bug in rc-script

Dr. A. Haakh bugReporter at Haakh.de
Sun Jan 15 15:34:56 UTC 2012

Recently I found the reason for an old bug, which I could not trace down 
for a long time:
the rc-script for freenet6 caused the trouble. Runnung rcoder (a tool 
which was mentioned on a mailing-list) revealed a lot of 'circular 
dependencies' which messed up the rc-system.
# PROVIDE: freenet6
# BEFORE: ip6addrctl
# KEYWORD: shutdown
Deactivating 'BEFORE' solved the problem for me but the question arose: 
how could this happen?

Porters Handbook chapter "6.23 Starting and stopping services (rc 
scrips)" references rcoder but in chapter "6.23.2 Pre-Commit-Checklist" 
containing many good proposals an explicit hint to run rcorder on an 
included rc-file is missing.

Tinderbox misses this error as well and probably portlint too.

So here is my proposal:
add an item to the Pre-Commit-Checklist to run rcorder, modify portlint 
and/or tinderbox to check rc-files.

I will file a bugreport for freenet6, what about the rest?


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