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March 31, 2010


Featured Film
How Do You Cope?
TT: Voices - "The R-Word"
Simple Truth
TT: On the Road
TT: Pic from the Road



Here's the latest from the TEEN TRUTH newsroom:

Sacramento Film Fest 2010 []

The Sacramento International Film Festival will be presenting the award-winning 
film TEEN TRUTH: AN INSIDE LOOK AT BODY IMAGE during their Kick Off & Preview Day
at Sacramento State University on April 11 at 1pm.
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for more info!


TEEN TRUTH will be presenting at these upcoming conferences:

Santa Fe Springs
Diversity Summit
April 19-20, 2010
Santa Fe Springs, California
Nevada State Student Council Conference
April 22-24, 2010
Denver, Colorado

Boost 2010 []

BOOST Conference []
April 28-May 1
Palm Springs, California
Rachel's Challenge []
Rachel's Challenge Summit []
June 23-26, 2010
Denver, Colorado
The Principals' Partnership []
The Principals' Partnership Conference []
July 11-14, 2010
Palm Springs, California


"I was just speechless after watching such a well put together presentation. TEEN
TRUTH: BULLY & SCHOOL VIOLENCE is definitely one of the best presentations I've 
ever seen and touched my heart. It made me realize that this is reality and such
 things are possible anywhere, anytime. My heart was moved by your story as well.
And it comes to show that most things should be expressed rather then kept inside.
Thanks so much for presenting this issue, we really appreciate it :) Keep up the
 great work!
- Hosay Mehnat,
Student at Bayside HS
"Thanks for coming to Bayside HS today. TEEN TRUTH: BULLY & SCHOOL VIOLENCE made
 a great impact on my life as well as other students. The presentation gave me many
chills, it really had me think of all the things I do and how it impacts others.
 It has inspired me to change and have more respect for people. Thank you."
- Gregory Mogollon,
Student at Bayside HS


TEEN TRUTH filmmaking team, Erahm Christopher and JC Pohl, recommend the following
film because it made them think
Directed by:

Tony Kaye
Written by:
David McKenna
Released in 1998, this gritty drama made us THINK about how easily hatred can
be inherited from family members and how difficult it can be to reverse a destructive
state of mind. When Derek returns from prison he
discovers his brother is caught in the same influences that landed him
in prison and must risk his life to save him. In the end, it made us
THINK how our similarities are more important than our differences. Please watch
 it and let us know if it made YOU think.
Parental Guidance Suggested.


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Pressure at home. Pressure at school. Pressure from friends.
How do you cope with it? Do you stuff it down and pretend that it's not there? Do
you take it out on the people you love most? Or do you take care of yourself and
 find support?
We all handle stress and pressure differently. But it's not what happens to us that
defines us, it's how we deal with it that counts.
As you'll see from the TESTIMONIALS, SIMPLE TRUTH, FEATURED FILM, and VOICE in this
report, taking care of ourselves is a life-long journey.
TEEN TRUTH is committed to empowering youth to make a difference in their worlds
 by giving them a VOICE and challenging them to think differently.
Read about Danielle, the student featured below, who is a Special Olympics athlete
committed to ending the use of the "R-word".
We hope you'll take a cue from Danielle and tell someone if you're hurting. And 
if you see someone in need - reach out to them.
Life isn't something you have to do alone.


Student Danielle Liebl tells her TRUTH in this month's

have the right to freedom of speech; we have the right to say what we
want with out people getting on our backs."
This was said by a high
school senior, when the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign came
to his school. Special Olympics joined with a coalition of other
supporters and started the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign
to educate youth about the derogatory misuse of the word "retard".
Even though there are thousands of pledges to stop the R-word, there
are just as many opposing the campaign.
As a person with a disability
I have encountered bullying many times, whether it is the way I adapt
to my surroundings or because I stand up for what I believe in, there
always happens to be one terminology that bullies love to call me, "retard".
Whether they say it to my face or to an inanimate object, it hurts. Many
people do not realize the word is a medical term to describe someone
with a disability; it is not a synonym for stupid.

