd complex functions into ou
o misc/147463             [tools] [patch] Patch for tools/regression/lib/libc/st
o conf/147444  rc         [rc.d] [patch] /etc/rc.d/zfs stop not called on reboot
o ports/147318 x11        [Patch]graphics/libdrm:Fix the PLIST when define WITHO
o kern/147237             [psm] [patch] There is no IBM/Lenovo TrackPoint suppor
o bin/147175              [kerberos] [patch] containes references to
o kern/147127  hselasky   [pccard] [patch] Fix panic in pccard.c
o kern/146889             [libc] [patch] Not having NET_RT_IFLIST #defined cause
o bin/146859   portmgr    [patch] pkg_create(1): libpkg/msg.c removal and relate
o bin/146857   portmgr    [patch] pkg_create(8): fix missing error call in uname
o bin/146835              [patch] ifmcstat(8) fails to build without KVM and wit
o conf/146828             [patch] conf/ respect LOCALBASE and MAKEOBJ
o ports/146823 python     [patch] lang/python26: knob to build _ctypes module ag
o bin/146821              [patch] info(1): respect LOCALBASE for INFODIR
o ports/146816 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ loosen SU_CMD & su(1) cohesion
o conf/146793  gavin      [kbdmap] [patch] Danish kbdmap for MacBook
p kern/146759  np         [cxgb] [patch] cxgb panic calling cxgb_set_lro() witho
o bin/146592              [libpcap] [patch] libpcap 1.0.0 doesn't have error mes
o kern/146588             [kernel] [patch] sys/kern/kern_uuid.c has a le16dec be
o bin/146543              [patch] mount(8): securelevel does not affect mount (d
o ports/146496 portmgr    [] [PATCH] Removing ${PORTSDIR} from depend
o conf/146439             [patch] remove share/man/man1aout
o kern/146429  pjd        [geli][panic][patch] kernel panic if geli autodetach i
o kern/146410  pjd        [zfs] [patch] bad file copy performance from UFS to ZF
p usb/146367   thompsa    [usb8] [patch] Revision 205728: broken bluetooth mouse
o bin/146254              [patch] mdmfs(8): Add -k option to specify a skeldir
p kern/146250  bz         [netinet] [patch] Races on interface alias removal
o ports/146231 gecko      [feature request] [patch] www/firefox: use port libs
o kern/146190  vanhu      [ipsec][patch] NAT traversal does not work in transpor
o conf/146053  rc         [patch] [request] shutdown of jails breaks inter-jail 
o amd64/145991 amd64      [NOTES] [patch] Add a requires line to /sys/amd64/conf
o misc/145962  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] improved cfg save script
o kern/145946             [patch] feature request: VDSO and shared pages
o kern/145737  bz         [netinet] [patch] Wrong UDP checksum not ignored as ex
o docs/145719  doc        [patch] 7.3 relnotes erroneously describes new getpage
o i386/145718  i386       [est] [patch] fix freq calculation from MSR for CPUs w
o bin/145694              [patch] enable config(8) execution outside of the kern
o kern/145590             [kernel] [patch] SIG_ATOMIC_{MIN,MAX} does not match s
p usb/145455   usb        [usb8] [patch] USB debug support cannot be disabled
o conf/145440  hrs        [rc.d] [patch] add multiple fib support (setfib) in /e
o kern/145434             [kernel] [patch] Kernel messages about processes don't
o conf/145399  rc         [patch] rc.d scripts are unable to start/stop programs
o conf/145344  delphij    [patch] Fix kitchen sink approach for rc.d scripts ins
s ports/145301 gnome      [patch] sysutils/hal: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hald startup
o bin/145100   portmgr    [patch] pkg_add(1) - remove hardcoded versioning data 
o bin/145082              [patch] w(1), uptime(1) to use 24H time by default
o conf/145009  rc         [patch] rc.subr(8): rc.conf should allow mac label con
o kern/144874  net        [if_bridge] [patch] if_bridge frees mbuf after pfil ho
o kern/144824             [boot] [patch] boot problem on USB (root partition mou
o bin/144723              [patch] port over coverity SA NULL deref warning fix f
o kern/144695             [vfs] [patch] race condition in mounting a root-fs on 
o bin/144652              [PATCH] pwd_mkdb(8) copies comments to /etc/passwd
o docs/144630  doc        [patch] domainname(1) manpage contains old information
p kern/144584  emulation  [linprocfs][patch] bogus values in linprocfs
o kern/144561  jfv        [ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver errors
o conf/144548  brian      [boot] [patch] Enable automatic detection of amd64/i38
s bin/144531              [patch] cp(1) show percentage complete
o misc/144442             [build] [patch] remove unnecessary group and passwd en
o amd64/144405 amd64      [build] [patch] include /usr/obj/lib32 in cleanworld t
o bin/144388              [patch] different behavior of make(1) between command 
o bin/144285              [patch] ps(1): ps -axo user,%cpu,%mem - most processes
o conf/144243             [patch] Add NIS related files to OptionalObsoleteFiles
a ports/144224 mono       [PATCH] lang/mono Fix build with new GCC
o conf/144213  rc         [rc.d] [patch] Disappearing zvols on reboot
o ports/144044 gecko      [PATCH] www/firefox: Makefile.webplugins target order 
o bin/143830              [patch] atmconfig(8): Fix conditional inclusion for sb
o misc/143785             [build] [patch] add passive mode to pkg_add cdrtools i
o bin/143732              [patch] mtree(8) does a full hierarchy walk when reque
o kern/143703  qingli     [route] [patch] ECMP Phase 1 fixes for FreeBSD 7.2
s bin/143699              [patch] extend brandelf's OS knowledge
o conf/143637  rc         [patch] ntpdate(8) support for ntp-servers supplied by
o kern/143622  net        [pfil] [patch] unlock pfil lock while calling firewall
o kern/143621  ipfw       [ipfw] [dummynet] [patch] dummynet and vnet use result
o bin/143572   fs         [zfs] zpool(1): [patch] The verbose output from iostat
o bin/143570   ed         [patch] stock ftpd(8) does not handle "filesize" limit
o bin/143533              [patch] Changes to support Sun jumpstart via bootparam
o bin/143504   pf         [patch] outgoing states are not killed by authpf(8)
o bin/143389              [2tb] [patch] fdisk(8) cannot handle above 1TB under i
o bin/143375              [patch] awk(1) trashes memory with regexp and ^ anchor
o bin/143373              [patch] awk(1) tolower/toupper functions don't support
o bin/143369              [patch] awk(1) doesn't handle RS as a regexp but as a 
o bin/143368              [patch] awk(1): number of open files is limited to sma
o bin/143367              [patch] awk(1) treats -Ft as -F <tab>
o bin/143365              [patch] incorrect regexp matching in awk(1)
o bin/143363              [patch] incorrect handling of \ at the end of line in 
o kern/143298  secteam    [random] [patch] random_yarrow_block() doesn't actuall
o gnu/143254              [patch] groff(1) build in base system does not honor P
p usb/143186   usb        [usbdevs] [usb8] [patch] add USB device IDs for Google
o bin/143142   cperciva   [PATCH] Fix non-POSIX compliant multiline conditional 
a usb/143139   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] Quirk for Century EX35SW4_SB4 J
o bin/143090              [PATCH] Let indent(1) handle widecharacter literals co
o conf/143085  rc         [patch] ftp-proxy(8) rc(8) with multiple instances
o kern/143073             [patch][panic] unp_gc panic (race with uipc_detach)
o bin/143058              [patch] mdconfig(8): make mdconfig -o reserve default 
p usb/143045   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] mounting Fujitsu 2600Z camera d
a docs/143041  blackend   [handbook] [patch] doc/en__US.ISO8859-1 refers to slip
p kern/143033             [headers] [patch] _SWAP not listed in comment in sys/q
o usb/142991   usb        [uftdi] [usb67] [patch] Patch to add Crystalfontz 533 
o conf/142973  rc         [jail] [patch] Strange counter init value in jail rc
s conf/142972  jail       [jail] [patch] Support JAILv2 and vnet in rc.d/jail
f usb/142957   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] patch for USB disk SYNCHRONIZE 
p kern/142927  thompsa    [vlan] [patch] handle parent interface link layer addr
o docs/142917  arundel    [patch] top(1) man page does not include information a
o bin/142913              [patch] netstat(1) -w should produce error message if 
o bin/142912              [patch] nfsstat(1) -w should produce error message if 
o bin/142911              [patch] vmstat(8) -w should produce error message if f
o ports/142837 emulation  [patch] emulators/linux_base-* packages fails to insta
o conf/142817  pf         [patch] etc/rc.d/pf: silence pfctl
o bin/142814              [patch] add beginning and end offset options to md5(1)
a bin/142570   portmgr    [PATCH] clean up quiet mode (-q | --quiet) output of p
o conf/142434  rc         [patch] Add cpuset(1) support to rc.subr(8)
p docs/142367  roam       [patch] wlan(4) does not document requirement for kern
o bin/142258   eadler     [patch] rtld(1): add ability to log or print rtld erro
o docs/142168  doc        [patch] ld(1): ldd(1) not mentioned in ld(1) manpage
o kern/142085  eadler     [puc] [patch] Few lines to pucdata.c to support for Te
o kern/142082  dchagin    [patch] [panic] linuxulator: getppid: use after free
o kern/142018  net        [iwi] [patch] Possibly wrong interpretation of beacon-
o conf/141909  rc         rc.subr(8): [patch] add rc.conf.d support to /usr/loca
o bin/141890              [patch] slapd(8): The slapd server starts/restarts way
o conf/141678  rc         [patch] A minor enhancement to how /etc/rc.d/jail dete
o kern/141655             [sio] [patch] Serial Console failure on Dell servers
o ports/141641 portmgr    [] [patch] make 'config-recursive' finish i
o conf/141317  jail       [patch] uncorrect jail stop in /etc/rc.d/jail
p bin/141175   kientzle   [patch] New cpio(1) in FreeBSD 8 regressed and left ou
o kern/141091  fs         [patch] [nullfs] fix panics with DIAGNOSTIC enabled
o kern/141090             [kernel] [patch] patch for COMPAT for /sys/sys/sysprot
o kern/140728  jfv        [em] [patch] Fast irq registration in em driver
o kern/140661  fs         [zfs] [patch] /boot/loader fails to work on a GPT/ZFS-
o kern/140647  jfv        [em] [patch] e1000 driver does not correctly handle mu
o kern/140619  net        [ifnet] [patch] refine obsolete if_var.h comments desc
o kern/140597  andre      [netinet] [patch] implement Lost Retransmission Detect
o kern/140591  multimedia [PATCH][sound] No sound output on lineout/headphone ja
p kern/140567  wireless   [ath] [patch] ath is not worked on my notebook PC
o usb/140477   usb        [umass] [usb8] [patch] allow boot-time attachment of d
p docs/140457  doc        [patch] Grammar fix for isspace(3)
o docs/140444  doc        [patch] New Traditional Chinese translation of custom-
o conf/140440  rc         [patch] allow local command files in rc.{suspend,resum
o kern/140349             [libpcap] [patch] libpcap's parser doesn't recognize n
a bin/140309   bapt       [patch] bad syntax causes yacc(1) segfault
