bin/170651: On 9.0-RELEASE#0 and master sh(1) gobbles high bit at first

Steffen Daode Nurpmeso sdaoden at
Sat Aug 25 14:24:10 UTC 2012

Yes thanks, Mark Linimon told me almost the same in a private
mail, but since it seems all those indeed ended up on the list, i
guess it was a confidential mismatch ;

I've finally found the solution to *my* problem: i did not
uncomment my .login_conf and so the initial locale setting was C.
Since all the five setlocale() calls that
happen before the first prompt appears are actually performed
before the sh(1) initialization scripts are loaded any
environmental change on LANG and LC_* is not yet incorporated at
that time.  Stupid me, i only had to copy over the config file
from my FreeBSD 5.3 config file repo, but forgot it.  (First new
in eight years, so i stepped slowly instead of doing a bunch cp(1).)

So this is why my patch worked -- libedits map_init_nls() is
evaluated again and the isprint(3) therein is true in the then
updated locale.  But this is not an issue with FreeBSDs sh(1) as
this is supposed to work that way -- is it?  I.e., prioritization
of login.conf(5) against .profile (/.shrc).  But anyway this is a
different topic, here i was simply too stupid to get that right.

So this PR can be closed by someone who can, and i'm rather sorry
for the noise.  Miau.


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