usb/144280: boot0cfg not USB aware

Remko Lodder remko at
Sun Mar 7 09:56:15 UTC 2010

> You have a very limited view point of what is USB problem. I don't see 
> it as a bios problem. For sure the problem is in the boot0cfg code and 
> for sure IT IS A USB PROBLEM. Now if you want to change this to am 
> different group then you are welcome to do so. But as the original 
> reporter of the PR I don't have the authority to make that change.

You got issues in the past with developers and the community of FreeBSD, you are again
starting being an ass. If you want help, act normally. HPS is the authorative person about
USB these days in our group. If he states this clear that it's not USB related (not USB code
related) then he is most likely right. If you disagree you should base that on facts and point
that out to him in a correct way.

There are people booting from USB sticks these days, so it's more likely a corner edge where
your stuff doesn't get detected properly.


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