conf/142578: [termcap] [patch] Re-apply changes from r175161 (making End work in ncurses apps)

Yuri Pankov yuri.pankov at
Sun Jan 10 17:00:17 UTC 2010

>Number:         142578
>Category:       conf
>Synopsis:       [termcap] [patch] Re-apply changes from r175161 (making End work in ncurses apps)
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Jan 10 17:00:16 UTC 2010
>Originator:     Yuri Pankov
>Release:        FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT amd64
System: FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #3 r201546: Tue Jan 5 09:53:26 MSK 2010 yuri at amd64
Re-apply changes from r175161. Log:
- Remove kH and *6 from xterm. They are defined to the same key as @7 (kp_end).
  As ncurses has the limitation that it returns the first matched key symbol,
  you can not use END in ncurses based program, like mutt, with xterm.
- Add @8 (kp_enter) definition for xterm so you can use ENTER in xterm with
  ncurses based program.

I also found that NetBSD's xterm does the same thing.

PR:		100150
Reported by:	Arseny Nasokin <tarc at>
Discussed with:	Thomas Dickey, Ulrich Spoerlein <uspoerlein at>
Reviewed by:	freebsd-arch@
MFC after:	2 month

--- termcap.diff.txt begins here ---
Index: share/termcap/termcap.src
--- share/termcap/termcap.src	(revision 201968)
+++ share/termcap/termcap.src	(working copy)
@@ -2807,9 +2807,9 @@
 xterm-new|modern xterm:\
-	:*6=\EOF:@7=\EOF:F1=\E[23~:F2=\E[24~:K2=\EOE:Km=\E[M:\
+	:@7=\EOF:@8=\EOM:F1=\E[23~:F2=\E[24~:K2=\EOE:Km=\E[M:\
-	:k7=\E[18~:k8=\E[19~:k9=\E[20~:k;=\E[21~:kH=\EOF:kI=\E[2~:\
+	:k7=\E[18~:k8=\E[19~:k9=\E[20~:k;=\E[21~:kI=\E[2~:\
--- termcap.diff.txt ends here ---


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