o bin/140304              [patch] add MAILFROM ability to cron(8)
o conf/140261  rc         [patch] Improve flexibility of mdconfig2 startup scrip
o power/140241 ppc        [kernel] [patch] Linker set problems on PowerPC EABI
o kern/140185             [patch] expand_number(3) does not detect overflow in n
o bin/140151              [patch] hexdump(1): Fix potential setlocale(3) in hexd
o bin/140143              [patch] [rtld] dlopen(3) doesn't promote RTLD_GLOBAL f
o kern/140068  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs does not allow semicolon in file
s usb/139990   usb        [panic] [patch] [usb67] Kernel frequently panics after
o bin/139802   uqs        [patch] fsck_msdosfs(8): sync with NetBSD sources, inc
o i386/139743  i386       [ichsmb] [patch] ichsmb driver doesn't detects SMB bus
o docs/139705  remko      [patch] tunefs(8) man page bugs section ambiguous on a
o bin/139601              [patch] make(1): variable substitution for $@ in depen
f kern/139576  ed         [syscons] [patch] blink screen too noisy
o kern/139425             [kernel] [patch] Wrong behavior of KTR_VERBOSE
o bin/139389   pluknet    [patch] Change top(1) to display thread IDs
o bin/139346   net        [patch] arp(8) add option to remove static entries lis
a bin/139314              [patch] install(1): install -d reports success on fail
p kern/139312  gleb       [tmpfs] [patch] tmpfs mmap synchronization bug
o kern/139271             [pci] [patch] sysutils/hpacucli does not work on the a
o kern/139268  net        [if_bridge] [patch] allow if_bridge to forward just VL
o kern/139144             [keyboard] [patch] CapsLock LED should not depend on k
a kern/139080  eadler     [libc] [patch] closelog() can close negative file desc
a bin/139015   portmgr    [patch] pkg_info(1): fix exit code for pkg_info -g
o ports/139011 x11        [patch]  Add options to support GLX TLS in x11-servers
o bin/138926   cperciva   [patch] freebsd-update(8): allow unattended upgrade
o bin/138855              [patch] if the hostname is empty, opiepasswd(1) create
o i386/138737  bde        [endian] [patch] Patch for bswap64(9) operation on IA
p conf/138692  netchild   [request] [patch] 450.status-security should exit with
o kern/138421  fs         [ufs] [patch] remove UFS label limitations
o kern/138381  np         [cxgb] [patch] NULL pointer dereference in t3_set_tcb_
o conf/138208  rc         [rc.d] [patch] Making rc.firewall (workstation) IPv6 a
o bin/138150              [build] [patch] fix for src/etc/Makefile mtree
o bin/137864   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8): add possibility to shutdown/pow
p bin/137841   net        [patch] wpa_supplicant(8) cannot verify SHA256 signed 
o kern/137678  eadler     [libstand] [patch] libstand's bootp/dhcp code always u
o conf/137671             [patch][request] enhance beastie.4th: possibility to d
s gnu/137665              [patch] dialog(1) goes into tight loop on encountering
p bin/137484   wireless   [patch] Integer overflow in wpa_supplicant(8) base64 e
o conf/137470  rc         [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/mdconfig2 : prioritize cli parameter
o bin/137365              [patch] let last(1) read from stdin via "-f -"
o kern/137307             [libc] [patch] Enhance strptime(3) to support %U and %
f usb/137190   usb        [usb8][patch] inhibit spurious button releases for som
o usb/137189   usb        [usb8][patch] create and use sysctl nodes for HID repo
p usb/137188   usb        [usb8][patch] correctly handle USB report descriptors 
o kern/137145  andre      [mbuf] [patch] Reference count computing isn't correct
o bin/136994   net        [patch] ifconfig(8) print carp mac address
o ports/136917 python     [patch] lang/python26: gettext detection
o misc/136889  imp        [nanobsd] [patch] nanobsd error reporting and other re
o kern/136865  fs         [nfs] [patch] NFS exports atomic and on-the-fly atomic
o bin/136857              [patch] du(1): permit per directory only sum (no herit
o docs/136712  doc        [handbook] [patch] draft new section on gmirror per pa
o kern/136669             [libc] [patch] setmode(3) should always set errno on e
o bin/136661   melifaro   [patch] ndp(8) ignores -f option
o bin/136354              [patch] powerd(8): Support for maxspeed in adaptive mo
o conf/136336             [termcap] [patch] missing entry for "center of keypad"
o kern/136159             [kthread] [patch] tsleep with PDROP in kthread_suspend
p bin/135918   luigi      [boot0] [patch] Make BootEasy compatible with NT Drive
o bin/135718              [patch] enhance qsort(3) to properly handle 32-bit ali
o bin/135700              [patch] Add an ability to run inetd(8) with P_PROTECTE
o kern/135608             [patch] sysctl(8) should be able to handle byte values
o docs/135516  eadler     [patch] pax(1) manual not mentioning chflags unawarene
o kern/135485             [modules] [patch] During a shutdown, kernel modules sh
o docs/135475  eadler     [patch] jot(1) manpage and behaviour differ
o ports/135471 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit-db packaudit.conf sourced
o bin/135349   acpi       [patch] teach acpidump(8) to disassemble arbitrary mem
o ports/135337 emulation  [PATCH] emulators/linux_base-f10: incorrect bash usage
o bin/135159   portmgr    [patch] pkg_delete(1) segfaults on empty @pkgdep lines
o misc/134920             [headers] [patch] Large upgrades from source cause com
o bin/134919              [patch] add information to truss(1) when tracing linux
o conf/134918  rc         [patch] rc.subr fails to detect perl daemons
o conf/134660  rc         [patch] rc-script for initializing ng_netflow+ng_ipfw
s gnu/134604              [libgcc] [patch] Memory leak in gcclibs/libgomp
o arm/134368   arm        [patch] nslu2_led driver for the LEDs on the NSLU2
p arm/134338   arm        [patch] Lock GPIO accesses on ixp425
o kern/134249             [libiconv] [patch] ignore case for character set names
o kern/134225  eadler     [libexec] [patch] Reduce disk write load from save-ent
p arm/134092   cognet     [patch] NSLU.hints contains wrong hints for on board n
o kern/134010             [libgssapi][patch] Buffer overflow and use-after-free 
o conf/134006  rc         [patch] Unload console screensaver kernel modules if s
o conf/133890  rc         [patch] sshd(8): add multiple profiles to the rc.d scr
o bin/133860              [patch] lorder(1) misses symbols defined in read only 
o bin/133834              [patch] chat(8): terminate()/fatal() infinity mutual r
o ports/133815 portmgr    [PATCH] implements fakeroot for the ports
o kern/133775             [patch] gdb(1) debugscripts: fix proc address print in
o usb/133712   usb        [ural] [patch] RE: Fixed an issue with ural(4) that wa
o kern/133235  net        [netinet] [patch] Process SIOCDLIFADDR command incorre
o bin/133227   edwin      [patch] whois(1): add support for SLD whois server loo
o bin/132993              [patch] bsnmpd(1) - bad IfPoll timer interval
o conf/132851  net        [patch] rc.conf(5): allow to setfib(1) for service run
o bin/132845   geom       [geom] [patch] ggated(8) does not close files opened a
o docs/132839  doc        [patch] Fix example script in ldap-auth article
o bin/132798   pjd        [patch] ggatec(8): ggated/ggatec connection slowdown p
o kern/132705  net        [libwrap] [patch] libwrap - infinite loop if hosts.all
o bin/132692              [patch] getent(1): no support for netgroup
o kern/132622  philip     [glxsb] [patch] glxsb(4) performs badly with ipsec
p docs/132546  trhodes    [patch] sync vm_map_lock(9) with recent locking change
o kern/132497  rwatson    [boot] [patch] Stale pre-5.x mbuf references in new Bo
o conf/132483  rc         rc.subr(8) [patch] setfib(1) support for rc.subr
o conf/132476  hrs        [rc.d] [patch] add support setfib(1) in rc.d/routing
o bin/132302              [patch] smbutil(1): contrib/smbfs subr.c: saved passwo
o bin/132114   randi      [patch] add new 'docs' virtual category to sysinstall
o bin/132112              [patch] devd(8) unnecessarily reconfigures carp(4) int
o usb/132080   usb        [patch] [usb] [rum] [panic] Kernel panic after NOMEM c
o bin/132008              [patch] config(8) to allow using section/nosection in 
o kern/132001             [patch] [ixgb] driver update
o ports/131930 x11        [PATCH] x11-servers/xorg-server coredumps on exit
o docs/131918  doc        [patch] Fixes for the BPF(4) man page
o docs/131626  doc        [patch] dump(8) "recommended" cache option confusing
o bin/131567   net        [socket] [patch] Update for regression/sockets/unix_cm
o kern/131536  andre      [netinet] [patch] kernel does allow manipulation of su
o bin/131427              [patch] Add to fetch(1) an ability to limit a number o
p bin/131250   brian      [patch] ppp(8) proxyarp does not work
o bin/131143              [patch] amd(8) causes annoying "embedded slash in map 
o misc/131059             [tinybsd] [patch] tinybsd MFSROOT option suggests YES/
o misc/130856             [build] [patch] make installworld work when WITHOUT_GA
o kern/130749  des        [libc] [patch] nscache.c/nscachedcli.c - return error 
o kern/130657  bz         [ip6] [patch] ipv6 class option
o conf/130555  net        [rc.d] [patch] No good way to set ipfilter variables a
a kern/130386  rwatson    [patch] add locking for generic interface address mani
o kern/130286             [patch] hifn(4) changes
o usb/130230   usb        [patch] [quirk] [usb67] [usb] [cam] [umass] Samsung El
p bin/130159   brian      [patch] ppp(8) fails to correctly set routes
p kern/130107  imp        [devctl] [patch] in devctl_queue_data(): possible use 
o bin/130056              [patch] have nfsstat(1) use strtonum instead of atoi
o bin/129965   gavin      [patch] ps(1): ps -lH doesn't show the proper CPU#
o kern/129861  pf         [pf] [patch] Argument names reversed in pf_table.c:_co
o bin/129814              [patch] support of per script nice(1) value in periodi
o ports/129741 portmgr    [patch] support systems that have been bu
o conf/129697             [patch] fix misbehavior of periodic/daily/100.clean-di
f bin/129405   eadler     [patch] tcsh(1) vfork bugs
p docs/129398  trhodes    [patch] ddb(8): various tweaks to ddb-related man page
o kern/129352  yongari    [xl] [patch] xl0 watchdog timeout
o kern/129231  fs         [ufs] [patch] New UFS mount (norandom) option - mostly
o ports/129210 portmgr    [patch] Instrument to detect unstripped bi
o kern/129169  emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux Emulation ENOTCONN error using n
o docs/129024  keramida   [patch] ipfw(8) improvements
o usb/128977   usb        [usb67] [patch] uaudio is not full duplex
p usb/128803   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Quirk for I-Tuner Networks USBLCD4X2
p usb/128760   cperciva   [ums] [patch] patch for Microsoft Comfort Optical Mous
o gnu/128645              [patch] grep(1): teach grep -r to how to ignore direct
p kern/128634  acpi       [patch] fix acpi_asus(4) in asus a6f laptop
