conf/141050: fstab(5): Problem with userquota, groupquota parameters in /etc/fstab

Zemancsik Zsolt darwick at
Thu Apr 1 15:10:10 UTC 2010

The following reply was made to PR conf/141050; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Zemancsik Zsolt" <darwick at>
To: <bug-followup at>,
	<piotr.matuszczyk at>
Subject: Re: conf/141050: fstab(5): Problem with userquota, groupquota parameters in /etc/fstab
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 16:40:55 +0200

 I had the same error in the same environtment. The patch that was sent by 
 Mateusz Guzik and Svyatoslav Lempert is the same. Anyway, Piotr Matuszczyk 
 has right, this patch only ignores "userquota" and "groupquota" settings in 
 /etc/fstab. I made a try with this patch and it works for me on 8.0-p2 but 
 this can't be the final solution for the problem.
 The situation is if you have "userquota" and/or "groupquota" options in your 
 /etc/fstab and you reboot your Freebsd, the error messages will appears but 
 you can continue the booting process (eg. typeing ufs:/dev/ad0s1a). After 
 the succesfully boot, your quotas will works fine on the root filesystem 
 too, you only need to have a kernel with "options QUOTA" and 
 quota_enable="YES" line in your /etc/rc.conf. This is enough for it, 
 whatever is in fstab's man page. I don't understand clearly why we need to 
 put "userquota" and/or "groupquota" options in /etc/fstab but the quota 
 system will works fine without that settings.
 However, the "userquota" and/or "groupquota" options works fine without any 
 patch or fix on non-root filesystems.
 Best regards: Zemancsik Zsolt
 Systems Engineer 

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