bin/128582: [patch] activate readline(3) support in wpa_cli

Sam Leffler sam at
Thu Nov 6 14:50:04 PST 2008

The following reply was made to PR bin/128582; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Sam Leffler <sam at>
To: Eygene Ryabinkin <rea-fbsd at>
Cc: FreeBSD-gnats-submit at
Subject: Re: bin/128582: [patch] activate readline(3) support in wpa_cli
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 14:45:09 -0800

 Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
 > Sam, good day.
 > Tue, Nov 04, 2008 at 11:37:22AM -0800, Sam Leffler wrote:
 >> readline support in wpa_cli is not enabled by default because it bloats 
 >> the system with very little gain.  It is trivial to have a local 
 >> configuration that adds it w/o touching the source code but once added 
 >> in the way proposed it is not possible to disable it w/o modification.
 > OK, no problems: what about the attached patch?
 >> I believe the original PR was submitted by brix at .  I recently asked him 
 >> to review it and decide whether he wanted to commit the change; 
 >> otherwise close the PR.
 > Yes, it is bin/116606.  I had spotted from that patch that ncurses is
 > needed too and had explicitely added it to my patch.  The main
 > difference between my and Henrik patches is that I am defining
 > additional knob WPA_CLI_WITH_READLINE that enables the realine support
 > (but only when MK_GNU_SUPPORT is defined too).  So, by-default the
 > support won't be included and people will be able to turn it on
 > without resorting the the make trickery.  And I had also described
 > this in the manual page.
 > As a bonus, I had written proper support for the history command
 > validation for the potentially sensitive commands that shouldn't be
 > written to the disk.  The original version was faulty and incomplete.
 > The patch is attached too.  May be it should go upstream, I'll try to
 > submit it there too.
 So long as it can be disabled I'm fine with adding the support.  Thanks
 for following through on this.
 Yes, please do send your wpa_cli changes to Jouni (might want to check
 if they are already in later versions of the code).

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