p bin/128616   kientzle   [patch] bsdtar(1) error message typo
p misc/128610  kensmith   [patch] /usr/src:  the iso.1 target of make release do
o kern/128608  imp        [pccbb] [patch] add support for powering down and up C
o bin/128605   secteam    [patch] dhclient(8) - security issue
o bin/128582              [patch] wpa_cli(8): activate readline(3) support
o kern/128577             [ixgbe] [patch] Send queue stall in ixgbe driver when 
p bin/128561   kientzle   [patch] compile warning fixes for bsdtar test harness
o bin/128493              [patch] find(1) exits if -fstype test fails with EACCE
o usb/128485   usb        [umodem] [patch] Nokia N80 modem support
o conf/128433             [patch] Add option to allow a full login when doing 's
o conf/128299  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/geli does not mount partitions using
o bin/128295   net        [patch] ifconfig(8) does not print TOE4 or TOE6 capabi
o gnu/128262              [libgcc] [patch] contrib/gcclibs/libcpp/errors.c: -Wmi
p kern/128260  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw_divert damages IPv6 packets
p docs/128089  kientzle   [patch] Incorrect type in archive_write(3) manpage
o kern/128040             [pccbb] [patch] System hangs when PCMCIA-CF adapter pl
o kern/128037             [pccbb] [patch] System hang on shutdown with PCMCIA-CF
o kern/128036             [sio] [patch] serial console mostly ignores typein to 
p bin/127986              [patch] ee(1): fix compiler warnings caused by use of 
p kern/127928  andre      [tcp] [patch] TCP bandwidth gets squeezed every time t
s bin/127918              [ata] [request] [patch] ATA Security support for ataco
o bin/127872              [libc] [patch] Rewinding on unionfs and Subversion
p docs/127840  murray     [patch] fix entity references in release/doc/en_US.ISO
o kern/127815  net        [gif] [patch] if_gif does not set vlan attributes from
o kern/127717  scsi       [ata] [patch] [request] - support write cache toggling
o bin/127633   edwin      [patch] Update top(1) to 3.8b1
o usb/127543   gavin      [patch] [ubsa] Support Option Globetrotter HSDPA modem
o bin/127532              [patch] install(1): install -S Not Safe in Jail with s
p kern/127446  emax       [kbdmux] [patch] fix race in sys/dev/kbdmux/kbdmux.c
o kern/127391             [ata] [patch] Intel 6300ESB SATA150 cannot find disk a
o bin/127280   des        [libfetch] [patch] fetch/libfetch RFC 1738 %2F escaped
o bin/127276              [patch] ldd(1) invokes linux yes
o bin/127265              [patch] ddb(4): Adding the ddb command set from module
o kern/127230  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Feature request to add UID and/or GID l
o kern/127121  pf         [pf] [patch] pf incorrect log priority
o kern/127042  pf         [pf] [patch] pf recursion panic if interface group is 
p kern/127040  davidxu    [patch] mqueuefs(5) witness panic
o kern/126895  net        [patch] [ral] Add antenna selection (marked as TBD)
o usb/126884   usb        [ugen] [patch] Bug in buffer handling in ugen.c
o kern/126688  jfv        [ixgbe] [patch] 1.4.7 ixgbe driver panic with 4GB and 
p bin/126657              [patch] w(1) breaks multibyte date format
o docs/126590  doc        [patch] Write routine called forever in Sample Echo Ps
o bin/126433              [patch] some missing checks in rm(1)
o conf/126392  rc         [patch] rc.conf ifconfig_xx keywords cannot be escaped
p bin/126324   rc         [patch]  rc.d/tmp: Prevent mounting /tmp in second tim
p docs/126227  trhodes    [patch] kthread(9) refers to non-existent manpage, des
o kern/126075  net        [inet] [patch] internet control accesses beyond end of
o bin/125922   net        [patch] Deadlock in arp(8)
o kern/125859             [ata] [patch] sata access failure [regression]
o kern/125845  net        [netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx() should make use of hard
s kern/125756  multimedia [sound] [patch] cannot detect soft-modem on HDA bus
o bin/125707              [patch] powerd(8): force a method of battery state que
o kern/125675             [keyboard] [patch] Add hw.syscons.kbd_suspend new sysc
a kern/125613  trasz      [ufs] [patch] ACL problems with special files
o kern/125496             [ar] [patch] free memory on ataraid module unload
o kern/125454             [digi] [patch] device digi (PC/Xe 64K 16 ports) not wo
a kern/125139  brooks     [patch] [ata] bugs in ATAPI CD tray control
p bin/125098              [patch] ee(1) consume 100% cpu usage
o conf/125041             [patch] periodic(8) new file: /etc/periodic/security/8
o kern/124973  geom       [gjournal] [patch] boot order affects geom_journal con
o kern/124963  alc        [vm] [patch] old pagezero fixes for alc
o kern/124881             [devfs] [patch] [request] Add possibility to check whi
o bin/124822              [editline] [patch] Editline's ed-search-{prev,next}-hi
o conf/124747  rc         [patch] savecore can't create dump from encrypted swap
a docs/124716  trhodes    [patch] GEOM RAID1 handbook example only covers boot p
o kern/124487             [procfs] [patch] Extending the PROCFS (/proc) filesyst
o misc/124431  bde        [build] [patch] minor revision of BDECFLAGS
p bin/124392              [patch] bootparamd(8) does not work on arm
p misc/124385  mtm        [build] [patch] usr.sbin/ngctl/main.c fails to compile
p kern/124334  mtm        [libc] [patch] lib/libc/glob.c fails to compile under 
o conf/124248  rc         [jail] [patch] add support for nice value for rc.d/jai
o kern/124225  net        [ndis] [patch] ndis network driver sometimes loses net
p bin/124052              [patch] adduser(8) throws errors when -f input file in
o kern/123892  net        [tap] [patch] No buffer space available
o kern/123858  net        [stf] [patch] stf not usable behind a NAT
o conf/123734  rc         [patch] Chipset VIA CX700 requires extra initializatio
o bin/123703              [patch] timed(8): qualify bad diagnostic in src/
o bin/123693              [patch] burncd(8): workaround for busy cd-writer while
o bin/123553              [patch] Prevent indent(1) from splitting unrecognized 
o conf/123551             [patch] [periodic] /etc/periodic/daily/440.status-mail
o docs/123484  edwin      [patch] teach pxeboot.8 about ISC DHCP v3
f bin/123418              [patch] du(1): add -g (Gbyte) option to du(1) + manpag
o conf/123222  rc         [patch] Add rtprio(1)/idprio(1) support to rc.subr(8).
o ports/123185 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ - Add extended description to O
o kern/123177  secteam    [random] [patch] arc4rand(9) produces the same sequenc
o conf/123119  rc         [patch] rc script for ipfw does not handle IPv6
f docs/123038  trhodes    [patch] update to projects/c99/index.sgml
p docs/123035  trhodes    [patch] bugs in refuse.README
a bin/123015   brooks     [patch] rc.conf(8): implement automated creation of /e
o usb/122992   usb        [umass] [patch] MotoROKR Z6 Phone not recognised by um
o usb/122905   usb        [ubsa] [patch] add Huawei E220 to ubsa
o conf/122883             [patch] login class for ukrainian users accounts
o ports/122877 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ - Show all pkg-message files
s usb/122819   usb        [usb67] [patch] Patch to provide dynamic additions to 
o kern/122670             [ata] [patch] broken acd_get_progress = ioctl CDRIOCGE
o bin/122652              [patch] du(1) support for inode count
o bin/122519              [patch] ppp(8): ppp provides deficient DNS info
o conf/122477  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/mdconfig and mdconfig2 are ignoring 
f misc/122300  kensmith   [build] [patch] SEPARATE_LIVEFS arch dependent set but
o bin/122271              [patch] usr.bin/xinstall - Add support for -D option (
o conf/122170  rc         [patch] [request] New feature: notify admin via page o
p bin/122137              [patch] Have crontab(1) use snprintf instead of sprint
p bin/122070              [patch] crontab(1): Zero out pw_passwd in crontab
o bin/122043              [patch] du(1) does not support byte-count-based report
o conf/122037             [patch] add rsync example for inetd.conf
o stand/121921 standards  [patch] Add leap second support to at(1), atrun(8)
o kern/121917             [boot] [patch] Broken boot on Asus P4P800-VM after upg
o bin/121895   net        [patch] rtsol(8)/rtsold(8) doesn't handle managed netw
f kern/121660  jkoshy     [hwpmc] [patch] hwpmc(4) incorrectly handles PMC sampl
o kern/121656             [libc] [patch] telldir(3) issues
o kern/121566  rc         [nfs] [request] [patch] ethernet iface should be broug
o kern/121504  acpi       [patch] Correctly set hw.acpi.osname on certain machin
o usb/121474   usb        [cam] [patch] QUIRK: SAMSUNG HM250JI in LaCie usb hard
o bin/121359   net        [patch] [security] ppp(8): fix local stack overflow in
o bin/121243   des        [patch] passwd(1) patch for usage with PAM/LDAP
o docs/121173  doc        [patch] mq_getattr(2): mq_flags mistakenly described a
p kern/121156  multimedia [sound] [patch] Turn on inverted external amplifier se
o kern/121122  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add support to ToS IP PRECEDENCE fields
o kern/121073             [kernel] [patch] run chroot as an unprivileged user
o conf/121064             [patch] Use ASCII characters for box/line characters i
o usb/121045   usb        [uftdi] [patch] Add support for PC-OP-RS1 and KURO-RS
o bin/120994              [patch] alignment violation in chap module of ppp(8) c
o conf/120993             [patch] 340.noid -- Add "find -x" capability (don't cr
o kern/120989  scottl     [udf] [patch] UDF (with DVD RAM) isn't mountable/reada
p bin/120891   dwmalone   [patch] enhancement to syslogd(8) - always printing lo
o kern/120884             [bktr] [patch] bktr driver always stores the contigmal
o kern/120872             [libkvm] [patch] fstat exit on signal 11
o kern/120858  scottl     [patch] [cam] panic: ufs_dirbad with CLARiiON CX3-40
o ports/120532 portmgr    [PATCH] - add more recursive-foo targets
o kern/120483  fs         [ntfs] [patch] NTFS filesystem locking changes
o kern/120482  fs         [ntfs] [patch] Sync style changes between NetBSD and F
o conf/120406  rc         [devd] [patch] Handle newly attached pcm devices (eg. 
o kern/120304  net        [netgraph] [patch] netgraph source assumes 32-bit time
o kern/120270  simon      [crypto] [patch] AES-192 and AES-256 support for HW-ac
o conf/120263             [patch] 800.loginfail misses relevant security informa
p bin/120256   gavin      [patch] ftp(1): ftp -u URL/<file> <file> returns a -1 
p kern/120138  jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] steal_thresh may be set a wrong va
o kern/120128  attilio    [libc] [patch] __getcwd erroneously returning ENOENT
o docs/120125  doc        [patch] Installing FreeBSD 7.0 via serial console and 
o bin/120114              [patch] reboot(8) - add features available in Solaris.
