New USB ums driver returns incorrect value on probe

Michael Grant Michael.Grant at
Mon Jan 11 07:01:12 UTC 2010

Good day,

I am trying to port an excellent driver for a HID peripheral to the new USB stack on 8.0 and noticed some strange behaviour:
  The device, by default, operates as a mouse and only once a sensible driver communicates to it will the device enter an extended mode.  The interesting thing is that this device is never given to the driver to be probed.

I notice in the DEVICE_PROBE(9) man page: "If a success code of zero is returned, the driver can assume that it will be the one attached".

Now looking in /usr/src/sys/dev/usb/input/ums.c

if ((uaa->info.bInterfaceSubClass == UISUBCLASS_BOOT) &&
  (uaa->info.bInterfaceProtocol == UIPROTO_MOUSE))
    return (0);

I think the return value should be BUS_PROBE_DEFAULT and not 0, after all the ums driver is generic.

I have not submitted a PR, should I do that as well or is a post to this list sufficient?

Kind regards, 

Mike Grant.
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