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Sat Jun 18 16:23:38 UTC 2011

Currently, I have issues mailing to *, so please reply to
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I have started looking at FreeBSD bug reports recently to improve my
skills in C, to learn more about operating systems which I am
concentrating on at university and, at some point, contribute should my
abilities permit (tired of being consumer of other's work only).
I am not entirely sure I am addressing the right list, setting my issue
on the right track will be much appreciated, ;-)

I have analysed
as an excercise and found a hard string limit to be encoded into
traceroute.c, checking whether the hostname passed to traceroute is
longer than 64 (traceroute line 1621, cf.
The same code can be found in NetBSD and probably some more programs,
as traceroute appears to be rather old code (Tue Dec 20 03:50:13 PST
1988 according to comment).

Reading futher, I noticed, that inet_addr() was used to get IP from the
hostname. I have not found any resources hinting that inet_addr() was
not able to deal with hostnames longer than 64. although there is a
report of a tracesroute (similar?) that could produce buffer overflows
with long hostnames.

Experimentally, I have removed the offending lines, compiled a world
and ran the new traceroute with the example Igor
<freebsd at> provided, i.e., 

 traceroute to
 (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  speedport.ip (  0.419 ms  0.442 ms  0.442 ms
 2 (  37.232 ms  37.396 ms  36.645 ms
 3 (  38.319 ms  38.672 ms  37.741 ms
 4 d-ec1-i.D.DE.NET.DTAG.DE (  38.376 ms
 (  38.495 ms (
 38.839 ms
 5 (  56.736 ms  38.338 ms 38.484 ms
 6 (  134.724 ms (  132.715 ms  133.687 ms
 (  131.050 ms  130.681 ms  129.450 ms
 8 (  149.687 ms  150.815
 ms (  163.629 ms
 9 (  152.538 ms
 150.338 ms (
 151.741 ms
10  * * *
11  * * * 
12  * * * 
13  * * * 
14  * * * 
15  * * *
16  * *^C

after which, as you can see, I aborted. The hostname looks like some
dialup line host, which may or may not be online (and according to a
ping, isn't). It can be seen, that the function called after that
ominous < 64 check, inet_addr(), returns what appears to be a valid ip.

I can imagine several reasons for forbidding any hostnames > 64, among
others, limited resources on machines at the time of traceroute being
written (1988) or, more importantly, security considerations similar to
the buffer overflow issue I found on the net. I can find no issues
regarding hostname-lenght in inet_addr(), though.

As I am new to this kind of work, I still (and will probably for some
time) need help. Can somebody advise me on if and if, where, to conduct
further research on the nature of the !> 64 issue and if and if, how,
to analyse possible security considerations of that !>64 issue?
Futhermore, should nobody have any ideas on my fix being dangerous or
not, how can I have my fix reviewed more thoroughly (and possibly

Thank you for our help, have a nice weekend, cheers
Christopher J. Ruwe
TZ GMT + 2

Christopher J. Ruwe
TZ GMT + 2
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