o kern/120057  pf         [pf] [patch] Allow proper settings of ALTQ_HFSC. The c
o conf/119874  rc         [patch] "/etc/rc.d/pf reload" fails if there are macro
o kern/119767  jfv        [em] [patch] if_em fix for systems without msix suppor
o usb/119653   usb        [cam] [patch] iriver s7 player sync cache error patch
p bin/119610   wkoszek    [patch] config(8): config -x appends unwanted trailing
p kern/119575  sbruno     [firewire] [patch] sbp_targ cannot handle multiple CTI
o bin/119483              [patch] vidcontrol(1) misses latest VESA mode (off-by-
o conf/119464             [patch] [request] Add 'sorted' option to etc/periodic/
o kern/119358             [kernel] [patch] SYSINIT_VERBOSE can be more verbose
p kern/119298  kan        [xfs] [patch] 7-Stable/sys/modules/xfs fails to make f
o usb/119227   usb        [ubsa] [patch] ubsa buffer is too small; should be tun
f kern/119205  eadler     [dc] [patch] Collect various stats regarding dc(4) int
o kern/119202  eadler     [kernel] [patch] Add generic support for disabling dev
o bin/119077   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8) - reading packages from index is
o conf/119076  rc         [patch] [rc.d] /etc/rc.d/netif tries to remove alias a
o docs/118902  doc        [patch] wrong signatures in d2i_RSAPublicKey man pages
p conf/118770  mtm        [patch] rc.d scripts: print information instead of sil
o kern/118739             [cpufreq] [patch] Allow the cpufreq/p4tcc driver to de
o kern/118727  net        [netgraph] [patch] [request] add new ng_pf module
o bin/118723   gcooper    [patch] od(1)/hexdump(1) truncates last partial repeat
o kern/118713  fs         [minidump] [patch] Display media size required for a k
o usb/118485   gavin      [usbdevs] [patch] Logitech Headset Workaround
o kern/118447             [ata] [patch] Troublesome DMA modes with VIA Apollo VP
p kern/118439  thompsa    [ndis] [patch] if_ndis - fix a panic when ndis_attach(
p kern/118370  thompsa    [ndis] [patch] if_ndis - fix a scanning problem of Mar
o bin/118355   pf         [pf] [patch] pfctl(8) help message options order false
o bin/118325   rc         [patch] [request] new periodic script to test statuses
p kern/118317  delphij    [zlib] [patch] Incorrect gzeof() return value in zlib 
s ports/118301 python     [patch] devel/py-setuptools easy-install.pth contents 
o bin/118297   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8): sort a output format.
o bin/118296   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) can't parse a STRING WORD pattern w
o bin/118295   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) makes a syntax error when it proces
o bin/118294   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) can't parse WORD which includes '('
o kern/118222             [pxeboot] [patch] FreeBSD 7.0 PXE + NFS / "Can't work 
o bin/118205              [patch] [request] new options -r to pkill(1) a pid aft
o bin/118144   des        [patch] pam_lastlog doesn't check return values in pam
o usb/118140   usb        [ucom] [patch] quick hack for ucom to get it behave wi
o kern/118126  fs         [nfs] [patch] Poor NFS server write performance
o bin/118123              [patch] chat(8) has infinite recursion bug
o bin/118114   ak         [patch] update manctl(8)
o conf/118111             [patch] [request] Add MAC address based interface rena
o bin/118069              [patch] camcontrol(8) should be able to leave device s
o usb/117938   usb        [ums] [patch] Adding support for MS WL Natural and MS 
o conf/117935  rc         [patch] ppp fails to start at boot because of missing 
s bin/117830              [patch] who(1) no longer displays entries for folk log
f bin/117751              [patch] [request] Make pw(8) support "-d" argument
o bin/117733              [patch] [request] allow to tee(1) to sockets, descript
o bin/117687              [patch] fstab(5) format cannot handle spaces
o usb/117598   usb        [snd_uaudio] [patch] Not possible to record with Plant
o bin/117520              [patch] csup(1) not-really-equivalent to cvsup
o kern/117510             [headers] [patch] sys/cdefs.h lacks support for PCC
o bin/117339   net        [patch] route(8): loading routing management commands 
p bin/117277   des        [patch] fetch(1): fetch's resume mode doesn't verify t
o bin/117191   antoine    [patch] - Add files to remov
p usb/117185   thompsa    [umodem] [patch] Add support for UNION interface descr
o bin/117093   kensmith   [patch] [request] Teach sysinstall(8) to load config f
o bin/116980   fs         [msdosfs] [patch] mount_msdosfs(8) resets some flags f
p usb/116947   usb        [ukbd] [patch] [regression] enable boot protocol on th
p stand/116826 jilles     [patch] sh(1) support for POSIX character classes
o bin/116643   net        [patch] [request] fstat(1): add INET/INET6 socket deta
s ports/116601 portmgr    [patch] - fail if dependency failed
o bin/116425              [patch] [request] ls(1) options for pre-sort of direct
o conf/116416  mtm        [patch] [request] per-jail rc.conf(5) style configurat
o bin/116209              [patch] [request] decimal suffix in split(1)
o kern/116009  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Ignore errors when loading ruleset from
o bin/115960   des        sshd's X11 forwarding broken on IPv6 only machine [pat
o bin/115946   des        [libpam] [patch] not thread-safe
o usb/115935   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] kernel counterproductively attaches 
o usb/115933   usb        [uftdi] [patch] RATOC REX-USB60F (usb serial converter
o kern/115631             [libc] [patch] [request] make dlclose(3) atexit-aware
a kern/115623  imp        [cardbus] [patch] Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100 Ad
o kern/115547  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] let GEOM Eli get password fro
o bin/115486              [patch] [request] newsyslog(8) -- provide ability to c
p bin/115447   harti      [patch] [request] teach make(1) to respect TMPDIR envi
o bin/115431              [patch] [request] improvement to split(1): add -B swit
o kern/115164  des        [libpam] [patch] [request] Add support for the account
o kern/115162  des        [libpam] [patch] [request] Add check for target user's
p docs/115065  doc        [patch] sync ps.1 with p_flag and keywords
o kern/114955  fs         [cd9660] [patch] [request] support for mask,dirmask,ui
o usb/114916   usb        [umass] [patch] USB Maxtor drive (L300RO) requires qui
o kern/114915  net        [patch] [pcn] pcn (sys/pci/if_pcn.c) ethernet driver f
o kern/114847  fs         [ntfs] [patch] [request] dirmask support for NTFS ala 
f kern/114646  firewire   [firewire] [patch] firewire fails after suspend/resume
o kern/114492             [kernel] [patch] device_attach() doesn't unset devclas
o bin/114468   fs         [patch] [request] add -d option to umount(8) to detach
o bin/114465              [patch] [request] script(1): add really cool -d, -p & 
o kern/114451             [nfs] [patch] prevent NFS server possible crash
o docs/114371  doc        [patch] [ip6] rtadvd.con(5) should show how to adverti
o usb/114310   usb        [libusb] [patch] [panic] USB hub attachment panics ker
o kern/114291             [RFE] [modules] [patch] add dynamic module references
o ports/114167 portmgr    [patch] - ignoring major numbers in LIB_DE
a bin/114082   arundel    [make.conf] [patch] default CFLAGS have a blank at the
s bin/114081   bz         [patch] [ppp] ppp(8) should be able to set ethernet ad
o usb/114068   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [umass] [patch] Problem with connection
o bin/114059              [patch] shutdown(8) should fall back to exec reboot/ha
o conf/114013  usb        [patch] WITHOUT_USB allow to compil a lot of USB stuff
o conf/113915  rc         [patch] ndis wireless driver fails to associate when i
p conf/113913  olli       [patch] [requst] new file /etc/periodic/daily/490.stat
o kern/113856             [patch] [plip] PLIP (parallel port IP) dead on 6.2, de
o kern/113849             [libdisk] [patch] Correction of Sanitize_Bios_Geom for
o bin/113838   fs         [patch] [request] mount(8): add support for relative p
o bin/113825              [patch] [libc] [ggated] Fix -STABLE build with -fno-st
o bin/113702   portmgr    [patch] bad output from "pkginfo -g"
o bin/113682   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8) warns for invalid geometry which
o bin/113518              [patch] make(1): Prevent execution when command is a c
o gnu/113343              [patch] grep(1) outputs NOT-matched lines (with multi-
o bin/113239              [patch] atrun(8) loses jobs due to race condition
o bin/113230   des        [pam] [patch] const-ify PAM-headers
o docs/113194  doc        [patch] [request] crontab.5: handling of day-in-month 
o bin/113074              [patch] ppp(8): include <strings.h> for strcasecmp(3)
s usb/113060   usb        [usb67] [ulpt] [patch] Samsung printer not working in 
o bin/113049   fs         [patch] [request] make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show 
o conf/112997             [patch] Add note about the 'native' mtune option to sh
s usb/112944   gavin      [usb67] [ulpt] [patch] Bi-directional access to HP Las
o bin/112794              [patch] [request] pam_exec(8): allow pam_exec to expor
o kern/112775             [libmd] [patch] libmd(3) bug for some zero-length file
p bin/112694   jon        [patch] segfault in pam_lastlog(8) on sshd exit when n
o bin/112673   portmgr    [patch] pkg_add(1): pkg_add -S leaks the temp dir
o kern/112658  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
o conf/112558             [patch] /etc/periodic/daily/200.backup-passwd poor han
o bin/112557   net        [patch] ppp(8) lock file should not use symlink name
o bin/112556              [patch]: sysctl(8) needs to fix multi-lineal descripti
p kern/112554  silby      [kernel] [patch] unp_gc is overly agressive and remove
s kern/112544  acpi       [acpi] [patch] Add High Precision Event Timer Driver f
o kern/112477  marius     [ofw] [patch] Add support to set the node and type on 
o bin/112379              [patch] [request] lockf(1): on closing stdin, stdout, 
o bin/112336              [patch] install(1): install -S (safe copy) with -C or 
o bin/111978              [patch] [request] make syspath list for mount(8) confi
o kern/111537  net        [inet6] [patch] ip6_input() treats mbuf cluster wrong
o bin/111493              [patch] routed(8) doesn't use multicasts for RIPv2 via
s bin/111024              [request] [patch] [ata] atacontrol(8): support for sta
o kern/110995             [loader] [patch] loader wastes space worth symtab size
o conf/110993             [patch] /etc/netstart should start rpcbind
o usb/110856   usb        [usb67] [ugen] [patch] interrupt in msgs are truncated
o docs/110376  doc        [patch] add some more explanations for the iwi/ipw fir
o kern/110249  net        [kernel] [regression] [patch] setsockopt() error regre
o kern/110199  jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue_register doesn't update the kn
o bin/110146   joerg      [patch] [request] Allow arbitrary gdb(1) options to by
o bin/110068              [patch] rewrite of mdmfs(8) in shell
o docs/110062  doc        [patch] mount_nfs(8) fails to mention a failure condit
p docs/110061  doc        [patch] tuning(7) missing reference to vfs.read_max
o kern/110017             [libexec] [patch] serial port console output garbled
a ports/109580 glewis     [patch] math/gnuplot does not include whe
o bin/109521              [patch] chio(1): 'chio return' breaks on non-voltag ch
o bin/109478              [libc] [patch] adopt reentrant syslog functions from O
o kern/109416  des        [libpam] [patch] pam_group doesn't check login_group m
o kern/109277             [pppd] [patch] : kernel ppp(4) botches clist reservati
o docs/109008  csjp       [patch] add summary of kern/48198 to jexec(8)
o kern/108133  jmg        [bktr] [patch] bktr driver doesn't recognize Hauppauge
o kern/107944  net        [wi] [patch] Forget to unlock mutex-locks
o kern/107707  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] add new class geom_xbox360 to
p stand/107561 standards  [libc] [patch] [request] Missing SUS function tcgetsid
o usb/107388   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [new driver] [patch] add utoppy device 
f usb/107248   gavin      [usb67] [cam] [quirk] [patch] quirk for Cowon iAUDIO X
o conf/107035  net        [patch] bridge(8): bridge interface given in rc.conf n
o bin/106872              [patch] [request] extattr support for find(1)
f usb/106861   gavin      [usb67] [usb8] [usbdevs] [patch] Add ACER Zeevo BT-500
o bin/106734              [patch] [request] bzip2(1): SSE2 optimization for bzip
o kern/106722  glebius    [net] [patch] ifconfig may not connect an interface to
o kern/106646  eadler     [nfs] [patch] Pointer incorrectly cast to ulong
o kern/106645             [uart] [patch] uart device description in 7-CURRENT is
o ports/106483 portmgr    [patch] embed distfile information in +CONTENTS
o bin/106431              [patch] atacontrol(8): Inform user of ata RAID5 acting
