boot problem with 7rc2

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Thu Feb 21 10:52:36 UTC 2008


i wrote a free bootmanager with support to boot via usb even if the bios
does not support usb booting. somebody reported me that freebsd 7rc2 is
not booting. i tested it. freebsd 6.3 is booting fine but the 7rc2
really hangs.

i used a minimal installation with standard mbr option from the freebsd
following happens:
first kernel load is ok
then the bootmenu with "welcome to freebsd" and the 7 option comes
now selecting the default option...
it tries to continue to boot. it seems it looses the bootdrive number
(0x80) because it says "can't work out which disk we are booting from",
access my floppy drive and runs into a kernel panic.

with freebsd 6.3 all works fine and it continiues to boot after the menu
without problems.

any idea whats different. i know it will be no bug of freebsd because
normal booting works fine. but it would be great if you can give me a
hint to figure out why booting not works with 7rc2.

best regards
elmar hanlhofer

Tel: +43/1/2924536

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