kern/129040: [install] Lockup during boot - Cannot install the OS

Alex R alex at
Sat Nov 22 05:56:10 PST 2008

Quoting gavin at
> To submitter: can you try a couple of things to try to narrow down
> where this hang is happening?
> 1) Can you try disabling the floppy controller from the loader prompt with
> set hint.fdc.0.disabled="1"
> and see if that makes a difference?
> 2) Can you set geom debugging on and boot verbose (from the loader prompt)
> set kern.geom.debugflags="39"
> boot -v
> and see what the last lines to be printed are?
> Gavin

Hi Gavin,

The first suggestion didnt do anything new. However your second  
suggestion gave a lot more information, as I have no way to copy and  
paste the details I had to resort to a rather odd method of getting  
the details, I took a picture of the screen with a digital camera  
(crude, but the only way I could think of),

The image can be seen here:

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