o kern/106255  trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch]: correct setting of archive flag
o conf/106009  rc         [ppp] [patch] [request] Fix pppoed startup script to p
o bin/105614              [patch] setkey(8): Creating NULL encryption ESP SAs wi
o docs/105456  keramida   [patch] overhaul of the security chapter (14)
o bin/105341              [libpam] [patch] [request] pam_krb5: Add minimum_uid/m
o www/105333   blackend   [patch] Base selection in events in libcommon.xsl does
o conf/105145  rc         [ppp] [patch] [request] add redial function to rc.d/pp
p conf/105100             [patch] [locale] no support for lv (latvian) locale
o bin/104921   ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) sometimes treats ipv6 input as ipv4 (a
o kern/104882             [iicbb] [patch] pvr250 and pvrxxx drivers need iicbb p
o kern/104851  net        [inet6] [patch] On link routes not configured when usi
o bin/104746              [patch] traceroute(8): 'traceroute -e -P TCP' cannot w
p stand/104743 jilles     [headers] [patch] Wrong values for _POSIX_ minimal lim
o kern/104738  mlaier     [inet] [patch] Reentrant problem with inet_ntoa in the
o kern/104682  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Some minor language consistency fixes a
o bin/104553              [patch] [request] Add login group support to login.acc
o conf/104549  rc         [patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes functi
o gnu/104533   bugmeister [patch] [request] make send-pr(1) read configuration f
o docs/104493  roberto    [patch] Wrong description in ntp.conf(5) (CURRENT and 
f usb/104290   gavin      [usb67] [umass] [patch] [quirk] TOSHIBA DVD-RAM drive 
a bin/104092   keramida   [patch] iostat(8): missing blanks in iostat output
o bin/103682              [patch] [request] nfsstat(1) should use %u instead of 
o kern/103454  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] add a facility to modify DF b
o usb/103418   usb        [usb67] [usb8] [patch] [request] usbhidctl(8) add abil
o usb/103046   usb        [usb67] [ulpt] [patch] ulpt event driven I/O with sele
o ports/102946 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit
o bin/102793   edwin      [patch] [request] top(1): display feature of current C
o docs/102719  doc        [patch] ng_bpf(4) example leads to unneeded promiscuos
o conf/102700  rc         [geli] [patch] Add encrypted /tmp support to GELI/GBDE
p bin/102638   sysinstall [patch] sysinstall(8): custom dist set always install 
o bin/102609              [patch] Add filtering capability to date(1)
o kern/102540  net        [netgraph] [patch] supporting vlan(4) by ng_fec(4)
o conf/102502  net        [netgraph] [patch] ifconfig name does't rename netgrap
o kern/102471  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add tos and dscp support
o bin/102357              [patch] tcsh(1)/csh(1) jobs control: sometimes 'fg' co
o bin/102299              [patch] grep(1) malloc abuse?
o bin/102162              [patch] tftpd(8): Limit port range for tftpd
o kern/101819             [ar] [patch] ata driver wrongly determines type RAID o
o threa/101323 threads    [patch] fork(2) in threaded programs broken.
o kern/101274  yongari    [sk] [patch] SysKonnect Yukon initialization bug on K8
p bin/100956   remko      [patch] support setting carp device state with ifconfi
o bin/100921              [patch] tftpd(8): libexec/tftpd: `-w' non-traditional 
o bin/100914              [patch] tftpd(8): libexec/tftpd: write access control
o docs/100803  jhb        [patch] the man page about ithread is expired.
o conf/100782             [keyboard] [patch] Default keymap to support ALT+Left,
o conf/100616             [patch] syslog.conf: lines after exclamation point ign
a bin/100496              [patch] Fix to get rid of the telnet(1) to cisco probl
o bin/100424              [patch] ssh(1): SSH option BindAddress is ignored by o
o misc/100322             [tools] [patch] doesn't dump object nam
o stand/100017 standards  [Patch] Add fuser(1) functionality to fstat(1)
o kern/99979              [patch] Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++
o bin/99896    gad        [patch] lpr(1): lpr -r flag has no effect
o conf/99721   rc         [patch] /etc/rc.initdiskless problem copy dotfile in s
o misc/99627              [build] [patch] make update & CVSROOT
o bin/99566    jail       [jail] [patch] fstat(1) according to specified jid
o conf/99444   rc         [patch] Enhancement: rc.subr could easily support star
o conf/99328              [patch] updates for src/share/examples/cvsup
o bin/99307               [patch] mount_nfs(8) incompatible with zVM VMNFS 3A0
o bin/99217               [patch] pam_ssh(8) waits for a wrong ssh-agent PID at 
o kern/99188   andre      [tcp] [patch] FIN in same packet as duplicate ACK is l
o gnu/99173               [patch] replace gnu patch with a bsd-licensed one.
o kern/98978   net        [ipf] [patch] ipfilter drops OOW packets under 6.1-Rel
o kern/98962   mav        [ata] [burncd]: [patch] writing >1 session on ATAPI CD
o kern/98788              [syscons] [patch] Add sysctl to disallow VT_LOCKSWITCH
o bin/98577               [patch] dhclient(8): the link check by dhclient slows 
o kern/98460              [kernel] [patch] fpu_clean_state() cannot be disabled 
o kern/97951   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not tie interface details to 
o usb/97472    usb        [cam] [patch] add support for Olympus C150,D390
o kern/97381              [fdc] [patch] Patch to add zero-sector and spanned-sid
o kern/97377   fs         [ntfs] [patch] syntax cleanup for ntfs_ihash.c
o kern/97329              [nfs] [patch] code simplification
o kern/97153              [patch] When -NO_KERBEROS is set, libcom_err still get
o bin/97083               [patch] passwd(1) does not support _PWF_HESIOD
o bin/97002               [patch] cron(8) fails quietly if /usr/sbin/sendmail is
o kern/96999              [procfs] [patch] procfs reports incorrect information 
a bin/96840               [libc] [patch] getgrent() does not return large groups
o bin/96540               [patch] catman(1) does not deal correctly with hard-li
o kern/96429              [kernel] [patch] kern_linker.c hardcodes "/boot/kernel
o usb/96381    usb        [cam] [patch] add a quirk table entry for a flash ram 
o kern/96346              [modules] [patch] disable build of modules that are al
o conf/96343   rc         [patch] rc.d order change to start inet6 before pf
o conf/96247              [patch] 550.ipfwlimit reports logs even if log size is
o bin/95698    philip     [patch] moused(8): Software control of sysmouse
o bin/95339               [libexec] [patch] rtld is thread-unsafe. fixes for dlo
o kern/95277   net        [netinet] [patch] IP Encapsulation mask_match() return
o kern/95239              [libc] [patch] nftw(3) returns EINVAL for large values
o kern/95084   ipfw       [ipfw] [regression] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/v
o bin/95082               [patch] ping(8) won't handle large preload patterns
o kern/94830              [nfs] [patch] mount_nfs causes a fatal trap 18 if the 
o ports/94690  ume        [patch] Daemons in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ must do "setss
o kern/94669   pjd        [vfs] [patch] Panic from Failed Removable Media Mount
o docs/94625   doc        [patch] growfs man page -- document "panic: not enough
o bin/94546               [patch] Make telnet(1) accept 'host:port' on command l
o kern/94519              [libc] [patch] Add UF_HIDDEN file flag; map it to Wind
s www/94423    danger     [patch] XML'ified release todo list
o kern/94369   itetcu     [bktr] [patch] Patch to support Leadtek WinFast Tv2000
o kern/94273   bz         [ipsec] [patch] IPIP decapsulation problem in FAST_IPS
o bin/94052               [patch] Adds option to script(1) to suppress carriage-
o bin/94032    portmgr    [patch] Enhancement to pkg_add(1) to add -4 flag to fo
o kern/93942   fs         [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o usb/93872    usb        [cam] [patch] SCSI quirk required for ELTA 8061 OL USB
o bin/93857               [iconv] [patch] new utility: kiconv_cs_preload(8): Uti
o conf/93815   rc         [patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw rules to rc.d
o bin/93776               [crypto] [patch] SHA256_Update / SHA512_Update fail to
o misc/93661              [patch] loader(8): prevent *.4th files and friends fro
o gnu/93566               [patch] sort(1): numeric sort is broken on multi-byte 
o usb/93389    usb        [umass] [patch] Digital Camera Pentax S60 don't work
p kern/93331              [kernel] [patch] broken asm in kernel
o bin/93309               [rpc.quotad] [patch] rpc.rquotad: group quota support 
o gnu/93127               [patch] add __FreeBSD_kernel__ to pre-defines
o kern/92880   net        [libc] [patch] almost rewritten inet_network(3) functi
o usb/92852    usb        [ums] [patch] Vertical scroll not working properly on 
o kern/92786              [ata] [patch] ATA fixes, write support for LSI v3 RAID
o conf/92523   rc         [patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeo
s ports/92434  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ automatic show pkg-message
o kern/92412              [libexec] [patch] rpc.rstatd reports bogus packets/per
o kern/91954              [libpam] [patch] Proposed enhancement for pam_krb5: "o
s kern/91777   net        [ipf] [patch] wrong behaviour with skip rule inside an
o conf/91732              [patch] 800.loginfail: fix log message grep expression
o usb/91546    usb        [umodem] [patch] Nokia 6630 mobile phone does not work
o usb/91538    usb        [ulpt] [patch] Unable to print to EPSON CX3500
f kern/91476   gavin      [fdc] [patch] floppy drive doesn't work in MS Virtual 
o kern/91414   emaste     [kernel] [patch] Polling for devices other than NICs
o bin/91299    yar        [patch] add ftpd(8) SITE SHA256 command
o kern/91134   fs         [smbfs] [patch] Preserve access and modification time 
f bin/91101    edwin      [patch] whereis(1): make more readable
o bin/91034               [patch] minor fix to iostat(8) so that columns line up
o kern/90973   thompsa    [net] [patch] if_bridge does not handle arp for own ad
a kern/90815   fs         [smbfs] [patch] SMBFS with character conversions somet
o bin/90690               [patch] ps(1) errorneously respects terminal column se
o bin/90680               [patch] make(1) thinks "^.for.o:" is a directive (".fo
o ports/90436  portmgr    [patch] Add a way to handle configuration files to bsd
o bin/90311               [patch] add "eject" to mt(1)
o bin/90130               [patch] sysctl(8): print temperature in celsius only w
o bin/90114               [patch] pw(8) takes strings after option -g for GID 0
s bin/90082               [syscons] [patch] curses ACS line graphics support for
o bin/89988               [patch] bootparamd(8) null host support and whoami fix
o conf/89870   rc         [patch] [request] make netif verbose rc.conf toggle
o bin/89799               [patch] Making natd(8) not require a newline at the en
o bin/89770    des        [patch] pam_krb5 'authentication token failure' in pas
o bin/89762    edwin      [patch] top(1) startup is very slow on system with man
f kern/89752   dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] bpf_validate() needs to do more checks
o kern/89553              [bktr] [patch] going from 5.3 -> 6.0 winTV card not pr
o bin/89326               [patch] Add pattern matching to login.access(5)
p docs/89325   trhodes    [patch] Clarification of kbdmap(5), atkbd(4) and kbdco
o conf/88913   rc         [patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
o bin/88821    pjd        [patch] IPv6 support for ggated(8)
o bin/88780               [patch] Baseline ipmon(8) uses LOG_LOCAL0 syslog, not 
o bin/88655               [patch] tcsh(1): /bin/tcsh ls-F : Floating exception (
o docs/88512   doc        [patch] mount_ext2fs(8) man page has no details on lar
o kern/88336   vanhu      [ipsec] [patch] setkey(8) -D fails to report all SAs
o bin/88215               [patch] syslogd(8) does not pass cleanly parameters to
o kern/87990              [kernel] [patch] SMP Race Condition in kdb_enter/kdb_e
o bin/87966    fs         [patch] newfs(8): introduce -A flag for newfs to enabl
o bin/87792               [patch] very bad performance of cp(1) via NFS, possibl
o bin/87651               [patch] fsck(8) (on superblock error) tells wrong man 
s ports/87420  portmgr    [patch] implementing WITH_OPENLDAP_VER to
o ports/87397  edwin      [patch] incorrect use of PAPERSIZE make variable in so
o www/87119    hrs        [patch] encode copyright and such symbolically
o kern/86957   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw mac logging
o kern/86944              [nfs] [patch] When I use FreeBSD with NFS client, clos
o kern/86871   net        [tcp] [patch] allocation logic for PCBs in TIME_WAIT s
o usb/86767    usb        [umass] [patch] bogus "slice starts beyond end of the 
o bin/86635    pf         [patch] pfctl(8): allow new page character (^L) in pf.
