kernel: panic: softdep_sync_buf: Unknown type jnewblk

António Trindade antonio.trindade at
Fri Jan 27 01:09:05 UTC 2012


I recently updated my system to FreeBSD-9.0 and activated softupdate journaling for a number of file systems (name /home, /var, /usr).

Since then I have been experiencing kernel panics:
kernel: panic: softdep_sync_buf: Unknown type jnewblk

Yesterday, Jan 26th, I got 6 (six) automatic reboots due to these kernel panics.

I have now disabled softupdates journaling in the hope that the panics disappear.

I am sorry for not providing more information about the panic, but I'll gladly try to gather more info if instructed how to.

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António Trindade
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