BTX loader issue

Remko Lodder remko at
Tue Mar 2 19:04:02 UTC 2010

On Mar 2, 2010, at 7:56 PM, Rick Chisholm wrote:

> Thanks for the response.
> I did not see any PRs specifically mentioning this hardware.  I did try to 
> submit a bug report, but the reporting tool gave me an error, after trying a 
> few times I gave up.
> The hardware in question is a new HP DC5850 SFF desktop - AMD Athlon X2 5400, 
> 160GB SATA (Seagate).

I am not sure what caused that, though, you cannot say for sure that the BTX loader does not
work when you didn't try. It works for most people, but some systems do not work; given the
amount of users versus reports, I think it's more exception then rule.

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