o bin/86485    eadler     [patch] hexdump(1): hexdump -s speedup on /dev
a stand/86484  standards  [patch] mkfifo(1) uses wrong permissions
o kern/86290   jeff       [kernel] [patch] minor optimizations + cleanup to vrel
o kern/85971   jeff       [uma] [patch] minor optimization to uma
o gnu/85895               [patch] cc -print-search-dirs returns (null)
p kern/85886   jhb        [an] [patch] an0: timeouts with Cisco 350 minipci
o conf/85819   rc         [patch] script allowing multiuser mode in spite of fsc
s kern/85658   jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] add DDB command, show runq, to sch
o kern/85657              [kernel] [patch] capture and expose per-CPU time accou
f i386/85656   jhb        [i386] [patch] expose more i386 specific CPU informati
f i386/85655   jhb        [i386] [patch] expose cpu info for i386 systems
o kern/85651              [kernel] [patch] debugging code to show entries in eve
o kern/85650              [libstand] [patch] modifications to tftp-based PXE boo
p kern/85320   net        [gre] [patch] possible depletion of kernel stack in ip
o docs/85128   doc        [patch] loader.conf(5) autoboot_delay incompletly desc
o kern/85086   wkoszek    [ef] [patch] Locking fixes for ef(4) (+removes mem. le
o kern/84981              [headers] [patch] header protection for <sys/syscall.h
o docs/84956   doc        [patch] intro(5) manpage doesn't mention API coverage
o docs/84955   ru         [patch] mdoc(7) manpage should mention missing documen
o kern/84861   thompsa    [ipw] [patch] still can't get working ipw(4) with adho
o kern/84799              [fdc] [patch] can't read beyond track 0 on fdc (IBM th
o kern/84797              [libutil] [patch] State engine in the libutils propert
o conf/84752              [patch] 100.clean-disks cleans file systems that don't
o docs/84670   doc        [patch] tput(1) manpage missing ENVIRONMENT section wi
p docs/84538   trhodes    [patch] sk(4) driver supports Marvell 88E800x chip too
o kern/84411   philip     [psm] [patch] psm drivers adds bad buttons for Synapti
o bin/84298               [patch] allow mount(8) to recognize relative pathnames
o docs/84271   doc        [patch] compress(1) doesn't warn about nasty link hand
p docs/84265   trhodes    [patch] chmod(1) manpage omits implication of setting 
o kern/83778              [ip6] [patch] JPv6 cannot use Jumbo Frames
o usb/83756    usb        [ums] [patch] Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0A doe
o usb/83504    usb        [kernel] [patch] SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent
o kern/83451              [libusbhid] [patch] improper handling of malloc failur
o kern/83426              [libvgl] [patch] improper handling of malloc failures 
o kern/83424              [libstand] [patch] improper handling of malloc failure
o kern/83368              [ipx] [patch] incorrect handling of malloc failures wi
o bin/83361               [patch] Incorrect malloc failures handling within libd
o bin/83358               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within re
o bin/83170               [patch] Allow 'install' to compare files by mtime inst
o kern/82919   thompsa    [if_bridge] [patch] Bridge configuration update will c
o conf/82823              [patch] little addon for /etc/periodic/400.passwdless
o kern/82724   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] Add setnexthop and defaultrou
o bin/82720               [patch] Incorrect help output from growfs.c and mkfs.c
s ports/82661  portmgr    [patch] Add support to filter MASTER_SITES and PATCH_S
o bin/82491               [patch] bootpd(8) shouldn't ignore requests
s gnu/82484               [patch] for misleading man cvs
o conf/82228   roberto    [patch] order parsed ntpdate_hosts in /etc/rc.d/ntpdat
o bin/82185    net        [patch] ndp(8) can delete the incorrect entry
o bin/81709               [patch] lam(1) accepts -P but not -p
s bin/81692               [patch] [ata] atacontrol(8) support for disk APM and a
o docs/81611   doc        [patch] natd runs with -same_ports by default
o kern/81588              [kernel] [patch] Devices with SI_CHEAPCLONE flag don't
o bin/81495    gcooper    [patch] hexdump(1) format option does not allow litera
o stand/81287  standards  [patch] fingerd(8) might send a line not ending in CRL
s kern/81147   jfv        [net] [patch] em0 reinitialization while adding aliase
o bin/81035               [patch] boot0cfg emits bogus error
o usb/80935    usb        [uvisor] [patch] uvisor.c is not work with CLIE TH55.
o docs/80843   philip     [patch] psm(4): Suggested fix for psm0 / handle driver
o bin/80812               [request] [patch] add new util: getcap(1) (from OpenBS
o kern/80775              [patch] sysctl_handle_string should have a timeout
o usb/80774    usb        [patch] have "usbd_find_desc" in line with the other "
o bin/80732               [patch] getty(8) and telnetd(8) ignore the 'if' option
o kern/80694              [keyboard] [patch] atkbd looped on Acer TravelMate 270
o usb/80361    usb        [umass] [patch] mounting of Dell usb-stick fails
o kern/80269              [libtacplus] [patch] libtacplus tac_get_av_value will 
o bin/80117    randi      sysinstall(8): [patch] smbfs install option for sysins
p bin/79607    obrien     [patch] man(1) grok and default to bzip2-compressed ma
s kern/79339              [kernel] [patch] Kernel time code sync with improvemen
o bin/79232               [patch] WARNS6 clean libexec/comsat
o i386/79091   i386       [i386] [patch] Small optimization for i386/support.s
o stand/79055  stefanf    [feature request] [patch] Add an IFS regression test f
o usb/78984    usb        [umass] [patch] Creative MUVO umass failure
s kern/78884              [nfs] [patch] nfs client cache negative lookups
o kern/78787              [libc] [patch] sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) may return incorre
o bin/78785    ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) verbosity locks machine if /etc/rc.fir
o bin/78763    pjd        [patch] [jail] Added jail support to ps(1)
o kern/78673              [nfs] [patch] nfs client open resets attrstamp ever if
o kern/78646              [libmap] [patch] libmap should canonicalize pathnames 
o bin/78562               [patch] Add numerical sorting option to join(1)
o docs/78240   brd        [patch] handbook: replace <literal> with <quote> aroun
o bin/78170               [patch] Fix signal handler in bootpd(8)
o kern/78114              [geom] [patch] Solaris/x86 label structures for GEOM (
a bin/77651               [patch] init(8) can lose shutdown related signals
s kern/77195   net        [ipf] [patch] ipfilter ioctl SIOCGNATL does not match 
o bin/76711               [patch] rm(1): parse error in rm.c:check() while parsi
o kern/76678   dfr        [libpam] [patch] Allow pam_krb5 to authenticate no loc
o usb/76653    usb        [umass] [patch] Problem with Asahi Optical usb device 
o conf/76626              [patch] 460.status-mail-rejects shows destination doma
o kern/76539              [dummynet] [patch] ipnat + dummynet on output on same 
o bin/76362               [patch] sys directory link points to wrong location
o gnu/76169               [patch] Add PAM support to cvs pserver
o kern/76126              [nfs] [patch] 4.11 client will send a NFS request to r
o kern/75934              [libcrypt] [patch] missing blowfish functionality in p
o usb/75764    usb        [umass] [patch] "umass0: Phase Error" - no device for 
o docs/75711   keramida   [patch] opendir(3) missing ERRORS section
o bin/75258               [patch] dd(1) has not async signal safe interrupt hand
o kern/75122   silby      [netinet] [patch] Incorrect inflight bandwidth calcula
s kern/74986   jfv        [patch] sysctlize a parameter of if_em's interrupt mod
o kern/74786              [irq] [patch] Smartlink Modem causes interrupt storm o
s usb/74453    usb        [umass] [patch] Q-lity CD-RW USB ECW-043 (ScanLogic SL
o kern/74450              [libalias] [patch] enable libalias/natd to create skip
o bin/74360               [patch] ndiscvt(8) generates a driver which doesn't ma
o conf/74213   darrenr    [patch] Connect src/etc/periodic/security/610.ipf6deni
o bin/74178               [patch] grdc(6) - scrolling does not work and "AM"/"PM
o bin/74127               [patch] patch(1) may misapply hunks with too little co
o conf/74004              [patch] add fam support to inetd.conf
o conf/73786              [patch] added WARNING in spanish to stable-supfile
o conf/73677   rc         [patch] add support for powernow states to power_profi
o kern/73328   edwin      [patch] top(1) shows NICE as -111 on processes started
o kern/73004              [loader] [patch] PXE loader malfunction in multiple PX
o conf/72901              [patch]: dot.profile: prevent printing when doing an s
o kern/72585              [syscons] [patch] iso05-8x16.fnt lacks letter q
o conf/72465              [kbdmap] [patch] United States International keyboard 
o kern/72433              [amr] [patch] AMR raid, amrreg.h struct amr_enquery3 a
o conf/72277              [patch] update for /usr/share/skel
o conf/71994              [patch] dot.login: login shell may unnecessarily print
o bin/71749               [patch] truss -f causes circular wait when traced proc
o bin/71667               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/bootparamd code
o bin/71665               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/dconschat code
o bin/71661               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/keyserv code
o bin/71631               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppctl code
o bin/71630               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppd code
o bin/71628               [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpcbind code
o bin/71625               [patch] [nis] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpc.ypupdated co
o bin/71622               [patch] sicontrol(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/sicontro
o bin/71618               [patch] timed(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/timed code
o bin/71617               [patch] [nis] ypserv(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/ypser
o bin/71616               [patch] [nis] yp_mkdb(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/yp_m
o bin/71602               [patch] uninitialized "len" used instead of "slen" wit
s bin/71290    des        [patch] passwd(1) cannot change passwords other than N
o stand/70813  standards  [patch] ls(1) not Posix compliant
