bin/164526: kill(1) can not kill process despite on -KILL

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Thu Feb 2 09:14:20 UTC 2012

Здравствуйте, Alan.

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AD> Subject: Re: bin/164526: kill(1) can not kill process despite on -KILL
AD> Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 08:13:54 +0100

AD>  Коньков Евгений wrote:
 >> repeated again:
 >> bug is repeateable:
 >> 1. radiusd + mod_perl + is connects to FireBird) +
AD>    Why?  FreeRADIUS has native support for all major SQL servers.
AD>  There's no need to use a Perl plugin.
 >> FireBIrd
 >> 2. restart firebird
 >> 3. try to restart radiusd
 >> 4. process in fall into STOP state
AD>    You've built a system which has a lot of components.  The problem
AD>  could be anywhere.
AD>    I'll note that I've *never* seen this problem when using the native
AD>  SQL plugins which are shipped with FreeRADIUS.
AD>    Alan DeKok.

sorry: mod_perl => rlm_perl which configured as:

cat modules/perl
perl {
        module = ${confdir}/

cat sites/default
authorize {
accounting {


and in do:

# Function to handle accounting
sub accounting {
 my $result;

 doLog( L_INFO, "$dbh_fb: start accounting" );
 $result= RLM_MODULE_OK;

# $RAD_REPLY{'mpd-Update-Interim-Interval'} = '60';
# $RAD_REPLY{'mpd-Drop-User'} = 'Yes';.
 if( changePacket( $RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'} ) ) {
   $RAD_REPLY{'mpd-drop-user'}= 1;

 doLog( L_INFO, "$dbh_fb: finish accounting" );
 if ($result) {return $result; }...

#------------------------          UPDATE ONLINE
sub updateOnline{
#!my ($sql, $query, $packet);
$_= $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Status-Type'};
 /Interim-Update|Stop/ && do {
   my $termCause= $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Status-Type'} eq 'Stop' ? $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Terminate-Cause'} || 'User-Request' : 'OnLine';
   my $trafIn= $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Input-Octets'} + 2**32*$RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Input-Gigawords'};
   my $trafOut= $RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Output-Octets'} + 2**32*$RAD_REQUEST{'Acct-Output-Gigawords'};

   doLog( L_INFO, "$dbh_fb: update online status for '$RAD_REQUEST{'User-Name'}'" );
   $dbh_fb->do( $QR_UPDATE_ONLINE_STATUS, undef,.
      )  or doLog( L_INFO, "DO UPDATE ONLINE FB $DBI::errstr" );

I just connect to DB and update session info.

But maybe this may lock system?

sub doLog {
 my( $level, $message )= @_;

 my $datetime= localtime();
 radiusd::radlog( $level, $message );
 `echo "$datetime: $message" >> "/var/log/radius/radius.kes.log"`;

С уважением,
 Коньков                          mailto:kes-kes at

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