bin/164185: [patch] regression: sysinstall(8) is still built and installed with WITHOUT_SYSINSTALL=YES

Pierre Guinoiseau pierre at
Sun Jan 15 20:10:10 UTC 2012

>Number:         164185
>Category:       bin
>Synopsis:       [patch] regression: sysinstall(8) is still built and installed with WITHOUT_SYSINSTALL=YES
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Jan 15 20:10:09 UTC 2012
>Originator:     Pierre Guinoiseau <pierre at>
>Release:        FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE amd64
System: FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE #0 r229830M: Mon Jan 9 01:23:19 CET 2012 root at amd64


On FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE and 9-STABLE, sysinstall(8) is still built and installed
if WITHOUT_SYSINSTALL is defined in /etc/src.conf. This didn't occured on
branch 8, and no longer occur on current (obviously). Revision 212525 seems to
be the origin of this regression. The attached patch fixes it.

Please note also that sysinstall cannot build if WITHOUT_SYSCONS is defined, we
may need to add a condition test for this too.


- add WITHOUT_SYSINSTALL=YES in /etc/src.conf
- make buildworld installworld for 9.0-RELEASE or 9-STABLE
- /usr/sbin/sysinstall is installed



--- usr.sbin-Makefile-sysinstall.diff begins here ---
Index: Makefile.sparc64
--- Makefile.sparc64	(revision 229830)
+++ Makefile.sparc64	(working copy)
@@ -5,4 +5,5 @@
 SUBDIR+=	ofwdump
 .if ${MK_SYSINSTALL} != "no"
 SUBDIR+=	sade
+SUBDIR+=	sysinstall
Index: Makefile
--- Makefile	(revision 230152)
+++ Makefile	(working copy)
@@ -290,8 +290,6 @@
 SUBDIR+=	sendmail
-SUBDIR+=	sysinstall
 .if ${MK_TOOLCHAIN} != "no"
 SUBDIR+=	config
 SUBDIR+=	crunch
Index: Makefile.i386
--- Makefile.i386	(revision 229830)
+++ Makefile.i386	(working copy)
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 SUBDIR+=	pnpinfo
 .if ${MK_SYSINSTALL} != "no"
 SUBDIR+=	sade
+SUBDIR+=	sysinstall
 SUBDIR+=	sicontrol
 SUBDIR+=	spkrtest
Index: Makefile.amd64
--- Makefile.amd64	(revision 229830)
+++ Makefile.amd64	(working copy)
@@ -29,5 +29,7 @@
 SUBDIR+=	spkrtest
 .if ${MK_SYSINSTALL} != "no"
 SUBDIR+=	sade
+SUBDIR+=	sysinstall
 SUBDIR+=	zzz
--- usr.sbin-Makefile-sysinstall.diff ends here ---


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