o kern/70810              [pci] [patch] Enable SMBus device on Asus P4B series m
o usb/70523    hselasky   [umct] [patch] umct sending/receiving wrong characters
o bin/70476               [patch] reboot(8) change, -p behavior default for halt
o bin/70245    ru         [patch] [build] Change to src/release/Makefile to aid 
p kern/70096   bde        [msdosfs] [patch] full msdos file system causes corrup
o bin/69986    sysinstall sysinstall(8): [patch] no job control in fixit shell o
o bin/69875               [patch] mlxcontrol(8): `mlxcontrol status <drivename>'
p docs/69861   trhodes    [patch] usr.bin/csplit/csplit.1 does not document POSI
o kern/69650              [patch] make getserv* functions work with nsdispatch
o bin/69398               [patch] login(1) cleartext display of password in logi
o bin/69268               [patch] Fix ndiscvt(8) to warn you if it's going to ge
o bin/69083               [patch] vi(1) basic modelines for contrib/nvi
o bin/69010               [patch] [build] Portability fixes for FreeBSD build ut
o usb/69006    usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB ports
a kern/68905   secteam    [patch] core dumps are assigned wrong ownership
o bin/68797               [patch] cut(1): fflush after each write if an option i
o bin/68586    dwmalone   [patch] allow syslogd(8) to forward to non-default por
o bin/68437               [patch] conscontrol(8) DEVDIR -> _PATH_DEV fix and mor
o bin/68328               [patch] syslogd(8) enable configuration of extra liste
s kern/68317              [kernel] [patch] on soft (clean) reboots clean dmesg o
o conf/68108              [patch] Adding mac-address /conf selector to diskless 
o kern/67830              [smp] [patch] CPU affinity problem with forked child p
o bin/67231               [patch] pam_krb5 doesn't honor default flags from /etc
o bin/66988               [patch] apm(8) check validation of the returned values
o kern/66960              [fdc] [patch] filesystems not unmounted during reboot 
o bin/66893               [patch] [nis] rpc.yppasswdd(8): Linux NIS clients conn
s ports/66566  portmgr    [PATCH] fix build when /usr/obj/usr/ports
s ports/66342  portmgr    [PATCH] fix ECHO_MSG breakage in java ports
p docs/66289   brueffer   [patch] lib/libc/gen/ualarm.3 refers to non-existent a
o kern/66268   glebius    [socket] [patch] Socket buffer resource limit (RLIMIT_
o kern/66225   net        [netgraph] [patch] extend ng_eiface(4) control message
o kern/66029   secteam    [crypto] [patch] MD5 alignment problem on a TriMedia p
o kern/65901   fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs fails fsx write/truncate-down/tr
o bin/65803    gad        [patch] ps(1) enhancements (posix syntax, and more)
f kern/65355              [pci] [patch] TC1000 serial ports need enabling
o bin/65228               [Patch] Allow rup(1) to parse hostnames from a defined
s kern/64875   standards  [libc] [patch] [request] add a system call: fdatasync(
a kern/64816              [nfs] [patch] mmap and/or ftruncate does not work corr
o bin/64327               [patch] make(1): document surprising behaviour of assi
o kern/64178   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue does not work with bpf when us
o kern/64114              [vga] [patch] bad vertical refresh for console using R
o kern/63863   glebius    [netgraph] [patch] [request] implement NGM_ELECTROCUTE
a bin/63197               [patch] tftp(1) Bus error, core dumped
a kern/62278              [nfs] [patch] NFS server may not set eof flag when rea
o bin/62077               [sound] [patch] Make it possible to abbreviate mixer(8
o i386/62003   brucec     [loader] [patch] make /boot/loader "reboot" code same 
o bin/61978    delphij    [patch] sync setkey(8) token.l with KAME
a kern/61744   andre      [netinet] [patch] TCP hangs onto mbufs with no tcp dat
s i386/61481              [patch] a mechanism to wire io-channel-check to userla
o docs/61301   doc        [patch] Manpage patch for aue(4) to enable HomePNA fun
o kern/61300              [aue] [patch] Enabling HomePNA PHY on aue(4) for HomeP
o bin/60892               [patch] added -p option to kldxref(8) to allow creatio
o bin/60834               [patch] ftpd(8) send_data()+oldway: anonymous transfer
o kern/60677   multimedia [sound] [patch] No reaction of volume controy key on I
o kern/60550   silby      [kernel] [patch] hitting process limits produces sub-o
p kern/60307              [pccard] [patch] wrong product id in pccarddevs for Sp
s kern/60293   net        [patch] FreeBSD arp poison patch
o bin/59777               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: potential username enumerat
o bin/59775               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: incorrect reply for "unimpl
o bin/59774               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: syslog facility may be chan
o bin/59772               [patch] ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: support for tcp_wrappers in
a kern/59739              [patch] [libc] rmdir(2) and mkdir(2) both return EISDI
o usb/59698    mav        [keyboard] [patch] Rework of ukbd HID to AT code trans
o conf/59600              [patch] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
o bin/59564               [patch] from(1) add option (-S) to also display subjec
o www/59307    remko      [patch] xml/xsl'ify & update publications page
o kern/59289              [bktr] [patch] ioctl METEORGBRIG in bktr_core.c forget
o docs/59240   blackend   [patch] [handbook] update: linux MATLAB
o bin/59220    obrien     [patch] systat(1) device select (:only) broken
o docs/59044   doc        [patch] does not properly handle a sour
o conf/58939   rc         [patch] dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o kern/58803              [kernel] [patch] kern.argmax isn't changeable even at 
o bin/58483               [patch] mount(8): allow type special or node relative 
o bin/58012               [patch] tftpd(8) Multihomed tftpd enhancement
o bin/57715               [patch] tcopy(1) enhancement
o kern/57631   jhb        [agp] [patch] boot failing for ALi chipsets
o kern/57522              [patch] New PID allocater algorithm from NetBSD
o conf/57517              [patch] add parameter for /etc/periodic/daily/210.back
s bin/57407               [patch] Better NTP support for dhclient(8) and friends
o docs/57298   doc        [patch] add using compact flash cards info to handbook
s bin/57255    usb        [patch] usbd(8) and multi-function devices
s bin/57018               [patch] convert growfs(8) to use libufs(3)
o conf/56934   rc         [patch] rc.firewall rules for natd expect an interface
o bin/56648               [patch] enable rcorder(8) to use a directory for locat
o stand/56476  standards  [patch] cd9660 unicode support simple hack
p kern/56451   des        [linprocfs] [patch] /compat/linux/proc/cpuinfo gives w
o bin/56447               [patch] extend mt(1) command for AIT-2 tape drives
o kern/56250              [ums] [patch] ums(4) doesn't work with MCT based PS/2 
s kern/55984   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] time based firewalling support for ipfw
o docs/55883   kensmith   [patch] handbook advanced-networking/chapter.sgml
s ports/55841  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ add routines to use ${PORTSDIR
o bin/55546               [patch] cdcontrol(1) play tr m:s.f interface is partia
o bin/55539               [patch] Parse fstab(5) with spaces in path names
f misc/55387              [build] [patch] users LD_LIBRARY_PATH can interfere wi
o conf/55015              [patch] 700.kernelmsg: Security check output enhacemen
o kern/54891              [libalias] [patch] libalias(3)/natd(8) and exporting c
o kern/54604   pjd        [kernel] [patch] make 'ps -e' procfs-independent
o bin/54594               [patch] make(1) apply regexps to the entire variable -
o docs/54461   kensmith   [patch] Possible additions to Handbook (Basics and Use
o kern/54439              [sysctl] [patch] Protecting sysctls variables by given
o conf/54170              [patch] error from weekly periodic script 330.catman
s stand/53682             [feature request] [patch] add fuser(1) utility
o bin/53341    sysinstall sysinstall(8): [patch] dump frequency in sysinstall is
s ports/52765  portmgr    [patch] Uncompressing manual pages may fail due too "a
o kern/52725              [patch] installincludes for kmods
s ports/52706  portmgr    [patch] issues warning if a site is explic
o kern/52623              [ex] [patch] IRQ error in driver for the Intel EtherEx
o bin/52517               [request] [patch] New functionality for mail(1)
s usb/51958    usb        [urio] [patch] update for urio driver
s kern/51341   remko      [ipfw] [patch] ipfw rule 'deny icmp from any to any ic
o ports/51152  portmgr    [patch] generic SHEBANG_FILES
o bin/51148               [patch] Control the cache size for pwd_mkdb(8) to spee
o bin/51137               [patch] config(8) should check if a scheduler is selec
o kern/51009              [aue] [patch] buggy aue driver fixed.
s kern/50827              [kernel] [patch] [request] add sane record locking
o docs/50773   jmg        [patch] NFS problems by jumbo frames to mention in bge
o kern/50526              [kernel] [patch] update to #! line termination
o kern/50310              [libalias] [patch] natd / libalias fix to allow dcc re
o bin/50300               [patch] make the loader(8) use of terminal-control seq
o docs/50211   doc        [patch] fix textfile creation
o misc/50106              [build] [patch] make 'make release' more flexible behi
o kern/49039              [sio] [patch] add support for RS485 hardware where dir
a bin/49023    gad        [patch] to lpd(8) (printjob.c) to pass source filename
s bin/48962    des        [patch] modify fetch(1) to allow bandwidth limiting
o kern/48599              [syscons] [patch] syscons cut-n-paste logic is broken
o kern/48471   pjd        [jail] [patch] [request] private IPC for every jail
o conf/48444              [patch] security.functions: count connection attempts 
o bin/48443    mtm        [patch] periodic(8) executes too many files
o conf/48325              [patch] /etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid doesn't w
o bin/48183               [patch] gdb(1) on a core(5)-file from a threaded proce
o kern/48172   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not log size and flags
o conf/48133              [patch] /etc/rc: improved vi recovery notification
o docs/48101   doc        [patch] Add documentation on the fixit disk
o bin/47815               [patch] stty(1) -all should work.
