if_ath.c:3414: error: 'const struct ath_rx_status' has no member named 'rs_flags'

nocturnal swehack at gmail.com
Wed May 6 07:18:14 UTC 2009

I'm just building the RELENG_7_2 kernel on my macbook. The macbook has an
atheros chipset for wlan but i've chosen not to use it quite yet because
ath_hal doesn't seem to have support for it.

Rebuilding the 7.1 kernel i had no problems with ath but now in 7.2 i cannot
complete rebuild with ath devices enabled. It always gives a variation of
the error in subject so obviously the problem can be traced back to the
ath_rx_status structure.

 if_ath.c:3414: error: 'const struct ath_rx_status' has no member named

It's usually about rs_flags too.

I tried disabling just one ath or Atheros related device at the time but i
had to disable them all to get the kernel compiled.

I had to disable the following options in the kernel configuration.

 #device age
 #device ale
 #device ath
 #device ath_hal

I'm at work just fiddling with my macbook on my own free time but if i get
some time left over later i'll take a look at that structure and see if i
can't get it to compile properly. But i'm sure there are people here much
more qualified for this so i'll just leave this here.


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