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Tue Aug 24 06:40:05 UTC 2010

The following reply was made to PR kern/148609; it has been noted by GNATS.

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Subject: Re: kern/148609: commit references a PR
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 06:31:12 +0000 (UTC)

 Author: imp
 Date: Tue Aug 24 06:30:46 2010
 New Revision: 211731
   Create a checklist and call one of the *printw() functions from the
   selected() callback. When the dialog first appears, you will not see
   the printed statement on the dialog, if you move down one, you will,
   move up again and it now appears. I am assuming that you call a
   *printw() function on a line in the dialog box of course.
   The fix, from the pr:
   	This is a hack at best, I looked at the redraw code in
   	dialog_checklist() and took the minimal amount of it out to do
   	a simple "refresh" right after the items are drawn. This
   	doesn't hurt anything and makes the library work like it
   	should. There is probably a better way however =).
   PR:		148609
   Submitted by:	John Hixson
 Modified: head/gnu/lib/libdialog/checklist.c
 --- head/gnu/lib/libdialog/checklist.c	Tue Aug 24 06:11:46 2010	(r211730)
 +++ head/gnu/lib/libdialog/checklist.c	Tue Aug 24 06:30:46 2010	(r211731)
 @@ -198,6 +198,24 @@ draw:
      wmove(list, choice, check_x+1);
 +    /*
 +     *	XXX Black magic voodoo that allows printing to the checklist
 +     *	window. For some reason, if this "refresh" code is not in
 +     *	place, printing to the window from the selected callback
 +     *	prints "behind" the checklist window. There is probably a
 +     *	better way to do this.
 +     */
 +    draw_box(dialog, box_y, box_x, list_height + 2, list_width + 2, menubox_border_attr, menubox_attr);
 +    for (i = 0; i < max_choice; i++)
 +	print_item(list, items[i * 3], items[i * 3 + 1], status[i], i, i == choice, DREF(ditems, i), list_width, item_x, check_x);
 +    print_arrows(dialog, scroll, list_height, item_no, box_x, box_y, check_x + 4, cur_x, cur_y);
 +    wmove(list, choice, check_x+1);
 +    wnoutrefresh(dialog);
 +    wrefresh(list);
 +    /* XXX Black magic XXX */
      while (key != ESC) {
  	key = wgetch(dialog);
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