o docs/47594   remko      [patch] passwd(5) incorrectly states allowed username 
o bin/47576    edwin      [patch] factor(6)ing of negative numbers
o conf/47566              [vinum] [patch] add vinum status verification to perio
o bin/47540               [patch] Make natd(8) configurable in running state wit
a kern/47286              [request] [patch] make device probing verbose when usi
o kern/46973              [syscons] [patch] [request] syscons virtual terminals 
o bin/46758               [patch] moused(8) enhancements
o bin/46352               [patch] login(1) open file descriptors and signal hand
o bin/46328    gad        [patch] patch for lpd(8)
o kern/46159   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] ipfw dynamic rules lifetime f
o kern/45729              [libexec] [patch] make rbootd transfer the default fil
o conf/45704              [patch] request to change cp866b font to cp866
o bin/45529    gcooper    [patch] hexdump(1) core-dumps with certain args
o bin/45333               [patch] New option -r for chown(8) and chgrp(1)
o conf/45222              [patch] daily rejected mail hosts report too long
o docs/45011   trhodes    [patch] style(9): '->' and '.' don't require spaces
o gnu/44984    bugmeister [patch] send-pr(1) can use environmental variable $FRO
o stand/44365  standards  [headers] [patch] [request] introduce ulong and unchar
o kern/44267              [sio] [patch] One more modem PNP id for /usr/src/sys/i
o kern/44202              [rp] [patch] -stable rp driver does not work with mult
o conf/44170   rc         [patch] Add ability to run multiple pppoed(8) on start
o kern/43905   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueues: EV_SET(kevp++, ...) is non-i
o docs/43823   doc        [patch] update to environ(7) manpage
o bin/43819               [patch] changed truss(1) output for utrace calls
o kern/43616              [zlib] [patch] static-ize some functions in sys/net/zl
o bin/43582               [patch] passwd(1) fails on nonexistent users
o kern/43577              [kernel] [patch] [request] new kernel option SHUTDOWN_
o conf/43500              [patch] rc.syscons "allscreens" improvements
o bin/43434               [patch] new option to dmesg(8) which allows to display
o bin/43337    des        [patch] fetch(1) -s fails if -4 or possibly other opti
o bin/42974               [patch] syslogd(8): add ISO 8601 date format option
o kern/42429              [libc] [patch] hash_action called with HASH_DELETE doe
o kern/42422              [libc] [patch] dbm_delete returns -1 instead of 1 when
o kern/42387              [librpcsvc] [patch] cleaning code of librpcsvc from wa
o bin/42336               [patch] ISO-fication of /usr/src/contrib/tcp_wrappers:
o kern/42274              [kernel] [patch] Convert defined variable into tuneabl
a bin/41947    gcooper    [patch] hexdump(1) unprintable ASCII enhancement
o docs/41879   hrs        [patch] cleanup to DOCROOT/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl
o docs/41824   murray     [patch] LANG is not documented in setlocale(3)
o bin/41817               [patch] pw(8): pw groupshow doesn't include the login 
a bin/41583               [patch] mtree(8) assorted mtree bugs
o bin/41556    obrien     [patch] wtmp patch for ftpd(8)
o kern/41543   emulation  [patch] [request] easier wine/w23 support
o kern/41307              [libalias] [patch] logging of links lifecycle (add/del
o bin/41271               [patch] non-suid crontab(1)
o bin/41190               [patch] sed(1) report the { linenum instead of EOF lin
o bin/41159               [patch] new sed(1) -c option to allow ; as a separator
o conf/40777              [patch] disktab does not support 2.88MB floppies
o bin/40597               [patch] add fdisk(8) ability of showing extended parti
o kern/40369              [kernel] [patch] rman_reserve_resource - when "count >
s kern/40021              [build] [patch] use ld(1) to build kernel with linked-
o kern/40017              [patch] allows config(8) to specify config metadata di
o ports/39660  portmgr    [patch] add ${PKGNAMEPREFIX} to (DOCS|EXAMPLES)DIR
o conf/39505              [patch] automate BUILDNAME variable for releases
o bin/39463    mtm        [patch] Add several options to fingerd(8)
o kern/39252              [syscons] [patch] syscons doesn't support 8-bit contro
o kern/39201   emulation  [linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confu
o docs/38982   doc        [patch] developers-handbook/Jail fix
a bin/38727               [patch] mptable(1) should complain about garbage argum
a kern/38554   net        [patch] changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem to w
s kern/38347              [libutil] [patch] [request] new library function abs2r
o bin/38168               [patch] [request] installing curses-based versions of 
o gnu/37910    bugmeister [patch] make send-pr(1) respect &'s in /etc/{master.}p
o bin/37844               [patch] [build] make knob to not install progs with su
o conf/37569              [patch] Extend fstab(5) format to allow for spaces in 
o kern/37555              [kernel] [patch] vnode flags appear to be changed in n
o kern/37554   jmg        [vm] [patch] make ELF shared libraries immutable once 
o i386/37523   davidxu    [i386] [patch] lock for bios16 call and vm86call
o bin/37442               [patch] sleep(1) to support time multipliers
s kern/37441   davidxu    [isa] [patch] ISA PNP parse problem
o bin/37437               [patch] [request] Add HTTP-style support to vis(1)/unv
o bin/37083               [patch] [request] small improvement to talk(1): add cl
o kern/36952   emulation  [patch] [linux] ldd(1) command of linux does not work
o kern/36916   randi      [libdisk] [patch] DOS active partition flag lost in li
o kern/36902              [libc] [patch] proposed new format code %N for strftim
o bin/36556               [patch] regular expressions for tcpwrappers
o bin/36553    gad        [patch] [request] Two new features in newsyslog(8)
a kern/36451              [bktr] [patch] Japan IF frequency is incorrect
o kern/36415              [bktr] [patch] driver incorrectly handles the setting 
o bin/36374               [patch] apmd(8): fix core dumps, other improvements
o bin/36262               [patch] Fixed rusers(1) idle-time reporting to use min
o kern/36170              [an] [patch] an(4) does an_init() even if interface is
o bin/36143               [patch] moused(8): add dynamic (non linear) mouse acce
o bin/35886               [patch] pax(1) enhancement: custom time format for lis
o conf/35545              [periodic] [patch] enhanced periodic scripts: 100.clea
f misc/35542   bde        [build] [patch] BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
o kern/35289              [bktr] [patch] Brooktree device doesnt properly signal
o bin/35113               [patch] grdc(6) enhancement: countdown timer mode
o bin/35109    edwin      [patch] morse(6) add ability to decode morse code
o kern/34842              [nis] [patch] VmWare port + NIS causes "broadcast stor
o bin/34412               [patch] tftp(1) will still try and receive traffic eve
o kern/33965              [keyboard] [patch] programmable keys of the keyboard (
o bin/33809               [patch] mount_nfs(8) has trouble with embedded ':' in 
o bin/33774               [patch] for killall(1)
s docs/33589   doc        [patch] to to post process .tex files.
o bin/32808    dwmalone   [patch] tcpd.h lacks prototype for hosts_ctl
o bin/31987               [patch] allow dump(8) to notify operators by mail(1)
o kern/31981              [libc] [patch] (mis)feature in getnetent parsing -- co
o kern/31890              [syscons] [patch] new syscons font
o kern/31201              [libdisk] [patch] add free_space(chunk) to libdisk
o conf/30938              [patch] Improving behavior of /etc/periodic/daily/110.
o usb/30929    usb        [usb] [patch] use usbd to initialize USB ADSL modem
o bin/30654    gad        [patch] Added ability for newsyslog(8) to archive logs
o bin/30542               [patch] add -q option to shut up killall(1)
s threa/30464  threads    [patch] pthread mutex attributes -- pshared
o kern/30321              [patch] strftime(3) '%s' format does not work properly
o kern/30052              [dc] [patch] dc driver queues outgoing pkts indefinite
o bin/29897    des        [patch] pam_unix(8) loginclass passwd_prompt
s kern/29423              [request] [patch] new feature: kernel security hooks i
p bin/29363    simon      [patch] newsyslog(8) can support time as extension
f kern/29355              [kernel] [patch] add lchflags support
o bin/28789               [patch] last(1) does not filter for uucp connects
o bin/28364    bapt       [patch] flex(1) generated files fail to compile cleanl
o conf/28236              [patch] iso-8859-1_to_cp437.scm doesn't contain some u
o docs/27605   doc        [patch] Cross-document references (<olink>)
o bin/27306               [patch] hw watchpoints work unreliable under gdb(1)
o kern/26787              [patch] sysctl change request
o kern/26562              [lpt] [patch] /dev/lpt0 returns EBUSY when attempting 
o bin/26486    remko      [libc] [patch] setnetgrent hangs when netgroup contain
s bin/25477               [pam] [patch] pam_radius(8) fix to allow null password
f kern/24959   net        [patch] proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
o bin/24485               [patch] to make cron(8) handle clock jumps
o bin/23562    markm      [patch] telnetd(8) doesn't show message in file specif
o kern/23546   multimedia [sound] [snd_csa] [patch] csa DMA-interrupt problem
a bin/23254    bapt       [patch] yacc(1) accepts bad grammer
o conf/23063   net        [arp] [patch] for static ARP tables in
o kern/21998   net        [socket] [patch] ident only for outgoing connections
a kern/21807   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Make System attribute correspond to 
o conf/21675              [patch] Better and more disktab entries for MO drives
o bin/20501               [patch] dump(8) extra flag to dump to offline autoload
o kern/19756              [patch] Inability to use linux extended partition (typ
s kern/19535              [procfs] [patch] procfs_rlimit tidyup
o kern/18293              [psm] [patch] lack of versapad mouse wheel emulation
s bin/18100               [patch] update to src/usr.bin/from/from.c for multiple
f kern/17425              [ppbus] [patch] fix two small printing errors in ppbus
p bin/17363               [patch] crontab(1) leaves files in /var/cron/tabs when
o bin/17289    gad        [patch] wrong permissions on /var/run/printer
o kern/16644   dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] Bad comparison expression in bpf_filter.
o bin/16422               [patch] [request] newfs(8) always make root's / direct
o kern/15838   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Conversion tables in msdosfs_conv.c 
o bin/15168               [patch] Adding tracklist support to fdformat(1)
p conf/15010   keramida   [patch] rc.firewall: "client" firewall configuration k
a bin/14682    gad        [patch] lprm(1) unaware of lp(1) Environment Variables
s kern/13997   rwatson    [jail] [patch] RLIMIT_NPROC works unadequately for jai
s kern/13326              [headers] [patch] additional timespecs interfaces for 
s bin/13309               [patch] Fixes to nos-tun(8)
a bin/13128    portmgr    [patch] pkg_delete doesn't handle absolute pathnames c
s kern/12071   fanf       [net] [patch] new function: large scale IP aliasing
o bin/11294               [patch] logger(1) direct logging to other hosts
a kern/11024   mtm        [patch] getpwnam(3) uses incorrect #define to limit us
o bin/10611               [patch] timed(8) enhancement
o bin/10030    markm      [patch] Kerberized telnet fails to encrypt when a host
o kern/9679               [portalfs] [patch] fix for uninterruptible open in por
o kern/9570    dfr        [ed] [patch] ed(4) irq config enhancement
o bin/8867     randi      sysinstall(8): [patch] /stand/sysinstall core dumps (s
o bin/4420     imp        [patch] find(1) -exedir doesn't chdir for first entry
o bin/4116                [patch] [kerberos] Kerberized login as <user>.root fai
s kern/2298               [sio] [patch] [request] support for DSR/DCD swapping o
o bin/2090                [patch] [nis] clients may bind to FreeBSD ypserv refus
a bin/1375     dteske     [patch] Extraneous warning from mv(1)

1930 problems total.

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