misc/167200: source upgrade from RELENG_7 to RELENG_8 broken for no reason

Eugene Grosbein eugen at grosbein.net
Sun Apr 22 13:00:27 UTC 2012

>Number:         167200
>Category:       misc
>Synopsis:       source upgrade from RELENG_7 to RELENG_8 broken for no reason
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Apr 22 13:00:26 UTC 2012
>Originator:     Eugene Grosbein
>Release:        FreeBSD 8.3-PRERELEASE amd64
System: FreeBSD grosbein.pp.ru 8.3-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 8.3-PRERELEASE #19: Tue Mar 20 03:24:04 NOVT 2012 root at grosbein.pp.ru:/usr/local/obj/usr/local/src/sys/DADV amd64


	src/lib/libc/stdlib/Makefile.inc use '.sinclude' directive
	that's not supported by make(1) of RELENG_7, so make buildworld
	fails while one performs source upgrade from 7.4-STABLE to 8.3-STABLE.

	This breakage is easily fixed by applying to RELENG_8 reversed
	version of patch:


	Please make this 'no-op' change to save users from extra cycle
	in the chain 7.4-STABLE -> 8.0-RELEASE -> 8-STABLE.

	Or, perform MFC to RELENG_8 of recent make(1) sources that supporrt
	'.sinclude' directive.


	Try to make buildworld of RELENG_8 sources using 7.4 machine.


	Apply this to RELENG_8:

--- lib/libc/stdlib/Makefile.inc.orig	2012-04-22 17:56:26.000000000 +0700
+++ lib/libc/stdlib/Makefile.inc	2012-04-22 17:56:26.000000000 +0700
@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@
 SYM_MAPS+= ${.CURDIR}/stdlib/Symbol.map
 # machine-dependent stdlib sources
-.sinclude "${.CURDIR}/${MACHINE_ARCH}/stdlib/Makefile.inc"
+.if exists(${.CURDIR}/${MACHINE_ARCH}/stdlib/Makefile.inc)
+.include "${.CURDIR}/${MACHINE_ARCH}/stdlib/Makefile.inc"
 MAN+=	a64l.3 abort.3 abs.3 alloca.3 atexit.3 atof.3 atoi.3 atol.3 bsearch.3 \
 	div.3 exit.3 getenv.3 getopt.3 getopt_long.3 getsubopt.3 \

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