kern/132934: [nfs] Cancel of a NFS-lock fails repeatedly

Zachary Loafman zachary.loafman at
Fri May 8 19:10:03 UTC 2009

The following reply was made to PR kern/132934; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Zachary Loafman <zachary.loafman at>
To: bug-followup at, msch at
Subject: Re: kern/132934: [nfs] Cancel of a NFS-lock fails repeatedly
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 11:48:08 -0700

 I scrounged up an HP-UX client at Isilon and testing it against the
 kernel NLM code using the flock test in tools/regression/file/flock. It
 passes with flying colors:
 # ./flock /mnt/zl/hpux; echo $?
 1 - F_GETLK on unlocked region: SUCCEED
 2 - F_SETLK on locked region: SUCCEED
 3 - F_SETLKW on locked region: SUCCEED
 4 - F_GETLK on locked region: SUCCEED
 5 - F_SETLKW simple deadlock: SUCCEED
 6 - F_SETLKW complex deadlock: SUCCEED
 7 - F_SETLK shared lock on exclusive locked region: SUCCEED
 8 - F_SETLK shared lock on share locked region: SUCCEED
 9 - F_SETLK exclusive lock on share locked region: SUCCEED
 10 - trying to set bogus pid or sysid values: SUCCEED
 12 - F_SETLKW on locked region which is then unlocked: SUCCEED
 13 - F_SETLKW on locked region, race with owner: SUCCEED
 14 - soak test: SUCCEED
 15 - flock(2) semantics: SUCCEED
 # uname -a
 HP-UX cqhp01 B.11.31 U ia64 3687355900 unlimited-user license
 I'm going to try some other experiments now, but if you have any hints
 on a tighter repro, I'd appreciate it.

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