8.2 (amd64) - Unable to find device node /dev/ad4s1b

hany ramadan hramadan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 00:43:44 UTC 2011


I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 8.2 (amd64) on a Shuttle SH55J2 with
2 SATA disks.

I get an error message when it's trying to write partitioning information.

Not all device nodes are created properly, it seems.

I've tried  32-bit  8.2,  and it works like a charm.
I've also tried 64-bit but on the slightly-older  8.1, and that works too.

PC-BSD  8.2 also works without a hitch (even when installing "server
only"),   and even OpenBSD 4.9 works fine.

So I'm thinking it's not really anything wrong with the machine, but
rather perhaps the software..

Is this potentially a regression with 64-bit  FreeBSD 8.2  ?


p.s. I realize there's a new installer in 9  (which is built on gpart)
,  but a non-STABLE  OS is not an option for this machine.

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