kern/127391: [ata] Intel 6300ESB SATA150 cannot find disk and boot under 6.3 [regression]

Michael Scheidell scheidell at
Fri Oct 3 19:10:06 UTC 2008

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From: Michael Scheidell <scheidell at>
To: bug-followup at
Subject: Re: kern/127391: [ata] Intel 6300ESB SATA150 cannot find disk and
 boot under 6.3 [regression]
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2008 15:09:11 -0400

 lots of people have been reporting this problem since feb.     5.5 
 boots, 6.2 boots, 6.3 doesn't, 7.0 doesn't.
 some obscure patch somewhere (which we can't find anymore) fixed it.
 here is dmsg for a 6.3 system with patch (that we can't find) that 
 actually works.
 want a dmsg for one that doesn't boot?  can't get it apparently.  can't 
 would be nice if it works in 7.1 and 6.4 (I will send you a box with 5.5 
 on it if you want)
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 	The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
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 FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p1 #0: Mon Apr 28 20:18:31 EDT 2008
     admin at somewhere
 Timecounter "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz quality 0
 CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz (2800.11-MHz 686-class CPU)
   Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0xf34  Stepping = 4
   Logical CPUs per core: 2
 real memory  = 1073479680 (1023 MB)
 avail memory = 1045966848 (997 MB)
 ACPI APIC Table: <DELL   PE750   >
 FreeBSD/SMP: Multiprocessor System Detected: 2 CPUs
  cpu0 (BSP): APIC ID:  0
  cpu1 (AP): APIC ID:  1
 ioapic0: Changing APIC ID to 2
 ioapic1: Changing APIC ID to 3
 ioapic0 <Version 2.0> irqs 0-23 on motherboard
 ioapic1 <Version 2.0> irqs 24-47 on motherboard
 acpi0: <DELL PE750> on motherboard
 acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
 Timecounter "ACPI-fast" frequency 3579545 Hz quality 1000
 acpi_timer0: <24-bit timer at 3.579545MHz> port 0x808-0x80b on acpi0
 cpu0: <ACPI CPU> on acpi0
 cpu1: <ACPI CPU> on acpi0
 pcib0: <ACPI Host-PCI bridge> port 0xcf8-0xcff on acpi0
 pci0: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib0
 pcib1: <ACPI PCI-PCI bridge> at device 3.0 on pci0
 pci1: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib1
 em0: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection Version - 6.7.2> port 0xece0-0xecff mem 0xfe3e0000-0xfe3fffff irq 18 at device 1.0 on pci1
 em0: Ethernet address: 00:11:43:cd:36:d8
 pcib2: <ACPI PCI-PCI bridge> at device 28.0 on pci0
 pci2: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib2
 em1: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection Version - 6.7.2> port 0xdcc0-0xdcff mem 0xfe1e0000-0xfe1fffff,0xfe1c0000-0xfe1dffff irq 24 at device 1.0 on pci2
 em1: Ethernet address: 00:30:64:05:ef:58
 em2: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection Version - 6.7.2> port 0xdc80-0xdcbf mem 0xfe1a0000-0xfe1bffff,0xfe180000-0xfe19ffff irq 25 at device 1.1 on pci2
 em2: Ethernet address: 00:30:64:05:ef:59
 uhci0: <UHCI (generic) USB controller> port 0xbce0-0xbcff irq 16 at device 29.0 on pci0
 uhci0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
 usb0: <UHCI (generic) USB controller> on uhci0
 usb0: USB revision 1.0
 uhub0: Intel UHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
 uhub0: 2 ports with 2 removable, self powered
 uhci1: <UHCI (generic) USB controller> port 0xbcc0-0xbcdf irq 19 at device 29.1 on pci0
 uhci1: [GIANT-LOCKED]
 usb1: <UHCI (generic) USB controller> on uhci1
 usb1: USB revision 1.0
 uhub1: Intel UHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
 uhub1: 2 ports with 2 removable, self powered
 pci0: <base peripheral> at device 29.4 (no driver attached)
 pci0: <serial bus, USB> at device 29.7 (no driver attached)
 pcib3: <ACPI PCI-PCI bridge> at device 30.0 on pci0
 pci3: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib3
 em3: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection Version - 6.7.2> port 0xccc0-0xccff mem 0xfdee0000-0xfdefffff irq 21 at device 2.0 on pci3
 em3: Ethernet address: 00:11:43:cd:36:d9
 pci3: <display, VGA> at device 14.0 (no driver attached)
 isab0: <PCI-ISA bridge> at device 31.0 on pci0
 isa0: <ISA bus> on isab0
 atapci0: <Intel 6300ESB SATA150 controller> port 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6,0x170-0x177,0x376,0xfea0-0xfeaf at device 31.2 on pci0
 ata0: <ATA channel 0> on atapci0
 ata1: <ATA channel 1> on atapci0
 pci0: <serial bus, SMBus> at device 31.3 (no driver attached)
 atkbdc0: <Keyboard controller (i8042)> port 0x60,0x64 irq 1 on acpi0
 atkbd0: <AT Keyboard> irq 1 on atkbdc0
 kbd0 at atkbd0
 atkbd0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
 sio0: <16550A-compatible COM port> port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on acpi0
 sio0: type 16550A
 orm0: <ISA Option ROMs> at iomem 0xc0000-0xc7fff,0xc8000-0xc8fff,0xc9000-0xc9fff,0xec000-0xeffff on isa0
 sc0: <System console> at flags 0x100 on isa0
 sc0: VGA <16 virtual consoles, flags=0x300>
 sio1: configured irq 3 not in bitmap of probed irqs 0
 sio1: port may not be enabled
 vga0: <Generic ISA VGA> at port 0x3c0-0x3df iomem 0xa0000-0xbffff on isa0
 Timecounters tick every 1.000 msec
 ipfw2 initialized, divert loadable, rule-based forwarding enabled, default to accept, logging disabled
 acd0: CDROM <TEAC CD-ROM CD-224E/K.9A> at ata0-master UDMA33
 ad2: 38146MB <Seagate ST340014AS 8.05> at ata1-master SATA150
 SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
 Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ad2s1a
 bridge0: Ethernet address: aa:29:32:48:bd:5a
 wan: link state changed to UP
 con0: link state changed to UP
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