bin/149424: fstab and labels with whitespace

Walter C. Pelissero walter at
Tue Aug 17 13:21:54 UTC 2010

Oliver Fromme writes:
 > The problem with this patch is that it breaks backwards-
 > compatibility.  Some people might already use backslashes

As far as I remember, the patch I proposed allowed a double backslash
('\\') to mean a single backslash ('\').

 > in /etc/fstab, for whatever reason.  This change would
 > make them rather unhappy, I'm afraid.

Being unhappy for having to change a couple of entries in fstab is not
nearly as bad as not being able to insert an entry altogether.

 > One way to circumvent the problem would be to use glabel(8)

Yes, or mlabel(1).  Although reformatting (and, thus, relabelling) is
common on devices such as digital camera; it saves time compared to
deleting everything.

walter pelissero

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