deadlock with both ports on x520-t2 brought up

Iordan Iordanov iordan at
Fri Feb 17 16:03:57 UTC 2012


This is more of a question about how to provide you with more 
information than a proper bug-report. What we've found is that with 
FreeBSD 9.0, when we bring up both ports of a 10GbaseT Intel x520-t2 
adapter, and we start pushing data through them with (for example) 
iperf, processes start to deadlock and become un-killable. So far in our 
limited testing, bringing up only one port on the adapter does not seem 
to cause the same trouble.

The interesting thing is that the same symptoms are repeated with 
Debian/KfreeBSD 6.0, which uses BSD kernel 8.1.

Any ideas on how we can gather information for you? Has anybody 
experienced anything similar and can share information?

Many thanks!
Iordan Iordanov
System Administrator,
University of Toronto

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