bin/128001: wpa_supplicant(8), wlan(4), and wi(4) issues

David Wolfskill david at
Fri Oct 10 16:45:49 UTC 2008


Here's sme additional detail, as I was a bit rushed to get to work
when I filed the PR.

* The NIC is a "Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series PC Card" (in a miniPCI
  form factor).  That NIC is explicitly listed in wi(4) as supported.

* On killing & re-starting wpa-supplicant, ifconfig(8) shows another
  "fake" association to an access point with a null SSDI, but this
  time, using channel 8 (vs. the use of 3 in the previously-cited

* I have a 3rd access point (that is small enough that I'm in the habit
  of keeping it in my laptop bag when it's not in use).  Since it,
  unlike the previously-cited access points, is not normally being
  used by other folks, I can experiment with its settings as part
  of testing, if that would be useful.

* I also have available an iwi(4) miniPCI card for which wpa_supplicant
  has worked.  However, I'd prefer to minimize switching the miniPCI
  cards back & forth, as it's a bit difficult to get the antenna
  lead reconnected each time, and breaking the lead is pretty easy
  (I've managed to accomplish this once before, much to my chagrin
  and annoyance).

I will start poking around again to see if I can persuade wpa_cli
to do something useful.

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