kern/132934: [nfs] Cancel of a NFS-lock fails repeatedly

Zachary Loafman zachary.loafman at
Sat May 9 12:10:06 UTC 2009

The following reply was made to PR kern/132934; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Zachary Loafman <zachary.loafman at>
To: Matthias Schuendehuette <msch at>
Cc: dfr at, John Gemignani <john.gemignani at>,
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Subject: Re: kern/132934: [nfs] Cancel of a NFS-lock fails repeatedly
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 05:00:36 -0700

 Matthias -
 I think I figured it out. As I mentioned last night, the AUTH coming
 from the HP-UX 11.11 servers is AUTH_NULL. There's a check in
 nlm_get_vfs_state that'll result in AUTH_NULL requests getting bounced.
 To disable the kernel lock manager completely, you need to comment out
 the NFSLOCKD option and stop the module from building. One way to do
 this is to use the MODULE_OVERRIDE directive in your conf file, like:
 makeoptions    MODULES_OVERRIDE="acpi"
 Then rebuild and reinstall the kernel. If you go that route, you'll need
 to figure out which modules you need before doing that. A 'kldstat' on
 your system would tell you if you're using any modules beyond the base.
 The above is all I really need on my i386 box, but YMMV.
 Alternately, for a quick test you could do something like this:
 # kldunload nfslockd  # may fail if it's not loaded
 # mv /boot/kernel/nfslockd.ko /boot/kernel/nfslockd.ko.aside
 # rpc.lockd
 Can't find or load kernel support for rpc.lockd - using non-kernel implementation
 That last message should tell you that the userland lockd is running.
 Please note: The userland lockd has many limitations. FreeBSD will
 likely drop support for it in a later release.

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