kern/142728: Panic: Fatal trap 12 in g_io_request

Henry Wong hwong at
Wed Jan 13 03:27:33 UTC 2010

I'm new at trying to find kernel panics.  As I said, I cannot seem
to get a dump.  From looking at the Instruction pointer, it looks like
the g_io_request function is attempting to work with a g_consumer
that refers to a g_provider that has been freed.  The "pp" points off
to a page that is not in its address space (trap 12) or doens't belong
to it (trap 9).  The instruction pointer refers to the attempt to retrieve
pp->name as the parameter for the g_trace(G_T_BIO, ... ).

Since the process that is listed as the "current process"
varies a lot, I suspect that the trap is being caused by some event
such as an interrupt.

Could someone please give me some hints on how I might proceed
to 1) get more information or 2) get this problem to a point where
it can be diagnosed and resolved.

Thank you,


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