Typo in newfs

Bruce Evans brde at optusnet.com.au
Sun Feb 7 14:09:44 UTC 2010

On Mon, 8 Feb 2010, Bruce Evans wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Feb 2010, Edwin Groothuis wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 04:40:37PM -0600, Brandon Falk wrote:
>>> In the function newfs (/sbin/newfs) there is a typo on the help page.
>>> Should be a simple fix, and will make the world a better place.
>>> usage: newfs [ -fsoptions ] special-device [device-type]
>>> where fsoptions are:
>>>        -E Erase previuos disk content <-- should be previous
>>> Freebsd 8.0 amd64
>> Fixed in revision r203534 by delphij@
> Any chance of fixing the entire error contents of all changed lines?
> The man page has the same miscontent.

Here is a more complete list of errors in newfs usage output.  The -E
commit implemented an especially high density of new ones.

% newfs: illegal option -- ?
% usage: newfs [ -fsoptions ] special-device [device-type]
          ^^(1)  ^(2)       ^(2)             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(3)

(1) newfs perpetrates use of getprogname() to print this.
(2) Bogus spaces.
(3) Garbage (part of mfs support).  This was removed in the code and the
     man page, but not here.

% where fsoptions are:
% 	-E Erase previuos disk content
   	   ^(1)       ^^^(2)          ^(3)

(1) Capitalized, unlike all old descriptions.
(2) In the PR.
(3) Should be "contents".

% 	-J Enable journaling via gjournal

Capitalized, unlike all old descriptions including several other "enable"s.

% 	-L volume label to add to superblock
% 	-N do not create file system, just print out parameters

Grammar error (comma splice).  Should use either a semicolon or a
conjunction (e.g., ", but just...").

% 	-O file system format: 1 => UFS1, 2 => UFS2
% 	-R regression test, supress random factors

(1) Grammar error (comma splice).  Should use a semicolon or maybe a dash,
     or parentheses.  It is hard to tell what this means, since -R is
     missing in the man page.  My version just uses a semicolon.
(2) Not in the PR, but fixed in the same commit as the one in the PR.

% 	-S sector size

Correct here, but unsorted in the man page.

% 	-T disktype

Missing space.  "disktype" is correct in the synopsis, but it should be
spelled out in the description like other options are (e.g., sector-size
is expanded to "sector size", and maxcontig is expanded to
"maximum contiguous blocks".

% 	-U enable soft updates
% 	-a maximum contiguous blocks
% 	-b block size
% 	-c blocks per cylinders group
% 	-d maximum extent size
% 	-e maximum blocks per file in a cylinder group
% 	-f frag size
% 	-g average file size
% 	-h average files per directory
% 	-i number of bytes per inode
% 	-l enable multilabel MAC
% 	-n do not create .snap directory
% 	-m minimum free space %
% 	-o optimization preference (`space' or `time')
% 	-p partition name (a..h)

Someone expanded MAXPARTITIONS in bsdlabel to support a-z, but MAXPARTITIONS
is bogusly ifdefed in <sys/disklabel.h>, so this and the correspoding
hard-coded a-h in the man page still matches the code (which uses the
soft-coded MAXPARTITIONS), but if bsdlabel or something creates i-z then
-p here won't actually work.

% 	-r reserved sectors at the end of device
% 	-s file system size (sectors)


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