bin/163997: mergemaster(8): harcoded source tree path in 'mergemaster -p'

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dFo> Synopsis: mergemaster(8): harcoded source tree path in 'mergemaster -p'

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dFo> You need to use the -m option.

dFo> If you do non-standard things, you can't expect the standard instructions
dFo> to apply. :)

dFo> Doug


oh, you are right, I miss it
     -m /path/to/sources
                 Specify the path to the directory where you want to do the
                 make(1).  (In other words, where your sources are, but -s was
                 already taken.)  In previous versions of mergemaster you
                 needed to specify the path all the way to src/etc.  Starting
                 with r186678 you only need to specify the path to src.
                 mergemaster will convert the path for you if you use the old

but, I think, it would be nice if:
first check ./ for source tree and use it.

because of making world, kernel
make buildworld
make buildkernel
assums you are in /path/to/source directory
so it will be right to assum that you are in /path/to/source directory
and for 'mergemaster -p'

in other world: assume ./ as srouce directory instead of /usr/src

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