bin/145553: [patch] [sysinstall] fix default route

Garrett Cooper gcooper at
Mon Apr 12 08:30:05 UTC 2010

The following reply was made to PR bin/145553; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Garrett Cooper <gcooper at>
To: bug-followup <bug-followup at>
Subject: Re: bin/145553: [patch] [sysinstall] fix default route
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 01:22:31 -0700

 Just tested via qemu, and patch does indeed deliver as expected.
 Verified with the following steps:
 1. Booted cd image.
 2. Specified the following via loader(8):
 set init_path=/usr/sbin/sysinstall
 set vfs.root.mountfrom=cd9660:/dev/acd0
 3. Selected appropriate locale.
 4. Brought up FIXIT shell.
 5. Prepared necessary filesystems:
 for i in 0:256M 1:10M 2:10M; do
     mdconfig -a -t malloc -s ${i##*:}
     newfs /dev/md${i##%:*}
 mount /dev/md0 /tmp
 mount /dev/md1 /var
 mount /dev/md2 /tmp
 cp -Rfp /etc/ /tmp
 umount /tmp
 mount /dev/md2 /etc
 6. Stepped through procedure as usual with partitioning and labeling.
 7. Chose minimum for the distribution.
 8. Set the medium to
 9. Provided bogus static IP for the first try.
 10. Switched to vty3 and noted default route (was bogus route).
 11. Pressed CTRL-C after it tried to connect to said address,
 restarted sysinstall.
 12. Repeated steps 5. - 11., but provided valid IP data to sysinstall.
 Interface came up and route changed as expected; route(8) didn't
 complain that the default route already existed (symptom of previous
 behavior). vty1 also reported the route change.

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