kern/143184: [zfs] [lor] zfs/bufwait LOR

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Mon Jan 25 11:58:14 UTC 2010

Archive followup in -stable:

On 2010-Jan-25 11:24:11 +0200, Kostik Belousov <kostikbel at> wrote:
>On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 07:07:00PM +1100, Peter Jeremy wrote:
>> I had the following crop up recently in 8-STABLE/amd64 from end of
>> November.  It's been reported as kern/143184.
>Basically, page containing the buffer for read(2) is swapped out.
>This causes page fault in copyout(9) and entry into vm subsystem
>while zfs vnode lock is held.
>If the buffer is backed by e.g. UFS vnode instead of anonymous
>memory, you would get UFS/zfs LOR.
>The problem is generic, I am working on the solution in collaboration
>with Peter Holm, basing on the Jeff Roberson idea.

Peter Jeremy
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