jail file and directory permissions

Erich Jenkins, Fuujin Group Ltd erich at fuujingroup.com
Mon Apr 12 06:02:27 UTC 2010

So, I received a response on the Bugs mailing list, suggesting that this 
might have been a directory permission issue I overlooked (because I 
failed to explain the situation as completely as I should have, but 
thank you for the response).

This is not a directory permission issue, this is a jail file permission 
issue. The directory inside the users home directory is owned by root, 
and the user does not have write permission to it.

Come on guys. Am I to assume the lack of interest in this issue is an 
indication that jails are not actively maintained? Should I move three 
racks of equipment to VMware ESXi and FreeBSD rather than use jails?

Erich M. Jenkins
Fuujin Group Limited

"You should never, never doubt what no one is sure about."
-- Gene Wilder

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