kern/165399: turn off port on SWITCH do not change status of igb

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Thu Feb 23 23:34:59 UTC 2012

When the driver is loaded it looks at the link state just once, I did this
as sort of
a compromise, it will set the state based on what it sees at that time, but
no changes
to hardware state will be noticed from that point on until interrupts are



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> VJ>  This is not a bug, it's a side-effect of design. Until you bring the
> interf=
> VJ>  ace up interrupts are not enabled, hence there is no way to see and
> respond=
> VJ>   to the link change event. If you bring the port up just by doing an
> `ifcon=
> VJ>  fig igbX up` and try it again you'll see the status will change.
> Ok, I agree with that that port do no reacion until it is 'UP'
> but why it do reaction when port on switch is turned ON?
> SW PORT is OFF      -----------   status link is no carrier
> SW PORT is ON       -----------   status link is active
>      (why react despite on interrupts is off???)
> SW PORT is OFF      -----------   status link is active
>      (do not react because of interrupts is off)
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