am not the only one that feels so strongly about the word either, as
one young man puts it, "I have an intellectual disability, but I am
not the R-word." In my mind when you mock someone's diagnosis, you
are bullying, whether you intended it that way or not. The word "retard"
is a common term among students yet no one sees that it is bullying. Now we say 
enough, enough to the derogatory misuse of our
Just like you have the freedom of speech, we have the freedom
not to be bullied.
- Danielle Liebl, 19-year-old Senior
Rocori High School in Cold Spring, Minnesota
Danielle is a member of the Youth Activation Committee for Special Olympics International,
where youth empower youth to promote acceptance for people with disabilities in 


Please read the latest SIMPLE TRUTH
from our featured professional contributor
"Life is a journey, not a destination."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
It's a struggle.
Chances are, it will always be a struggle.
I'm talking about the image we have of
ourselves, of our bodies. No magic pills or potions can change who we
are. The more readily we accept this, the easier it is to free ourselves from the
chains that bind us to unreasonable expectations.
I am a personal trainer. This is a fairly
new career for me. I have done other things in life. I have crossed
paths with many people over the years. Pretty much everyone that I have
met has struggled in some way with their body, and the image they have
of it.
Why is it never good enough?
There is a lot of pressure in our society,
in our culture, to look a certain way. Is this necessary? Is it realistic? You know
what I'm going to say... NO! I don't know about
you but I'm really tired of it all. I'm tired of worrying about
how I look. I'm tired of wondering what people think. And, the kicker
is I've been at this a long time now and it still gets to me.
The bottom line is that "life is a
journey, not a destination". Our journey includes
roads and paths through health and fitness and image.
Our bodies are amazing machines. That's
the image we need to have in our brains - amazing machines. Our goal
in life, our goal for the journey is to keep that machine operating
as well as we can at all times, keep it functional - so that we can
feel our best.
When you feel good, the struggle, the
one with the image you have of yourself, is minimized. That's
when the journey gets a little easier.
What do YOU think?
- Professional Contributor Laurie Sweig
co-founded the Point for Fitness in Ottawa,
Canada, where she manages the
teaches Spinning classes, and provides
personal training

April 2010

4/5:   BULLY - Palms Middle School - Los Angeles, CA
4/6:   BULLY - Magnolia Science Academy - Los Angeles, CA
4/7:   BULLY - Sutter Middle School - Canoga Park, CA
4/14: BULLY - LAUSD Student Expulsion Support Services - Los Angeles, CA
4/15: DRUGS - Oak Avenue Intermediate School - Temple City, CA
4/15: BULLY - Bialik High School - Montréal, QC
4/16: DRUGS - Gonzalo Mendez Learning Center - Los Angeles, CA
4/16: BULLY - Fresno City School - Fresno, CA
4/17: BULLY - Cerca Trova Conference - Fresno, CA
4/19: BULLY - Santa Fe Springs Diversity Summit - Santa Fe Springs, CA
4/20: BULLY - Santa Fe Springs Diversity Summit - Santa Fe Springs, CA
4/23: BULLY - NV State Student Council Conference - Spring Creek, NV
4/28: BULLY - Thousand Oaks High School - Thousand Oaks, CA
4/29: BULLY - BOOST Annual Conference - Palm Springs, CA
4/29: BULLY - Frost Middle School - Granada Hills, CA
4/30: BULLY - Magnolia Science Academy - Reseda, CA


>From coast to coast, TEEN TRUTH hits the road,
challenging teens to think differently!

JC Pohl and Erahm Christopher bring TEEN TRUTH LIVE to thousands of students every

THANK YOU for your support and interest in TEEN TRUTH!
Our mission is to impact the lives of TEENS in a meaningful, lasting way by giving
them a voice, challenging them to think differently and empowering them to MAKE 
It is with you that we can truly BE THE DIFFERENCE.
Our Best,

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