kern/160420: msk0: phy write timeout on HP 5310m

Oliver Pinter oliver.pntr at
Sat Sep 3 12:44:08 UTC 2011

and when booting from battary without power cord, then timed out too

On 9/3/11, FreeBSD-gnats-submit at
<FreeBSD-gnats-submit at> wrote:
> Thank you very much for your problem report.
> It has the internal identification `kern/160420'.
> The individual assigned to look at your
> report is: freebsd-bugs.
> You can access the state of your problem report at any time
> via this link:
>>Category:       kern
>>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>>Synopsis:       msk0: phy write timeout on HP 5310m
>>Arrival-Date:   Sat Sep 03 12:00:26 UTC 2011

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