kern/157534: [mpt] freeze when disk is removed/died from geom_mirror/zfs raid

Eugene M. Zheganin eugene at
Tue Jun 7 13:10:12 UTC 2011

The following reply was made to PR kern/157534; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Eugene M. Zheganin" <eugene at>
To: bug-followup at, eugene at
Subject: Re: kern/157534: [mpt] freeze when disk is removed/died from geom_mirror/zfs
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2011 19:00:19 +0600

 Seems like its more zfs-related freeze. geom_mirror(4) seems to be able 
 to detect that one of the providers is gone in about a minute.
 When dealing with a zfs mirrored pool, the console is constantly updated 
 with these messages:
 mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req 0xffffff80002be9c0:2484
 mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req 0xffffff80002be6f0:2483
 mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req 0xffffff80002be810:2482
 mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req 0xffffff80002bde80:2481
 mpt0: abort of req 0xffffff80002bde80:0 completed
 mpt0: request 0xffffff80002be660:2486 timed out for ccb 
 0xffffff00035ea800 (req>ccb 0xffffff00035ea800)
 mpt0: request 0xffffff80002be930:2487 timed out for ccb 
 0xffffff00035da000 (req>ccb 0xffffff00035da000)
 mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req 0xffffff80002aff30:2582
 mpt0: abort of req 0xffffff80002aff30:0 completed2486 function 0
 mpt0: request 0xffffff80002afb40:2584 timed out for ccb 
 0xffffff00035c0000 (req>ccb 0xffffff00035c0000)
 mpt0: attempting to abort req 0xffffff80002afb40:2584 function 0
 mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req 0xffffff80002afb40:2584
 This is 100% reproduceable.
 Unfortunately, I got like 11 of these servers. I can provide root ssh 
 and local console (vie IP KVM) to one of them, along with my help in any 
 destructive testing.

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