kern/149762: volume labels with rogue characters

Walter C. Pelissero walter at
Mon Aug 23 12:03:42 UTC 2010

jhell writes:
 > I believe I meant patch devfs/devd here rather than adjust. Since were
 > dealing with what shows up in the device file-system why not patch that
 > instead of horrifying pieces of the system, one at a time.
 > vfs.devfs.``normalization'' - Would probably suit this. I don't expect
 > you to understand this... ;)

I'm sorry, I don't.  Half phrases, suspension points and smileys may
say something about you, but not much about what you had in mind.

If you are suggesting to place this hack in devfs instead, you may
want to tell us why and how this hack will impact devfs.

 > Personally I have seen enough of the hash and bash coming from
 > anyone here. Ive tried to make sure that what I have wrote back as
 > a reply to your work was neither demeaning or intrusive but yet you
 > continue to take the same negative standpoint with objection toward
 > further ideas

Nice touch.  What was that?
Eminem or Britney Spears?
Next time you may want to quote something fitting the occasion.

 > all the while holding an immature context with a submitter.

Submitters wouldn't be met with derisory hostility if they didn't make
an ass of themselves with immature behaviours.

 > Simply by using the 'link' action in devfs.conf(5) you can create a link
 > to a device auto-magically when the device is plugged in that would be
 > available for use in fstab(5).
 > link    label/my?edgecase myedgecase2
 > link	msdosfs/your?edgecase myedgecase3
 > This is only performed if the device appears.
 > In fstab(5)
 > /dev/myedgecase2 /headcase2 msdosfs rw,noauto 0 0
 > /dev/myedgecase3 /headcase3 msdosfs rw,noauto 0 0

And that wouldn't be an hack.
I see.

I removed bug-followup at from the CC because this thread is
getting less and less relevant to this PR, and I have the impression
that soon we are going to discuss an entirely different idea of yours.


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